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  1. Good Youtube channel recommendations

    Some have already mentioned stuff like DoubleToasted, Super Best Friends, and Mr Enter which I also recommend but time to put RebelTaxi: In the same lieu as Mr Enter but more cynical and cool, a reviewer that does a ton of animated stuff from the good to the bad with top numbered lists of the worst themes, forgotten cartoon pilots, and other things animated in terms of cartoons/movies even discussing interesting background and behind the scenes tidbits/info during productions Robobuddies: Also similar to Mr Enter and Rebeltaxi, we have another one that does review but mostly analyze all things animation along with showcasing her interesting animation during her critiquing. Also, she does take Quick Looks on certain movies/shows and even some Let's Play games including one with Sonic Forces about a month ago (warning vid is 4 and 1/2 hours long!). Anime America: As the name obviously suggests, this particular group reviews all things anime both new and old and even including Top 10 Lists covering over various themes including Most Incompetent Villains, WTF moments, etc. BennettTheSage: Speaking of anime, if you're a regular of Channel Awesome/ex-TGWTG, then you probably have seen and heard of this guy who used to review some music and video games back in the day and even read horrible fanfiction with his Masterpiece Fanfic Theatre series a few years back. But most notable is his Anime Abandon that still continues to this day where he reviews anime of the 80s-early 00s of a bygone era. Some examples include his recent Riding Bean, The Digimon Movie, and Sonic OVA Jaboody Dubs: This group does a ton of really good comedic dubs and riffs from commercials, cartoons, and crappy reality TV shows such as my favorite one, Alaskan Bush People Dub Ft. Stamper

    1. MegasonicZX


      I don't know why I was expecting a "Woah" crash to pop out.

  3. Sanic T-Shirt DLC

    And yet they don't include a shirt of a red and black recolored Sanic with 'Ow the Edge' lettering. Total Fail.
  4. That Guy With The Glasses.Com

    Rapsittie? More like Rap-sh*tty! As NC reviews the CG animated cancerous Christmas not-so-special Rapsittie Street Kids: As an added bonus, I'll throw in RebelTaxi's review from last year that provides a bit more info of its production including a scam artist and links to Scientology (yeah, not kidding on that one):
  5. Eh, it's alright, but not as good as Jontron's


  6. That Guy With The Glasses.Com

    NC makes sure he isn't tripping out on shrooms as he checks out the Super Mario Bros. the Anime:
  7. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    A Cinemasins'-esque parody vid with Everything Wrong With Sonic Forces in 32 Minutes:
  8. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    Surprising or not surprising if you consider Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, Sonic Forces (N-Switch Bonus Edition) is back on the list at #42 and how it's now marked down at $25 along with it rated 3.5 stars just after a couple of weeks from its release. https://www.amazon.com/best-sellers-video-games/zgbs/videogames#3 Although a week late, Rageselect AKA Ex-The Loading Bar of Spill.com fame gives their take on the game and they're less than thrilled by it to say the least yet still brings in some funny commentary.
  9. That Guy With The Glasses.Com

    The annual ad nausea returns with NC's War of the Commercials:
  10. Pokemon Anime General Discussion

    Surprisingly, Double Toasted just recently talked about the recent Pokemon movie, but not in a review sense mind you, but to a particular scene which I'll post it in spoilers as a warning for those not yet seen: