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  1. No wonder they named it CRUNCH-yroll.

    1. Treacher


      Looks like a fun viewing.

  2. First Jontron and Arin and now Liam and Matt playing the friendship killer of games (other than Omikron).

  3. This week’s episode is The Last Crusade featuring the CMC and likely to be their final central episode of the series. Since I’m not much a fan of the three, I barely have any emotional attachment to them, caring not whether they break up the group or not. It still felt like a dull one for me. Probably the only thing I like were the parents’ introduction during the classroom scene with the cragidile. I guess I do like seeing Scoot’s parents, though with her having parents (even aunts) it does feel it undermines Parental Glideance in a way compared to her being an orphan. The plot was very predictable from the synopsis, a To Move or Not to Move ordeal, and her living with her aunts could be seen over a mile away just by their introduction. Not to mention the ways they try to keep Scootaloo in town were as predictable and weak writing wise along with the humor IMO. A pretty bland episode for me.
  4. You think with a premise involving aliens that they should've taken advantage of having the MIB going to space or even to another planet to maybe be bodyguards for some intergalactic diplomacy between earth and alien territories and prevent some kind of terrorist scheme or underhanded conspiracy. Also, mix it up a bit by having a human and an alien team up too that grows into a relationship that's like Han Solo and Chewbacca. But nope! It looks like a rehash of the first with nothing new nor interesting with a slapped on gender flip in London and less of the charm.

  5. Spoiler

    Weiss melts under Mitsuru's  pressure.


  6. What time is it?

    1. PublicEnemy1


      A D V E N T U R E
      T I M E

  7. This week’s episode is Student Council, an episode about Starlight and the school. Yay. And it didn’t do much for me. Meh. Probably the only thing to like were some of Maud’s quips but that’s about it. One of the major gripes about the school aspect is how completely understaffed it is and how having more teachers/substitutes would fix the problem at hand. Don’t understand why Twilight couldn’t hire more. Heck, maybe having Dr Whooves and some pony professors with interesting personas would’ve made me interested in this gimmick if they done so earlier, but doubt in last season. Much of the jokes didn't do it for me. Mudbriar was tolerable but only by a slight margin. Trixie had some annoying moments too. Unfortunately, much of the annoyance had come from Silverstream for spurring the plot with her constant barrage of questions and how this plot could’ve been resolved by her giving word to her family of where she was and what she was doing than letting her brother and friends go on a wild goose chase and risk turning to stone by Cockatrices. Speaking of which, the whole tonal/mood whiplash of the first half in Ponyville to the second in the Everfree Forest felt jarring and forced. Hay, the action set piece felt unnecessary too, considering how Silverstream wasn’t in any trouble. A So-so episode.

    1. Dejimon11


      Yeah this is accurate. 

  9. Because nobody demanded it.

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