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  1. The midseason hiatus starts with The Mean 6 with the return of Chrysalis creating Discorded-er ‘evil’ clones of the Mane 6. You know, other than probably try to rebuild another hive from the ground up, maybe even starting one by kidnapping/tricking ponies into becoming Changelings or even show more world building by having her getting help from a queen from another hive.

    The episode felt underwhelming for the most part.

    Other than some character interactions like with Mean AJ, this one felt boring.

    As much as I like Chrysalis, design-wise and for refusing to reform, her character feels mostly revenge fueled without much to it and she had little screen time. Like previously mentioned, the clones were basically the Discorded manes with some Ponies of Dark Water thrown in from the comics and the whole confusion/shenanigans trope with manes was more miss than hit. Not really something we haven’t seen before but not that well executed either with much of the presented writing. Also, the ending felt rushed and accomplished next to nothing, rather disappointing for such buildup.

    Oh and Glimmer? She felt tacked on or shoehorned into this episode and removing her wouldn’t change much.

    Again, it’s an underwhelming episode.

  2. Spoiler


    This week’s episode Marks for Effort features the CMC trying to get into the friendship school but with new character and villain Cozy Glow being introduced how does it fair?

    Eh, this episode felt dull to be honest.

    Nothing about the writing here stuck with me with some poor pacing. The CMC felt annoying in the first half with them trying to get in that I kinda skipped parts, almost backwards in characterization for them like during their CM crusading shtick and I just didn’t care much for their tutoring. As for Starlight, it felt like they centered the plot around her a bit just to give her something to do and justify it, like Twilight’s earlier days as princess. Speaking of which, Twilight felt off or reduced in character too with her behavior to the CMC after Cozy purposefully flunked her test and didn’t even apologized to them in the end, brushing it off as it never happened.

    As for Cozy Glow even with showing some small evil tidbits, I feel rather indifferent as there doesn’t seem much to her yet. Is it bad that I’m more interested into seeing Sombra revived next season than her as a villain? Though there have been instances with the cutesy-wootsy villain character works in the past, most notably Darla Dimple from Cats Don’t Dance who is manipulative too but comes across as charismatic and enjoyably over-the-top. Another good one is Baby Doll from BTAS who has an effectively tragic backstory of a down and out child actress who couldn’t be taken seriously because of her medical condition and one that is sympathetic. It would be an interesting twist it this applied to Cozy as well that she is much older despite her looks.

    I do think she might be related to Neighsayer in a way and might be a spy/saboteur on the inside, which kinda make sense for him to the true “Brain” (hint hint) of the operations as with the season centering around the school and him being the antagonist of the premiere to have it full circle. Though what can ruin Cozy Glow however is if she gets called out for her façade after is reduced to some nasty bully stereotype that pretty much Diamond Tiara/Bully Babs 2.0 but “meaner” and basically saying “Friendship is 4 Suckers like U lolz!”, plus bonus negative points for weak backstory for her wounding up that way i.e. Starlight and Temptest which is par for the course and reformation.

    Of course, too early to tell, but keeping a cautious eye out for it.

    Kinda went off a tangent on Cozy, but still the episode is just meh for me.


    Spoilers for leak related stuff.

  3. 23 hours ago, Dark Rider CC14 said:


    Just seeing Elsa and Moana standing side-by-side in actual animation is surreal, to say the least. Let alone all of these 2D Princesses making the jump to the third dimension.

    Just realized that Mulan or Merida aren't in there too. Well, I guess I can understand the absence of the latter since her film wasn't that popular nor popular figure but still wonder why Mulan is absent esp. with Pocahontas has a seat there. Who knows if they might appear later on though.

  4. This week’s episode is the Molt Down where Spike hits puberty and apparently gets wings. Though preferably rather have him getting them by just drinking Red Bull.

    Whilst one of Spike’s better outings, it’s kinda an alright episode, middling at best. Thought he was slightly better in the previous ep.

    Some of the humor was fine, did like Smolder’s talk with Spike with some dragon info building, and continuity nods with Pee Wee and Secret of my Excess.

    Again, humor was hit or miss, the misses being Pinkie Pie parts and the volume control gag got tiresome fast. I didn’t care for the Sparity parts either and comparing with last episode where Spike was more the voice of reason, he jumped to the conclusion too quickly of the whole getting kicked out of his home.

    And then there is the whole Spike gaining wings which I don’t like but mostly felt underwhelming. First off, it was already spoiled thanks to recent promo (thanks marketers ? ). Secondly, I prefer a wingless form for Spike as it makes the species more diverse in a way and like a certain alicorn, it feels tacked on. Thirdly, that’s it? Just wings and nothing else? The least you could do is to make him almost like a foot bigger/taller with longer limbs to signify his growth a bit more esp. when we’re this far into the series near the end (as far as we know) and more warranted. It’s like Pokemon’s Bagon final evolution stage goes from Shellgon to it’s first form with wings tacked on, which doesn’t convince of any growth at all, just a mere addition.

    Just an average episode for me at best.

  5. So this episode is The Break Up Break Down that features Big Mac and Discords, plusses for me, yet also Hearts and Hooves, the CMC, and plenty of misunderstandings, already plenty of negatives for me.

    And my thoughts? Eh… is it bad that I would rather just have the boys do another full episode of O&O than this? Honestly, it feels middle of the road for me, on the edge of okay.

    Discord along with some Spike and Big Mac moments were nice and the highlight even though I don’t care much for the Sugar Belle pairing.

    Speaking of which, am I the only one peeved that none of the other ponies like Double Diamond, Night Glider, etc. don’t get much focus but Sugar and esp. Starlight has more?

    The whole misunderstandings/miscommunications plot is another major annoying peeve/trope I don’t like, hay, I skipped over Big Mac breaking up with Sugar. Not to mention it’s another situation that could be easily solved in few minutes just by talking which has been a recurring issue with the show i.e. Game We Ponies Play, Triple Threat, etc.

    And then there was the CMC with their secret admirer subplot that I didn’t care at all and did nothing for me. It felt more like filler to pad out the plot and just adds onto the misunderstandings.

    Yeah, this one was okay for me.

  6. Non-Complete Causes was this week’s episode.

    Or what I like to call Fall Weather Friends 2.0: The Un-Entertaining Edition.

    This one was painfully unfunny and dull to its core. The writing and humor were very bland and forced and flat esp. with RD’s and AJ’s competitiveness/antics, topped with their characterization taking multiple steps back. Plot is predictably boring too. Also, kudos for almost getting a student drowned you two, just for what’s essentially Employee of the Month. Even at the end, it felt like nothing has been learned with them bickering at the end.

    Not much else to say because of how weak and empty this episode feels.

  7. So this week’s episode is one featuring Starlight Woo…yay…and Sunburst.

    *Yawn… Yeah, this one was weak and barebones. Felt like Parental Glideance in some respects esp. with the parents and I’ll get to that in a minute.

    Much of the jokes fell flat and didn’t hit for me except for some background characters/moments, the parents were pretty stock and one note and annoying with the whole embarrassing dad and strict overprotective mother motif. Probably one of the least interesting parents in the show compared to others. The plot was paint by numbers mostly without much diversion and been done better before. Even the town feels unmemorable and indistinct like you could tell me it was another section of Ponyville and I would believe it. Man, is it bad that I’m starting to miss Equal Town again? And of course, still hadn’t change my mind on Glim glam whatsoever.

    An underwhelming one in my eyes.

  8. This week we get a Celestia centered episode with Horse Play.

    To be frank, the princess aspect of the show like with the CMC has been one of my least favorites.

    So this episode felt somewhat of a mixed bag to be honest for me.

    Everypony esp. the Manes were serviceable and fine, and some jokes hit for me.

    Celestia has some good development here, but the whole not being able to act felt forced and embarrassing to watch after a while. Also, I thought she did better in Royal Problems than here and I probably would have preferred a different setting and situation, maybe something along the lines of the world friendship summit like in the comics.

    The botched play trope/plot is one that I didn’t care much for and being predictable with bad acting to destroyed stages and props and saving it with a quick fix at the end. Probably the most memorable for me was the one in Hey Arnold with Helga’s play. Speaking of plays, I’ve come to realize how much of a trope it is within the series from Hearth’s Warming Eve to Made in Manhattan to For Whom the Sweetie Belle Tolls to Cutie Mark Chronicles (Rarity’s story) and so on (and like to count Hearth’s Warming Carol). Not to say it is bad, but even I do think some had better use of it than this.

    Again, a mixed bag for me.

  9. Spoiler

    Temple of Mars takes a journey to Normal/King Man’s home planet as Finn and Jermaine tries to find Jake who has been gone for five weeks. Starts off with Finn meeting up with Jermaine after going to the store for about a hundred boiled eggs and after realizing how long Jake has been gone in space they search for answers on Mars. They meet up with Normal Man who says he is king and soon after with Betty who is recuperating/rehabilitating from being insane by filling up a large hole grain by grain. The three are lead to a temple with mental trials including killer frogs, a frozen math equation that is messed with, and a white void that leads to a window into Betty’s past where she tries to change it. They eventually find Jake in said void and return to meet Normal Man where Betty tells him about a crazy idea that can save Simon and Margles from Gorb that questions her sanity. The trials reflect the baggage or unresolved issues of the person, for Finn it was Fern due to one of the frogs looking like him and Betty were the crowned frogs, the ice equation, and of course, the past self-interaction. Also, Jermaine complains that the trials didn’t involved him whatsoever until Finn revealed that his bald cut was due to lice infection that has him spooked.

    In Gumbaldia, tensions rise as PB and Uncle Gumbald prepare for war as they gear up gumball guardians and banana guards to giant cake mechs. Finn, showing maturity, wants no war and tries the diplomatic approach as he and Jake travel to Gumbaldia. After a confrontation with Fern, the two talks with Gumbald for peace talks and convince him to stand down. It seemed to go swimmingly after Jake rescues him from falling off a scaffolding and he agrees which leads to a celebratory meal followed by getting dosed by a pink liquid. Said liquid happens to be dum-dum juice after Peppermint Butler regressed into an infantile state. It’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back as PB sound the alarm for war. Meanwhile after Aunt Lolly’s chemical warfare failed, Gumbald creates a Legion of Doom with past antagonists including Ricardio, Scorcher, and others. But I do have a hunch that a certain undead evil might return too if this war gets intense enough like the Mushroom Cloud one.


  10. This week’s the CMC episode…*Sigh…

    Yeah, this one rather bored me.

    Probably the only thing of interest for me was just the setting of the hippogriff and seapony habitats and nothing much else.

    Much of the writing/jokes didn’t work for me. The song was just there to move the plot along, nothing special nor memorable. I got the mere gist of the episodes conclusion just by his introduction and even guessing the whole “Why Not Both?” solution rather quickly. The pacing felt off with almost the first half with finding the map problem and second half dealing with Terra Mar’s conflict with a rushed ending. Also, Terra Mar running off near the end felt unnecessary along with Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle arguing with each other just to hammer in the point.

    I tend to make the conflict feels similar for one who moving from place to place, how hard to it tends to be. And I know a lot of people have made comparisons with divorced parents though the thing is parents can be separated not just divorced even if it is temporary such as parent’s job/occupation and military deportation. But with these cases one parent usually ends up nearly across country or even halfway around the world.

    The problem here? They’re basically next door to each other! A literal stone skip away, lessening the conflict’s impact and didn’t have any sense of grand distance from each other to leave any kind of severe separation anxiety, other than species but they make it easy and no big deal. Sure, I know kids tend to exaggerate or hyperbolize situations but even this feels like its pushing it.

    It’s so-so overall.

  11. This week’s episode is Grannies Gone Wild which sounds like is need of a title change for obvious reference (maybe The Old and The Restless?).

    And this episode was just okay, middle of the road fare and slightly better than the previous two.

    My main draw is the setting of Las Pegasus and its detail including some of the side/background ponies, esp. the Rick and Morty and Breaking Bad reference. Also, the Ghost AJ head was amusing (also someone should edit that ending bit and replace AJ’s face with the Sun Baby from Teletubies), and the old mares were fine. Surprised that there wasn’t a Flim and Flam appearance/cameo other than a gold statue.

    The plot and the jokes were standard underestimating/overprotecting of old people trope so much of the humor felt more miss than hit for me and rather indifferent. RD felt annoying for about half of the episode due to her impatience and over protectiveness esp. with the magician show part that I skipped over a bit.

    All in all, an okay episode.

  12. Even in the midst of controversy, Doug brings out another NC this week with Adam Sandler's Jack and Jill:



    Don't really care what happens to CA's site though if anything just keep the YT channel and have it archived/demonetized so all the content doesn't go to waste esp. much of the older uploaded stuff since I hate to scour the site for the NC eps I like all over again on my random reviewer playlist. 

    There seems to be no saving CA at this point unless either Doug addresses the issue and fires Michael or to even save some face, Doug and crew quit CA altogether and rebuild from the ground up elsewhere, maybe even reboot TGWTG to its old glory with new better management (Or move to Red Letter Media). Because being silent isn't going to help matters.



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