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  1. Dang, Korey got ripped off big time.


  2. AdventChild

    Sonic's Awful Jokes

    Yeah, the current writing style for jokes in the games are just poorly written and executed without any kind of wit to it, trying too hard to be 'kewl'. Honestly, the writers from DMC series would be perfect to give Sonic the fine balance of humor and wit.
  3. The poor soul...



  5. Speaking of Sonic's friends and since they won't be in the movie, what I would really hate is that they nickname some of the human characters as characters from the games for a cheap 'wink wink nod nod' reference. Such as "Hey, look! This guy on the police force is an ace pilot and likes foxes! We call him Tails!" and "This guy used to be a heavy weight boxer and mainly uses his fists to solve his problems! He's called Knuckles!" or an officer named Amy Rose that uses a sledgehammer to fight off robots/badniks in the movie's climax. I'd say 'screw this movie and hard!' even more so.
  6. I shudder to think what design Sonic's baby form might look like, considering how horrible is current form is. Worse is probably what that one hedgehog baby bot from Sonic Underground looks like in live action:
  7. AdventChild

    My Little: Pony's Justice - Official MLP Thread v2

    Looks like we have a confirmed date, April 6th for the premiere, plus a new trailer. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/my-little-pony-sets-final-season-discovery-family-1193235?utm_source=twitter
  8. Yeah, the design is rather blah and pretty ugly. It'll make the children run in terror from the theaters than run to see it. I parrot it again and again onto why this wasn't a fully animated film is beyond me.
  9. AdventChild

    My Little: Pony's Justice - Official MLP Thread v2

    So guess what other pony like product comes back just in time for FiM's conclusion this year? Boy, what a coinky dink. Not to mention Nickelodeon/Nick Jr has a show entitle Corn and Peg with pony protag's too. Cashing in when FiM hype is low, not much of a surprise though.

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