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    I love my family and God.
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  1. You know the thing that confuses me about people supporting illegal immigration and believe in climate change/global warming.

    So you like to amass thousands of people in one area esp. in cities that results in overcrowding/overpopulating, increased unsanitary conditions and increase pollution rates that damages the environment? And do the liberals/democrats have any solution whatsoever to combat it other than increase taxes?

    1. Biggs


      I don't think anyone "supports" illegal immigration, but surely recognising undocumented migrants increases the tax intake? Not American mind you. And lack of cost effective urban planning isn't the direct fault of immigrants

    2. RedFox99


      To be fair, this seems rather specific and not a general case, but I could be wrong.

    3. Marcello


      You don't believe in climate change?

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