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  1. Another reason why I like human feet because it matches with their human hands.
  2. Is there a way that they could add English voices to the Japanese version like mute the Japanese voices and add English to it? So we understand what there saying.
  3. They should just do an English cover up on the Japanese version so we could understand what there saying and having epic scenes at the same time, because I don't understand Japanese so I like the English dub, I personaly don't care about the voice actors.
  4. Why do people say the japanese version of Sonic X is better than the english version? What is the reason?
  5. Besides AoStH, SatAM, SU, Sonic x, will there be a new one you think?
  6. Me personaly I like realistic feet, because I just think it's wrong for sonic to have feet that look like bedtime slippers.
  7. If you're not a troll, it would be a bloody surprise.

  8. How come Mario gets the nice fanbase but sonic gets the worst? How come Mario gets to do what ever he wants but sonic can't? And how come when Mario has a new super Mario bros game in 3d graphics people don't complain about his 3d model? Oh but if sonic has a classic game in 3d they nitpick over his eye color. This really makes me sad to see my favorite character gets a fanbase like this.
  9. I'd think it makes sense because he's a anthropomorphic hedgehog.
  10. That's true have any toes than no toes. I'd think it be cool if they have sonic with his feet the color of his stomach but having human like feet.
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