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  1. Here it is, my final post. 2018 Halloween special: That's the best place to contact me for now, Instagram. Follow at your own risk and take care.
  2. I think the finished page of Raze (right) may be the final post here. Here is where the content will more or less get disturbing. On the other hand, glad I finally perfected the portrayals of Ruby and Raze. Adorably chaotic. I'm more active on Instagram (I exist on most platforms as RadicalLaRuby), since it's fared slightly better. Don't really do Youtube anymore, it sucks now. Warning for NSFW content moving forward.
  3. Slowing down with posts here. You can find more and my original series mostly on Instagram (at least for now). Stopped at day 26 because I wanted to make another comic (my other topic.
  4. Sonic has no focus in the games with multiple play styles. As much as I love Gamma (not SA2 Tails), his style of play has no business in a Sonic title. Just being fast and having platforming can make ANY game, not necessarily a Sonic game. There are actual mechanics and physics that even Tails and Knuckles had to abide by back in Sonic 2 and 3, which slowly died out during and especially after the Adventures.
  5. Perfect chance to show my hype, meant to do it last month.
  6. Very since I watched My Hero Academia 2 years ago, I thought Uraraka Ochako looked very similar to Ruby, a character from my original comic. So I decided to do some mild crossovers...
  7. Inktober. I fell behind so I'm catching up.
  8. Nothing's changed, especially since it kinda hampered the goodwill Mania generated months before. I've lacked faith in them for over a decade, and the fact that they backpedaled to using the boost formula again after Lost World attempted a non race car controlling Sonic, was disappointing. I stick around in hopes that my biggest childhood hero would be great again, rather than a laughingstock of the videogame industry. Things like Mania/Adventures are what give me the slightest hope that the series can achieve that in time, but it seems that since alot of older programmers/designers that we loved from back in the day aren't around anymore, Sonic Team should be more open to bringing people who are actually passionate about making a good 3D Sonic title. As much as I loved the fangame Utopia, the more I think of it, proof of concepts are not enough to show you are capable of handling an official project, especially if they happen to fall under the same fate as millions of other fangames: being unfinished and abandoned.
  9. As far as diversity goes, I feel it's more like putting it in the viewers face that it's diverse, made by diverse people. When the majority of something is advertised as such, especially nowadays, it makes the product feel cheapened and shallow. If you wish to make a good show, just make one. The whole funding thing is another story, I haven't used Crunchyroll in a while (mostly because their player is slow and sucks), so I don't have much to say on that atm. And yeah I will say the no animation thing is a shame, definitely hurts it more. That little CalArts meme aside, the designs look okay, but nothing special.
  10. I personally prefer Adventures to be canon, at least it has a narrative besides being part of the game and despite Sonic having the green emerald at the start (that also confused me). But honestly none of that matters since this kind of thing is almost never clear. I think Boxer Hockey pretty much said something similar to Aron on the Sonic Retro boards, whatever you think is canon, is canon. From now on, when shit doesn't make sense with anything Sonic related, just say "the Phantom Ruby did it".
  11. Cow character. Exploring outside the usual mammals in terms of designs. Dairyana Dieterry (or DeeDee) she is the host of a Dairy bar in the West, called "Le Chi Chi". After going through some rewrites, safe to say it'd be hard for an animated series to be shown on television (not like I'd want it there considering how trash TV is these days) or even Netflix. This is due to the general content, which is much easier to pull off in comic format, unless I make my own website or something. I've always gravitated towards this art style because I'm a fan of vibrant colors and cute/attractive designs, but I've always wanted the stories and themes to reflect experiences in real life with an wacky/extreme front, certain things I'm not willing to censor just to appeal to a wide audience. Unlike my high school self, I will not be expecting this to take off like like SOnic or DBZ or Naruto etc. It will not be a popular series given how niche this approach is (and generally these days media containing anthropomorphic creatures are ignorantly looked down upon as creepy or childish), but I am totally fine with it because at the end of the day, it's my story and I will have fun with it. See this sick twisted world until the end.
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