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  1. I think the problem a lot of us had is that we were worried that SEGA was going to bank on Sonic Generations and churn out a sequel. While being said not a sequel, it definitely has a very strong connection to the point it could be a successor to the nostalgia throwback. The nostalgia throwback is fine for one game, but reusing it again in the next big game is incredibly lazy. Sonic Team has so much to work with. It's lazy and uninspired to me to see SEGA reuse Classic Sonic crossover. Sonic Generations did that job and Sonic Mania continues it. It doesn't have to be Sonic Adventure 3, but please stop making his friends completely useless and have them fill in the gameplay gaps. I don't want to see Wisps or Classic Sonic anymore completely overshadowing the rest of the cast.
  2. I can't wait for the edgy Sonic's death scene where he dies again for the 3rd time within the past 10 years.
  3. What game is that? Never heard of it.
  4. I feel like this game will run on anything with how optimized the engine is.
  5. afaik the Amazon Underground version has unlimited microtransactions for free. So if you have an Android device or Kindle that version would be the best.
  6. If you download the Amazon Underground app and collect 2,500 boxes you get a free $10 gift card.
  7. What an honor it is to have your name in that lmfao
  8. Kamiya was right. lmfao
  9. tbh a sonic anime could be good if it's a crossover with the best anime ever, corey in the house

  10. Snip. You probably shouldn't leave a paper trail of piracy. I edited out your post in the quote but you don't want that biting you in the future or the owners of the forum.
  11. Those special effects are expensive man.
  12. If you're serious on giving your code away I'll take it lmao. I've lived through Sonic Boom I can live through this. Edit: Actually, I can't live through this. Don't even bother sending me a code.
  13. I know some people are suggesting Sonic Generations but that is one of the last games I would play. Half the value of the game is seeing everything you've played beautifully remade in HD. If you haven't played the games before, you'd be wondering what exactly is going on and what the context is for each level, rival, and boss fight.
  14. The fact that Sonic Boom might have better overall performance than Mighty No.9 is completely shocking.

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      So, they took all this time and fan money to make a shit game. GG, Inafune. GG.

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  15. Users on Reddit have early copies of the Wii U version. They're citing 45 second load times every death, horrible performance issues, and the game freezing the console every so often forcing a hard reset of the console.