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  1. As odd and silly as this is, I'm somewhat chill with this scenario.
  2. Nice, I totally forgot about this site. I never made anything sprite related, but I remember enjoying the hell out of the custom Sonic Battle sprites, especially Super Knuckles.
  3. Knuckles being forever tied to the Master Emerald will always be his thing. I do like how he's written in IDW at the moment, as far as taking his duty seriously. As said before, there has to be a good balance with his character's usefulness to the plot and himself. Just throwing Knuckles in for the sake of it despite how iconic he is, does nothing for his character unless he has to gauge threat levels and risk leaving it from time to time when Sonic and friends really him. On the flipside, just keeping him on the island forever or sometimes showing up will just be even more inconsistent, as how he was treated the last decade or so was just like any other character, inconsistent. If anything, regarding Knuckles at all, Sega wrote themselves into a corner, and judging by their recent writing talent who don't consist of Flynn, I don't see that changing anytime soon.
  4. I'll be that guy and say I don't think it should have been blown to the proportions that it has, much like the tragic events that took place before and after George Floyd. I cannot defend Tristian all the way, as I do not know him personally nor was I aware of previous issues people have had with him in the community. But I will say how he ended up handling the situation was very poor and childish. But are many of the people jumping down his throat any better? While he definitely could have made a better comparison or at the very least, worded better, I do not think it's necessarily "wrong" to draw some parallels from fiction as art imitates life to various degrees. And we all have different forms of art that speak to us, no matter how silly or irrelevant it may seem to another. I've made comparisons to fictions as well (Sonic/DBZ/Tales of Symphonia/etc) and many of these contain stories of corruption, greed, racism and adversity at its most basic levels. It is very easy to forget these things when you are caught up in heightened emotions, and that's what happened. And it was on Twitter no less, so that wasn't surprising at all unfortunately, which I may add, I am personally sorry for having spent an entire day on that site, not good for your sanity. But either way, agree, disagree, that's all it's gotta be. Not another cancel fest or acting like Tristian himself committed murders. Many people are angry, myself included by what's happening in the US. I'm seeing so many lies, framing, misinformation, destruction, and general hateful ignorance everywhere in regards to these events and it is painful to even witness. But tearing other people down and apart because "we need somebody to hurt right now cause we mad" isn't beneficial either. That mob mentality is exactly what's wrong with all of us. I will miss the site, but I am glad some of the staff have archived their works. Some people just need to chill the fuck out, honestly. One person made a parallel to something that probably means alot to them, and doesn't make the tragedies in real life any less real or relevant.
  5. RadicalLaRuby


    I remember that demo. That was my first exposure to Klonoa, played it so many times over as well. Klonoa is one of those weird series that I've always wanted to give a shot, but found no time. I found one of the GBA games way back, and even picked up the PS1 classic of Klonoa. Only other thing I remember is that in Tales of Hearts for DS (another niche Namco series I love), you can call him out to assist you with a wind attack, lots of Namco/Tales cameos in that game, which they usually do to some degree. Dammit now y'all about to give me my new obsession of the month.
  6. Interesting, might check it out for Switch. I'd also like to reccomend Fight n Rage, another Steam beat em up that came to Switch and PS4 in October. The chibi art style might not be for you, but the gameplay is very tight and refined, with a parry system similar to one of the Street Fighter titles (press forward as soon as attack lands).
  7. I finally made a main theme. A bit of CD and Adventure 1 (a touch of Mega Man ZX) inspiration. Let me know what you hear in this track.
  8. I always preferred Deem Bristow, mostly because I preferred a slightly more serious Eggman, his few comical deliveries were fun, could have used just a bit more though. Pollock is great too, and given our current timeline I really wouldn't want him to change from the role anytime soon.
  9. Oh wow, this topic is still up? Dunno what it is about Sonic that keeps me coming back to some part of it. I've been on and off with life and this comic (kind alike our favorite hedgehog's consistency rate), and the quality of my art suffers every now and then as a result lol. After some crazy adventures and newfound motivation, I'd like to continue working on this. I recently got back to the music and have finally finished the themes for one character, Raze. And a completed animation, though it's very brief. This theme is in two parts. Due to strange circumstances, I made this beginning part after its "2nd" part was completed. The song was inspired by the Sonic 3 Miniboss theme and Noisy Noise, from "The World Ends with You". A bit of Streets of Rage as well since I've always vibed with pop and house. You can hear the inspirations much easier here, since the other song was slowed down and altered. I'm sure we all know what Sonic 3 sounds like, but here is Noisy Noise: I know it's kinda weird posting something so....edgy on here (even for for a Sonic forum lol), and the story does get VERY wild. So if the content is too over the top, feel free to remove this post. Just thought if I'd share anywhere it'd be related to something that heavily inspired me.
  10. Here it is, my final post. 2018 Halloween special: That's the best place to contact me for now, Instagram. Follow at your own risk and take care.
  11. I think the finished page of Raze (right) may be the final post here. Here is where the content will more or less get disturbing. On the other hand, glad I finally perfected the portrayals of Ruby and Raze. Adorably chaotic. I'm more active on Instagram (I exist on most platforms as RadicalLaRuby), since it's fared slightly better. Don't really do Youtube anymore, it sucks now. Warning for NSFW content moving forward.
  12. Slowing down with posts here. You can find more and my original series mostly on Instagram (at least for now). Stopped at day 26 because I wanted to make another comic (my other topic.
  13. Sonic has no focus in the games with multiple play styles. As much as I love Gamma (not SA2 Tails), his style of play has no business in a Sonic title. Just being fast and having platforming can make ANY game, not necessarily a Sonic game. There are actual mechanics and physics that even Tails and Knuckles had to abide by back in Sonic 2 and 3, which slowly died out during and especially after the Adventures.
  14. Perfect chance to show my hype, meant to do it last month.
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