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  1. Angry Joe just recently reviewed this and the vid's title basically tells it all.
  2. It's a shame that Dante is reduced to a Mii Fighter costume, but that doesn't mean that DMC can't be represented in Smash as there are other potential candidates to consider if the final character is DMC related that is. Obviously, the first obvious choice would have to be Vergil. Just Mario vs Sonic and Link vs Cloud, now we will be able to recreate the Death Battle of Sephiroth vs Vergil. Second would be Nero. Now correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think he ever appeared as a guest character or cameo in any other gaming franchises like Dante so him debuting in Smash would make up for it. Also, he can be able to do plenty of sword/gunplay as well. Not to mention with his robotic arm ability from DMCV can be used for various smash attacks, status effects and even long range throws/grapples and grab recovery. Finally, last but definitely not least, a newcomer to the franchise whose gimmick does seem fitting for this game is this guy right here. Just tossing my two cents out there.
  3. Sonic with electricity powers... Why does that sound somewhat familiar yet cringe inducing?
  4. So looks like WB pulled a bit of Scoob in terms of giving talented VAs the shaft. So can you guess who is voicing Lola this time around? Kath Soucie who played the original? NOPE! The New Looney Tunes Show's Kristen Wiig? WRONG AGAIN! It's Zendaya! *Crickets https://www.etonline.com/zendaya-joins-space-jam-a-new-legacy-as-the-voice-of-lola-bunny-163456 Now we have true controversy right here of Hollywood giving talented VAs the shaft yet again just for name recognition and star power, feeling very miscast. Sounds like they're going for the blatant "GRL PWR" pandering, but rejecting females who can play the role decent or better in the process. Standards! Though I'm sure fans of the original might be miffed that Billy West isn't reprising the role of Bugs, but the fact that they have Looney Tunes Show Jeff Bergman doing Bugs but not even manage to get Kristen Wiig back on board is still pretty baffling to say the least.
  5. I forgot that Pony Life is still happening and now there's a trailer for S2 starting in April. Those Wild Siders designs look... pretty garish with those horns and just because G1 did something similar doesn't mean you have to do it. Also, in other Pony Life news, S2 is just getting 14 episodes, less than S1's 26. https://www.equestriadaily.com/2021/03/pony-life-season-2-only-has-14-episodes.html Not surprising honestly. Seems Hasbro is putting all their weight onto the upcoming G5 and probably audience's mixed reactions to PL might have some diminishing effect as well.
  6. So some G5 news to bring up. First off, a new MLP book on Amazon's book listing has popped up that is a tie-in to the upcoming movie entitled MLP: A New Adventure: https://www.equestriadaily.com/2021/03/my-little-pony-new-adventure-book.html That title... wow how...utterly generic. What's next? MLP: An Upcoming Journey? Heck, better just call it MLP: The Next Generation instead. Also, we have an executive producer confirmed for G5 and it's Cort Lane, mainly known for working on a lot of Marvel animated series in the last decade: https://www.equestriadaily.com/2021/03/executive-producer-for-my-little-pony.html#disqus_thread *Looks at his IMDB page ( https://www.imdb.com/name/nm3201920/ ) Yeah, this guy seems to be hit-or-miss with his projects, borderline average from the ratings. Also, going from superheroes to cartoon horses is a great deal of difference, not mention the possible executive meddling that could be involved behind the scenes too. So I kinda remain skeptical overall, not really giving me much confidence for G5.
  7. Even though I don't care much for EQG as a whole, but the fans of it seemed to be screwed over with no new content, let alone a finale. But recently, one of the writers revealed that there have been one in the works. https://www.equestriadaily.com/2021/03/an-hour-long-special-for-end-of.html#disqus_thread So the hour long special would've finally revealed the whereabouts of the human Sunset Shimmer all this time and what she had been doing while the pony one took her place. Also, with the whole imbalance of magic effecting both worlds I'm guessing pony Sunset is going to have conflict to choose between human or pony world (and which would explain her presence in the S9 epilogue episode). So instead of this, what did Hasbro gave us? Pony Life...bleh and Hasbro rushing into G5 too if you can count that.
  8. https://www.equestriadaily.com/2021/02/my-little-pony-franchise-gallops-to.html#disqus_thread So some news coming along with the investor meeting. So its confirmed that the movie and series are gonna be on Netflix, not surprised, but unfortunate for those who don't have it. Also got ourselves a male Mane character from the get go this time around and he....not gonna lie looks a tad generic like the rest as if they retooled and recolored Flash Sentry's design. Again, not really sold on the designs as if I'm watching something Filly Funtasia than MLP related. It's also giving me some Dreamworks vibes too a bit (probably the brows). Not to mention the logo is still the same as G4, and well I've already said about how I feel about G5 set in G4 world that gives me worry.
  9. Yeah, with CG, it feels like I'm watching a Filly Funtasia spinoff, barely feels MLP related if not for the Mane 6 figurines in the background. And as said before, I would rather have it set in a new world as I'm not too keen of it being in the same world as G4 where Twilight and her friends' influence has become null and void with greater chances of Equestria being rewritten for the sake of plot. Not to mention the whole diversity angle being the focus is iffy and can easily backfire with poor execution, esp, when G4 done it already.
  10. So some official MLP merch have been making the rounds that could hint on what G5 might look like. https://www.equestriadaily.com/2021/02/rumor-licensed-mlp-bedding-shows-off.html Honestly feel's rather generic and looks like its trying to be retro but unintentionally mixing G3/3.5 and Filly Funtasia in process. It's like G4 are steps forward and this feels like many steps back. You know its bad when official merch feels like its ripping off the knockoff. Kinda hoping its just a placeholder and not G5 related because if it is, it isn't making me confident nor looking forward to it and making G4 feel a like fluke.
  11. Oh boy there are those political/SJW buzzwords again: activist and diversity. (And isn't this mainly aimed at kids too?) Yeah, because I guess G4 was NOT diverse enough for having an all female cast and inclusion of a variety of species in later seasons. Honestly, this feels like its going down the Disney Star Wars route by making it sound like Princess Twilight influence and work have failed and they basically have the Mane cast become Last Jedi Luke by messing things up or be at fault for plot convenience. If this is the case, then I'd rather have it set in a different world and reality altogether that does its own thing than try to continue in an existing world where our favorite aspects can be botched up and rewritten to a distasteful and disgustingly degree. Not to mention it feels like Hasbro is playing it safe to keep current fans but still milking G4 when the well went dry.
  12. Oddly enough Hasbro have been releasing 'Best of' vids for each character when the miniseries just started to premiere not too long ago and they abruptly cut at the end. Also, talking dolphins are now a thing as well. Pulling something like this just make me think of one of two things. Either they are desperate for viewership or that they aren't confident in this spinoff so their just throw all their promos out there to get it over with (and to sell toys obviously).
  13. So episodes 3 and 4 of Pony Life have been released. [linked removed] [linked removed] So yeah, my opinions haven't changed much from the previous episodes. Still feel like Diet TTG, frenetic cheap and sloppy art style and animation, and littered with a lot of lol-randumb and meta-humor and jokes and writing that falls flat. It feels like a show written by people who haven't even watched a single episode of the main series. Also, as jarring as some modern day digital tech is in the show, the fact that there is a talking cat (Bubbles) feels rather weird and that Spike not being voiced by Cathy Weseluck but by Rarity's VA Tabitha St. Germain which just felt off too.
  14. So Pony Life is here with the first two episodes: https://sendvid.com/snqqosb6 https://sendvid.com/dnr2kxao Oh boy, if you think some of the episodes of the main series had bad pacing with a 22 minute format, it's awful here in half the time. Not a fan of the animation and art style that feel simplistic and sloppy simultaneously while being frenetic esp. the backgrounds. The jokes and writing fall flat nearly every time which is bad for a comedy in any form, even some characterizations are over exaggerated for comedic effect but fail to deliver as well. So MLP GO-Roar gets a Meh from me.
  15. So Lauren Faust gives her reaction to a sampling of a Pony Life script and confirms that there is facetime/Zoom in Equestria now. Thinking about it and as much I don't support it, it does make Equestria Girls feel very moot and pointless doesn't it? I mean, other than the school gimmick (which FiM copied with S8), the EQG world had the modern tech as an advantage over the FiM world. Despite having it for a long time, now that's gone because of Pony Life, what makes EQG unique anymore other than teen humans?
  16. So character promos of the Mane 6 (sans AJ of course) had been released today. https://www.equestriadaily.com/2020/06/pony-life-character-promos-appear-on.html Yeah, still no change from my initial thoughts on the trailer, still giving off TTG vibes. Though looks like Equestria has more modern tech with TV, internet, iPhones, etc., having it feel a bit of a disconnect from the original series. But I'm more worried that this will have an overabundance of meme/internet cultural references and jokes. And Fluttershy's 'Selfie' moment isn't helping matters.
  17. So we get an official trailer for Pony Life. And yeah for me, it really feels like TTG with a coat of pony paint, kinda off putting in a way.
  18. Well this was an unexpected yet pleasant surprise. A Pokemon short done in the style of classic Looney Tunes. Hope we get to see more stuff like this. Now why do I have the want for a Cuphead/Bendy and the Ink Machine/Pokemon crossover game?
  19. So some interesting news of late as Tara Strong, Twilight's VA, said during a stream that Twilight Sparkle isn't going to appear in G5. Though (if going by the leaks from while back) there could be a chance that Twilight Sparkle is returning but with a different VA like how Pinkie is voiced by a different VA in the Hello Pinkie Pie 3D shorts. But she did say that there could be more EQG material in the works and 'other projects' might include Pony Life as well. Maybe more that Hasbro might try to squeeze out from G4 as possible before G5 (or maybe even after if G5 is a bust and unsuccessful). https://www.equestriadaily.com/2020/04/tara-strong-notes-that-twilight-sparkle.html
  20. Funny if it's revealed that they have Jaleel voicing a role and it's Classic Sonic. Hey, it's like in the games to have two Sonics at the same time, at least in two of them (Generations and Forces)! I'm sure that won't confuse general audience or piss off the fans in the slightest ! (Unfortunately 'Classic Sonic' in this case is actually the fugly original model/design from the first trailer.)
  21. $1 Billion? Eh, that's a bit of a stretch especially when in a couple of weeks when Pixar's Onward hits theaters on March 6, being a truer box office contender than Birds of Prey at the very least, and I'm sure ticket sells for Sonic probably run its course sorta speak.
  22. Double Toasted Review: After seeing this and some of the reactions here, even though haven't watched it, I feel that I'm in the camp that's less than positive because of how the writing and even action is weak and underwhelming, what you see from the trailers is what you get overall. Again, much of what I've seen from the trailers, adverts, and scenes really didn't click for me at all, not even much of the Sonic and Eggman stuff. Sonic feels like Deadpool's bargain bin Mini-Me who talks too much and still see Jim Carey as Ace Ventura in Robotnik cosplay. Tom and other human characters being total blah and uninteresting. The writing feels like it was regurgitated from the Hollywood family film formula machine that hits every check mark with (dated) pop culture references, occasional fart jokes, etc. (I honestly do hope this won't affect Game Sonic, I know the writing in the games aren't that great but still...) I still believe we've been robbed of a better experience if it was fully animated where Sonic blends in and fits and interacts the environment better along with being less restricted in the real world. And more fantastical looking set pieces that he can interact with and show off his speed where better action scenes can take place. I just really hate things that are wasted potential. Probably the silver lining here with the movie's success is that Sega might want to do more movies but not just milking this for more sequels. I'm thinking that we might get a separate fully animated feature film. Maybe not theatrical but more akin to the DCAU with direct to DVD/Blu-Ray or even Netflix/Streaming service animated movies that CGI or preferably 2D that might be experimental in terms of animation styles and genres and interesting to see how Sonic and friends fit into them (probably one of the only ways to have fan favorites appear). Steampunk Sonic, Into the Sonic Verse or franchise crossovers anyone? Hey, if Gotham By Gaslight and Batman vs TMNT can work, why not? But of course, Sega or whatever hired studio that attempts it need to have good writers and can't emphasis that enough (as well as less executive meddling and creative restraints/restrictions). It's the only thing that I'm hopeful about. But alas, this is Sega we're talking about so...
  23. Yeah, that still thumbnail image showing Sonic's teeth and lips makes it less than appealing. Obviously still an improvement over last design but still, live action doesn't suit well with Sonic at all IMO. But man, am I the only one didn't laugh at any jokes here? It feels very cookie cutter Hollywood Alvin and the Chipmunks/Smurfs level of quality with Sonic references sprinkled in. Probably the only funny thing is how James Marsden looks and feels tired and doesn't want to be there, wishing he was playing Cyclops for another X-Men movie.
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