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  1. how strange that there are still no spoilers in the story mode ...
  2. Theory far from reality, with the teasers it has been shown that the filtered information of the film is all real ... And the story looked good. The ships are obviously from Robotnik, but Sonic comes from his own world and not from the future. Sonic travels as a child to the earth as a ring, the truth is that I wonder if he really does not travel because of the phantom ruby (since it has become something important in the saga and I do not understand even his motive). There he will meet Robotnik, an important being on earth and respected by all of which he will be increasingly obsessed by Sonic and his world. The apocalyptic world of the teaser with Robotnik bald and red would be the final scene that is filtered, with Robotnik traveling to the world of Sonic for his obsession, more powerful than ever and with his big mustache (then leave behind his past to be called Eggman ). The truth is that the filtered story looks great ... At last we will have the history of Sonic and Eggman's indices. Everything has its logic and its because ... What I wonder is how will the following sequels in the world of Sonic ...
  3. Dodompa may be the Eggman disguised for the occasion or have something to do with it, he carries a kind of eggmobile and behaves as such.
  4. is it official that super sonic is not playable after patch day 1? finally there is nothing after the red rings? Thank you
  5. the update of day 1 came out yesterday ... not the launch day of the game
  6. the truth is that it is rare that eggman did not come out in the ending, since it has always been in the last games. Also, infinite only go to the tower, to see what happens ...
  7. I hope both collectibles will be for a secret and super sonic finale
  8. we still do not know anything about super sonic and a secret ending?
  9. it seems strange to me that Infinite leaves after its defeat and eggman does not appear after its defeat either, after its greater blow ... also no gems? is it certain that there is no secret end like in Mania?
  10. looool was 0.01% to recover, will there be a real end? it's weird that eggman does not come out at the end
  11. wait for the credit to end, to see it again
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