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  1. Worlds Collide can work too, assuming they have an easy way to read the issues in order. (Since it's a multi-series crossover and all.) Genesis I'd suggest against, since it might just make things even more confusing for a first-time reader, considering it just adds more non-canon origins for everyone. Another possible starting point could be Genesis of a Hero 1 to 3 before moving on to Worlds Collide, since even without GoaH 4, it still retells Sonic 1, 2, and CD in the new continuity, and helps briefly introduce the FFs, the King, and Naugus (sort of) ahead of 252 and Countdown to Chaos. Mega Drive and The Next Level could also work, if the lack of a conclusion doesn't feel like it'd be a problem.
  2. Issue 16 was the last issue solicited before they stopped putting Jughead in the solicits, so this really isn't much of a surprise. The real thing to look for is if there's any sign of an Issue 17 coming.
  3. Multiple people have asked over Twitter, but Archie has been consistently ignoring them. Which is especially weird now that they're actually responding daily to people asking about Sonic.
  4. Not only that, but Jughead, one of their big main series, has just been removed from the Archie Store's subscriptions page after being missing from solicits for a few months.
  5. The email was from Forbidden Planet, apparently. Meanwhile, later that same day, Archie tweeted once again that "talks are still ongoing".
  6. Like Panda said above, we pay upfront for 12 (or 24) issues of comics. Someone who subscribed for 12 issues in December and never got any of them yet still gets 12 issues coming up. (Even if they have to be 12 issues from another book if Sonic ends up cancelled.)
  7. Okay, time to nitpick something that's really bugging me in an otherwise flawed-but-good episode. But yeah. Flawed-but-good, even apart from that. Wish I could've liked it as much as everyone else seems to, but hey, at least I didn't dislike it.
  8. Personally, even with the complaints I had about pacing before, I didn't have any problem with it here, except maybe for those last five minutes going a little fast. That aside, though, I thought it was about as good of an ending as it could be. Really nice way to wrap the series up.
  9. That episode...
  10. The actual source of the "Enerjak trapped Sonic in the sun" thing (though if it was also mentioned in the blog, I have no clue) was actually a pseudo-canon "fanfic" someone commissioned Ian to write a few years back, regarding what would happen if Finitevus was victorious during Enerjak Reborn. The story can be found here if anyone wants to check it out.
  11. I can appreciate him wanting to finish what he started, but thinking that repurposing it as a film will somehow fix all of the problems in the preview? Dream on, moon unit.
  12. Retro has a hidden validation forum that new users have to post in before their accounts get approved for posting on the main boards. The extra post might be a leftover from that.
  13. Err, no they're not? They're still listed in the January to April pages like they originally were.