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  1. Diz

    Gratulerar me' dagen!

  2. On the subject of Vinyl's eyes. I'm gonna go with them being placeholders. Chances are she's not going to be removing her glasses. I'm sure the studio would go for the red eyes shoutout should she happen to take them off.
  3. I've done the standard "Report Deviation" and I assume what you described is something entirely else. What I don't know is exactly how to go about doing that. The abuse report, I mean. It does suck. Anyway, I'm not mad or anything. The whole story is actually quite funny. Some of the comments are quite amusing.
  4. Huh. Some guy uploads a vector I made, having modified it slightly, I'm talking scaling up and stretching sideways, and deviantArt won't take it down despite numerous reports from different folks. Any magicians here who know what to do in this situation?
  5. Great episode amazing episode altogether. Lots of hilarious moments, and a Derpy to top it off. My day has been made.
  6. The money just keeps bouncing off of my screen when I throw it.
  7. The chart: Yeah, sort of accurate. But I wouldn't have guessed Fluttershy. It seems a bit... too shy and weak.
  8. There is a Google Docs page I used to download all the episodes in 720p. It's also got them in 1080p. What I did was copy the links and paste them into JDownloader. Doesn't matter how much extra text you copy, it singles out the links so you won't have to copy-paste every single one individually.
  9. My little sister just got a brand new laptop for school. I was assigned the task of installing crucial programs. Everything is now Pinkie Pie themed. Everything. No mercy.
  10. It's quite possible the blue bar building up below the yellow health bar is intended for exactly that. Edit: only present during the first clip of the video.
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