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  1. Eyelids and religion apparently do not mix.

  2. I was disagreeing with you about Pokemon specifically. Sorry I didn't make myself more clear.

  3. is still enjoying Sonic Adventure, the best game of all time.

  4. I really don't think how this is still being discussed. The events of Sonic 06 simply didn't happen. If anything, Blaze from 06 was a different Blaze from the Rush games.
  5. http://kotaku.com/5488356/three+year+old-kills-herself-with-game-controller+shaped-gun Very unfortunate.
  6. Understood. I would like to see a sequel to SEGA BASS FISHING/SEGA MARINE FISHING as SEGA BIG FISHING. Big The Cat will play a pivotal role. Anybody still up for a Silver game?
  7. Then if you didn't record it... And I was stating my opinion that I find them irrelevant. A veteran is more experienced.
  8. If you don't record it, then you have no proof. Nuff said. And if I was insulting, you were MORE because what you said was more of an obvious and deliberate insult. Seriously, can we stop arguing like this in every topic?
  9. Pics or it didn't happen. You're just saying that you have no proof. Watch it bro, I'm not insulting anybody. I'm just stating my opinion.
  10. Sonic Adventure is still a great game, right?

  11. Proof on the fanbase part? I never saw anything like what you said. And people who didn't play SA1 when it came out I find irrelevant.
  12. I don't see what you're talking about. I thought we were both praising the game.

  13. ... then what is your place in this argument? And most critics didn't complain about what was in SADX, they complained about how nothing was fixed. I didn't find anything insulting, it was just unnecessary and more flamebaiting.
  14. But not many people saw gimmicks in general as something to complain about. Also SADX? Nobody complained about much in SA1. And the last bit was uncalled for and out of place, bro.
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