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  1. Oddly enough Hasbro have been releasing 'Best of' vids for each character when the miniseries just started to premiere not too long ago and they abruptly cut at the end. Also, talking dolphins are now a thing as well. Pulling something like this just make me think of one of two things. Either they are desperate for viewership or that they aren't confident in this spinoff so their just throw all their promos out there to get it over with (and to sell toys obviously).
  2. So episodes 3 and 4 of Pony Life have been released. [linked removed] [linked removed] So yeah, my opinions haven't changed much from the previous episodes. Still feel like Diet TTG, frenetic cheap and sloppy art style and animation, and littered with a lot of lol-randumb and meta-humor and jokes and writing that falls flat. It feels like a show written by people who haven't even watched a single episode of the main series. Also, as jarring as some modern day digital tech is in the show, the fact that there is a talking cat (Bubbles) feels rather weird and that Spike not being voiced by Cathy Weseluck but by Rarity's VA Tabitha St. Germain which just felt off too.
  3. So Lauren Faust gives her reaction to a sampling of a Pony Life script and confirms that there is facetime/Zoom in Equestria now. Thinking about it and as much I don't support it, it does make Equestria Girls feel very moot and pointless doesn't it? I mean, other than the school gimmick (which FiM copied with S8), the EQG world had the modern tech as an advantage over the FiM world. Despite having it for a long time, now that's gone because of Pony Life, what makes EQG unique anymore other than teen humans?
  4. So character promos of the Mane 6 (sans AJ of course) had been released today. https://www.equestriadaily.com/2020/06/pony-life-character-promos-appear-on.html Yeah, still no change from my initial thoughts on the trailer, still giving off TTG vibes. Though looks like Equestria has more modern tech with TV, internet, iPhones, etc., having it feel a bit of a disconnect from the original series. But I'm more worried that this will have an overabundance of meme/internet cultural references and jokes. And Fluttershy's 'Selfie' moment isn't helping matters.
  5. So we get an official trailer for Pony Life. And yeah for me, it really feels like TTG with a coat of pony paint, kinda off putting in a way.
  6. So some interesting news of late as Tara Strong, Twilight's VA, said during a stream that Twilight Sparkle isn't going to appear in G5. Though (if going by the leaks from while back) there could be a chance that Twilight Sparkle is returning but with a different VA like how Pinkie is voiced by a different VA in the Hello Pinkie Pie 3D shorts. But she did say that there could be more EQG material in the works and 'other projects' might include Pony Life as well. Maybe more that Hasbro might try to squeeze out from G4 as possible before G5 (or maybe even after if G5 is a bust and unsuccessful). https://www.equestriadaily.com/2020/04/tara-strong-notes-that-twilight-sparkle.html
  7. Funny if it's revealed that they have Jaleel voicing a role and it's Classic Sonic. Hey, it's like in the games to have two Sonics at the same time, at least in two of them (Generations and Forces)! I'm sure that won't confuse general audience or piss off the fans in the slightest ! (Unfortunately 'Classic Sonic' in this case is actually the fugly original model/design from the first trailer.)
  8. Double Toasted Review: After seeing this and some of the reactions here, even though haven't watched it, I feel that I'm in the camp that's less than positive because of how the writing and even action is weak and underwhelming, what you see from the trailers is what you get overall. Again, much of what I've seen from the trailers, adverts, and scenes really didn't click for me at all, not even much of the Sonic and Eggman stuff. Sonic feels like Deadpool's bargain bin Mini-Me who talks too much and still see Jim Carey as Ace Ventura in Robotnik cosplay. Tom and other human characters being total blah and uninteresting. The writing feels like it was regurgitated from the Hollywood family film formula machine that hits every check mark with (dated) pop culture references, occasional fart jokes, etc. (I honestly do hope this won't affect Game Sonic, I know the writing in the games aren't that great but still...) I still believe we've been robbed of a better experience if it was fully animated where Sonic blends in and fits and interacts the environment better along with being less restricted in the real world. And more fantastical looking set pieces that he can interact with and show off his speed where better action scenes can take place. I just really hate things that are wasted potential. Probably the silver lining here with the movie's success is that Sega might want to do more movies but not just milking this for more sequels. I'm thinking that we might get a separate fully animated feature film. Maybe not theatrical but more akin to the DCAU with direct to DVD/Blu-Ray or even Netflix/Streaming service animated movies that CGI or preferably 2D that might be experimental in terms of animation styles and genres and interesting to see how Sonic and friends fit into them (probably one of the only ways to have fan favorites appear). Steampunk Sonic, Into the Sonic Verse or franchise crossovers anyone? Hey, if Gotham By Gaslight and Batman vs TMNT can work, why not? But of course, Sega or whatever hired studio that attempts it need to have good writers and can't emphasis that enough (as well as less executive meddling and creative restraints/restrictions). It's the only thing that I'm hopeful about. But alas, this is Sega we're talking about so...
  9. After watching the trailer, it didn’t affect me that much but still rather peeved. I would’ve probably been more interested if the setting was based on Sonic’s world and exploring other ‘Zones’ than on our world/earth for a forced buddy cop cliche and generic fish-out-of-water story. It’ll be a miracle that we might get no more 5-10 minutes of scenes on Sonic’s world throughout, and probably popping up near end. And I can’t emphasize enough about how this would have benefited if it were fully animated while the story sets in Sonic’s world. Still would be more interesting than what we’re getting.
  10. Some more bad news for the movie, not just low negative reviews and dismal box office numbers. This is probably the first time we have a Day One Patch not for a video game but for a movie as they're trying to fix the special effects/graphics and have a digitally enhanced version for the theaters after its released. It's like if the Sonic Movie still have that horrid design upon release and then Paramount releases the movie with the redesign after the box office weekend, ripping you off to buy another ticket just to see a slightly better version. As the vid says, it gives a worrying precedent if future movies to go along route that the VG industry took. Probably even releasing a version A and B of the same movie at the same time but with altered scenes or even a different ending. It's like buying a movie only to realize that the Bonus DVD/Blu-Ray features are not on it and you have buy a separate disc at the same price. What's next? Movie equivalent of DLC and loot boxes? This could be Hollywood's final nail in the coffin if it goes down this route.
  11. With this lizard guy from Sonic’s world got me thinking about some things. We know that Sonic got a new remodeled look but what about the other anthros from his world? Would they still look like Sonic’s original hideous uncanny form? It’ll probably make Sonic look out of place even in his own world. Like placing him in Jim Henson’s Dark Crystal. Also if this lizard warrior thing is true and that we have another villain, I predict one of two things would happen.
  12. Looks like the TTG virus is spreading and ponies are it’s new victim. https://ew.com/tv/2019/11/13/my-little-pony-pony-life-first-look-lizzo/ Yeah apparently Hasbro has some new FiM content to tide us over until G5 with a new animated series based on an upcoming toy line which look awfully awkward/bad. Thanks Hasbro, I hate it already.
  13. Along the usual Hollywood focus group ploys, another thing that I forgot to address is Tom and the whole “friendship” that’s gonna feel phoned in. Because what is his purpose here other than being a reactant to Sonic’s antics? Nothing really since there doesn’t seem to be any visible traits that make him an interesting or standout character so far. It’s like they are making James Marsden into the Eddie Valiant to Sonic’s Roger Rabbit. But it clearly doesn’t feel like its needed esp with Tom feeling like a blank slate. Not to mention Eddie has clear character that one can relate to. And there doesn’t seem to be any chemistry between the two even by the trailer. Heck it feels that Sonic was trying to hold up the scenes by himself whenever they’re on screen. Also none of this was in the games as well since one can try to relate to Sonic alone because at the very least he has character and even relatable on his own. And what is wrong with including obvious fan favorites like Tails and his other friends who clearly have chemistry and relationships with? Not enough A or B list celebrity star power to bring more seats in the theater?
  14. Congrats movie. You went from horribly awful to woefully meh with only an improved Sonic design. The dialogue is still dreadful with weak writing and forced jokes. Jim Carrey is just hamming up as usual, feeling more like a discount Ace Ventura than Eggman. Feels like they blend Sonic, Hop and Alvin And the Chipmunks: the Road Chip in a blender. Again why the f&@k wasn’t this fully animated?
  15. A bit over a week late, but here it is. Now putting what I’ve said about the finale. S9 felt…off in a way. A mixed bag of story continuity and slice of life episodes, which resulted in the build up to the finale kinda lacking. Not to mention it felt like during production of S9 when S8 was airing that they gotten news that S9 was going to be the last and they had to rearrange/rewrite at the last minute. Like that S9 was going to be build up for a tenth season. Might as well discus my thoughts on the series overall. Ever since the beginning, I saw the show on a Grade B level than A/+ level since there were other cartoons during the time that I thought had better quality over this during the early 2010s, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, and some others. Overtime, that grade decreased, middling in C/D territory, which I’ll get into a bit later. Though I kept watching due out of obligation since I’ve watched it since it debuts back at the beginning of the decade. Kinda like with the Bleach anime with few things here and there that I liked but Bleach didn't annoy me as much (those little princess arcs were crap though). The fandom works were still interesting and entertaining as well, even surpassing the quality of the show. That said, I had plenty of gripes with much of the progression the series, mainly much of the changes and events that I didn’t like or had little to no interest in and had to bear it. And the list for that is long from Twilicorn to the gaudy crystal castle to reformed Discord to ugly changeling redesigns to the school gimmick. Of course, whenever an episode focused on that topic, I begin to feel numb while watching since it didn’t pertain to my interests in the show and rarely did change my mind as time progresses. And their execution had a lot to be desired. Hay, even the school gimmick was the focus for one season only to be pushed to the side in the next. In fact, the best way to describe the series would be wasted potential as there have been a ton of characters and concepts that could have been explored or developed even further such as Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon post reformation, the ponies of Our Town from S5 (Other than Sugar Belle), Zecora and zebras in general, The Pillars, etc. Again, so many missed opportunities such as adventures with The Pillars with Daring Do and Wonderbolt missions with RD and other members. I can chalk this up for many reasons including executive meddling, the multiple shifting on again/off again writers which contribute to some of the inconsistencies and plot holes, character derailments, and seasonal rot. Not to mention the whole improvisation of the story since Faust left the show who only laid down the foundation. Not saying that the series has been all around awful or terrible, but that it had a lot of promise in the beginning but been fumbling the ball with its writing/story, direction and characters throughout and a lot of missed opportunities were to be had with its shuffling of writers esp. in later seasons. At worst, its just average/meh and at its best, it’s merely okay. Doesn’t help that plenty of fanworks are higher quality as well. So it’s middle of the road for me. We could’ve gotten spinoffs/miniseries that catered to an older audience/fans or that have less restrictions than the main show, but unfortunately Equestria Girls took that spot for the longest time. And unfortunately, stuff like Best Gift Ever were few and far between. Will I still stick around for G5? Well, I’ll probably keep an eye on it, but with some of the leaks and decisions that makes it look like a rehash of FiM by using the same manes/cast makes me cautious. Not to mention AJs character direction feels forced. (Though I’m still waiting for my MLP anime, Hasbro!) /end2cents.
  16. They should have special recolors for gigantamax Pokemon like Butterfree with Mothra skins. And if there is one for Hydreigon it'll be a King Ghidorah skin. The Godzilla crossovers that we didn't know that we needed.
  17. This week’s episode is The Big Mac Question, the final normal episode before the finale/epilogue of the series, focusing on Big Mac and Sugar Belle’s growing relationship which is something I kinda lack interest in. I found this episode to be alright. I only liked much of Discord’s shenanigans, Big Mac speaking more, and the moral and references to the Perfect Pear. Again, the plot revolving their relationship, I didn’t find much interest in. Though while it was nice to see Double Diamond, Party Favor, and Night Glider, I’m still peeved that they were underutilized and didn’t have much focusing on them after their debut, yet Sugar Belle got more screen time just for being with Big Mac. Some of the writing felt kinda force even with Discord’s apple monster and the CMC’s involvement. Also, the wedding felt tacked on last minute. Just an okay episode.
  18. This week’s MLP outing is Growing Up is Hard To Do, which is oddly enough the CMC’s final episode. The Last Crusade sounded like a fitting end for the CMC and this would’ve been switched. Goes to show how oddly managed this season has been. A rather meh episode all things considered. Probably the only thing to like was how cute Bloofy was and that was it. The plot and message felt lazily forced and predictable esp. with the much of the writing and dialogue. Hay, it even says it smack dab in the episode’s title for goodness sake! Also, didn’t we get the whole grownups aren’t right all the time with Cart Before the Ponies? And the fact I had to reference that episode is troubling enough. The song was weak, the grownup designs were uninteresting and barely changed, and the B plot with the two kids and the pet felt shoehorned into to further emphasis how unsubtle the message is. Again, this doesn’t feel much like last episode for the CMC as much as The Last Crusade was. Probably would’ve been better if it were the CMC graduating from Cheerilee’s school or something. Lastly, I’ve read fanfics over half a decade ago that have age progression/grownup tf stories that were better handled than this. A So-So episode.
  19. Rebeltaxi recently dropped a short review of it, basically saying that it was unnecessary and boring. If the original first Zombie Island movie revitalized the franchise than this one is definitely dragging it into a shallow grave (with S.C.O.O.B being hopeful).
  20. So this week’s is Daring Doubt featuring who else, Daring Do,as well as RD and Fluttershy. This is one of the weaker Daring Do eps. Still prefer Stranger Than Fanfiction overall. I did like the jungle setting and stuff happening with the environment as well as some of the side characters, but that’s about it. Writing wise it was mostly average and not a strong plot for Daring Do’s departure that basically rushes much of the subplots involving her with Caballeron and Ahuizotl and their reformations feel tacked on in the process as well. The humor gets affected as well. Again, like with Horse Shoe-In with Starlight, it felt like a weak ending for Daring Do. Speaking of artifacts and relics, why not a Daring Do episode where she is on an adventure with any or all The Pillars esp. with their knowledge/lore/experience of Equestria's past? There are many potentials and opportunities with that kind of setup for an Indiana Jones-esque adventure. A ‘meh’ episode overall.
  21. A Horse Shoe-In is this week’s episode and focuses on Starlight, Trixie, and the school…*inwardly groans. And this episode was average. I did like Octavia and Dr. Hooves appearing again and playing bigger roles. A bit upset that they could’ve been part of the faculty at least. And Phyllis, I guess. Also, upset that Big Mac was just reduced to his old shtick in this one with little dialogue. Trixie being annoying, irresponsible and obviously doesn’t have the heart for it for most of the episode brought it down, even endangering the students. And feels similar to other Starlight focused eps before it with Trixie causing much conflict and being in the wrong. Sunburst being tacked on at episode’s end and the obvious lesson of how friends aren’t qualified to do everything. And with this being Starlight’s last focused episode, hadn’t changed my mind about her throughout the seasons. Still miffed about how Our Town and the ponies there got less focus than her, such wasted potential. A middle of the road one.
  22. Dragon Dropped is this week’s episode focusing Rarity and Spike.Will the Sparity shipping survive? Do I really care? No, not really. This was meh all things considered. I guess Gabby’s and Spike’s friendship was surprising and kinda interesting, but that’s pretty much it for me as it much focus on this love-er um friendship triangle between the two and Rarity. Speaking of which, Rarity’s over dramatic moments kinda gotten old fast and took up much of the episode and her buying Spike’s time and affection with stuff. Also, the solution of sharing Spike with others could be seen a mile away and feels like more S1 character regression in a way. A so-so episode.
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