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  1. The End in Friend is this week’s episode or what I like to call Rarity and Rainbow bicker for nearly 20 minutes the episode.

    So not a fan of this one. It’s like a lesser version of Non-Compete Clause but that’s not saying much.

    Probably the only intriguing things were the frog monster.

    With the premise, I would have expected an episode like this to appear between S1-S4, not this late in the game. The school class feels really shoehorned in and kinda disrespectful on Twilight’s part to exploit her friends’ dilemma as a lesson/field trip, even unintentionally so. What’s next? Pry into a private couple’s lives with their marriage on the brink of divorce and convince her students’ that they won’t? This school stuff is such BS.

    As said before, much of the dialogue consisted of the two arguing with each other and I just didn’t find it entertaining or funny in the slightest. Just got annoying after a while. The third of the episode was predictable in its set up and rather mostly dull esp. with the message that have been done in the series before.

    A less than average annoying episode.

  2. This week’s episode is Friendship University or F U. Starring or shall we say guest starring Starswirl the Bearded and of course, with the title involves schooling yet again. *Sigh…

    Outside of some stuff with the disguises, this one completely bored me.

    As much as I wanted to see more of the Pillars, I wish they didn’t have to involve the school and that we get more insight of their adventures whether it be in the past or in the present. Hay, it would’ve been better to have Starswirl or another Pillar maybe tell one of the old stories during class that takes much of the episode instead. Starswirl was sidelined in this and more like a plot device instead.

    The song was kinda forgettable. The Rarity and Twilight partner chemistry felt as dense as air as you could replace Rarity with any other pony for similar results. Maybe Stygian since Starswirl was involved would’ve been a better choice. Twilight not recognizing her work was basically plagiarized was weird. The ponies holding the Idiot Ball for not recognizing Twilight for a stupid joke. Also, not really caring for Naysayer or Flim Flam as antagonists in this.

    A bland episode overall.

  3. It’s a holiday themed one in August with Hearth’s Warming Club.

    And it’s alright. Not as good as last one’s.

    The main take away was learning about holiday traditions from other species and the moral and ending was fine.

    Haven’t change my stance on the Student 6 though. But if you must twist my wrist the only ones I slightly lean towards to are Gallus and Sandbar.

    Just a few hang ups though Sandbar’s joke story was weak, they could have put in a bit more detail into some traditions like the dragons, and it’s odd for Changelings, disguised ones that lived with ponies, don’t know about Hearth’s Warming. Also, the set up ‘Whodunnit?’ Plot felt kind of weak and somewhat unnecessary way to tell the stories and probably would have casual/slice of life plot without conflict to do so and for more detail.

    An overall alright Hearth’s Warming episode.

  4. This week’s episode, A Matter of Principals, involves Discord but also Starlight and the friendship school as well which aren’t exactly my cup of tea. But can Discord be able to carry it?

    Erm, well, kind of? Not actually. So-so at best. I’d rather see the bogus journey the Mane 6 went on instead.

    Thanks for AJ to state one of the reasons for this school should be shut down (and why I don’t like it) that it’s completely under staff along how it should interfere with their livelihood/careers and it still feels like a forced gimmick for friendship lessons.

    Discord’s jokes were rather hit or miss. The only ones I found myself liking were his substitutes and the whole banana phone thing (surprised he didn’t sang it/Raffi style). Also, it felt like a What About Discord, an episode I’m not too fond of with bits of Make Friends But Keep Discord, just replace Twilight with Starlight. And Discord felt like he was falling back onto that kind of characteristic/regression.

    Still indifferent about Starlight and again this feels like her What About Discord situation. Also, feel the same way about the Student 6 too. However, the thing that brought to my attention the most were the artifacts presented
    right at the start of the episode. In the back of mind, it just screamed “Plot MacGuffin/Plot Devices” for some future finale/opening. Or worse possible “Elements of Harmony replacements” but I’m hope I’m wrong on that account since I’m still more attached to the Mane 6 than Student 6. Can’t we have more of the Pillars or Not Equal Town instead of them before series is done?

    It’s a slightly better What About Discord, but it still not saying much. Still a meh episode.

  5. Spoiler

    So surprise episode this Friday and it’s the 18th episode because Discovery Family does buck all. Of course, with the title of Yakity Sax, you’d expect the yaks would play a bigger role in this which fortunately they weren’t in it much. But still their annoyance came in the form of an instrument.

    This one was very annoyingly so-so.

    I guess I liked the scene with Gummy, but it made me realized how uncharacteristic it was of Pinkie to abandon him in Ponyville to go Yakyakistan esp. with Maud not taking him.

    The main issue I have with the episode was how Pinkie was awfully portrayed in this. First off, Pinkie being oblivious of how her bad playing was disrupting her friends’ livelihood and causing trouble. And her getting very
    depressed over the truth felt more of an overreaction. Mind you that she went into that state over a dumb instrument while in Party of One she became that because she thought her friends rejected her.

    Not to mention having Pinkamena return this way feels cheap and forced even for a gag. Quite honestly, the way I would bring Pinkamena back would be some kind of (psychological) mystery tale where Pinkie one day wakes up like looking and feeling that way but can’t figure out why and have her friends help.

    The callbacks to Horse Play may seem like nice continuity but it just reminds viewers of an episode that has done similar situation that has handled better, such as, Celestia’s reacting and taking the truth of her bad acting along with better motivations better than Pinkie’s first time playing.

    And the moral is dreck. Continue to play bad music that ruins your friends’ lives and disturbing the peace of a town just because it makes you happy? Or could at least take some friggin’ lessons on to lessen the horrible sounds.

    An awful meh-pisode.



  6. Yeah, I'm not really feeling it.

    The animation and designs are very so-so and still not a fan of. The writing is pretty lackluster. And is it just me or the new villains feel very underwhelming and generically uninteresting esp. the big bad played by John Cena? Already, I'm missing the Shred Head. Though if he does appear later on, I hesitate to see this version's portrayal.

  7. 7 hours ago, DreamSaturn said:

    If the general reaction I've seen from fans is anything to go by, then, no, they don't have our support. Most of what I've seen among my friend group and among people in general, mostly everyone thinks it's gonna suck.

    It's not even like you need human characters when animal/anthro characters to tell an engaging story, either. Disney, for instance, has The Lion King and that doesn't have any humans at all. To go off on a bit of a tangent, isn't this just part of a larger Hollywood issue? That they're not willing to take any risks? Why are we assuming that people NEED humans to connect and relate too, as opposed to just well written characters? Star Wars doesn't take place in our world and that's still one of the most popular films of all time.

    Speaking of Disney examples, Zootopia, Robin Hood and A Goofy Movie. Heck, basically most movies starring Disney's icon Mickey and his friends have a cast consisting of anthros/animals.

  8. Things go a fowl as NC reviews The Angry Birds Movie:

    Having watched it, I just found it to be 'meh' and forgettable, having seen worse, but it's probably one of the most accurate video game adaptations even though it isn't saying much with the bar set incredibly low.

  9. Yeah it's troublesome if it is just Sonic and Buddy Cop movie without any of his iconic friends like Tails, Knuckles, Amy etc. which would be disappointing and off putting for the fans even having them play minor roles with little screen time. Also with some of the plot synopsis about him being a delinquent and all, make it sound like some kind of superhero origin story and I have to wonder if Sonic's speed is going to something natural from birth or it is unnaturally gained through freak scientific experiment (which would highly involve Eggman) a la like in the comics: 



    Kinda hoping for the former than the latter honestly.

  10. The midseason hiatus starts with The Mean 6 with the return of Chrysalis creating Discorded-er ‘evil’ clones of the Mane 6. You know, other than probably try to rebuild another hive from the ground up, maybe even starting one by kidnapping/tricking ponies into becoming Changelings or even show more world building by having her getting help from a queen from another hive.

    The episode felt underwhelming for the most part.

    Other than some character interactions like with Mean AJ, this one felt boring.

    As much as I like Chrysalis, design-wise and for refusing to reform, her character feels mostly revenge fueled without much to it and she had little screen time. Like previously mentioned, the clones were basically the Discorded manes with some Ponies of Dark Water thrown in from the comics and the whole confusion/shenanigans trope with manes was more miss than hit. Not really something we haven’t seen before but not that well executed either with much of the presented writing. Also, the ending felt rushed and accomplished next to nothing, rather disappointing for such buildup.

    Oh and Glimmer? She felt tacked on or shoehorned into this episode and removing her wouldn’t change much.

    Again, it’s an underwhelming episode.

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