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  1. Setting up Steam on my new Macbook Pro. Kind of sad to see people that haven't logged in years. Haven't really gamed much either myself :(

    1. Jetronic


      I hear ya on that, I haven't done much on steam lately...not even steam sales.

  2. SEGA recently re-released Sonic 4 Episode 2 under the SEGA ages program. Similar to the mobile version of Sonic CD, it is ad supported now instead of free. Apparently the Android version looks updated to a friend of mine. iOS I haven't really checked it out myself because I can't restore my paid benefits. Lots of negative reviews are citing the same issue, so I'm not sure if you guys have the same issue. If anyone is able to make a comparison between the two, especially if there are supposed performance/graphics boosts with this version, I think that'd be cool to watch.
  3. Your comment is an old response but for whatever reason, the forum directly took me to it. This isn't a glitch and is a natural limitation of the Switch OS. The system allocates more resources to games which means if you multitask, the home screen gets resources taken away. I've seen the eShop for example become a laggy mess if I briefly use the home menu to check for DLC.
  4. I feel like I never have free time anymore.

    1. MegasonicZX


      How come? 

      (Also, good to see you dude, its been a while.)

    2. Teoskaven


      Hey Auto, where have you been?

    3. Autosaver


      I'm a senior in college and have been quite busy. I'm taking some of the most challenging classes in my life which have been very time consuming. On top of that, I am running a club, working in a research lab, and an intern at a clinic. I also have other life priorities I've been focusing on.

    4. Teoskaven


      I see. Be strong then, we'll always wait you here.

    5. MegasonicZX


      Sounds like you got a lot of work on your plate. Even still, you'll come out stronger on the other side of it all once you finish so even though it's busy right now, I can guarantee it'll be a good feeling once it's over so keep trucking on man.

  5. I'd actually argue it started in Unleashed. You're literally introduced to Tails unable to defend himself, and started the whole "Tails is too weak/scared to fight".
  6. Kind of sad too. The game had a ton of high quality CGI. The graphics are still better than anything put out and that game came out nearly 10 years ago.
  7. Anyone having trouble closing out of ads on the iPhone X? It seems like there's no "X" button to go back to the game.
  8. You know, there is a huge emphasis on those lassos the avatar uses to jump from one point to another. It really does reek of Sonic Boom's enerbeam gameplay.
  9. I thought it was confirmed awhile back that the writers simply get the cutscenes with moving mouths, and that they put in a script to somewhat match what is going on. I don't think we'll ever get phenomenal writing with the way the development works now, but Colors/LW/Gens have improved from previous games.
  10. The game honestly doesn't look terrible. SEGA did a horrible job when it comes to PR by constantly showing us the worst stages in the game. SEGA shouldn't have hyped up bringing back Shadow, Chaos, Metal Sonic, and Zavoc either as they threw it all away and purposely mislead people. The story is kind of shit, but that isn't anything new. From people that played the game, they're saying its something in between Lost World and Colors.
  11. Every time I go through this thread my head hurts.
  12. I swear everyone had this theory originally and then SEGA stepped in to deny the theories. Seems like they purposely tried to mislead people.
  13. On Youtube, someone mentioned that Hardlight (Sonic Dash) is helping develop Sonic Forces. Some stuff makes sense if that is true.
  14. So is it pretty much confirmed at this point all Modern levels will be extremely linear? Seems like Avatar is platforming, Modern is racing, and Classic is classic.
  15. It's only about $30 with GCU at Best Buy, and this includes the preorder bonuses. I may wait for a sale but it's not that insulting of a price to me.
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