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  1. So, what will come out first? The Winds of Winter or The Lara-Su Chronicles?
  2. My theory is that it starts with some sort of epic battle between Sonic and Eggman (similar to the start of Sonic Unleashed) and Sonic's actions somehow trigger a catastrophic event where the "Prime" universe is in trouble unless Sonic visits each of these different parallel universes and does something to bring the prime universe back to normal. Blaze's and Classic Sonic's universes seem like a shoe-in for this, but I would be curious to see what else gets introduced. I imagine Sonic might feel some guilt about what he is done, but along the way with the help of his friends and new characters he meets, he learns more about himself and steers things back in the right direction. I'd be curious to see if it is 24 individual episodes, or if maybe each universe is its own little mini-arc. Also depending on the premise, could this be something that is sustained over multiple seasons (especially if it proves popular) or is this a one-and-done?
  3. Since Sonic is running to the left, I almost take that is he is heading to the past. I wonder if that is meant to be symbolic which way he is going or an easter egg, or I am just reading more into it than I should. Also, Sonic's left hand looks like it has 4 fingers because of the three visible knuckles vs. the four visible ones on his right hand, lol.
  4. Honestly Metal Sonic and Bunnie don't look TOO bad here. Sonic and Knuckles though.... zoinks. It's getting really annoying how Ken keeps pondering or interjecting real-world topics as they unfold into his story because it only confirms that he isn't doing much. Just write the damn story and release this train wreck already.
  5. As a kid, I enjoyed SATAM for what it was and have fond memories of it. Now that I'm older, there are parts of the show that I still like, but it definitely is far from perfect. Just some of the things I like even now: Sonic and the Freedom Fighters didn't always win - especially in the first season. Sure, they were able to foil Robotnik's schemes, but sometimes that came at personal loss. Two examples that come to mind are the mission where Cat was captured (and later roboticized) and also when Uncle Chuck reverted back after helping the Freedom Fighters out. Sonic was able to show some emotion. For example, he actually shed a couple of tears when the Freedom Fighters had to ditch Uncle Chuck after a mission. Yeah, Sonic might try to be all "cool" most of the time, but it also shows how the war affects him on a personal level. Nowadays Sega would shoot down the idea of anything close to Sonic showing any emotion like that because it doesn't jive with the image they want to portray of him. Bunnie Rabbot. Out of all the Freedom Fighter characters created, she was my favorite. I loved the moments where you can tell she has serious conflict/shame/insecurities about her robotic limbs. I wish they would have focused less on Antoine and giving him his own episodes and put more of the focus on Bunnie. The OP theme song/intro. The opening animation/theme song still holds up to this day as the best one out of all the Sonic shows. Helped to keep the Archie series alive. If the Sonic comics in the early days had kept to the slapstick, stand alone stories, I seriously doubt it would have lasted as long as it did. But relying on the SATAM lore to build off of initially when taking the series in a different direction, I believe, helped it evolve and survive. What I don't like: The drop in quality in season 2. I probably could create an essay on this alone, but I feel like season 2 was an overall downgrade compared to season 1 (although S2 did give us Tim Curry, and I can't hate on that...) "Tails". This one is hard for me. In the spirit of what the show was about, you would not expect a 5-year old kid to be heavily involved in a war. I think Tails was aged up to be closer to 10 in season 2 so there was some justification around giving him a bigger role as a Freedom Fighter-in-training. Ben Hurst hinted that Tails would have a bigger role in Season 3, so I always wonder what they would have done with his character. Dulcy. I like the idea of a dragon character, but she was kind of annoying and created supposedly to fulfill a need to have another female lead. I just don't think she added anything of value and actually took away from another female character (Bunnie)... Antoine. I. can. not. stand. this. character. Just so cringe worthy for so many reasons and filled with too many French stereotypes. Why did the Freedom Fighters keep bringing Antoine on missions when he constantly messed things up?? Redesign of most characters in season 2. The one with Rotor especially is such a downgrade. I liked Rotor season 1 - sadly he got pushed to the side big time in season 2 and had such a baffling new look that I don't know what the producers and such were thinking. Sonic's outdated language. It was cool in the early/mid 90's but now it makes me cringe hearing some of his talk - although "way past cool" still makes me smile sometimes.
  6. Well, technically, summer ends on September 22nd with the Fall Equinox, so he might still make it! /s
  7. I think there *could* be something there to explore in the sequel. I felt that in this movie, all of the characters were simply going through the motions and it was hard to feel invested in them. I really hope the potential sequel allows the Sega characters to shine and look into the Sonic/Robotnik dynamic more because it BARELY scratched the surface in the first film.
  8. I always felt that Robotnik/Eggman has been solidly cast over the years with quality (English) VA's....... with the exception of maybe Gary Chalk as Robotnik in Sonic Underground (although that has nothing to do with his voice talents; his voice didn't seem to fit the role of Robotnik to me). If the focus is solely between Deem and Mike, I think Mike delivers a good balance of goofy and serious with Eggman. I've really enjoyed his performances over the years and hope it continues for many years to come. Deem was solid as Eggman as well and his delivery of "You fool! Away! Before I make mincemeat out of you." is one of my all-time favorites.
  9. Who is the toffee-colored echidna-looking thing next to the Anthony Mackie-clone? I don't recall ever seeing artwork of him before. And what is Ken's obsession with people having eye implants of some kind?
  10. And I think that is a big reason why it doesn't feel like a Sonic movie to me because....
  11. Saw the movie tonight as well. It wasn't as terrible as it could have been. But it didn't feel like a Sonic movie to me. The ending credits was probably my favorite part. 😅 I'm curious to see what they will do with a sequel because you know it is happening. I'm surprised they haven't announced it already TBH. I don't see this movie reaching 1 billion worldwide, but I could be wrong. In a way I want to be proven wrong because what a mind-blown moment that will be. 🤯 Sonic the freaking hedgehog is more successful as a movie star than in a video game.
  12. Something that has bugged me for years in the Archie Sonic comic - at the end of issue 125 - who is the person that is peering in Sally's room? We only see a gloved hand. I was thinking either Geoffrey or Elias but wasn't sure.
  13. As others have said, this trailer looks better and Sonic's design is 1000x improved. It didn't look polished in some scenes, but I hope there is still time to tweak. The thing that really gets me is seeing Green Hill Zone. It just makes me yearn more for a movie actually set in Sonic's world. The movie leads me to believe that there are two Green Hills, two Hill Tops, etc. - one in each dimension. But the Green Hill in Sonic's world looks nothing like the Green Hill on Earth. 🤯
  14. I always thought that the Sonic OVA characterization of Tails was the most spot-on for how I envisioned him. He is good with tech, but it doesn't solely define the character. He is right there with Sonic when they head to Robotropolis/Eggmanland and explore the city. He jokes/mimics/looks up to Sonic as that little brother figure, and sometimes even annoys Sonic with his antics, but he can hold his own when he needs to and helps out in the fight. Sometimes Sonic helps Tails when he is in danger, sometimes it is Tails coming in to help Sonic. But his knack for technology/hacking is shown when the situation arises. It drives the plot forward in a meaningful way rather than become the deus ex machina as is often the case in the current storylines, or sometimes it serves zero purpose and makes Tails as a whole feel shoe-horned in as a character. It's been shown between Unleashed, Colors, Lost World and Forces that Tails will cower in fear or remove himself from the action when faced with an adversary. Talk about a downgrade for a character that has his roots following Sonic wanting to be brave and the hero just like him and even has proven to take down Robotnik/Eggman on his own a few times. Now he isn't even seen as someone worth bothering with because he simply hangs out on the sidelines, hiding usually, with his piece of random tech. What a sad and unfortunate downgrade for this character. But, yeah, at least Sonic Mania was a breath of fresh air.
  15. Hey, I had edited mine to add fourth song choice from Sonic 4 Ep 2. I also changed the remix, but if that is already taken, you can keep the original you have posted. Gracias.
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