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  2. Thanks for your suggestions. I found out what was causing it. The crash seemed to happen when I was exiting the game Disabling cpkredir via in .ini file didn't work, but restoring cpkredir.dll to imagehlp.dll seemed to fix the problem. There doesn't seem to be a problem with either the Wave Ocean or Windmill Isle mods for me and I didn't experience any crashes within either of those stages. Kind of odd that it just seems to be me though experiencing it. Maybe some of my backups are causing havoc(k!) because they're in the main Generations folder--not the Disk folder though. But anyway, seems the game doesn't like me editing the exe (either manually or via your installer.) Or is it possible that when unloading the game, it looks for imagehlp.dll and can't find it, so it crashes and hangs? Again, many thanks for your help.
  3. Firstly, run the cpkredirInst.exe. Then put cpkredir.dll and cpkredir.ini into the Sonic Generations main folder. When you download a mod, it will usually contain folders called bb, bb2, bb3 (although it may not contain all 3.) Put those folders in ..\sonic generations\disk and the mod should start automatically. Hopefully that helped a little.
  4. Assuming you're using version 3, what you need to do is to use cpkredirInst.exe and that should automatically edit the Generations executable. Put cpkredir.dll and cpkredir.ini in the Sonic Generations main folder. Then in the ..sonic generations/disk folder, you should have bb1.cpk, bb2.cpk and bb3.cpk. A mod often contains a folder that you extract called bb, bb2, and/or bb3, so also use that in the disk file. That is a kind of complex explanation, so I'll try to use bullet points. In the disk folder, you should have bb.cpk bb2.cpk bb3.cpk A folder called bb A folder called bb2 A folder called bb3 Mods go in folder(s) In the main folder, you should have cpkredir.dll cpkredir.ini (not sure if that one is necessary but I use it in the same folder without any errors.) I would also suggest reading the Readme (cpkredir.txt) that came with cpkredir as that provides a more thorough explanation on how to do it, as well as the method used for Advanced Mode. Thanks Korma for this great utility. While I'm not a modder, I have extracted and rebuilt cpk files (from other people's mods) and it is a real pain to do and time-consuming. I'm sure cpkredir will make it easier on everyone. One thing I have noticed though, and it seems to be just me, is that cpkredir (V3) doesn't close properly. V2 didn't either. After I exit Generations to the desktop, the command console gets stuck. I believe it has something to do with the ToC. Oddly enough, even though I can close the console window via the task manager, I can't seem to even end the process of Sonic Generations (which seems to be running in the background, but not on the task bar) and I have to restart my computer.
  5. Using HxD can seem extremely intimidating at first. However, it's not actually so bad. Just make a backup of the original sonicgenerations.exe. Here's what to do: Download and open up HxD When it's open, go to File-->Open Select sonicgenerations.exe Go to Search-->Replace Search for imagehlp.dll (make sure data type is text-string) Replace with cpkredir.dll Go to File-->Save and save it. That's it. Done. So essentially it's just using find and replace like you would use in a Microsoft Word document and you don't need to worry about the hex involved. QuickBMS is adminttely slightly more involved to use. QuickBMS basically unpacks an archive (in this case BB/2/3.cpk) To use this: Open up QuickBMS.exe Select cpk.bms Create a new folder (call it something like "bb unpacked") Double click on either BB2.cpk or BB3.cpk (it depends on that mod used; the explanation that the mod gives should tell you which one to use) Open the new folder and click "save" You should see a long list open files in the command prompt window; it'll take a while to complete. When it's done, overwrite the original files with the files from the mod. Repack using CriPackedFileMaker.exe Hopefully that was of some help. Edit:BB2.cpk is about 3.3GB unpacked, so make sure you have enough storage space on your HDD.
  6. 1. What attracted you to the Sonic the Hedgehog series in the first place? I actually grew up with Sonic when I was given the Mega Drive (Genesis) as a Christmas Present back when I was only 6 years old. What attracted me about it back then was mostly the loops, which were a novelty back then. 2. Do you produce fan art/videos/games? If so, why? I do not produce any creative works on the basis that I do not have the requisite skills, nor do I have the time. 3. Are you an avid collector of Sonic media/memorabilia? If so, why? I would not consider myself an avid collector, but purchasing Sonic--or more specifically, Tails--merchandise would not be uncommon for me. As for why? Well, quite frankly, marketing is a big reason and I am under no illusion that I am immune to it. 4. How much of your time and/or money does being a fan cost you? It is difficult to give an arbitrary number financially or in regards to time. As I am currently employed, the financial implications are minimal. In regards to how much time is used up as a fan, I would say approximately half of my spare time, which would average out at about one hour a day. 5. How long have you been a Sonic fan? As mentioned in Question 1, I have been a fan since I was 6 years old. And now I feel like an old man! 6. What keeps you coming back to the series? It was really only Sonic Generations that brought me back to the series. As I do not own any of the consoles, the only games I play are on the PC. SEGA have recently started bringing back Sonic games to the PC (Sonic CD, Sonic 4 and Sonic Generations) so I was able to finally play a Sonic game again. The last Sonic game I played prior to Generations was Sonic Heroes. In fact, the only thing that really kept my interest were the hacks being produced on the older games. 7. Have you met other fans in real life? No, I haven't met any other fans in real life. I had always wanted to go to the Summer of Sonic convention but unfortunately I have no time for it. 8. What do you think of the future of Sonic the Hedgehog and its fandom? I think it's fair to say that Sonic games have improved greatly since the diaster of Sonic 2006. Sonic Team have been using Sonic's boost to great effect for the past few games, although again, as I mentioned, I have only played Generations. It seems that they are edging in other characters now. If Sonic Team can incorporate good gameplay mechanics into the other characters, then I think that that will make for a great and successful future. Because, while Sonic is a great character to play, I really feel that the other characters complement him and make a fulfilling game. But of course, inundating the series with extra characters isn't a good idea. In regards to the fanbase: I don't think that'll ever change fundamentally. I would say that every fan wants the series to succeed. There will be differing opinions and plenty of debates, because I think that that is the very essence of what a fan is: someone who has a passion for a certain thing (in this case Sonic.) Yes, that is a poor definition but my mind is pretty blank at the moment! So although the Sonic series will change, the fanbase will not. 9. Demographic information: I am 26 years old, male and reside in Dublin, Ireland. What should also be noted for your study is that due to a medical condition called Asperger's Syndrome, I have a very focused interest on certain things. As such, Sonic games have to meet certain criteria in order for me to purchase it. The criteria is, however, quite unreasonable (ergo, I'm not going to mention what it is) and the game not meeting that criteria would most likely not reflect negatively on the quality of gameplay.
  7. One possibility is on creative writing. Ask them to create a story based on their favourite character (I would imagine at their age that one or two paragraphs would be sufficient.) After all, in creative writing, the only thing you are limited by is your imagination. In addition to that, letting the classs share their stories and ideas will inevitabley lead to debates which can be quite healthy if done correctly. It will also help them differentitate between facts and opinions. Another option is in regards to mathematics. For example you could give a question, "Sonic is running at the speed of sound (768 miles prower per hour) from Green Hill Zone to Chemical Plant Zone. Chemical Plant Zone is 1,000 miles away from Green Hill Zone. How long will it take Sonic to reach there?" Just to note, I am terrible at maths and I don't have a clue as to what the answer is! Maybe a mathematician knows. I suppose you could also use the various characters' ages for questions. For example, "If Sonic is 15, Tails is 8 and Knuckles is 16, what is their average age?" Actually that divides quite nicely! My only concern with regards to using popular culture icons for educational purposes is that any pupil who does not like such things, may be singled out.
  8. As far as I know, it's not possible to adjust the size of the window. The two options are either windowed mode that cannot be resized or full screen mode. You don't actually need the autorun.exe as long as you have access to sonic.exe. Any options can be changed in sonicDX.ini (E.G. set screen to 0 for windowed or 1 for full screen.) Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an option to set a specific resolution. Hope that helped a little.
  9. This is quite a fun game. It reminds me a little of Sonic Battle, although I prefer the mechanics of Story Mode in this since it combines fighting with a bit of platforming. Destroying the bots was a lot of fun. Preferably no bottomless pits please! The only thing that I find a bit odd is the way the characters turn. It seems slightly stiff to me at times, especially if I want to follow up an attack. Still, it's a minor niggle and it is only an impression I got, rather than something that significantly affects the gameplay. Also, if possible, in future updates, maybe include an ini file so the user can change the settings without having to constantly go into the options to put it in full-screen mode or change the resolution. If the engine only supports specific resolutions, that information can be put in the readme (or commented in the ini.) There is also a small bug I encountered after completing Story Mode. When you go back to Story Mode, this error comes up when trying to select a level, as shown on the attached log file. Clicking Ignore works fine though and the game doesn't crash. I'm guessing the error appears because you currently don't have those stages completed. Brilliant game and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in the future. Best of luck! Edit: That bug is fixed. Please disregard the second paragraph. Removed attachment.
  10. The demo provided was quite a bit of fun. I assume that further on in development, the levels will be properly textured. One thing I found was that the level for Tails was quite confusing. For example, this part of the level was really confusing for me http://i421.photobuc..._Test_Level.png. The spring there, springs you to a dead-end and the boosts below, make you fall into a bottomless pit. Since Tails' flying is extremely buggy at the moment (since this obviously is an extremely early build), I wasn't able to fly up to the top. Hopefully when the levels are textured, there will be some sort of subtle hint as to which way to go. There is also a bug I encountered with Tails. When you hold down for about two to three seconds, Tails flies into the air and if he reaches the top, he dies. He will also go through any solid objects. http://i421.photobuc...l/Tails_Bug.png This doesn't occur with Sonic. Also, you need to hold Z to use the tail-whip; tapping it doesn't work, although that may have been intentional. Playing Sonic's level was pretty interesting too. The light-speed dash was pretty fun and the homing attack wasn't too bad either. Maybe leave a small sparkle after each ring where Sonic used the light-speed dash. It felt really weird using his spin-dash though, since you don't have to hold down. Not that I can't adjust to it, but still, it just felt strange. I'm not so sure about the Sonic Advanced attack though. Since Sonic already has a jumping attack, a spin-dash and a homing attack, the somersault-sliding kick attack just seems kind of redundant. Looks good though! Sonic's level seemed a lot more fluid to me, although I'm not sure if it's the layout or Sonic's mechanics that made it seem more natural. Tails' level felt more like a stutter, starting and stopping a lot of the time, although I must say that the dash rings were quite fun. One last thing is about the file-size. Considering there was no audio (other than sound effects) or any real textures, 6.1MB seems quite heavy to me. Maybe have a look at whatever is using a large file size and try to decrease the amount if possible, because when audio is implemented, it's really going to shoot up (unless you decide to use midi.) Likewise with textures. Anyway, great game so far and I'm looking forward to seeing more sometime in the future.
  11. Hi. I'm enjoying the game right now and I did a little bit of bug testing, so I hope this will help a little. Sonic Generations MMO Bug Report 06/06/2011: Some trees are on the wrong layer: 1 in the Village Hub (at the west entrance). [fixed] 4 in The Ancient Ruins (near the spawning point for the enemies.) [fixed] Ice Cap Zone: Upon entry, you are standing on lava. Ouch, that must burn! [fixed] Going back to Lava Reef from ICZ puts you at the beginning of LRZ [fixed]. Station Square: The exit point for the Supermarket is different than the entry point and also brings you back to the beginning of SS. [fixed] The exit point for Dylan's House is different than the entry point and also brings you back to the beginning of SS. [fixed] The exit point for TheBetaFox's House is different than the entry point and also brings you back to the beginning of SS. [fixed] Skills and Requirements: Chaos Control to Station Square requires 50 mp to cast @ level 5; all other Chaos Controls only require 10 mp @ level 1. Also, the description for Chaos Control needs to be updated for SS as it does not mention that it teleports you there.[fixed] I don't know if this is intentional, but the Chaos Sword doesn't work on Shadow Androids and Shadow Warriors (and presumably not on Shadow himself.) I haven't been able to test it with the Chaos Flail. Non-Chaos items seem to work fine. [fixed] Miscellaneous: All shops refuse to buy Corrupted DNA. [fixed] When fully equipped, there is an overlapping sprite--at least in Tails' case; I don't know about the others--which displays the original sprite as well as the equipped sprite. Animations are in synchronisation with each other. A purple/pink aura surrounds some objects (such as buildings in SS) and some sprites. Entering TheBetaFox's House, crashes the client. Although that only happened once, so it might just be a coincidence. After playing for a certain amount of time (about 1 hour I think), the music stops playing. It is possible that the client can crash because of this when entering a new area, but that's just speculation. Not bugs per se but some suggestions: Prices are imbalanced as the prices are not in proportion to gold received by killing enemies.[fixed] Some prices are disproportional to the effectiveness of an item For example, a hamburger which restores 50 mp, costs 300. Pasta restores 5 hp, 50 mp and gives 10 exp, which only costs 100. [fixed] Descriptions of various weapons, armour and items (especially Emeralds) need to be updated to reflect the necessary requirements to equip them. [fixed] Rename the Spirit Bar to Mana or Mana Points so that it corresponds to the descriptions provided by the various items in the game. I hope that this was of some help to you. Best of luck with the game! [edited to clean up the formatting]
  12. I wish to extend my greetings to everyone here. I have been viewing these boards for some time now, and I felt compelled to join the discussions regarding the Sonic franchise. Many of the topics and posts are intriguing and informative. I shall provide a quick synopsis of my familiarity with the Sonic franchise, if you don't mind: My first encounter with Sonic was back in 1991 on the Sega Megadrive (Genesis) when I was only six years old. I became addicted to the game and played it every chance I got. I was especially fascinated by the loops in Green Hill and Star Light. The drowning music always gave me a huge fright, especially since I didn't know that the "dings" while underwater corresponded to the start of the music. A year later, my parents bought me Sonic 2, featuring my favourite character Miles "Tails" Prower. I was always fascinated with flight (that hasn't changed) which is why his character appealed to me. When I had the ability to make Tails actually fly in Sonic 3, I was overjoyed. Sonic & Knuckles made the collection complete, although I never managed to unlock Super Tails and Hyper Sonic because of a specific Super Emerald stage (I think it's the one to the bottom-left of the Master Emerald.) I recently managed to do it, but that was only because of the save-states on the Sonic Mega Collection. Loved the flickies! My first 3D Sonic game was Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast (I'm not counting 3D Blast) and I still consider it the best 3D game. I wasn't expecting a fully voiced game so it came as quite a pleasant shock to me. I loved all the characters' stages, with the exception of Big's. The story wouldn't win any Oscars but it was decent enough and served its purpose. Although I do think E-103 Gamma's story was exceptional and poignant. The voices also gave the characters a personality, and each character played an important role in the story. Sonic Adventure also cemented Tails as my favourite character. I could go into a lot of depth as to why Tails is my favourite character, but I'll just give a brief summary: He's polite and humble and doesn't brag about his abilities; he always manages to overcome his fears if the situation calls for it, which demonstrates his bravery; he can fly; and finally, and most importantly, he is completely and utterly loyal to his friends. I think Sonic Adventure displayed all those qualities. Well, that's it for me. Apologies in advance if I bored you, but I tried to keep this as short as possible. Farewell.
  13. Having just completed the game, I have to say that it was decent, despite some parts being a little tedious. There is one game-breaking bug that needs immediate fixing. This occurs in Testament's Shrine (child map of Shrine.) In the Auto-Start Event (Event ID 0003, Meet with Testament,) the Switch on the 2nd page is set to 0426: Switch to Amy. That is the incorrect switch, as it causes the Event to loop continuously. After some trial and error, I found that the Switch on the 2nd page should actually be 0419: The Shrine. This game has potential that is, as of yet, unfilled. I'm glad that you eventually deviated from the Sonic X storyline, to be honest. I really hate to be harsh, but I think the game is in need of improvement, in several ways. Now, to be fair, I noticed a huge improvement in the last few chapters, so I hope you can keep it up. I found that the dungeons were too long, and there weren't many events with the characters to break up the monotony and develop the story. The encounter rate was astronomical; literally every few steps I took resulted in a fight. I had to manually decrease the encounter rate so I wouldn't go insane! Might I suggest that you reduce the encounter rate, but increase the experience and rings given so that the characters aren't at too low a level. I know you tried to include as many characters as possible, but in my opinion it was too many. It is not really possible to concentrate on a main plot when all the characters have a sub-plot, which stops when it--the sub-plot, I mean--begins to get a little interesting. This also prevented me from choosing a party to my liking the majority of the time. I understand why you forced certain characters into a party, since you needed the relevant character(s) for the Event, but that's why I think including so many characters was a mistake. It leaves very little freedom for the player. I don't think there should have been more than seven or eight characters. If possible, try and get someone to assist you in designing the maps. At the moment, to be perfectly frank, it is quite bland, especially the dungeons. You may also want increase the amount of character interaction during those long dungeon crawls. Your story-telling has improved, so if you revise the earlier maps, you can probably improve the dialogue between the characters. You may want to reduce the amount of ellipses that you use though, because your use of it is often not grammatically correct. On a side-note please, please, change the Ventilation System Map because I got so frustrated there, that I removed the enemies from the Map! I'm really sorry that I have to be so harsh, because I don't want to discourage you from completing this game. I can see the effort you've put in and you get an A+ for that. If you revise your earlier maps and improve on the level design and character dialogue, then the game will improve immensely. The later chapters are much improved, especially in character dialogue, so if you continue along at this rate, we could be looking at a Super Emerald!
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