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  1. Chills: It was a wonderful day.


  2. Frenemies is this week’s episode following the Equestrian Legion of Doom. I find it to be okay. I do like some of the interactions between villains, mainly Tirek and Chrysalis, Chrysalis transforming and the lone stallion that lives on the mountain. Grogar, as powerful as he is, still doesn’t do it for me, not as interesting as the other villains. Still not a fan of Cozy Glow nor her personality. The song felt…eh, probably because of how it felt drawn out for having everyone get a singing part. Also, the ending which possibly hints at a redemption arc of sorts. I wouldn’t be surprised if Grogar caught on their mutiny, takes the bell and turns on everyone in the finale, forcing the villains to accept the help of the heroes. Or that they, the three, commence their attack on the ponies only to fail because their working together falls apart due to inflated egos and other things. Then, Grogar one ups the competition having the bell and just throw everyone under the bus, again making the villains and heroes team up. A fine episode.

    1. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod


      Yeah this is definitely a channel worth subscribing to this guy is definitely unbiased and not pushing any narratives whatsoever

  4. She’s All Yak is this week’s episode, focusing on the Student 6 and basically the pony equivalent of prom night. Just meh overall for me. I did like Angel Bunny, parts with Pinkie and DJ Spike. Not a fan of the song. Some jokes fall flat. The biggest problem was like the previous episode where the plot and lesson were too basic and bare bones. Falling into the trope where someone learns proper etiquette and mannerisms for an event and all things learned were tossed out the friggin’ window for a cliché “Be Yourself” moral that the show practically done dozens of times beforehand. Why couldn’t Yona just keep the things learned and just ditch the dress? Besides none of the other characters barely dressed up for the occasion in the first place, making it moot point. Also, was it just me or did some of the expressions felt uncanny/off-putting at times? Yeah, pretty much a So-so ep.
  5. Looking at Commander Holly's Channel, it didn't take long for subscribers to bail out along with higher dislikes in her recent vids and comments to be disabled. https://www.youtube.com/user/CommanderHolly

    D O Y O U W A N T T O C O M E ?

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  7. @11:39 Yeesh, no wonder Coolio is a One Hit Wonder. No sane person keeps that hideous dreaded pigtails for that long.
  8. Where's the chips?

  9. And its probably all for a reference of Knuckles SA1 theme with "not chuckle" line involved.
  10. This week’s episode Common Ground features Patton Oswald’s return as Quibble Pants. It was just alright, I guess. A bit on the meh side maybe. I liked much of the stuff that didn’t center on the main plot oddly enough such as Snips and Snails, some of the locations, and the film reel at the beginning (though it feels like wasted potential and disappointing if we don’t get an episode focusing on the making of films/film industry as a whole). The plot and lesson of the episode felt too basic and barebones, boiling it down to just being honest and being yourself, which done in previous eps beforehand. The number of sport clichés i.e. training montage and scoring in the wrong goal, which that felt awkward and cringe-inducing at times esp. with some of the humor and Dash’s awful planning. Not a fan of Wind Sprint’s design either which felt like a discolored filly Twilight rather distracting. Also, I preferred Quibble’s characterization from Strange Then Fan Fiction than here. An episode than leans toward just average on a whole.
  11. Sonic.exe.the movie.

  12. Ah much better.


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