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  1. Spoiler


    @26:51 Korey: FREDERIC DOUGLAS?!

    Also, Harriet Tubman's Autobot Underground Railroad is hilarious!



  2. So Not Asking For Trouble stars Pinkie…and the return of the yaks. Oh crud. My word, I’ve never seen an episode so boring in my entire life. Ranks up there with Applejack’s Day Off in insipid blandness. And surprisingly enough, there is nothing in this episode I liked. The humor and overall writing just didn’t do it for me, nothing really struck me as memorable in this. Hay, even Guitar Rarity and the Pinkie parts in Honest Apple were more memorable and amusing than this entire Pinkie Pie episode. The yaks are still their one note uninteresting annoying selves with their constant roughhousing and ‘HULK SMASH’ dialect/speech, albeit just slightly toned downed even with their dumb festival of theirs. The pacing really hurts it when the Pinkie had the solution but the prince was too stubborn to accept help from others (why does this feel familiar…) which drags the episode that leads to a rushed ending. Wait…stubborn and refusing to get help from others? Oh! Sounds like AJ from Apple Bucking Season but it feels like that situation was better and properly handled there than it is here. And even that S1 episode is more memorable with a sleep deprived and tired AJ while this has next to nothing of value. Not to mention a better sound moral. Just a boringly bad episode no thanks to weak writing.
  3. And the word of the day kiddies is UNFOCUSED! As if this game couldn't be any less of a mess and clusterf*ck as, first off with three different game styles to OC creation to different tonal shifts to Classic Sonic to messy Hud/interface with other characters reduced to talking points. And now we have what is basically a story involving time traveling/alternate dimensions with Shadow on the side of villainy with other past villains and a new one named Infinite who has a 95% chance of being the real final boss, having this fan-fic kind of vibe along with an overload of nostalgia/fan pandering. I mean, I know its the Anniversary but man, it feels like it's doing too much and trying too hard and a hodge podge of ideas without any cohesion that it appalls me than it appeals me. Nothing really has been drawing me into this with how much they are showing off. I'm more excited for Super Mario Odyssey as it feels more focused and centers on an idea to unlock its full potential than try to clutter it around with stuff found in focus/fan groups. Heck, even Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle an oddball and out of left field crossover with gameplay that is XCOM Lite I'm actually anticipating and feels that it has MORE FOCUS AND COHERENCE than this! A friggin' MarioxRabbids game for crying out loud! Yeesh!
  4. The princess/alicorn aspect of the show is one the things that I have grown to detest. Mostly because the direction they have taken it all over the place from the sudden change of Cadence from unicorn to alicorn to Twilight’s ascension that feels weakly justified in episodes following it to the cuteness fodder of Flurry Heart whose existence feels like it belittles Twilight’s “accomplishments” into princesshood. It doesn’t seem to be all that well thought out nor feel well written and made me to care less and less about it. Well, I guess the only interesting thing for me was in Twilight Time where the CMC had some guidance under Twilight with their interests like Apple Bloom’s potion making, etc. But that subplot seemed to be thrown out the window rather quickly and instead of three students with three branching pathways, we get ‘Sunset Sparkle’ AKA Glim Glam instead which we’ll get to later. Also, as much as I’ve been wanting a Celestia focused episode a part of me felt that it was ‘Too Little, Too Late’ for me to care when going this long into the series. And Starlight aside, seeing the premise for this episode treads on the all too familiar/redundant grounds of “Oh Noez NNM!/Night is not appreciated/Sibling rivalry/spat” that show and even comics had done before. And I felt Do Princess Dream of Magic Sheep was decent closure for it. With that lengthy start out of the way, how does this episode fare out? I’m on the fence with this one, moreover the side of average. The only positives are most of the interactions between the sisters and that they get some decent development overall and Starlight didn’t hog much of their spotlight (yet doesn’t mean I still have some beef about her). Twilight’s appearance in this felt frustrating for me. For one, it felt that this could have been her episode if this was placed earlier in the series around S4 or 5 when she was starting out as a princess. Secondly, as much as she was in character, she felt slightly annoying. Also, bias towards Celestia? So you’re saying the eps like Luna Eclipse and Magic Sheep didn’t have much impact with the relationship with princesses? Sounds pretty bull to me. Still don’t care for Starlight either who even shown Twilight like traits that emphasizes the whole Sunset/Twilight 2.0 as well as how it could have been Twilight’s episode too. All she served as a plot device with the Cutie Mark switching spell and nothing much else IMO, but the only good thing is that she doesn’t overshadow the sisters. As interesting as it was to see the dream realm again, it is where it kinda dropped the ball for me. Am I the only one who didn’t like Daybreaker or the fight that happened near the end? NNM is very weak, if not arguably the weakest villain of the series even in the beginning and goes back to my complaint of treading on familiar grounds/redundancy. And just having Celestia do the same kind of crap and have two of them doesn’t make it any more interesting. Probably the only thing interesting they did for this aspect was with Nightmare Rarity in the comics and that gave us a setting on the moon and moon beasts. This is a middle of the road episode for me.
  5. NC looks at the battle of between Alien vs Predator along with the battle between frat and intellect to see if this crossover is worth it. Hope he'll do AVP:Requiem soon enough.
  6. > Woolies Strike Back > The only Woolie ever known/heard of is this one (guy on the left):
  7. So what are your thoughts on Hard to Say Anything exactly, AKA convoluted love triangle with awful Justin Bieber parody? Since you haven't made a post on that yet.
  8. So this week features Rarity and Applejack and fashion….goody… Yeah, I didn’t care for this one at all. The only things to like are seeing Hoity Toity and Photo Finish again, Rarity’s guitar, and some designs of the new ponies. Still doesn’t make up with how boring this episode was that I found myself skipping the vid to make end sooner. I didn’t find the humor that funny in this nor the fashion talk that I felt like I was zoning out, just didn’t grab my attention that well like with the plot. Oddly enough even the constant setting at the boutique didn’t help with how monotonous it felt too. Also, not enough Pinkie Pie. The moral feels rather self-defeating to the plot too with Rarity getting somepony who is honest to be judge for a fashion show, a form of competition, only for everypony to win at the end. I understand the whole being too honest can hurt but still. A fashion faux pas boring episode.
  9. At least, there is hope for this with Spielberg at the helm.