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  1. And the dislike/like bar on the trailer has now been officially Thano'ed with 44k even.
  2. Dislike to like ratio for the trailer on YT is now 33k to 35k. It's getting neck and neck. Not to mention top comments are mainly negative but downright hilarious. Well definitely funnier than anything in the trailer.
  3. Yeah, Jim is hamming it up in the worst way possible. Heck, the writing is awful even Sonic's quip about running an amount of steps was just blah and the part with him in the bag wasn't even that funny IMO. It's like Pontac/Graff hijacked the script but even that sounds unfair for them too.
  4. Looks like Boris from Rocky and Bullwinkle fused with the Joker.

  5. Wow that... Looks really awful. From Sonic's fugly design to Jim Carrey acting more like Ace Ventura with a mustache. As I said before, this is definitely Michael Bay's Leftover Film Scraps the Movie feat. Sonic.
  6. Yeah, I'm really not feeling it here with Jim as Eggman. A bit underwhelming I might add. Feels like a generic scientist with Eggman colors. Is it bad that I think Robbie Rotten with a mustache makes a better Eggman?
  7. So this week’s episode is The Point of No Return or what I like to call Finding Dusty Pages: The Montage. Seriously, nearly over half the episode was basically this. It was rather meh for me. Definitely down from last week’s. I did like the flashback leading up to the first episode of the series, some of the world building, and the jock pony that had Dusty’s mail. The plot didn’t appeal to me and rather predictable even the contrivance of the overdue book’s title. Twilight freaking out and overreacting to minimal things has become less of an endearing trait and more of a tiresome running gag over time. Moondancer being a mere cameo, not engaging in the plot more was kinda disappointing. Again, much of the runtime was dedicated to the montages which for the most part wasn’t that interesting and just mere padding. A so-so episode for me.
  8. Like to see Boom, Dark Brotherhood, and Forces on the chopping block.

    1. dbzfan7


      For the love of....WE KNOW THIS ALREADY! I'm sorry but this is such old news that it's not even relevant. Forces would be far more relevant. Hell Boom too since the side series is practically dead now so a full retrospective on that can be warranted.

      Dark Brotherhood could at least be something different since it's the 1 Sonic RPG.

  9. Also, having a big round belly is unrealistic too. What is he? Santa Claus? PAH! Thinking about it, Will Sasso would have been a good if not better choice for Eggman.
  10. This week’s the 200th episode, Twilight’s Seven. And the VAs had a hand in the writing as well. I find it quite alight, likeable. I seem to be leaning towards Slice of Life as the better milestone episode though. I like some of the jokes, esp. the parts with the princesses, much of the continuity nods and callbacks, and Spike. Personally, I wasn’t fond of the premise of the whole sibling rivalry nor crown heist plot esp. for something that is for a milestone episode. It felt too much a normal/generic episode for it and would’ve been place at any other time. Not that I was expecting something like Slice of Life, but maybe some more Equestrian lore around the Princesses in their prime/youth with Starswirl and the Pillars. Or maybe an in-depth villain backstory like Grogar or Chrysalis would’ve been a better fit. The jokes felt hit or miss for the most part, sometimes it felt a bit too off or random at points. Overall, it was okay.
  11. Man that like/dislike bar. Still it feels like an April Fool's Joke that's been going on for too long and dead and buried.

  12. So this week’s episode Uprooted focuses on the Student 6 and the demolished Tree of Harmony, two things I barely care about in the show. Though I still prefer it if they just replanted the Golden Oaks Library in place of the ToH and have it come back before series end. Still this was a rather dull episode. Basically, a rehash of Castle Sweet Castle and not as memorable or good. The montage of getting the permission slips felt like unnecessary filler and could easily omitted. The premise isn’t interesting for me and the standard plot of the friends bickering each other over how to do things with the one who kept silent having the compromised or overall ‘best’ solution. The students were kinda annoying at parts. Didn’t like the song at all (maybe if there was Mane 6 version it might sound better). Didn't care about the tree coming back as another gaudy castle structure either. Again, it’s a rather dull one.
  13. You know it's bad when Pokemon without even speaking can convey more emotion and expression than your pointless live action Disney remake.


    1. Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Hell, even the live action Pokemon can express better.

    2. SupahBerry


      Wouldn't comparing with the Detective Pikachu Pokemon be more fair?

  14. Well, at least, they look more expressive than anyone in the Lion King remake.
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