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  1. This week’s episode is A Trivial Pursuit, focusing ofTwilight and Pinkie. This one was alright for the most part. I did like Sunburst, Fluttershy and Bulk Biceps. RD and AJ competitiveness reared its ugly head in this one too. Not as bad as Noncompetitive Clause mind you, but still slightly annoying. Speaking of annoyances, Pinkie was somewhat like this during the first half of the episode and not knowing flint was questionable but what took the cake was Twilight freaking out getting tiresome after a while and was bad on how she had Pinkie disqualified like that which hurt the second act, rather cringe-inducing to say the least. An Ok episode overall.
  2. This week is 2, 4, 6, Great starring RD and her reluctance with cheer leading. The episode was rather meh all things considered. RD’s attitude was bad for the most part. However, the plot felt very forced because of how Twilight basically pulled a Celestia 2.0 and spurred it on by making her friends do much of the coaching on such short notice within a tight deadline along with neglecting to ask if they wanted to or not. Also, the writing and humor were boring as a result of RD’s attitude and Snips greedy priorities was a flat lined joke that ran on for too long. Very so-so episode overall.
  3. With the hiatus over, it’s back to ponies this week with The Last Laugh featuring the return of Weird Al. This one felt rather weak. Many steps below Pinkie Pride. The humor and writing were rather dull. The whole Pinkie trying to find her purpose or whatnot felt like a flimsy plot device to meet up with Cheese Sandwich. Also, the song was meh and felt like a waste of talent for Weird Al to be OOC for most of the episode. I’d rather just have the two go on a friendship quest than waste it on a plot like this. Best I can describe this is it’s a laugh-less lackluster lull. A below average episode.
  4. So it looks like Sunset's Backstage Pass is going to be the last EQG special/content. Don't really care for this spinoff series, personally. And looks like Hasbro didn't care either despite being more ideas to extend it. Though you think they would have a graduation special as its conclusion when the G4 series draws to a close.
  5. Those faces...Why do they still have human like uncanny valley faces? They should've just made it more cat like via Swat Kats. Heck, I'd rather have it fully animated like the sadly canned Steven Spielberg one. Just look at the concept art: https://io9.gizmodo.com/stunning-concept-art-for-spielbergs-animated-cats-movie-1599739506
  6. Probably might wind up being the Simpsons' Poochie of the gaming industry and be more in tune with the 90s marketing trends. Also, might reflect more of the crappy cartoons during that decade as well along with the Ken Penders comics concepts/ideology. Not a good sign overall.
  7. Even though the midseason hiatus is in full swing, we’re given a bit more pony in the hour-long special Rainbow Road Trip. Have to say it’s kinda weak. Not as good as Best Gift Ever. Not that fond of or used to the movie style animation but it’s good at times in detail and I did like just one song. Other than End of the Rainbow much of the songs were meh. The plot was basic and felt like a standard Slice of Life episode stretched to an hour, making it dragged on a bit and slightly dull. The solution of being nice to each other was obvious by the cues early on. The side and minor characters were fine, but not that memorable esp. with how little they had to work with the dull story. An average special to say the least.
  8. This week’s episode kicks off the hiatus (well, there is the Rainbow Road Trip) Between Dark and Dawn featuring the sun and moon sisters. Eh, I’m kinda mixed on this, more meh. I liked much of the locations and background ponies featured in this, the Wicked reference, and the song was okay. Celestia and Luna seemed off in their personalities and been handed the Idiot/Incompetent Ball for the sake of the plot. Speaking of which the humor just fell flat nearly throughout. Luna being excited of the friggin’ post office? Celestia scared of a chicken? Are you bucking joking with this? Also, the whole sisters not getting along, or sibling squabble stuff have been done before. Not to mention the B-plot with the Mane 6 felt pretty tacked on and the lesson of having others helping isn’t anything new the series has done either esp. since they have done much delegating in the past, just more redundancy. A mixed bag at best, pretty so-so at its least.
  9. This week’s episode is The Last Crusade featuring the CMC and likely to be their final central episode of the series. Since I’m not much a fan of the three, I barely have any emotional attachment to them, caring not whether they break up the group or not. It still felt like a dull one for me. Probably the only thing I like were the parents’ introduction during the classroom scene with the cragidile. I guess I do like seeing Scoot’s parents, though with her having parents (even aunts) it does feel it undermines Parental Glideance in a way compared to her being an orphan. The plot was very predictable from the synopsis, a To Move or Not to Move ordeal, and her living with her aunts could be seen over a mile away just by their introduction. Not to mention the ways they try to keep Scootaloo in town were as predictable and weak writing wise along with the humor IMO. A pretty bland episode for me.
  10. This week’s episode is Student Council, an episode about Starlight and the school. Yay. And it didn’t do much for me. Meh. Probably the only thing to like were some of Maud’s quips but that’s about it. One of the major gripes about the school aspect is how completely understaffed it is and how having more teachers/substitutes would fix the problem at hand. Don’t understand why Twilight couldn’t hire more. Heck, maybe having Dr Whooves and some pony professors with interesting personas would’ve made me interested in this gimmick if they done so earlier, but doubt in last season. Much of the jokes didn't do it for me. Mudbriar was tolerable but only by a slight margin. Trixie had some annoying moments too. Unfortunately, much of the annoyance had come from Silverstream for spurring the plot with her constant barrage of questions and how this plot could’ve been resolved by her giving word to her family of where she was and what she was doing than letting her brother and friends go on a wild goose chase and risk turning to stone by Cockatrices. Speaking of which, the whole tonal/mood whiplash of the first half in Ponyville to the second in the Everfree Forest felt jarring and forced. Hay, the action set piece felt unnecessary too, considering how Silverstream wasn’t in any trouble. A So-so episode.
  11. Going to Seed is this week’s ep featuring the Apple Family and the return of Golden Delicious. It was very so-so. The only things I liked were Big Mac and the flashback featuring the Apple parents. The idea of AJ dismissing a mythical creature such as the Great Pump-er Seedling feels farfetched considering how much of a fantasy world the setting is where dragons and hippogriffs exist. It’s like the writer is too afraid to push the fantasy element for some reason. Removing the flashback with the parents, this episode feels more in place with the earlier seasons such as 1-4 than it is here with some of the characterizations with AJ and Apple Bloom. IMO, the plot wasn’t doing much for me and the entirety of it felt uneventful. Also, a bit of emotional/mood whiplash near the end when the sisters were excited to capturing the Great Seedling one minute to pure terror when they think that it was hunting them the next. Was this even necessary? Pretty meh overall.
  12. Yeah, just because Sonic is improved, doesn't make the crappy writing/jokes and the hammy or bland acting and underwhelming action set pieces any better. It's just basically Hop fused with Bayformers.
  13. Sweet and Smoky is this week’s episode, featuring Smolder’sbrother, Garble! Dun dun dun! What a twist! So did this episode made me like him more? Eh, not really. Pretty weak episode, not nearly as strong as last week’s ep. I was more into the whole egg hatching portion with Ember which probably could’ve held the episode more if it was the main plot. Though nice to see the dragon lands again and with the hatchlings. Much of the episode had Spike abuse that got old quick. Smolder felt more of a vehicle to drive the plot forward with Garble as her brother and didn’t do much compared to the others. The bullies basically being one dimensional, even Garble still felt like that despite the character development. Speaking of which, the whole poetry and bongo thing felt too random. Also, it lacked Spike and Garble interacting and making amends or even growing closer at the end too, dropping that plot point completely. When you get down to it, the lesson is basically another friggin’ Be Yourself type of ordeal. This is what? The 3rd or 4th time they did this crap already this season? Still rather average episode.
  14. Jim Sterling gives his impressions of it, saying that it's just okay, mostly on the dull side. Those Results screens are ridiculous almost Sonic 06 loading screens annoying.
  15. Wonder why they didn't just did that in the first place? Oh right realism for a cartoon hedgehog and Sega not giving a crap in getting involved with their mascot's first movie. Still even if you give your crappy broken down rustbucket a new paint job, it doesn't fix the other problems it has i.e. needing new tires, replace dead battery, etc. Or in this movie's case, bland major/side characters (James Marsden), weak writing/jokes, cliche'd Fish Out of Water and generic plotlines like other live action adaptations, inconsistent powers (Ring portals and stopping time? WTF?), etc. It's gonna be crap regardless.
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