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  1. It's mostly just people coming up with their own jokes suggestions for Pikachu's voice after hearing the deep Japanese one. Had it not been deep in Japanese, people wouldn't be asking for Danny DeVito. I think it's funny as a joke, but people making a petition to actually have it happen might be pushing it too far. I don't know, maybe he could actually do a good job, it would certainly be interesting.
  2. Has anyone else here been playing The Division beta today?

  3. Finally caught up on Gravity Falls right before the final episode and I can wait the next two weeks with everyone else.

  4. What's your least favorite kind of special stage?

    1. Indigo Rush
    2. Forte-Metallix


      Ones with motion controls. 

      You all know which one I'm talking about.

    3. FriendBot


      HEY! I loved LW3DS's special stages!

    4. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      I'm joking, btw.

      This is my least:



    5. Gregzilla


      Half pipe, mainly Sonic 2

    6. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      It's amazing how different the two are despite coming from the same "game" and being halfpipes.

      In regards to 3D Blast anyway


    7. MegasonicZX


      Sonic 1's is pretty much the only one that I can't stand even with sonic 2's stupidly cheap spike placements.

    8. Speeps


      Half pipe ones. I hate them so much due to how they rely on you having a high ring count from previous segments. :(

    9. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      By the by, I do think the halfpipe/autorun style is the definitive style for Sonic with it's sense of speed, but it bugs me that they're never as good as they could be. They're almost always reduced to sequential memory and trial and error. There's gotta be a way to massively improve on them. 

    10. TCB



    11. FriendBot
  5. What's your favorite figure/toy/plush of a Sonic character?

    1. Nepenthe


      I love my little Werehog plush. Even took him with me to a convention in Pittsburgh. x3

    2. Kiah


      I have a Sonic plushie backpack. I liked it so much I bought 3 of them :P 

      One of them came right with me to New York for Sonic Boom 2014 ^_^

  6. SEGA is still making money from their classic games, whether it be from Steam or even the mobile version. They're still losing a profit if they end up making them free instead. I mean, there's always going to be people emulating the games anyways, but might as well get every bit of profit that you can.
  7. I like this. It looks really interesting and even hilarious. I'm anxious to see more with any gameplay we get from the Japanese release. Will it be like a Phoenix Wright/Professor Layton kind of deal? I wonder.
  8. Is there any chronological order to Sonic Boom? Across the show, games, and comics.

    1. Forte-Metallix


      Rise of Lyric and Shattered Crystal are supposed to be prequels to the shows and comics, but they contradict each other. (Each game has Sonic and the gang acting like they're meeting Lyric for the first time)

      Aside from that, continuity doesn't really matter. The shows and comics tell self-contained stories, so watch/read them in any order.

    2. JezMM


      The show is definitely intended to be watched in the order that the episodes aired, or at least seemingly so.  Several running gags grow as the series goes on, and there's a fair few recurring characters that are given major screentime and attention in their first appearance, then later appearances seem to assume you already know who they are (The Lightning Bolt society being a particularly major example).

      The TV show VERY RARELY references lore first introduced in the games, I'm talking like, once or twice in the whole series, but not in any way that will at all affect your enjoyment of the story at hand.  The show contradicts the games far more often than it does match up to them anyway.

      Jokes and characters are the only things affected by continuity though.  Storylines never continue from one episode to the next at any point.  So penalties for not watching in order are simply inconvenient at best.

      the worst* not best, lol.

    3. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      There was a prequel comic done by Archie that was included in Shattered Crystal's story that gave a different backstory to Lyric, how Shadow got brainwashed and how Amy got to where she confronts Lyric in the intro of the game.

      Other than that not really.

      Shattered Crystal does have alot of the show funny nature though. at least to me it does. it also shows Sonic's hut and Tails workshop along with Amy's house.

  9. I played this game back when it came out, but unfortunately lost my progress somewhere along the way. I kind of liked it though and I want to play something to scratch the Sonic game itch and celebrate the 25th anniversary. I did just about everything I cared about in Sonic Dash and I'm not a big fan of Sonic Dash 2, so I might start over on this instead.
  10. I've been playing through Grim Fandango since it came out for PS+ members this month and it's a game I've really been meaning to play anyways. Loving the characters, story, and writing. I'm even trying to get all the achievements, but there's one achievement to play through the entire game with tank controls, which I did not turn on at first, so I'm going to be one trophy away from platinum, ah well. Took a break from it to catch up on Gravity Falls before next month, but I'll jump right back into Grim Fandango as soon as I'm where I need to be.
  11. krazystitch

    Star Wars

    Looks that way, but I agree with you. I'm glad that we have Rogue One to tie us over in the meantime. Not to mention I've been going through The Clone Wars lately and I'm on season 4, it's nice to know that I have Rebels to look forward to after that as well.
  12. What's a good issue to jump into the Archie Sonic comics with? I saw that the series got kind of a reboot with issue 252, but is it best to start there? I would hate to miss any awesome story arcs or the Mega Man crossover.

    1. Forte-Metallix


      Start with 248 if you want to read Worlds Collide (But you'll also need certain issues of Mega Man and Sonic Universe to get the full story).

      The reboot does a good job of filling you in on past events. Just know that, as of 252, all of Sonic's video game adventures have already happened in one way or another. (Except Unleashed, Fighters, Chronicles, and Lost World)

    2. krazystitch


      @Forte-Metallix Huh, I remember a while back when the best starting point was #160 since it was the first one with Ian Flynn. I tried going from there, but ended up just stopping along the way for some reason and didn't pick it back up. Thanks for the input! I might start from 248 just so I can go through the crossover and enjoy the new stuff too.

    3. Forte-Metallix


      Well, the pre-reboot has some good stories, too. My recommendations:

      -Birthday Bash (160-161)

      -Order From Chaos (168-169)

      -Eggman Empire (175-177)

      -Bold New Moebius (198-197)

      -Storming the Eggdome (198-200)

      -Iron Dominion (201-212)


      As for Sonic Universe, pretty much every issue's a winner. My favorite arcs are Silver Saga, Tails Adventure, Scourge: Lockdown, and Forged in Fire! (#50)



    4. krazystitch


      @Forte-Metallix I think I may have gotten all the way to Eggman Empire before, but I'll go ahead and read those story arcs too, thanks! For Sonic Universe, do I need to read that in between any main issues, or is it its own side comic thing that I can read from #1 to the latest?

      @Forte-Metallix Actually, no, I remember reading Iron Dominion. I got further in than I remember..huh. Never made it to Genesis though, so I stopped somewhere between there.

    5. Forte-Metallix


      Sonic Universe tells standalone stories that have little impact on StH.

      Only major exception is Journey to the East, which takes place between 209 and 210

    6. krazystitch


      @Forte-Metallix Yup, I remember that story arc as well! Okay, this was very helpful, I have a good point of where to go from here. Many thanks again.

  13. Lives really shouldn't be a thing in Sonic anymore. We get so many of them at this point, that the number hardly matters. I never find myself worrying about running out of lives because they come across so often and we get so many of them at a time, it's silly and defeats the purpose of them being there in the first place. Besides, the worst you get out of losing all of your lives is having to start that level over again, which usually don't go on for more than just a few minutes, so you don't lose much of anything.
  14. Came back from a one week vacation with my family! Had lots of fun at some amusement parks, visited Disney World and got a cool pin as a souvenir and came back home to plans with friends and upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 news. It's been good :D

    1. Diz


      Nice! Welcome back!

  15. It tries to leave you in suspense for that last sentence. But yeah, even the long ones completely show up and only get a last bit at the end cut off. Got no problem with long statuses, but the function could be a bit better.
  16. Very nice! I have to give props on how you're able to draw hands and feet so well too, I know that definitely isn't easy. Keep it up!
  17. Got a little further in 358/2 Days. I think I'm actually enjoying it now. Had a slower start up, but it's kind of getting me there, here's hoping I can finish it.

    1. Kaze no Klonoa

      Kaze no Klonoa

      358/2 Days really gets interesting around it's climax. I think that's what most people would say. It begins pretty boring :P

    2. DBZHedgy


      For sure, when you get a little over the halfway mark, things get much more interesting. The missions don't become any less monotonous, but the plot really grabs you and doesn't let go

  18. He pretty much does, though. Poor guy goes through so much stress and countless hours of work and there are still people who try to say that they want more from him, it's ridiculous. He already does so much to try and make everyone happy, I seriously don't blame him for being sensitive to it considering what he does for the people who like his games. In regards to the 3DS version of the game, it did hold back some of the potential that the WiiU version could have had, but I'm actually okay with that. Lots more people seem to have a 3DS than a WiiU and it's awesome to be able to play the game anywhere you go as well as knowing that you're more likely going to be able to play with people who have that version of the game. I think it's a worthwhile trade, more people got to play the game and I think the WiiU still got a very solid amount of content at the end of the day too. Ice Climbers are missing, but we got tons of great stuff in place of it and then some.
  19. This isn't input related to KH3, so I hope you guys don't mind.. I'm trying to play through the series so I can get up to speed before the release of Kingdom Hearts 3. I got the 1.5 HD Remix, replayed the first KH game after so many years and loved it. I got myself to sit through Re:Chain of Memories. I didn't like it too much because of the card system, but I liked the story they gave me from the cutscenes, so I stuck through it. I did a little research of 358/2 Days and found out that fans of the series generally aren't big fans of this one, but people were saying that the movie missed out on a lot of key parts. I decided to cash out some more and bought a copy for the DS and started playing it. I tried playing it a while back and stopped because I lost interest. It got boring to me and I just didn't care. I liked the story, but the gameplay just really isn't enough for me to say I'm having fun. Now I'm trying it again and I'm having the exact same problem around the exact same time. I want some advice or words on what to do here from you all. I already put out the money for the game, should I just suck it up and truck through the game? Is there really that much that the HD movie looks over? Or will I get enough of a gist from the movie that I'll understand everything that's going on and be comfortable? I'd normally be able to go through something like this fine enough, I wasn't crazy about Re;CoM, but I was able to stick through it. I'm just having a lot more trouble with this one. Any thoughts to help me out?
  20. I don't understand the hype behind Bandana Dee either. I think Shovel Knight would be interesting, but I feel like people took the idea of third party characters and want even more of those now. They're cool to see in the game, but I imagine it can only be easier for Nintendo to work with their own characters. But you're definitely right about the moveset thing, ever since the ballot kicked in, people have been coming out with art for movesets for so many characters, it's actually pretty awesome.
  21. Okay fair enough, I have to admit that those are some good points and I can't deny the work put into that post along with the 1,000,000+ views it has along with it. I don't know, maybe I'm just not fond of the character myself. I like DK games and all, but I'd just like the spot being used for someone else. I guess complaints about possible movesets in a Smash Bros game is ridiculous when they manage to give someone like Duck Hunt Dog something to work with.
  22. I get why Classic Sonic could be a big deal here, with a 25th anniversary title and all, but..I have mixed feelings on Generations 2. It would be nice because I loved Generations and getting more of that, maybe with some more polish to it, that would be great and I'm sure I would enjoy it..but it wouldn't exactly satisfy the need for a new, good Sonic title that doesn't have them focusing on the past. I think the fans deserve something fresh, SEGA has shown their dedication to the old titles in more than enough ways already.
  23. It's a little disappointing the Tournament Mode seems to be an online only thing so far. People who play these games still have friends over, it would have been nice to be able to set this up locally like what Brawl ended up having. I don't see why they didn't just end up bringing something like that back, it had pretty much everything a Tournament Mode needed anyways. As for the Mii fighters, I may not be crazy about them, but it is a nice way of them included nods to other series. Lloyd being a playable character maybe was a bit of a long shot, but his Mii costume looks great! I can understand fans being disappointed that they have to resort to premade movesets with a different coat of paint on it, but there's no way they could appeal to everyone. When it comes to King K. Rool, jeez, I honestly have no idea where the fanbase for this guy even came from. He's hardly that major or even interesting in the Donkey Kong universe and have there really ever been that many people who really wanted him in a Smash game before now? I seriously don't get it. Maybe he's more well known than other characters who made it in like Shulk, but it seems completely out no where for this guy to suddenly get so much interest and demand for. I personally don't want him in because I don't care for him and the slot could be used for someone with a more interesting moveset, and as much of a petty reason as this might seem..wow, he's ugly. It would seen jarring compared to other Smash characters. Obviously he's making an affect in the ballots, so we'll see if this Mii costume is really the end of him or not, but I'm kind of hoping it is. We'll see how "fans" of King K. Rool react to this.
  24. I had a SEGA Genesis with some games like Vectorman and Toejam & Earl. Sonic the Hedgehog was one of the games too (Because it came with the console, if I remember correctly) so I played it there and loved it. Ended up getting Sonic Mega Collection for the GameCube and other stuff like that later on that let me play other classic titles.
  25. Google's attempt at a social media had some unfortunate timing. I feel like Facebook is slowly dying and, had they waited a little longer, maybe it would have kicked off better. But they still shouldn't force you to tie it with your YouTube account, so it's good that they're at least getting rid of that.
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