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  1. Hey, I recognize your name! I didn't realize you made Sonic artwork, but it looks fantastic like the rest of your stuff. I especially like classic-style Shadow, you really nailed the pudgy look.
  2. Those Emerald Coast shots are pretty neat. It'll be interesting to see its transition to the second dimension. Seems like that killer whale is just as persistent as the GUN Truck. Were there any platforms resembling this one in the original? They seem strange and out of place.
  3. Gee, I wonder what that serpent could be? :3 Funny they would mention that, but not the creatures in Crisis City.
  4. This version is impressing me a little more with each bite of info we get. I may have to pick it eventually. Anyone else notice how this page doesn't mention online play?
  5. I still think that the layout in the demo is simplified for the sake of lower skill levels. Remember the Gameswelt video? There's no indication as to how old this build is, but the Classic layout looks like it did at E3. What strikes me as important here is the red rings' presence; this would indicate that it will reflect the final build more than the Gamescom demo. We obviously can't know for sure until the game is finally released, but the changes they made don't make a lot of sense to me. Most of them make it much easier to outrun the truck, and this sort of kills the level's main gimmick. Plus, the changes they made were rather simple. It's mostly just moving, replacing, or flat out removing some platforms. I doubt that would take a lot of time to do.
  6. It's official, many of those are actually seen in the demo.
  7. Just ran into this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GU5LaaHmSDY Pretty awesome stuff here.


  10. Aw, that's a real shame. I hope they get it fixed up for the other dates.
  11. Might make the drive over to Kansas City to play this. Could anybody who's going to one of these try to capture some video and/or tell us if it looks like a new build? It would be appreciated.
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