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  1. This week’s episode is What Lies Beneath featuring the Student Six. And is it bad that I want to see more of the Pillars instead? I wasn’t feeling much for this one and just indifferent. Probably one of the only things of interest for me was Ocellus’s fear for seeing Queen Chrysalis again. Of course, personally, I don’t have much interest for the Student Six. They try to flesh the characters more here with the whole trope Trial of Fears and overcoming them, I guess, but it feels kinda rushed and somewhat typical and predictable. Cozy Glow annoys me a bit with the cutesy act and doesn’t strike me as an interesting villain type. I mean, the fact that she is a kid is supposed to impress me? And feels like they’re setting up for some Disney Twist Villain crap which are the weakest aspect of those films (Zootopia, Frozen). Maybe the finale might change my mind, but doubt it as there are better examples out there. Also, the spirit of the Tree of Harmony just being a glittered Twilight cheap and felt like there could have been more. So it’s a Meh for me.
  2. Thanks Cinemassacre Rentals:


  3. AdventChild

    That Guy With The Glasses.Com

    NC sees if a silver lining can be risen from the comic book film turd, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer:
  4. This week’s episode A Rockhoof and a Hard Place that features the Pillars. Well, sort of, as it only focuses on just one that is Rockhoof himself. I quite liked this one and thought it was okay, having just few hang ups. It was nice to see more the Pillars with some more world building too and the message. I just hope we get some more of their adventures before series end. Of course, they crammed in the school in some way for this, but it’s just a peeve of mine. Though the whole fire breathing contest indoors still sounds like a stupid idea no matter what, being a dangerous fire hazard. Also, as for easy and obvious job solutions for Rockhoof would be construction worker and be a living wrecking ball and for heroism, a policeman or a firefighter esp. how he handled aforementioned scene. Even used as an in joke the hippogriff navy still feels kinda forced along with the immediate firing of him just for one mistake. Also, the whole turning to stone thing aka slight ‘suicide’ metaphor feels unnecessary for the climax with Twilight going along with the plan seems off even if it was temporary. I do understand the storytelling aspect but could have at least shown in a flashback for better effect. All in all, an alright episode.
  5. AdventChild

    That Guy With The Glasses.Com

    NC seeks the truth about how the movie Big Fat Liar holds up:
  6. Erazor Djinn = The direct midpoint of Thanos and Fred Durst


  7. AdventChild

    Pokemon Anime General Discussion

    Eh, I think Pikachu and Dawn's Buneary make a cuter couple still.
  8. This week’s episode The Washouts signals the return of Lightning Dust. I’m iffy about this one. Mostly middle of the road. It’s almost like Simpson’s Bart the Daredevil or even Spongebob’s Living Like Larry but weaker. Things to like were Short Fuse, Spitfire’s talk down, and some of RD’s maturity. Despite some maturity, RD does get her ego in the way at points that were annoying. Scootaloo felt like she is following the beats of the plot as plot device than a character esp. how she flipped about safety when she was going to do the stunt. Almost some steps backward for her character. Also, not even caring about practicing for it either. Lightning Dust being vilified esp. near the ending felt rather forced and unnecessary. Just seems to make her the Trixie to Rainbow’s Twilight (back in the day). Even though it is a small detail and gesture, it surprises me how it can make somepony feel OOC for a moment. I’m talking about Rarity and AJ cheering in the stands when Scoots was about to do her stunt. I mean, it’s their little sisters’ best friend risking life and limb and they’re encouraging it? Doubt they do the same if Sweetie or Apple Bloom was taking a risk like that. Overall, an average one for me.
  9. Darn it Arin


  10. AdventChild

    That Guy With The Glasses.Com

    NC gives a giant fat finger to Tom Green's Gag-num O-puss (and blood) Freddy Got Fingered:

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