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  2. O N L Y E G G S C A N S U S T A I N M E!


    1. Princess Jellicent

      Princess Jellicent

      Funny considering I was watching this episode again.

    2. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Did somebody say... EGGS?


  3. So this week’s episode is Flurry of Emotions or what I liked to call it Baby Cakes 2.0 because it is basically that, more baby shenanigans. I think the only thing to like about is some moments with Spike and Pinkie, but it is not enough to save the episode. Second to Starlight, Flurry is one of the newer characters I don’t like. Still don’t like her design compared to the Cake foals and just cute fodder and a plot device to cause trouble. Not to mention with her high in magic like Starlight being a Twilight clone just in baby form. And Shining and Cadence being plot devices yet again is starting to drag. Even that parts with the art show felt like it came and went and felt superficial. It’ll probably be better if the episode centered around the two instead and with a better premise. Twilight doesn’t fare better here either. All the whole best auntie crap slightly annoyed me and it felt like her character took steps back. Speaking of Baby Cakes, it seems she had forgotten the advice she told Pinkie about taking care of foals and how unpredictable they can be esp. unicorns. Also, missed a golden opportunity of an incidental age or body swap spell with Twi and Flurry that could have mixed things up a bit and made it more interesting. The episode is your stereotypical “taking care of the baby” plotline that has been done to death even already been done in this series that makes this feel more of poor rehash than anything else just replace Pinkie with Twilight and the Cake foals with an alicorn.

    1. PaulyBFromDa303


       How am i just now seeing this? This is awesome!

  5. NC turns back the clock to look at this 2000s Nickelodeon produced movie Clockstoppers:
  6. Oh wow they got Voltaire for this?!


    1. Princess Jellicent

      Princess Jellicent

      Yep though I thought that was common knowledge.

      He's a pretty cool guy so kudos to them for getting him on the show.

    2. AdventChild


      That's what I was referring to. That they got Voltaire as the host.


    1. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      As a TD/RR fan, I did not see this coming. What a good suprise.

      I always said that TD wasn't for everyone and I'm glad RebelTaxi knows that too.

      Also dissing Camp Lazlo? That was a good show.

  8. Well, hiatus is over and time for S7 to start with a non-two-parter. Interesting to say the least, but does it do much for a premiere? Eh, not really. First off, this episode feels like an epilogue or part 3 of S6’s finale than really like an opener to me. I guess the things to like is Spike along with Discord at points who acts devious as to show some villainous intent only to be subverted at the end. Still don’t like those changeling designs. The humor felt lacking and the focus and pacing felt disjointed as well esp. with the whole graduation bit feeling rushed near the end. My feelings towards Starlight haven’t much changed either even in the episode after, but I’ll talk about that later. Yet it doesn’t feel that she deserved that kind of graduation IMO with how rushed it felt. But thinking about it more, there goes the potential of Ex-Equal town becoming the second base for friendship lessons/char interactions if she chosen moves back there along with more world building. One of the continuity breakers of this one is how Twilight is still a blank flank in one of Celestia’s classes whereas she clearly obtained it along with passing the entrance exam to admit into the academy as seen in The Cutie Mark Chronicles back in S1. It could be an animation error, but unless we get confirmation that it is, I’m still calling it a continuity breaker. But the big issue that is the becoming of Celestia 2.0 and how this episode seems to be solidifying it despite poking fun at it tend to make it feel the possible status quo. Twilight’s character arc feels complete with nothing more to achieve while Starlight seems to be shaping up into a Twilight 2.0, taking her place and role. Speaking of which, Celestia’s ‘character development’ feels like they just injected some of Twilight’s traits into her to make the whole “Like Mother(Mentor), Like Daughter(Student)” connection. Though it would make better development if Celestia recalls another student in her earlier years other than Twilight that she had those exact feelings about letting someone go to bring some history into it and reference to Twilight’s departure as well which would be better than those fantasies if the episode had more focus. And so it’ll feel more of a Celestia episode than what we got. Regardless, I still like to see Celestia try to hold an episode on her own without Twilight and crew and maybe with a new batch of chars. All Bottled Up stars Starlight and Trixie…. yay…woo….*cough So you probably already know I feel about this pair of chars in that I don’t much care for them. Bulk Biceps is probably the only thing I liked about this episode while everything else fell rather flat for me. Well, I do feel slight sympathy for Glimmer but that’s only because of how insufferably obnoxious they made Trixie for most of the episode to point of flanderization and for the plot’s sake. But of course, like with most Starlight eps is her use of magic to create trouble than solving it. The subplot with the Manes at the Escape feels more like padding/filler for time and the song is rather meh. Overall, this premiere felt somewhat lacking for me and didn’t help that it had to star Spotlight Stealer Glimmer and these episodes didn’t do much to change my opinion on her. Also, the whole X Char becoming Y Char 2.0 seems to be more cemented into the series status quo doesn’t help matters either.
  9. NC dissects scene by scene the greatest Joker death ever in a kids' film in the Batman Beyond movie.
  10. Watched Boss Baby earlier this week and have to say that I didn't like it. It does have some interesting visuals, but it heavily relies on the joke of a baby acting like business man which would work better in a 11-minute cartoon (which happened in a KND ep) or skit, not something around 1.5hr-2hr long.

    Also the story is bit all over the place with the whole kid with overactive imagination vs reality and they didn't know what to stick with during the 2nd and final act. At least, Storks has a grounded premise.

  11. NC enters the dark brooding room of a blockbuster bomb that is Fant4shtick:

    1. Strickerx5


      I completely agree with his views here. Classic Sonic in Forces is nostalgic pandering at this point and it's exacerbated by Mania's existence. Hell, even Mania has this problem with the old zones coming back.

      It all just screams that Sega's too afraid to move forward with what they have.

  13. *SNORT!


    1. AngelSlayerN64


      I have great, big nipples. That is all.