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    MidoChaosHedgehog reacted to Tara in How SonAmy might benefit the series   
    I actually quite like the idea of romance being explored in Sonic and think it could be an interesting exploration of character.
    Just not for ANY of the reasons listed above.
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    MidoChaosHedgehog reacted to Strickerx5 in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Gangsters Paradise is on Page 380)   
    There are plenty of correct ways to state how the series is seen less favorably in the public eye rather than to wrongly pair it with a real disorder.
    Failure to choose your words more carefully in the future will result in harsher actions.
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    MidoChaosHedgehog reacted to SSF1991 in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Gangsters Paradise is on Page 380)   
    I've had low expectations for this movie from the day it was announced. I don't think the movie will do that badly at the box office. I even think it'll rake in a lot of money, regardless of what the critic reception is.
    But I've seen the massive development hell this movie has had. I've seen the tidbits that were shared in interviews and from the team on social media, the details of which felt off. I've seen them explain their vision for the movie, and it felt off. I've seen plot details trickle out, and it felt off. I've seen the trailer blow up in smoke, and the trailer also felt off.
    Forgive me, but after feeling like everything associated wih this movie has been off for so long, then having the trailer come out and confirm my concerns about where this has been going, It's hard for me to believe this "we're listening, we care, we're open to feedback" thing they've been doing for a few months now.
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    MidoChaosHedgehog reacted to Diogenes in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Gangsters Paradise is on Page 380)   
    The fact that they fucked up such a classic character design to such an extent that they've delayed the film to try to fix it kinda nullifies all that passion, though. Also, y'know, none of the rest of the trailer looking very good either.
    Even if we believe there are passionate people putting genuine effort into the movie, that doesn't preclude them still fucking things up. Passion is not synonymous with quality, you can try hard and with good intentions and still fail.
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    MidoChaosHedgehog reacted to Marcello in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Gangsters Paradise is on Page 380)   
    Then what is even the point? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Seriously? This is exactly what this movie is. Do you think people didn't work hard on those other movies?
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    MidoChaosHedgehog reacted to StaticMania in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Gangsters Paradise is on Page 380)   
    This is a mark of quality and viewer assurance.

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    MidoChaosHedgehog reacted to SaturnWolf in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Gangsters Paradise is on Page 380)   
    I again reiterate how "Person attached to the movie insists that the naysayers are wrong" isn't a strong argument.
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    MidoChaosHedgehog reacted to Tracker_TD in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Gangsters Paradise is on Page 380)   
    While that's true, I was under the impression Netflix Castlevania is really well-liked compared to the disaster he's talking about here. So I think he can get away with pointing it out. 
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    MidoChaosHedgehog reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in Sonic Appears in OK K.O.! (Crossover Episode on August 4th)   
    The thing that's tripping me up about this is what the game is defining as "trust" and how it's shown in the narrative. I didn't get the sense that Sonic was un-trusting of Tails or even that it was really even Sonic's call in the first place.
    Eggman comes up to them and explains that he needs to shut down his device. Sonic is resistant to Eggman but eventually allows him to come along. So is Tails.
    There's NO visible issues Tails has with Sonic eventually caving and allowing Eggman to come along in this scene. Tails and Sonic even share a laugh at Eggman's expense when Sonic tells Tails he made a "Good one" when Tails pointed out that Eggman wasn't asking them for their help all that nicely. The scene before that one, Sonic was heaping all the blame for the situation on Eggman, ending it with a, admittedly amusing, scene where he asks "Whoever thinks Eggman is a bone-head, raise their hand" joke.
    Eggman says he doesn't like the idea of teaming up with them any more than they do. Sonic says he's gonna have to take a cold shower when they're done. They all walk away to go do this. Again, Tails says nothing. It looks like the both of them had the same amount of say in this scene. 
    The next scene after that starts with Tails starting a fight with Eggman and demanding an explanation for why he's here. That's when Sonic says they need him to shut off the machine, which, I still maintain is a rational line of thought. That's when Tails accuses Sonic of trusting Eggman more than him. Sonic is understandably confused by that accusation and is about to deny it but Tails cuts him off to just reaffirm what he thinks. It's really ham-fisted.
    Up to that point, I assumed they were both okay with the logic being that Eggman can come along because it's his machine and he would know how to best shut it down. So, now, all of a sudden, Tails is the only one who's not following that line of thought for the sake of this conflict that's literally springing up out of nowhere. It doesn't at all look or feel like Sonic, specifically, was trusting Eggman more than Tails.
    I suppose when you lay out the logic of "Sonic thinks they need Eggman to shutdown the machine therefore he doesn't trust Tails can do it" then I can see the angle of Tails being right about Sonic trusting Eggman more than him.
    It's... a little too flimsy for me but technically you're correct. If that's the line of thought you want to go with, I guess I can't say you're entirely wrong. The execution is so weak and poor that it just doesn't come off that way. I still maintain that's not what Sonic did.  It makes no sense to me when the both of them let him come along and then in the next scene Tails is suddenly mad that he came along.
    Trust is a word that when people hear it, they largely think about it in an emotional sense and not just the pure, hard logic way. That's why it immediately sounds so ridiculous to hear Tails accusing Sonic of trusting Eggman more than him. If they wanted to sell me more on the "trust" issue I feel like the initial scene where Eggman joins them needs to, right out of the gate, have Tails bring up that he can do it and have Sonic more resistant to the idea of letting Tails handle it. Then throw in some early signs of Tails being disgruntled by that. At present it just looks like they were both persuaded by Eggman's reasoning but Tails forgot that they were in the next scene.
    To me that still comes off as the narrative having Tails say "Yeah, you were wrong and I forgive you."
    Also, I suppose one could take the position of the Crab-Meat scene shaking him out of his attitude but I didn't. I wasn't really given a reason to believe that's what happened. I feel like they needed Tails to be more openly apologetic or something to sell that, IF that actually was the angle they were going for.
    He ended up getting (this time justifiably) angry again when the Zeti captured him and then went on to prove how uber-perfect he was, which to me, just went towards completely putting Tails as in the right. I don't see where his character arc is supposed to begin and end. It's initial starting point is built on something that's, at best, extremely flimsy and comes out of nowhere, and the way it plays out, it just feels like they were just reaffirming Tails' attitude as the correct attitude to have.
    He bragged about all that stuff in the beginning and then proved that he was right to have that attitude. The crabmeat scene just feels like another thing that gets brought up and lost within the narrative. If it was supposed to set-up that maybe Tails was acting out and he was wrong for that, they don't follow through with it in a strong and convincing way.
    That's fine. I wasn't contradicting anything about the narrative there. I was just outlining what happens so I could lead in to what my actual issue was.
    And I still maintain he didn't. Tails was being ridiculous. 
    I can see the point of view working if the game sold me on Sonic actually trusting Eggman more than Tails but it didn't. The way its written, it feels way too brittle and sloppy. It comes out of nowhere. Tails was FINE in the last scene. Now I'm supposed to instantly understand why he's suddenly upset? Why is Sonic the one getting the blame for this trust issue when he was just as against teaming up as Tails was? Tails was there. He SAW Sonic badmouthing Eggman, calling him names, and claiming they could do it by themselves.  He said nothing when they both allowed Eggman to come along. 
    Eggman asserts that they need to team up or it'll be the end of the world. Sonic's response is. "Yeah, well, teaming up with you feels like the end of the world Eggman. I'm gonna want to take a cold shower after we're done." And then the three of them just walk off together. There was nothing there to clue me into the fact that the next scene would reasonably be Tails starting a fight with Eggman for no reason and then getting mad at Sonic for this supposed display of trust. 
    I don't have a reason to understand why Tails suddenly feels as strongly as he does. 
    I'm in full support of the ideas being presented but this game just didn't do a good job communicating any of this. 
    This thought came to my mind more than once as well but the problem is that the narrative doesn't really address this as though they're the same issue. The thing Sonic apologizes to Tails for is for "doubting him" which isn't something that I felt was exemplified by him kicking the conch away and doing the attack on the capsule. He was brash and acted too fast. Sonic says "I was too slow" and then it just drops the angle of him acting too fast. If they wanted that to be the lesson he learned, fine, but what exactly does that have to do with any specific issue of trust? That's clearly more of a Sonic thing rather then anything to do with Tails. If it were Amy or Blaze next to him, I'd imagine he'd have done the same thing. He needed to learn a lesson about how it was sometimes okay to slow down. But Sonic says "I was too slow" and then apologizes to Tails about something, that to me, felt like a completely different issue. An issue that I was, and still am, not sold on.
    How am I supposed to get "Speed isn't always the answer" out of a scene where Sonic says "I was too slow"?
    I know that's the the angle I would have taken it but I don't know that's the angle the game is taking it. Especially since it's never brought up again. 
    You completely misunderstood the argument I was actually making and the reason I brought all this stuff up then.
    He's acting like an asshole and then he's proven justified by the narrative.  He IS a bastard who needs to be taken down a peg in this game.  
    My argument isn't that Tails shouldn't show his development. I was using all that as proof that your claim that the narrative portrays Sonic and Tails as both being slightly in the wrong is false. You may have forgotten this because you were reading through a long post and responding to it in chunks but the original part of your post I was responding to said this: "Lost World is a game where everybody is at least a little bit wrong. That Tails was right about being able to handle the machine doesn't mean the game supports him acting the way he did."
    I don't see it with Tails. The narrative is in clear, full support of everything Tails does and says. Everything he does is right and he never apologizes to Sonic for the way he acted. I listed all the things that he does to prove that the narrative is in support of him and it believes him to be in the right. NOT because I hate his development and the character growth from Sonic Adventure.
    I'm definitely a fan of Tails. You can be damn sure of that. 
    This is all according to you though. Again, like I explained above, I'm not given any reason to believe that this is what actually happened. I didn't see any build-up of confidence. It just looked to me that Tails was trying to prove how awesome he was, messed up, then got a chance to prove it again and succeeded. 
    The crabmeat scene I love in a vacuum but in the complete story it feels like it was pointless. I can't hold it against you for seeing it that way. Interpret it how you want but the game, as far as I'm concerned didn't do what you say here.
    And that's fine.
    I'm not even one of Lost World's harshest critics. I always maintain that the individual cutscenes are good. I just hate how they come together to make a whole.
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    MidoChaosHedgehog reacted to Kuzu the Boloedge in Sonic Appears in OK K.O.! (Crossover Episode on August 4th)   
    I feel like we're doing that thing where we cherry pick individual scenes that we liked or didn't like rather than looking at the narrative as a whole package. 
    In a vacuum, I like what Lost World tried to do but that's about it. You cannot judge an entire narrative off one or two scenes that you liked to say that it was good. You judge EVERYTHING, and how it comes together. That's trying to have your cake and eat it too; saying one or two scenes or an attempt to do something is fine but then disregarding everything else wrong about the narrative. People don't dislike Lost World because of some blind hatred for seeing these characters act differently, they hate it because it's just a poorly told story. That's all it is, people don't like things that are terribly written regardless if the ideas they present are good. Execution is the difference whether something is good or bad. 
    This episode is superior to Lost World to me simply because its executed much better. Everything flows well, characters act in ways that make sense for the narrative, the pacing is just right, and everyone is pretty likable for the most part (obviously your mileage may vary). It does in 11 minutes what Lost Would couldn't manage over it's 4-5 hours of its campaign. And it's all a matter of execution. 
    Regardless of your opinion of either Lost World or this episode, execution is what makes or break a good idea or not. You can have all of the most interesting ideas in the world, doesn't mean a damn thing if you can't turn it into something worth the readers time. Alternately, a simple and mundane idea can be amazing if executed well enough. 
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    MidoChaosHedgehog reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in Sonic Appears in OK K.O.! (Crossover Episode on August 4th)   
    The game never condemns him for acting the way he did either, though. In the end, Sonic apologizes to Tails for something he didn't do (rather then the reasonably upsetting things Sonic actually did) and Tails just says "It's cool." 
    I don't see how anyone could take that as anything but the narrative making Tails say "Yeah, you were wrong and I forgive you."
    Tails doesn't apologize for being an asshole and the narrative doesn't feel like it's actively trying to tell a story where everybody is a little bit wrong. It feels way more like they're confused on what the lessons the characters are supposed to be learning even are.
    Sonic kicks the conch shell away and it ruins everything which, I would think, is supposed to be the set-up to a lesson Sonic has to learn about being TOO fast and instead waiting for the advice of his partner. Eggman even points this out in the following scene and Sonic is resistant to it, pinning all the blame on Eggman.
    But then, Eggman shows up and says they need to work together. Sonic is against the idea and constantly bad mouths Eggman and berates him before reluctantly allowing him to join them.
    Then, in the next scene, Tails starts a fight with Eggman (not the other way around) and when Sonic tries to stop it, Tails randomly accuses Sonic of trusting Eggman more than him even though he didn't. The perfectly rational line of thinking that Eggman would be the best person to shut off Eggman's machine isn't brought up. Neither is the fact that Sonic was clearly not on board with having Eggman join with them just a scene ago. Here, Sonic admits to doing something stupid for the first time as well, which honestly puts more of my sympathy in HIS camp then Tails.
    So now, suddenly, Sonic's lesson is both that he needs to stop being too fast but also that he needs to trust Tails. I'm not sure where the part about not trusting Tails is supposed to be exemplified by this though. I didn't get that him kicking the conch away and him reluctantly allowing Eggman to come along was an issue of trust but Tails is treating it like it is. 
    It gets even muddier when the Silent Forest scene happens. Sonic acts too fast again and it leads to Tails getting captured. Sonic's reaction is to say "I'm supposed to be the fastest but I was too slow to save my buddy" which... no. That line contradicts what literally just happened. Tails got captured BECAUSE you acted too fast.
    This is the last time Sonic does this and it's never brought up again. 
    Instead, after the conflict is resolved, Sonic apologizes to Tails for "doubting him"... which, I still don't get. In the scene where they were fighting, Tails just hurled this accusation at him and he's so incredibly angry, he's practically foaming at the mouth. 
    Meanwhile, Tails is shown to be an uber confident, badass. He brags about making machines with detergent and toothpicks and is never had his ego challenged on this. He breaks out of his captured situation that Sonic put him into. He tricks the Zeti into thinking he's a robot. And he shuts off Eggman's machine. Tails was right about everything.
    However, there's also a scene where Tails is still jealous at Eggman so he puts Cubot's head on a broken crabmeat and almost gets killed. Tails finally makes a mistake here and Sonic scolds him for it. Tails' response is that he was just trying to help. The impression the scene gives is that you're supposed to feel sorry for Tails. So... is this scene trying to show us that he actually isn't perfect and stands as a set-up for him admitting to not being as awesome as he made himself out to be earlier in the game? Was all that bragging just a cover for his more insecure emotionally needy side? 
    Who knows? It's never brought up again. Tails never makes any mistakes after that scene so... what was even the point? 
    I get that this might have been (maybe) the idea behind this but the portrayal they go for in Lost World just doesn't work. In the KO episode, I knew why he was upset. Yes, it was petty but that's fine. Children are often petty and irrational, even a genius like Tails. The fact that the episode's resolution was Sonic providing a simple explanation and Tails reacting to it with a blush of embarrassment while claiming "I knew that.."  was great. It showed that he immediately realized just how ridiculous he was being. Plus, it helps that the portrayal of his jealousy wasn't some frothing mad, "I'm gonna act out" kind of thing.
    People are grateful for how likeable Tails still was despite his insecurities here. Yeah, he rolled his eyes at KO kissing Sonic's feet but when he saw that he was having trouble doing the spin-dash, he offered his advice and had a genuine heart-to-heart with him, expositing why he felt the way he did about Sonic and what getting to know him meant for him as a character. Being reminded of something like that can do wonders for making sure the sympathy for the character remains intact despite the fact that they may be acting a little emotionally needy. I know the reason why Tails would be that way. I think it makes sense for Tails, a character with that kind of background, to be that way.
    That's why I don't have a problem with the ideas Lost World brought up either. The execution was just terrible. Tails wasn't sympathetic. He was an ass. The game doesn't portray him as in the wrong for acting out at all. Sonic's the one who kept screwing up and, in the end, Sonic is not only the one who gets proven wrong but he's also the only one who apologizes.
    Tails apologizes to KO at the end of the crossover over a conflict that was portrayed as significantly less serious all while retaining a level of likeability throughout it by actually not being an asshole to the kid despite being jealous. 
    If they wanted Tails to be frothing angry at Sonic in Lost World, fine, but you do that with proper build up. You don't have Sonic talk about how much he doesn't want to team up with Eggman and then immediately have Tails ANGRILY starting fights with Eggman and accusing Sonic of trusting Eggman more than him. That coupled with scenes of him constantly bragging and an ending that DOES put Tails completely in the right, just makes him extremely hateable. 
    I like a lot of Lost World's cutscenes individually (when they're not tied together as an attempt at a cohesive narrative) and I appreciate a lot of what it tried to do but merely having those themes and ideas is only part of it.
    It just didn't come together well, in the end.
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    MidoChaosHedgehog reacted to Kuzu the Boloedge in Sonic Appears in OK K.O.! (Crossover Episode on August 4th)   
    I feel like you're interpreting this in the most cynical way possible..I know that's not your intention, but that's what it comes off as. I can't convince you to like it if you've already decided your stance, but you're looking at it way deeper than it really is. 
    Twice in the past decade we've had two "Tails is jealous" arcs. Maybe he really is in love with Sonic. 
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    MidoChaosHedgehog reacted to Kuzu the Boloedge in Sonic Appears in OK K.O.! (Crossover Episode on August 4th)   
    Yea and guess what, that's the point of the ending. Sonic reassures Tails that his worries were unfounded and over nothing, and reassures that nobody could ever replace him. You could say "well why even bother?" but then that's missing the point of the entire episode. Like you said, its fluff with a simple problem with a simple conclusion and that's about it. The difference between it and Lost World is that this episode actually flows much better, which makes it much more enjoyable to watch. 
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    MidoChaosHedgehog reacted to The Deleter in Sonic Appears in OK K.O.! (Crossover Episode on August 4th)   
    I'm sorry, I know it's been several pages, and it's an age old argument since the game came out, but
    How is a story with sudden confused, bitter arguing over a lack of communication between the two main characters, plot points that prove no one to be right, drama that could have been removed from the story entirely and the end result would have been the same, all capped off with a "it's cool bro" hand-wave apology at the end... somehow have a story worth telling, or even a "healthy relationship" between Sonic and Tails...
    But a cartoon where an Ego boosted Sonic takes a kid under his wing, a slightly insecure Tails gets begrudgingly jealous and misinterprets the situation, but they both support each other until Tails' insecurity is ultimately invalidated with an earnest and reaffirming heart-to-heart from Sonic... is somehow worthless to the plot, and an unhealthy relationship???

    Honestly I was pretty surprised at how this episode turned out; based off of what I've seen of OK KO, flanderization for the sake of character conflict kinda seemed to be it's shtick episode-to-episode, and with the clip we got I expected them to go all in on the jealousy/ego angle. I was expecting some good references, jokes, and animation here and there, but I wasn't expecting to actually enjoy the characterization as much as I did. The way Sonic is still a good-natured guy with an attitude, but with a side of ego that can misguide his judgement from time-to-time, and Tails behaving more of a sidekick than he's usually portrayed in the main series after Adventure, but his resulting insecurities and friendship with Sonic making him feel more independent and fleshed out simultaneously, and the way the two bounce off each other as a result... I dunno, I just really like it is all. The way KO switched gears to fanboy over Tails at the end, leading to Sonic impatiently yawning when KO uses his "Way past cool" catchphrase to describe Tails... it might be seen as mean-spirited, but that's a pretty neat layer to something that's always been a part of Sonic's character, but never acknowledged in-universe for what it is. Would be kinda cool if it could be explored in other situations entirely, honestly.
    Oh and the Knuckles cameo joke ended me, not gonna lie. If it had just been another "Knuckles got tricked, huh? You don't say..." joke I probably wouldn't have laughed, but the one-two punch of revealing how he got tricked, and their subsequent reactions, it's like they treated it as a subversion of a long-running gag for a series the episode was never a part of, and that's hilarious imo
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    MidoChaosHedgehog reacted to Plasme in Sonic Appears in OK K.O.! (Crossover Episode on August 4th)   
    Knuckles being dumb is tied to him being really goofy too. As seen in the below iconic moment:

    This is so memorable not just because you finally manage to beat Knuckles, but because of how dumb his idea even was. He's standing on a launch platform, what was he thinking was going to happen?
    Knuckles has always been dumb, even on his first appearance. It's one of his endearing traits, because he's dumb in almost naive way.
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    MidoChaosHedgehog reacted to Wraith in Sonic Appears in OK K.O.! (Crossover Episode on August 4th)   
    Sonic lays it on a little thick with KO and Tails gets a little self conscious about it. Thats all that happens. I'm surprised I'm seeing people using terms like "flying off the handle" and bitching to describe mild kids cartoon conflict. The worst thing you can say about it is that it moves a little fast for the sake of containing it to 11 minutes 
    Also lost worlds story is bad @Diogenes
    Edit: also Knuckles is dumb as hell @Ryannumber1gamer
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    MidoChaosHedgehog reacted to Tornado in Sonic Appears in OK K.O.! (Crossover Episode on August 4th)   
    Knuckles was always an idiot. It was established that the intent was more than just him being gullible and trusting by the second time they did the same plot as Sonic 3 and Knuckles completely fell for it again, which was done within a year of Sonic 3 coming out. And then it happened multiple times after that.
    Now whether him functionally being Patrick Star is an acceptable level of development from that point is another matter; but on the other hand it's also probably been longer where he has been that stupid (or at least been treated as such in-universe) than it has with him just being an idiot who is easy to trick.
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    MidoChaosHedgehog reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in Sonic Appears in OK K.O.! (Crossover Episode on August 4th)   
    I honestly disagree with this, and I'm someone who absolutely loathes Tails in Lost World to the point that he officially stopped being my favourite Sonic character after that game. Tails does get a bit huffy over nothing in this special, but he never gets whiny or as vindictive as he got in Lost World. In Lost World, he was picking fights with Eggman and getting into blowhard matches over him being so much more brilliant than Eggman to the point it bit him on the ass. More importantly, Lost World treats Tails as being in the right for his actions for the majority of the game.
    In this episode, he's portrayed as jealous, but he never really lets that change him. When KO is having trouble doing a spin-dash, Tails doesn't just mock him and use it as a chance to one-up KO in front of Sonic, he takes on a mentor role and tries to teach him how to do it, and he even goes back to pick up KO and help him fly to the bad guy's lair because KO isn't as fast as Sonic and Tails, when he could've easily just let KO try to keep catching up to them because he's jealous.  Tails throughout the episode isn't constantly hung up on the "little buddy" thing and there's several moments he still partakes in jokes, and talking with Sonic. 
    Even better, the episode doesn't portray him as in the right either, considering by the end of it, Sonic talks to him and points out that no one will ever replace him as his best friend.  
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    MidoChaosHedgehog reacted to Diogenes in Sonic Appears in OK K.O.! (Crossover Episode on August 4th)   
    A Very Not Gullible Person: Oh boy this guy whose face is on the "dragon's egg" that is supposed to bring doom to my island is totally trustworthy! I should beat up the stranger he tells me is bad.
    A Very Not Dumb Person: Oh boy this guy who brought doom to my island, including stealing the thing I'm supposed to guard and electrocuting me when I tried to stop him, is totally trustworthy! I should beat up the guy who saved the Master Emerald and my island last time, because he said so.
    Knuckles. Is. Dumb. He's not a drooling idiot, he's not incompetent in every area, but he consistently performs below average in matters of common sense.
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    MidoChaosHedgehog reacted to Kuzu the Boloedge in Sonic Appears in OK K.O.! (Crossover Episode on August 4th)   
    I hate that we still have to debate about this...
    Look, I get that Knuckles has other personality traits that generally get ignored, but even in spite of that, he has never been particularly smart or bright. You can make up any damn excuse that you want, but the end result is that he keeps making boneheaded decisions because he's a fucking meathead. That's literally the entire point of the character, and serves to contrast him with Sonic, who is much more down to earth and self-confident. 
    Almost every damn appearance, Knuckles does some dumb shit; yes, his guardian duties were taken more seriously before but he was still doing dumb shit even when that was the case. Because, once again, Knuckles is a fucking meathead. So yea, it's not wrong to call him stupid. Does he have other personality traits that are generally ignored? Absolutely. But he's still not very smart, he's never been that smart. 
    Like, I get that people hate it when he's treated like a joke more often than not and wish he did something worthwhile in newer material, but we also need to stop assuming Knuckles was some deep, philosophical character who's been "ruined". He's never been bright since the very beginning. Should they start focusing on other parts of his personality? Absolutely. But stop trying to rewrite history. 
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    MidoChaosHedgehog reacted to CaptainRobo in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Gangsters Paradise is on Page 380)   
    So, Adi Shankar who is the executive producer of Dredd and the Netflix TV show, Castlevania respond to Jim Carrey’s reaction on the redesign.: 
    Carrey’s comments were responded to by Shankar in a brief open letter, which he exclusively sent to Screen Rant. It reads as follows:
    Dear Jim,
    The audience isn’t “in on the creation” of the film you acted in. Sonic the Hedgehog was already created, decades ago. This film you lended your talents to adapted him incorrectly. It’s this perspective that Hollywood is entitled to dismantle iconography as it sees fit and reassemble it in ways that often bear little resemblance to the source that has led to the friction between gamers and the film industry.
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    MidoChaosHedgehog reacted to Kuzu the Boloedge in Sonic Appears in OK K.O.! (Crossover Episode on August 4th)   
    @Plasme *Shrug* That's your take, but I definitely don't agree with it. Sonic has always been a pretty straightforward hero, even if he's had a few flaws. I know a lot of people find that boring and wish he was more "relatable" but I don't see why he can't be flawed and still a great hero at the same time. I know we all have different ways on what that actually means, but I'm really not understanding what's so boring about a straightforward hero in a simple series like this. 
    That's an extreme hyperbole and generalization, but ok lol. 
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    MidoChaosHedgehog reacted to Kuzu the Boloedge in Sonic Appears in OK K.O.! (Crossover Episode on August 4th)   
    Was Heroes the only game you played in the 2000's or what?
    I'm not going to say that Sonic was the most interesting character back then, but that's blatantly false and more conjecture of how people meme'd him back then, 
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    MidoChaosHedgehog reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in Sonic Appears in OK K.O.! (Crossover Episode on August 4th)   
    I feel like I’m one of the few people who didn’t mind how Sonic was portrayed. He’s a bit of an egomaniac to begin with, sure, but him not being able to properly mentor KO made sense to me (Sonic in general has always just been a character that “does” things, let it be spindash, or even Chaos Control, it makes sense he can’t properly describe how he does it), and it let Tails have a mentor role which he never gets to do.
    But in the end, despite his ego, Sonic still acted as heroically as ever. The key difference to me is that he still backs up the stories told about him. He immediately tries to save KO when he’s robotised, still keeps the banter, and has a heart to heart with Tails to reassure him that no one can ever take away their friendship, and he’d never replace him. Sonic can be a jerk and still be likeable, that’s the point I see here at least. 
    The one thing I’d say I disliked was Knuckles. I loved seeing him get a mention, complete with his Mega Drive goofball art, but it stung when they made the comment that the master emerald wasn’t stolen, but rather Knuckles was tricked with a really dumb ploy. It’s the one major part of gross mischaracterisation in this IMO. 
    Like I get that Knuckles is gullible, but the dude also still abides by his duty and isn’t that stupid. The one key fact about Knuckles beyond being gullible is the fact he won’t willingly give up the Master Emerald. This is the same dude who’d rather shatter it into pieces and recollect it than let it fall into anyone’s hands. If he wasn’t gonna let Rouge have it for a jewel collection, he sure as shit wouldn’t be tricked into handing it over to some random stranger with a stupid story. 
    The references in the episode were all top notch though, the OVA ending recreation and especially the Sonic Says had me in stitches.
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    MidoChaosHedgehog reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in Sonic Appears in OK K.O.! (Crossover Episode on August 4th)   
    When watching an 11 minute celebration of Sonic in a cartoon mostly centered around absurdist comedy its only natural that my brain approach it a slightly different way. That isn't to say I would have accepted literally any portrayal of the characters but I can sort through whats important and whats most likely supposed to be an in-joke for charming fan-service.
    Like, the Knuckles bit is something I could do the uber-fan thing of sitting down and cross-examining as something he'd never do but in reality it got a chuckle out of me because I knew the "He let me borrow it for something stupid" ploy was an intentionally ridiculous situation meant to exaggerate his gullibility for humor. It flies by too quickly for it to feel like anything but.
    I can't really say I had a single issue worth mentioning here. I love how balanced Ego-Sonic was with Hero-Sonic. You have a situation here where KO (maybe as a stand in for the show's creators) is literally kissing Sonic's feet while going off about how awesome he is. Seeing the ego inflate without it turning into a situation where he stopped being likeable was great.
    I loved Tails the most though. I found the jealousy angle a cute reminder that Tails is indeed supposed to be a child and its always nice whenever the games and other media suddenly take advantage of that too. My issue with Lost World most certainly wasn't the idea of him being upset but the "story" they were trying to tell was so confused it really did make Tails look like a tremendous asshole. Tails being frothing mad at Sonic for "trusting Eggman more than him" one scene after Sonic rattled off how much he hated Eggman and didn't want to work with him will forever be the strangest bout of characterization whiplash I've ever seen.
    Its even worse considering the fact that Tails DID have a damn good reason for being mad at Sonic in that game because of how much he kept ignoring his advice, the thing Tails was there to provide.
    Here Tails may sigh and roll his eyes every once in a while but its done appropriately and more comidically before being followed by something charming. The best part of course was when he got as genuine and as heart-felt as he did with KO by explaining his backstory to help him out while at the same time providing context for the audience to see how much Sonic meant to him and why. 
    He can be jealous but still kind and helpful despite that. That was genuine excitement he felt when KO successfully did the spindash, all before the conflict was resolved. Tails is always gonna be Tails no matter what.
    Plus, I did always feel it made sense for someone with the demeanor of Tails to have a doubt like this at the back of his mind. It does make the moment where Sonic no sells it with a simple explanation something adorable. Tails blushing and going "I knew that..." to highlight how silly he felt about his irrational fear is the perfect way to resolve it.
    Genius or not, he doesn't have it all figured out and thats part of what makes him cute. As well as a good character. 
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