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  1. To be clear on this: The April PreviewsWorld solicit updates marked #293 as a 2 ("Will Resolicit"), with Overdrive as a 4 ("Cancelled by Publisher"), while the May updates listed #291 and #294 as 4s, and Universe #95 to #97 as 2s. Hence why there's so much confusion.
  2. That would be because they never existed. Overdrive was advertised as a single "standalone" issue that would finish up Mega Drive and The Next Level's story. (Basically, it's a #3 that was being pushed as a #1 for marketing reasons.) As for #292 and #293, there haven't been any changes as far as I'm aware. Best bet is to still wait and see if that update email from Archie really does go out this week.
  3. It's also entirely possible that while re-negotiating over the past few months, Sega could have ended up deciding that even if they were to let Archie continue, they couldn't use Classic Sonic in those issues anymore.
  4. The closest thing to a clear takeaway here is that the Sonic books are still in limbo, and it's finally reached a point where there simply isn't much more the production team can do while waiting for news. It's far from a good sign, but it doesn't mean "yeah the series is definitely over now". More importantly: Whether the book continues or not, here's hoping they all find some good work somewhere.
  5. While I mostly found the Sonic X comic just kind of bland, I still contend that Eggman's El Gran Gordo persona was one of Ian's greatest creations.
  6. Now, I can't remember where I read this, but I could've sworn there was some interview from years and years ago where it was mentioned that the intended story for #100 had to be massively reworked due to Sega forcing them to do the SA2 tie-in for #98. I think I remember it being said that what we got in #101 with Knuckles warping reality was the intended #100, but I'm not positive.
  7. The Star Wars homage was done by Patrick Spaziante and Nelson Ribeiro. The one you posted was done by Sanford Greene.
  8. As bad as the Sanford's covers are, I think even his can't come close to a certain Spaz/Penders mashup that we've all blocked from our memories. Behold, Sonic Super Special #14:
  9. Yeah, from what I'd assume, all it really means is they probably haven't said to not submit for Sonic anymore. Which is a positive sign, at least, even if it's mostly just a "we still don't know".
  10. Yes, the games are always going to have more impact than the comics ever will. But that doesn't mean the comics can't produce things so awful that they can make you long for even the worst of the games in comparison. For instance, I'd personally rather deal with some of the stupidest parts of Sonic 06 again, over seeing more of...well...
  11. Even Ken managed to put out the occasional good story in the immediate pre-Flynn era. As much of an utter mess Mobius 25 Years Later was, the "Father's Day" flashback/flashforward story near the end of it was actually pretty decent. If nothing else, it was the only time Ken ever had Locke admit he was a really, really shitty father.
  12. No, he wrote for her in Worlds Collide, immediately before Pirate Plunder Panic. Also, her reason for being in the pre-reboot arc you mentioned was because she was trying to retrieve the Sol Emerald that was being fought over.
  13. Ian didn't write Pirate Plunder Panic. That was Tracy Yardley.
  14. "...and eat their young depending on circumstances." Did you really need to declare that canon, Ken? Really?
  15. If anyone needed further proof that Ken does not know what he's talking about when it comes to post-2006 Archie Sonic, here's him seeing the "Pending Licensor Approval" notice on a solicit cover for the first time ever. Apparently this phrase is further evidence of the comic being cancelled, despite it being used in solicits since at least 2012.