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  1. Happy Vaginal Exit Day!

  2. K, so I've been largely a watcher on these forums for a while because I rarely end up getting what I would like out of the sonic fanbase and its corresponding forums. However, this post made me re-sign in and comment...... I just...I just need to clarify here. Are we talking about act 3's for all games, or are we talking about act 3's for some games and boss stages for others and how some games had act 3's that were boss stages and other stages had whole separate act 3's and then a separate boss stage...?? Because HOLY SHIT for all that sonic 4 did wrong, it did not fuck this part up. It had not 1, not 2, but 3 WHOLE FUCKING STAGES, and then a COMPLETELY SEPARATE BOSS STAGE!!!!! So no shit are you going to just walk to the right and fight a boss IN A BOSS STAGE!!!! Why would a boss stage be anything other than, "oh hey hey heeeeeyyyy, walk to the right, and here's the boss??" Sure, Sonic 1 may have had act 3's just as long as acts 1 and 2, and there was even a boss at the end. But you have to recognize that sonic 4 did it differently: they gave you 3 individual acts, PLUS THE BOSS STAGE. K thanks, I think I've had enough to drink tonight and I got my rant out. Now watch this fanbase ignore logic like usual and keep on keeping on.
  3. It is most dramatic in the air, but it happens noticeably on the ground too. give it a try: get up to full speed, and let go of the thumbstick and see what happens
  4. I am very hopeful for some physics changes given how SG3DS looks right now. However, it also wouldn't surprise me if we didn't see physics changes. I'm simply hopeful.
  5. I certainly won't deny that it's short. And yes, it's simple, but isn't platforming at its heart incredibly simple? I mean what kind of complex platforming are you looking for in a Sonic game? And on that note, what inherently makes certain platforming to be "Sonicy?" Because I can think of several several several examples from the beloved Genesis games of very simple platforming, lots of which even have Sonic not using momentum or speed at all, but simply jumping from a platform to the next.
  6. the topic is just goofy people, it's not SUPPOSED to relate to anything and I don't get the recent trend in the last few days on topics about how Sonic should incorporate parkour. when I think parkour, I think the famous youtube videos, Mirror's Edge, and that opening scene in Casino Royale. While yes, it is incredibly badass, it's not at all Sonic. Parkour folks use obstacles to do sweet muthafuckin' things, and sure, they can jump off of tall jumps, and they can wall jump and what not, but it ain't even CLOSE to looking like a Sonic similarity. So I'm all about not having parkour in a Sonic game, i just don't get it. K, so I usually find myself disagreeing with Diogenes, but he pretty much sums it up here. Genesis games did indeed do what you are asking about. And by the way, since when did this fanbase inherently call it "cheating" to switch to a 2D perspective???!!?@?#$!@#?$!??????!#?@$@#%? Cuz I always thought people loved this aspect and considered it to be one of the aspects that made daytime unleashed gameplay and subsequently colors gameplay to be pretty awesome. sooooo yeah, this makes me want to rant about this fucked up fanbase. When a new Sonic game comes out, people really like it. Then over the years, the fanbase complains about it more than they praise it. examples? Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, Sonic Advance 2 and 3, Sonic Rush and Rush Adventure, Sonic Heroes, Sonic Colors, and probably more. All of these games are complained about now more than they are praised, but when they came out, I remember people really liking them. so what the flying fuck??
  7. Sonic 4 ep 2 basically confirmed for 2012, we just don't know when I would LOVE to see a SA2 port Outside of that, I don't expect much from Sonic next year, seeing as these last 2 have been pretty big for him. Although, next year he does reach the legal US drinking age, so that should mean some sort of celebrations are in order, right?
  8. Yeah, that has to be it....SEGA makes plotline plans based entirely on the wear and tear of a character's shoes.....
  9. true. but this isn't sonic 2 we're playing come November, and I really doubt we'll just pop up inside the thing.
  10. I like Eggman on most accounts these days, and I grew up with SatAM, Archie, and every other American incarnation of these characters. I will support that Robotnik is his real name or what not, but frankly, he goes by Eggman. He calls himself it, everybody calls him it, that's what he goes by. AND I think "Eggman" suits his demeanor a lot more than Robotnik. Because, outside of SatAM, Fleetway, and earlier Archie continuities, Eggman was always pretty goofy and ridiculous, but still wanted to take over the world. On that note, I really like the direction Archie has taken the character. Ever since his "mental breakdown," he has not only been an evil schemer, but the craziness that they write into him gives him this completely creepy factor that he didn't have before, and it makes his goofiness creepy as well. We see an insane genius doing evil things and just grinning ear to ear while doing it. It's very Joker like, and I absolutely love it. I do think Eggman in the games should have a BIT more evil-ness or craziness about him, just for that added level of "yes, I really am dealing with a dangerous villain here." But I doubt that will happen.
  11. k, so in the same vein that everybody is pumped to see Perfect Chaos in beautiful hedgehog engine graphics, or even better, in CG, is anybody else as excited as I am to see the Death Egg?? The Death Egg is my favorite of Eggy's weapons of mass destruction, I cannot wait to see it rendered in this game!
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