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  1. Just rewatched the trailer in HD. It actually looks inferior to the Wii version, aesthetic wise, I originally thought it was just the stream quality. It's way too dark and the lighting/particle effects don't pop all that much. Come on Sega, it's called Sonic Colors.....
  2. Meh, that was a thing. I always expect a merch segment so that was a given. Sonic's always crossed over with other strange series so I expected that. I always think of that hilarious Hooters pic with Iizuka. Not gonna lie, that "Sonic hospital" had me burst out in laughter. Slightly curious on that one. Colors looks alright, but I'd be fine without it. Sonic 3 and Knuckles had me concerned after seeing 1 and 2 in widescreen. Idk if it's the Taxman mobile ports, but I hope they finally wisened up with them being rereleased. Collection seems really.... bare even with those games. Nothing we didn't already know from the Prime segment. I don't know what to think of the new game, I just really hope it ain't more of the same old boost stuff. That Colors animation looks okay, even if slightly less animated than the other shorts we've gotten. Sad to say though, Metal Sonic has lost his appeal for me for quite a while. I'll end by saying with how joyous it felt to see the Sonic Team logo again. I don't remember the last time I've seen it, probably a decade ago.
  3. Well that came out of nowhere lol. I'm not exactly excited, as I was curious on who the new voice would be. But as I said before, the man does good work regardless. If he's happy to return as Sonic, good for him. Now I'm just curious on what made him change his mind.
  4. Shadow's guns. It's sooooo stupid but it's....soooo fun. Lastly, good ol' slippery Heroes. While I rage quit that one almost as often as Secret Rings, I still just wanna punch shit as Knuckle sometimes.
  5. I never get tired of Twister, no matter what form it presents itself in.
  6. Slight tangent, but I just wanted to share off one of my main characters from my comic real quick. His name is Raze. I'm just happy I finally got a design I like after so many years on and off it. I've been recently trying to shift to a slightly more anatomical approach with the designs. The first form is a tad bright, I will tweak the color. The second form would work well in darker backdrops. I have a chapter released, but I did not like the dialogue and flow of action, so I'm rewriting it. I wish that as well, especially with how prominent his figure was throughout the Adventure days. Sonic Battle made me think he was gonna have a much bigger role in helping Emerl.
  7. Thank you, never saw this comment until now for some reason. This series is my main inspiration for coloring. I've been on and off with this one, for about 2 years and 3 months, hence the time. Also, might have subconsciously mimicked a Sonic scroll on my wall, I didn't realize how familiar that pose looked until much later lol The sky was done in sharpie. The water and some city lights were in Posca Paint Pen. I'm surprised how seamless it was, and the blacks don't clash too much. Anything else is Chameleon Pens. It's a bit inconsistent, but I also didn't want to clutter the background and lose Tails, so I cut back on it. But man, staring at the pixels for so long...I never realized just how much they put into the presentation of these games, especially with the illusion of flickering lights.
  8. Sonic Adventure 1 has the only final boss battle that is essentially the main gameplay style. I'd argue they could use that style more since it's not entirely out of left field, not that I want him in every single game's finale though.
  9. If 2D, Sonic 3/Mania. If 3D, SA1. It edges out SA2 slightly for me due to the spindash mechanics and multiple functions being on one button. SA1 kept it simple for the most part, which works much better for me.
  10. My list is very close to this. Except I have Amy played by Jennifer Douillard. I've always favored Lani Minella's voice, but Karen Strassman nails the acting so I'm torn. I'd also have Omega's voice from Heroes, and Laura Bailey as Blaze.
  11. I'd actually like a full remake of that game. In fact something like the crafting system in Sonic Rush Adventure would fit better there, building vehicles for different explorable purposes. But primarily kept in platforming of course, and level terrain design that doesn't make Tails to always break the game by flying.
  12. Before Sonic 2 mobile, I'd have said the old Hidden Palace. That sprite of Robotnik flying to the background in Sonic 3 as the Death Egg crashes at Launch Base. The small portion of the Sonic CD intro where we briefly see an alternate shot of the chained mountain and Little Planet. Desert Dazzle was an awesome name for a zone, wish that made it in a game. At least it still conceptually made it in Mania. The weird wrecking ball in Sonic 1's Green Hill. I finally got to toy with that one thanks to the prototype. Madonna, Tiara Boobowski and Honey the Cat (let's get new missing posters). Almost anything from SA1, especially Super Sonic in stages since he can theoretically work according to mods (too bad every rerelease of SA1 never actually implemented it). Same for 06.
  13. I hate hearing it as well, honestly they can fuck right off. But as Blue Blood and Diogenes said, what I hate much more is that it's true on so many levels. I've watched the series decay since my early teens. I could never wrap my head around how a company can consistently flop about so hard for 20 years (arguably more if we're talking about Sega's other business related issues). They'll acknowledge it sometimes, even joke about it. They make promises time and again and yet....here we still are. I know a good game can and will make it's way out of the rubble, but what game and when is always a mystery, further burdened with whether or not they can actually keep a winning streak.
  14. Amy too huh? The worst thing is that I'm not even surprised anymore. Must be unspoken Sega tradition at this point.
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