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  1. Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Probably. It seems to be generally accepted as one of the weakest parts of the post-reboot, and you really don't miss much by skipping it anyway, apart from the final panel of Universe #75 getting resolved. (It ties up more on the Mega Man side of things than the Sonic side of things.) If you want to read it anyway, go right ahead, but skipping it won't really hurt the plot much.
  2. Well, yes, he did sign them, considering he admitted as much a few weeks ago, insisting that what he signed promised him royalties. Also, on the subject of the Star Trek reprints, I did notice something the other day when he was talking about them, namely that he kept going on about IDW's involvement in the Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection that appears to be reprinting his stuff. Now, it's one thing for him to protest Eaglemoss or Paramount reprinting his work in the collection, assuming he's correct about them not having the rights to do so. That'd be fine. But this IDW fixation is just baffling, considering that, as far as I can tell, they aren't actually involved in publishing the collection. Their only link is that they contributed some of the material being reprinted, and that they made a press release being all "hey you should check out this thing from Eaglemoss that uses some of our stuff". That's it. If he wants to get upset about Eaglemoss doing this, or upset about IDW actually reprinting something he's done, he's welcome to do so if they really don't have the rights. But blaming IDW for something they don't even appear to be publishing in the first place is pretty uncalled for. Did he even pay attention to the press release, or did he skim it, see IDW's name mentioned, and assume that meant they're making it just because they have the license for printing the modern line of Star Trek comics? I don't understand.
  3. Although Ken wrote that story, it was drawn by Steven Butler, not Ken himself. So unless the script outright said "the ship should look like the Millennium Falcon", this one's not on Ken. That said, the very next Knuckles story after that was the infamous photo backgrounds story, and that one was Ken's doing, so he still isn't free of blame for artistic corner-cutting from around that time.
  4. Except for Donald Duck. His family tree is almost as expansive as Penders' family tree for Knuckles. His family even reigns over a duck-themed city. Point is, we can just be thankful Donald's father never tried to microwave him as an egg.
  5. Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe

    I still can't believe that schedule for this week actually exists. Every time I look at it, it feels like a fever dream of yellow and purple haze. Who thought this was a good idea? Sadly, though, you're probably right; As ridiculous as that schedule is, I doubt it's going to hurt their viewership much, if at all.
  6. I think you might be missing the point of that complaint, Ken. It's not about major characters like Lara-Su. It's about the hundreds of unnecessary named Echidnas and the like that you kept adding to the book, even aside from the Guardians. There weren't any reader questions that led to you making Lara-Su's one-page classmate Jaker, or Councilor Darwin, or Mykol, or Rita-Li, or Radar, or Marta, or the numerous members of the Lost Tribe who got names despite contributing almost nothing to the plot themselves. Or, of course, the most infamous epitome of pointless named Echidna characters: Bimmy. Saying that all of your characters were made because of reader questions is just plain untruthful.
  7. Archie Comic Subscriptions please read.

    I, uh, sort of got progress on emails? So, I emailed them last Wednesday right after the news broke, asking for a refund on my Sonic subscriptions. No response. This Wednesday rolls around, and I sent another email basically saying "Hey, I sent an email about my subscriptions a week ago and I never got a response." The very next morning (yesterday), I suddenly have a response saying that they need my subscription name/address/order number, which I already had in the first email. I replied with those and a copy of my first email. Surprise, surprise: No quick response in my email this morning. I could be wrong, but it's looking at the moment like they may be delaying on replying to emails that specifically ask for refunds.
  8. This isn't new. He's brought up his (understandable) frustration over IDW not paying him royalties a few times before. It's a bit telling that he didn't step up voicing his anger toward them until this week, though. I'm more bemused by that first tweet there about Fulop, along with this: After months of insisting (up until as recently as last week) that Archie's license issues were because they wanted to drop the book to focus on Riverdale, he's now fairly confident that they lost the license because Sega pulled it from them over the Fulop lawsuit instead. I mean, hey, it's good that he finally seems to agree with what people have been telling him for months now, but after all of his talk about Riverdale, it's...pretty silly looking.
  9. Archie Sonic Hiatus Discussion

    I haven't yet, and I emailed them about it right after the news broke last Wednesday. If they don't get back to me tomorrow, I'll try shooting them a second email.
  10. Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    So, Ian basically just confirmed that Sally x Nicole was intentionally written into the comic:
  11. Something worth noting is that, as off-model as the uncanny valley Sonic drawing is, and even with literally hundreds of replies worth of criticism and rejection on it, it's still netted him nearly 400 Likes as of now, which may actually be the most Likes he's ever received on a tweet by a wide margin. For comparison, his actually-legitimately-decent drawing of Captain America from the other day only has 9 Likes. Regardless of the quality, people are going to pay attention to him when he puts up Sonic-related work. And Ken isn't going to just ignore that. You can be fairly confident he's going to try and use this info to his advantage going forward.
  12. Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Shortly before the news about Archie losing the license dropped, Ian did an interview on Find The Computer Room's podcast. It's a two-hour sit, but I'd recommend it, because they all have a lot of fun hanging out, and Ian drops a bit of behind the scenes info here and there that I'm not sure has been mentioned before. A few parts of note if anyone just wants to skip around:
  13. Archie Sonic Hiatus Discussion

    Some bad news and good news with this. The bad news (at least for subscribers) is that, as far as I can tell, IDW doesn't offer traditional mailed-to-your-home subscriptions. If there's anyone who follows other IDW books that can give more info there, it'd be appreciated. The good news, however: It seems they're contacting members of the old creative team to get them on-board.
  14. My assumption is he does know he would need to involve SEGA, and simply thinks they'd be more than happy to strike a reprint deal with him now that Archie is no longer involved, but is doing a terrible job of explaining himself.
  15. Archie Sonic Hiatus Discussion

    If I had to guess, I'd say it'll probably end up getting moved to My Pal Archie, because I just found out that my Jughead subscription seems to have been moved there without me ever being informed of this by Archie. (My subscriber info says I suddenly have a subscription to that book for the same number of issues I had left for Jughead.) I just finished contacting Archie to ask for a refund for my remaining Sonic issues, so I'd recommend other subscribers do the same. Well, unless you want to be subbed to a different Archie book instead. Then I'd suggest contacting them to ask for that. Either way, the subscription contact address is orderhelp@archiecomics.com