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    video games, makeing ppl happy anyway it can be done, movies, city, anime and yes of all Sonic The Hedgehog and ask me anything else as well!!!!!!!
    I like alot of Music.
    Favorite TV Shows:Sonic X, Sonic the Hedgehog(SatAM), the Andy show on mtv2, PIMP MY RIDE, ICONS, G4TECHTV SHOWS SMACK DOWN, AND RAW, YOU CANT DO THAT ON TV, G froce, Vatron, Are you afriad of the Dark, X-play Attack of the show, Heros, Ruouni Kenshin, BatMan and many more ask me !!!!
    Favorite Movies:FRIDAY NO NOT JASON, BATMAN ALL, LORD OF THE RINGS ALL, STAR WARS ALL, THE WIZ, BAD BOYS 1 AND 2, INDEPENDENCE DAY, THE MATRIX ALL, RESIDENT EVIL 1 AND 2, 4 Brothers, Moral Kombat 1-2 Rocky 1-6, Godzilla, Afro Samurai berry's The last Dragon Cradle to the grave and many more wow
    But over all iam a very big Sonic The Hedgehog Fan i like the Games,Cartoons and Comics
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    United States
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    Suffern NY
  1. Happy birthday! Whoa and a fellow Rockland County person. :o I had no idea another person from Rockland County would be on this site.

  2. Heya. Welcome. =3

    Enjoy your stay. Moderators are here to help you if you have any questions or need any assistance.

  3. PhantasmOfDarkness

    Super Sonic Fully Playable

    its about time ive been waiting for this day since Sonic 3 and Kunx

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