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  1. In the official artwork, yes, but not in the in-game sprites: http://www.spriters-resource.com/resources/sheets/7/7098.gif (and this really doesn't matter one bit because everything I said was 100% bullshit anyway, that's why it's headcanon and not canon)
  2. My personal headcanons: * There are multiple sets of Chaos Emeralds. This explains why they look different between Sonic 1/2/3. There's the South Island set of six, the West Side Island set of seven, the Angel Island set of seven, the Gaia Shrines set from Unleashed, and a bunch more sets... It also explains why Sonic hasn't been able to go Hyper since S3&K, since only the Angel Island Chaos Emeralds can become Super Emeralds. * Sonic 4 was just a dream that Sonic had * all anthropomorphic animals are born with black irises and start to gain color at a certain age, depending on species. This is why Cream's eyes in Sonic Advance 2 are just pure-black, she gained eye color by Sonic Heroes. Sonic and Amy gained them around age 11, and he was 11 during the events of Sonic 1/2/3&K/Generations(Classic) which is why he still had black eyes, and Tails was 4 years old during Sonic 2/3&K/Generations(Classic) and gained his blue eyes around age 7-8. By the events of Sonic Adventure, everyone had gained their full eye-color (except Cream). * Dr. Eggman participated in a weight-loss program after the events of S3&K and before the events of Sonic Adventure, but he gave up at some point when he saw that he was now shaped like an egg rather than a sphere, which is what he wanted. He then bought new clothes to celebrate his weight loss. This is also why he stopped going by Dr. Robotnik and now goes by Dr. Eggman. After the events of Shadow the Hedgehog, he decided to embark on the weight loss program again while studying the Flames of Disaster... But then the timeline was reset and he didn't embark on the weight loss program a second time which is why he retains his Adventure design in Unleashed. * There are multiple Emerald shrines on Angel Island, which is why the one in Hidden Palace Zone in S3&K looks nothing like the one from Sonic Adventure. Every time Knuckles appears in a Sonic game without explaining who's guarding the Master Emerald, Knuckles simply has it secured in a hidden shrine that no one else will find.
  3. On the topic of the characterization of everyone, while the tone of games like Shadow and 06 were hilariously bad, I think the tone of Colors and Lost World were just as bad, but on a different spectrum. Sonic's not supposed to be edgy, but he's not supposed to be a dork either. Ideally I want them to go back to the tone that Adventure 1 had, with it being relatively lighthearted but still able to take seriously, with none of that ShTH/06 edginess and none of that Colors/Lost World dorkiness. But more importantly I just want to see Sonic interact with characters other than Tails again...
  4. I'd hate to see this topic die thanks to recent forum-wide events. So I'll do my best to get us back to speed on the time we lost, and to provide some foundation for discussion: * Guardians of the Galaxy came out in August. It was awesome * first Age of Ultron trailer came out in October * Agents of SHIELD introduces Inhumans to the MCU * In November they announced a shitton of MCU movies (list later in this post) * Agent Carter miniseries aired during January & February 2015 * Marvel Studios & Sony Pictures worked out a deal, Spider-Man will be joining the MCU in the coming years. Sony's "Amazing Spider-Man" movie series is cancelled. * Agents of SHIELD returned after a break last week * the final Age of Ultron trailer came out last week, looks epic * Daredevil (Netflix original) trailer came out a couple days ago, all episodes will be released on Netflix on April 10th, 2015 Now to remind us of the upcoming films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: May 1, 2015 - Avengers: Age of Ultron July 17, 2015 - Ant-Man May 6, 2016 - Captain America: Civil War Nov 4, 2016 - Doctor Strange May 5, 2017 - Guardians of the Galaxy 2 July 28, 2017 - untitled Spider-Man movie set in the MCU Nov 3, 2017 - Thor: Ragnarok May 4, 2018 - Avengers: Infinity War - Part 1 July 6, 2018 - Black Panther Nov 2, 2018 - Captain Marvel May 3, 2019 - Avengers: Infinity War - Part 2 July 12, 2019 - Inhumans Confirmed cast members for the aforementioned movies, only mentioning important and/or recurring characters: (I might have missed some) And for your convenience, here's the latest Daredevil trailer: And here's the latest Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer:
  5. He's done a bit more Trainer art than you'd think. I'll just break it down by game: HG/SS: -Sugimori drew everything except Team Rocket Grunts, Proton, Petrel, Ariana, and Archer -someone else drew Team Rocket Grunts, Proton, Petrel, Ariana, and Archer, but I don't know who B/W: -Sugimori drew Hilbert, Hilda, and N, and Ghetsis -Ohmura drew Cheren, Bianca, Gym Leaders, Elite Four, and Team Plasma Grunts (basically everyone else) B2/W2: -Ohmura drew everything. Even the new artwork of characters that Sugimori did in B/W. X/Y: -Sugimori drew Calem, Serena, Shauna, Tierno, Trevor, Team Flare Grunts, Aliana, Bryony, Celosia, Mable, Xerosic, and Lysandre -Ohmura drew everything that appears in-game as 2D art in-battle (Trainers, Gym Leaders, Emma, etc.) As we all know, while Sugimori no longer designs all of the Pokémon, but he still draws all of the final artwork. Interesting to note: In X/Y, every character that uses a 3D model in-battle had their official artwork drawn by Sugimori. Only Ohmura's artwork appears in-game. As for OR/AS, I can tell just by looking at the way Brendan and May are shaded that Sugimori definitely drew them. I'm willing to bet that Ohmura drew Steven, Team Magma, and Team Aqua. The shading on Steven's artwork doesn't look very Sugimori-esque, and I wouldn't be surprised if they're just doing what X/Y did: if Ohmura drew it, then it will be used in-game. If Sugimori drew it, then it will not be used in-game, and a 3D model will be used for that character in-battle.
  6. After seeing numerous memes on iFunny that I never understood fully for not having seen these films, a few weeks ago I decided that it's time I get into these, and now I'm hooked. I have now seen Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, Avengers, Iron Man 3, and Thor: The Dark World. (I rented Iron Man on iTunes, rented Iron Man 2 on Youtube in shit quality, rented Thor on Youtube in shit quality, rented CA: TFA on Youtube in shit quality, and watched Avengers on Netflix, bought the Blu-Rays for Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World. Eventually planning on getting the blu rays for all of them). I did my research of course, and I skipped out on The Incredible Hulk film as you don't really have to watch it to understand the Avengers. And yes, I watched the credits scenes too lol I will be seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier either this weekend or next weekend, and I'm pretty excited for it. I'm also excited for Guardians of the Galaxy, and I noticed that the guy that was in the Thor: Dark World credits scene appears in the GoG trailer. I'm a newbie to the MCU but right now I'm just awestruck at how they've handled it so far and how everything fits together. My favorite film so far has to be a tie between Iron Man 1, the Avengers, and Thor: The Dark World. I find it strange that Thor: The Dark World has the most negative critical reception out of all the MCU films; it is clearly a better film than Iron Man 2 and Thor 1 (in my opinion, of course). Also I'm wondering how they're gonna pull the Ant Man film together, since it's supposedly supposed to be released in July 2015 (that's basically just a year from now), and they haven't even begun filming yet thanks to the director switch.
  7. Saw the film yesterday. It was pretty good, but not totally outstanding. Here's my thoughts on it: Also the trailers are terrible and are very misleading. The lines "We have you on video surveillance", "NOTHING is what I thought it was", "We can change EVERYTHING", are NOT in the film AT ALL. The trailer makes it look like Electro, Green Goblin, and Rhino are there to fuck shit up, while in the actual film it was just Electro and Green Goblin, with Rhino not even in the story at all (but shoehorned in with no plot relevance).
  8. Weird you say that considering your username. If you take a look at Walt Disney Animation Studios films (what we refer to as "Disney movies"), only about half of them are actually musicals, and every single WDAS movie from the 1970's and 1980's (before Oliver & Company) was not a musical. WDAS making a non-musical film is nothing out of the ordinary.
  9. Not necessarily related to this movie alone, but I wonder when people are going to stop thinking "Oh it's CGI so it must be Pixar". It really grinds my ears when people think Tangled, Wreck-It Ralph, and Frozen are Pixar films just because they're CGI, when in actuality Pixar had absolutely nothing to do with those movies. I mean, yeah maybe that assumption would have been a bit less ignorant in 2005 when Disney made their first CGI-only film, but really, at this point I can't help but think people should be able to differentiate Disney movies and Pixar movies by now. I mean, seriously, you'll know if it's Pixar if it actually has the Pixar intro, while Tangled, Wreck-It Ralph, Frozen (as well as Disney's other less-famous CGI movies from 2005-2008) clearly have the Walt Disney Animation Studios intro that every freaking WDAS movie has! Anyhow, around last year my lost interest in Disney was revived when I decided to get The Lion King on blu-ray, and after I saw Frozen in theatres, I can say that now I have a huge interest in Disney movies just because of their overall charm, and have been making an effort to see a lot of the well-received ones that I haven't seen. I have yet to see Wreck-It Ralph, but I was impressed by Frozen and watched Tangled after finding out that Frozen is the "spiritual successor" to Tangled (musical, fairy-tale based film), and enjoyed that too (and then later got Beauty and the Beast on blu-ray, and watched Hunchback of Notre Dame on Netflix), I will say that I'm looking forward to Big Hero 6 (even though I know nothing about the comic it's based from). One film I'm looking forward the most however, is Disney's upcoming film Moana, set for release in 2018. It's Disney's next musical, and Disney's musicals are the ones I seemingly enjoy the most. (I really hope that by then, Disney will drop their recent tradition of naming their musical films with adjectives, as even though I loved Frozen, I think the title is pretty bland. "The Snow Queen" would have sounded so much more empowering and majestic)
  10. I'm disappointed with this because I use the online features of the Generation V Pokémon games frequently (even after X/Y), particularly random matchup and GTS negotiations (the latter is an amusing feature that didn't make it to X/Y). Since Black/White and Black 2/White 2 are DSi titles, they support WPA connection, so you can connect them online on your modern protected internet connection using your DSi or 3DS. Because of that, there's still lots of people playing online for 5th Generation Pokemon games (not 4th Generation because those only support WEP). I could easily go back to Gen V even after playing X/Y, it doesn't feel outdated at all. X/Y isn't such a huge leap from B2/W2 (on the contrary, B/W's battle system made Gen IV feel extremely outdated and I have not touched any of them since B/W first came out). It sucks because using random matchup on B2/W2 also gets you a free visitor in your Join Avenue, and there were times when I did online battles so much that I had 20+ visitors in my Join Avenue one day. I'm sad to hear that this is all going to go, since there's still a huge amount of people playing the Generation V Pokémon games, not to mention PokéBank is encouraging X/Y newcomers to try out these past titles as well that they could play on the same 3DS that they played X/Y with, and the benefit of B/W and B2/W2 being DSi titles means they don't have to worry about switching their internet connection to WEP that plagues many DS (not DSi) titles. Can you imagine the uproar that would occur if Sony announced that they're dropping online support for the PS3? Or if Microsoft did the same for Xbox 360? That's another reason, I mean, the Wii came out at the same time as the PS3. Granted, the Wii's online infrastructure is utter shit compared to the PS3 and 360, but still...
  11. Is it confirmed anywhere if Riley is related to Marlene? Just curious The game really isn't that long, it's completable in 2-3 sittings. I could easily see it being a 2 hour movie, in fact when I played through it, I honestly thought it would do better as a movie rather than a game.
  12. Can we change this into a general Pokémon topic? I'm a huge fan of the Pokémon games, but I don't watch the TV show at all nor do I have any interest in watching it again.
  13. He was already skinny by the last season of the show. IIRC, in Season 3 he looked a bit thinner than Seasons 1 & 2, and in Season 4 he was A LOT thinner, and even though the whole concept of the show was kinda ruined (Drake and Josh being huge contrasts, even visibly), it worked still...somehow.
  14. iPhone 5C, 32 gigabytes, bought with my own money. It's pretty awesome, it's fast and it does what it needs to. I can put so much music on there compared to my old phone, it's pretty awesome. I put all four Taylor Swift albums on it, so feel free to judge me
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