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  1. Watched it and it was good. Pretty much like The Fox and The Hound, but with a goat and a wolf. A very cute movie and nice lighting effects and animation.
  2. D@mn that's alot and I thought Gh1-4 would be enough. Activision Files Patent for Sing Hero More from the franchise whore.
  3. Drag Me to Hell Trailer Online Looks pretty cool and creepy and might make up for Spiderman 3. New Wolverine Promo Pics Ridley Scott's Robin Hood Film Coming in May 2010
  4. Bayona to Direct Eclipse? Anyone, excited? *Crickets chirping Thought so. Hartnett and Skarsgard to Sign on to Thor?
  5. *Ahem DB Sequel Already in the Works
  6. Princess and The Frog Release Sooner than Later I'm kinda excited to see this. Been a long time since I've seen a 2D movie in theaters. Also, a smart move since the previous release date is the same as Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 and Sherlock Holmes. Yeah, AatC2, never heard of it since ten minutes ago and that said the first one stunk and ruined Witch Doctor making it rap-esque/modernized it. 1st Iron Man 2 Photo! Awesome isn't it ?
  7. Ratner Says New Conan Isn't a Remake Agree or you think Ratner is just talking words out of his @$$? Eh, going back to its roots sounds like a remake if you ask me. Vin Diesel says New Riddick Movie in the Works Russell Brand Talks POTC4 Role Hmm, don't know what to think of this. The 1st one was good, 2nd wasn't my cup of tea, and 3rd was okay to say the least. As for 4, if there isn't any romance involved or at least, a small dose of it and most focus on Sparrow, then I might watch it, but there's the chance it'll just suffer badly either way. Bay Wants Welker for Soundwave in TF Movie
  8. Fantastic Four to Get Reboot? Oy, another reboot and trying to become Iron Man imitation meat. Doubt it could work. Donald De Line Talks GL So they're trying to take a more comedic and less serious route for Green Lantern? Uh, no to me, it doesn't sound to work out very well. Zoolander Sequel Coming Soon? Twolander? Meh, sounds lame for a title if you ask me and 14-19 years sounds a bit too long of a wait, maybe 10-13 could suffice, no?
  9. Sorry for 2X post. A new trailer is out and has a bit of live-action in it. Flashback to the Future
  10. N has launched New Play Control starting with Pikmin and Mario Power Tennis. Basically, play GC games with Wii controls. Wii play GC $30? I suggest knock it down to $20 then I might consider, but still nothing new and people who already have the GC games aren't gonna care since it is Wii compatible. Another casual game syndrome I believe.
  11. Um, Sonic and Coraline? *shot Others in mind: Sonic and Abarat Sonic in Artemis Fowl Sonic and the Bartimaeus Trilogy Sonic and LOTR Sonic and the Chronicles of Narnia Sonic and the Westside Story - Concept like the Sonic 1-3 games but you go left not right Sonic and the Chocolate Factory Sonic in the Pet Cemetery Sonic and Inkheart Sonic and the Wizard of Oz - Sonic as Dorothy and Chip as Toto Sonic in Redwall Sonic and the War of the Worlds Well, here's a list of fantasy novels and science fiction novels for all to see and find other fitting/workable matches. American Gods caught my attention for the name of the protagonist, but idk. Even though it isn't a book(unless it was), Sonic in Evil Dead: Army of Darkness would be kinda awesome. Sonic + chainsaw arm = Major Win more so than Sonic with a sword.
  12. Dakota Fanning Confirmed for New Moon *Snore zzzzzz, oh yeah, Dakota is going to be starring in the Twilight film, whoopie, so expect alot of tween to 16 year old girls coming to theaters and whatever. Also, it's being filmed in the spring and hits theaters in November, doesn't it sound that the productions are short length for this movie, no?
  13. A couple of new photos from the film. Prince of De Nile Eh, Jake definitely doesn't look the part of being the prince esp. when his body is less than muscular and he looks like he doesn't have nipples with all that chest hair.
  14. Another future series? Meh, it's okay, but it doesn't seem as interesting as the current time stories. I prefer the present over future anyways.
  15. I pretty much have a list of anime that I like and goes like this: Pokemon Digimon - Thought the 1st two seasons were good, but started to go downhill afterward. 3rd season was pretty good as well. DB and DBZ One Piece Naruto Bleach Gintama - Possibly Best Anime Parody Show Ever! BoBoBo-BoBoBo Cowboy Bebop Afro Samurai FLCL - If it were a bit longer Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi Hare + Guu Ouran High School Host Club Fruits Basket Tenchi Series Death Note - Fave Char: L and Near Haruhi Lucky Star Tekkonkinkreet - Shows the value of innocence and kids that can do super awesome jumps. Paprika - Trippy Movie Paranoia Agent - Trippy/Creepy Anime Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei - Really like the humor and artistry in this one Code Geass Soul Eater - Like the concept and some the cast. Black Star is like the Naruto in this. <3 Excalibur and Death the Kid. School Rumble Hayao Miyazaki films FMA Trigun Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro - Fave Chars: Neuro for being a bad@$$ demon with cool tools and Sai for being an awesome murderer/shapeshifter Would have put Sonic X if it weren't for bad episodic plots, Chris, and that humans seem or feel to get the same or more attention than Sonic and the crew. Manga that I have read and have interest in: +Anima Enchanters B.Ichi Free Collars Kingdom My Cat Loki FairyTail - This is good enough to have its own anime
  16. Sonic and the Golden Fleece Sonic and the Phantom Tollbooth Sonic in Wonderland Sonic and a Series of Unfortunate Events Sonic in Animal Farm Sonic in Maximum Ride Sonic and Sherlock Holmes Sonic in the Shining Sonic and It I've got tons of them, workable or not.
  17. This movie looks so frikkin fugly. There are so many inaccuracies when related to the normal DB and none of the chars look like their anime counterparts. Just by that it goes into fail zone. Piccolo looks like sith lord.
  18. Sorry for 3x post T:RotF Spoilers By Michael Bay Yup, Megatron is back only for some flashback and not enough screen time. Eh, at least he appears somewhat in the movie. Spielberg and Jackson Team Up for Tintin
  19. A strong rumor says that MS is limiting production for the 360 Elite. Elite 360 Are the bold better, worse or somewhere inbetween? Well, I don't have to worry about that since I had an Elite for Christmas after the original 360 wasn't working right.
  20. SA2 - Shadow dies and stays dead. End of story. Sonic Heroes and other Sonic game with Knuckles - Give a reason why Knuckles isn't guarding the ME. Sonic '06 - No humanxhedgehog relationship, just please.
  21. Sorry for 2X post. David Wain to Direct Little Fockers Wow, wild antics with children, who hasn't heard that before? Eh, whatever. Rogen Talks About Green Hornet Release Date and More.
  22. To celebrate his 30th Anniversary, Namco-Bandai is planning to have Pac-Man comeback from wherever he went off to. Pac It Up Boys. It's Dead. Um, no. Pac-Man did have alot of console arcade games, but never was cool or great as the original. Just leave it be.
  23. Most awesome fighter on the DC in my book or probably best fighter ever. Though I do like the Rival Schools series as well and to me, almost on the same level as MvC2 with SNKvCap coming close behind since it is a little slow paced than MvC, but still hoping for a sequel from Capcom for it.
  24. Wow, another HSM? Ugh, wish it would die already. Nightmare on Elm Street Gets Release Date New HP:H-BP Trailer I'm excited for this installment since it looks awesome so far.
  25. THQ CEO Brian Farrell have thought up of a 'great plan': Make Great Games. Awesome Plan Great Job Wow, what an original plan that I bet no one has thought before!!! LOLS! Sarcasm aside, if they want to do that, then they need to focus on gameplay and story more than just focusing on graphics that tries to hide that the rest of the game is sh*tty. Also, they need to use effort and when saying you want to make great games, STICK WITH IT and not act lazy.
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