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  1. This week’s is Secrets and Pies. And I felt it was pretty okay-ish. It did have that air of Party of One with a dash (no pun intended) of MMMMystery on the Friendship Express with the sleuthing aspect and some of Pinkie’s mannerisms and reactions which I kinda like. Though the two episodes from the very earlier seasons mentioned are much better executed than it does here. I wasn’t too sure or even too sold on the premise and can feel like an over exaggeration with RD’s and Pinkie’s character traits esp. with RD feeding pies to Tank and making him sick that felt rather cruel. But also, it is another situation like with Triple Threat where the solution was simply just talking it out honestly and earnestly. The humor was rather hit and miss for me, some feeling forced than others. So yeah, just a pretty okay episode.
  2. This week’s episode is Once Upon a Zeppelin. And I’m kinda on the fence with this one. Middle of the road. It was nice to see Twilight’s parents getting involved and seeing a bit of character out of them along with the surprise of Iron Will and with new locations on the airship and Neighagra Falls. While it was nice seeing him again, I’m not too keen about making Iron Will into somewhat an antagonist/’villain’ in sense as his first appearance was just him making an honest bit in Putting Your Hoof Down and it was mainly Fluttershy’s fault for taking his assertive lessons to the extreme. Also, it does seem something Flim Flam Bros would do, but I guess given the number of times they appeared on the show it would have been redundant. Still would rather see Iron in a positive light than a shoehorned antagonist. I do like the premise of Twilight and family on a family outing and simplistic as that may sound it would have flesh out and developed the parents and the royal couple more. So I wasn’t that thrilled with the whole trickery aspect by Iron Will and rather trapping Twilight in the tiresome trope of main character sacrificing their time as others enjoy themselves, not giving themselves a break. It ends up just being about Twilight and her princesshood (AGAIN) more so than building up and exploring family dynamics. Also, I didn’t care for Star Tracker, the cringe inducing creep. So this episode felt rather run of the mill yet somewhat disappointing that it wasn't centered/focused on the family more.
  3. Warning: This review is pretty harsh on the movie, but at the same time, it's actually one of the most hilarious ones that Double Toasted has ever done. Also, it's current standing at a 57% on Rotten Tomatoes right now https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/my_little_pony_the_movie_2017
  4. That Guy With The Glasses.Com

    Nostalgia-Ween kicks off with NC scaring up the Cartoon Network Halloween special that puts the 'Horror' in horrible animation called Scary Godmother.
  5. A CMC episode this week with Marks and Recreation. Yay….*Sigh… So yeah, I didn’t really like this one that much, slightly meh/dull and oddly found myself skipping much of the episode. I did like Rumble (at first) and Thunderlane and seeing some new fillies and colts. Rumble was likable at first and even wore his expression throughout and do like parts of his character even reasoning about Cutie Marks, but acted much of a jerk almost throughout. Also, didn’t like the song. Thunderlane was just okay and nice seeing him again, but still would have like to know how he had gotten to be a Wonderbolt. Probably would have been more interesting of a premise than this episode. You know I actually would like an episode revolving around Thunderland and Rumble, but with NO CMC/Cutie Mark involvement! Because the CMC counseling feels equally uninteresting than crusading, probably even more so. Like ditching one status quo just to be trapped into another that is just as bland. Seriously, why can’t other secondary/minor filly and colt characters be able to stand out on their and have an episode around them without those three/involving Cutie Marks for the Nth time? I don’t see why not have a break from them. Why not have plots center around Button Mash having a unicorn teleport him into his favorite game Tron-style? Or have Pipsqueak and Luna explore into the dreamscape to take care of a peculiar nightmare? Or see what the buck Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon have been doing this time? Or maybe have a group of them go on a Goonies like adventure? Or hay, even switch perspectives and focus on what Babs Seed and her CMC division in Manehattan have been doing all this time for over nearly 4 bucking seasons since it feels like the show has forgotten her since S3?! (Whew! Man, do I really need to get that off my chest.) But yeah, this is a Meh-pisode for me.
  6. Adventure Time!

  7. That Guy With The Glasses.Com

    NC sees red when things turn puke neon green and looks cheaper than a ring from a Crackerjack box as he dives into Green Lantern.
  8. Adventure Time!

  9. So this week’s episode is A Health of Information where Zecora gets sick and Fluttershy has to find a cure. This episode was just alright with me. I liked the moral, some world building with the swamplands and Meadow Brooks, and some Fluttershy moments. And, of course, NO Starlight Gli-*Shot There are some things that were off putting though. I was pretty disappointed that Zecora doesn’t a bigger role in this and gets sideline until the end. And the biggest one, Fluttershy goes off to get Twilight Sparkle and ONLY Twilight and no pony else for this dire and DEADLY situation? Wouldn’t it be better to call in the rest of the Manes to help find the cure faster? I’m sure they would be willing to help their friend in trouble esp. for one who is on the verge of death or something close to it considering of turning into a friggin’ tree! What makes this worse is when you consider last episode when the entire Mane cast was present and willing/dragged in to help with Rarity’s minor mane problem while over half of them were absent from this episode! Hay, even Spike didn’t even tag along to help, the little twerp! It’s like one step forward for Spike last season, but two steps back with this one. But even Twilight and again with Spike (also Fluttershy at one point) was pretty off on how they took the news and cared little about Zecora’s ailment and possible fate from all this too esp. with the whole getting breakfast first. And how it gave mixed signals/tones about this. Yeah, these plot points kinda dragged the episode down the more I think about it. But overall, this one was pretty alright, somewhat a mixed bag.
  10. Possibly for mainly vocal sounds and audio cues like grunts and shouts during in game levels.
  11. That Guy With The Glasses.Com

    Things get rather goo-er silly as NC hits the road trip and talks about A Goofy Movie.
  12. It Isn’t the Mane Thing About You (What mouthful of a title) is this week’s episode. And first things first, I’m not much of a Rarity fan and I don’t anticipate her episodes much either, least favorite of the manes and mostly indifferent/neutral about her. But still some episodes I do like such as Suited for Success, Sweet and Elite, and Rarity Investigates. As for this episode, however, it’s middle of the road for me. It was nice to see Zecora and the Cake foals again along with some background character moments. The plot was standard with the moral of “It’s the Inside that Counts”, which is fine. But the Rarity having a bad mane day being central focus didn’t interest me that much. Hay, my FiM episode idea Mood Ring Mane where Rarity’s mane changes color and style to match her thoughts/emotions and vice versa due to magical mishap would’ve possibly been better suited for her. As for the humor, it felt kinda weak for me as it consists of Rarity’s usual melodrama along the quick fix solutions from the other cast. Speaking of humor, the episode felt off with Pinkie Pie tossed to the side and being gone for the longest time until the end esp. for the pony who caused the problem. Even from the previews it felt she would have played a central role with Rarity and be moral support as well. Though at the very least, they could have had a scene cut to Pinkie and Cakes even for just a moment. And admittedly, I’m not a fan of Rarity’s punk look. It’s an average episode overall for me. (At least, Rarity isn’t as bad here as she was in Honest Apple)