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  1. Or, translated out of PR-speak: Elsewhere is where Ken will place any content that could potentially infringe on Sega's trademarks, so that he can use the excuse that it's only in a completely free app rather than the paid main app.
  2. Naturally, only Ken could somehow take this already absurd line of logic and make it even more nonsensical. Apparently, by the word of Ken, reprinting the pre-reboot is a no-brainer because money, but reprinting the post-reboot is something we shouldn't count on happening because of secret reasons. What. Somehow, I get the feeling this supposed reason is his dumb "oh I own post-reboot Eggman btw" argument. Even though that same stupid argument can also be used for the pre-reboot reprints that he already insists IDW wants to do. That, or even he knows his argument has no merit, so he just threw out a fill-in-the-blank to avoid giving actual reasoning to back himself up. ...Why am I even surprised by any of this?
  3. Ken's given a bit of an update on the Fulop case, along with an, uh, interesting take on the situation: Or, you know, Archie's fighting instead of settling because the case thus far has given them reason to believe that they can win. Their logic really doesn't need to run much deeper than that. Also, considering Sega's contract with Archie is over, what action could Sega even take against Archie if they settled? A stern talking-to? Or are you suggesting that Sega is blackmailing Archie under threat of lawsuit if they don't win this? Because, uh, that's kind of potentially illegal. I wouldn't say it's impossible, sure, but the thought that Sega would blackmail Archie over something so minor is...pretty ridiculous. (Especially considering that even a win which somehow forces Fulop to give up any copyright claims over his work wouldn't even do anything to people like Ken who also hold their own claims over pre-reboot stuff.) Could you maybe try and come up with a more plausible idea before tweeting your conspiracy theories, Ken? But, of course, being Ken, he has to double-down... Ken, you're the one who's showing a lack of business sense here. Even if IDW has the Archie reprint rights (which we have no evidence of, and you're just assuming, which was Vipère's entire point in the first place), the first thing they'd do is reprint the post-reboot continuity. You know, the thing that's more recent, more relevant, more financially viable, and has far less legal blockades in the way of getting reprinted. There is no reason IDW would go for reprinting the pre-reboot over the post-reboot. If they were to go after the pre-reboot at all, it'd only be after they've exhausted the easy money of the post-reboot. Taking the hard path first is completely nonsensical. And for future record, I'm leaving a copy of the current court docket below the spoiler here, since older entries get cleared out of the free public archive every so often:
  4. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    Copy/paste the link directly in your address bar. For some reason clicking certain links on Stadium doesn't work right because of a redirect issue.
  5. Yeah, I get you, Tenko. I was keeping an eye on that ridiculous Twitter thread, and I don't know how you held out. No one could blame you for hopping out of it all after all that. Much respect for keeping it together for as long as you did. And, hey, at least you finally got Ken to respond to the whole Paul Agnew TLSC thing in the end. Even though, well... ...his response was to call Paul delusional. I don't know why I'm surprised, but it should be pretty obvious why I'm disgusted. Ugh. You know, even if Ken choosing the same title that Paul had been publicly using for years (which Ken was handed multiple opportunities to hear about) really was just a big coincidence, what you don't do is insult him and dismiss his feelings as not worthy of giving a second thought to like Ken did, especially when Paul was given some pretty strong reasons to believe it was copied. It really wouldn't have taken much to just say he understands why Paul feels that way, even if he still insisted it was a coincidence. How hard is it to just show normal empathy? Paul, I'm really sorry. Just like Tenko said, no one deserves to be treated like this.
  6. Hey look, it's an all new sneak peek of The Storm: ...Wait, doesn't this seem a little familiar? Oh, that's right. Ken already showed us an extended version of this exact image back in July.
  7. If I recall, what happened was that in #137, Mike Pellerito replaced Justin Gabrie, who had been editor on the book for over 8 years and just let Ken do his own thing. Pellerito, however, started taking a more active role in the book, by actually doing what an editor is supposed to do: Edit things. After a year and a half or so of that, Ken quit around the same time that Pellerito started insisting that Shadow be given a larger role in the book (since Shadow was extremely popular at the time), and wanted Ken to make him part of his then-upcoming M25YL conclusion. It seems Ken really didn't want anyone messing with his beloved future.
  8. To be fair to Ken here, he does know a thing or two about announcing release dates that are unlikely to be met.
  9. Ken believes that Rough is "a 2nd rate Geoffrey rip-off", despite the fact that the only similarity between the two characters is that they're both skunks. Remember that this is also the man who called people trolls for asking him if Geoffrey was inspired by the skunk character from SatAM.
  10. Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe

    Unless I'm missing something here, I'm pretty sure that's just a joke from a fanseries that ended up becoming a bit of a meme.
  11. Tangentially related, because I wouldn't be surprised at all if TLSC is published under the FIP branding (and because it speaks to the quality of Ken's work) : Did...did anything even change at all? Apart from maybe the font, this looks pretty much identical to how the logo looked in his teasers nearly a decade ago. It still looks like an unfinished placeholder. If he can't put the effort into simply tweaking and polishing an animation a little bit, how does he expect to finish the art for a seven book series?
  12. Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    I guess I could, though that'd require them to actually reply to me, which they haven't done in months. Can't hurt to try, though.
  13. Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    They stopped sending me issues a few months back when I specifically asked them to stop and just send a full refund. ...But I still haven't received the refund itself despite prodding them about it every so often. =/
  14. And now for another edition of Ken's Arbitrary Deadlines: The TL-SC app is now slated for a March release. Because having just missed yet another arbitrary deadline for it last month apparently still wasn't enough for him to realize he should just stop publicizing release windows.
  15. Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe


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