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  1. happy birthday!

  2. I use "original" kind of loosely. I was coming up with new song ideas when I found a cool guitar riff I liked. Cut to hours later when I realize it's just the rhythm line to Ice Cap Zone... Instead of throwing out the idea, I turned it into a song about one of my favorite levels from one of my favorite games. Hope someone enjoys this vocal, rock-styled reworking of Ice Cap Zone. https://soundcloud.com/stephenvaux/cold-feet
  3. It's a pun. It's a bad pun, but it's one that New Super Mario Bros. U also used, and that's just in the past year. With this being on the Wii U as well, it's not farfetched to think SEGA would use the same pun in the same context.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  6. I'm going to sound pretty pathetic here, but I'm topped out at about 135. It's to the point where I'm spending 30 minutes plus trying for just an A rank. It's disappointing since one of my most looked forward to characters was Reala... I almost hope they release one of those "Unlock All" keys like they did with the first game. I realize that there's supposed to be some challenge and such, and that rewards and unlocks are supposed to be rewarding, but I'm to the point of frustration in a game I'd hoped would mainly provide me with fun...
  7. So we're all cool with Ristar, who was in one total game, being the flagman. Which is, undoubtedly, a quite prominent part of the race as he's seen around four times total. We're also cool with folks like Segata missiling around in the Ages track. Also, when a certain sailor-seeking fellow, who has two games total, gets omitted, the Sega fanbase explodes... But when a virtual idol with five plus games within the past five years, made by Sega, mind you, and is making Matrix money with concerts and popularity around the world comes along and is getting a high amount of votes... That's unacceptable? I'm just trying to figure the mind-set here. Obscure Sega characters from old, possibly unwell-known games that also came out in the US: Fine. (Somewhat?) Obscure Japanese IP with legions of fans around the world currently profiting Sega: No way.
  8. I'm about to say something... Something that may not please a lot of folks. I mean, after so much fuss on the forums, after so much of a storm that came from it's inclusion, I'm going to be completely honest...
  9. Welp, I just got mine at ToysRUs, so I guess I can cancel my Amazon pre-order. This was a good day.
  10. My jaw nearly fell to the floor when I heard Sanctuary Falls' pre-race intro music on that stream last night. Major kudos to everyone at Sumo for making this game so incredibly worth waiting for.
  11. http://www.twitch.tv/wolfpackcomms; There ya go~ Also, after watching this stream, I'm so pumped for this game @_@
  12. I can't even imagine what the Race of Ages is like in motion. This game is going to blow my mind, and I can't wait. That final unlock being some super-special-awesome reward is also a nice touch, as well. It really shows how deep Sumo went to make this like a true arcade experience in addition to the core game. It could've just been "beat the game, get a guy", but knowing that it'll take time and effort, that's awesome. With how the first game was just "play long enough, get all the things", this is a welcome change. I'm apparently the only one not sad about the secondary characters as well... But I guess that's all about preference.
  13. Playing on a higher difficulty unlocks the rewards for that difficulty and lower. Starting at a higher difficulty makes sense, especially for those confident with their ability (why would they want to be bored with their own copy of game?) and those wanting to unlock more things in fewer sittings. Is playing at a higher difficulty really that terrible of a thing for them to do, when they're graciously allowing you to see the game ahead of time? The correct reply is "Thank you", not "Why?"
  14. ... Or the consoles themselves, pulling a Segagaga? When most people mention this posibility, it's with Segata piloting the vehicle... But perhaps it's the same principle, just without Segata. Watch it be like a Space Invader or something...
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