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  1. Teeth. Well, I'll give him this: At least the Self-Admitted Rotor Expy doesn't actually look like Rotor. Which under any other creator would be something that wouldn't even have to be remarked on.
  2. While I don't feel like digging around for it right now (The letter was shown on his forum, and using the Wayback Machine to search his forum is a headache), I think the gist of it was that his lawyer said that general plot concepts and ideas weren't copyrightable, but only the actual written word on-page was. In other words, the script. So, for example, he could have copyright over the scripts to M25YL, but not over the idea of a peaceful future for Sonic and co.
  3. Because missing yet another deadline has taught Ken nothing, he's now promising to have the app released before April. Stop announcing arbitrary release deadlines. I don't know whether Ken thinks he can just release the Knuckles collection without Sega's permission because he has copyright over the scripts and doesn't realize trademarks are a separate deal, or if he assumes Sega would happily agree to let him publish it. (Or he's going for the "it'll be free, so it's fine" angle and is being extremely unclear about it again.)
  4. ...what He's not using Sonic and Knuckles "to promote the app or anything related"...by including them in the app. I'm pretty sure that being in the app, and posting tweets advertising this fact, counts pretty firmly as using them to promote the app. Seriously, what was the point of even making a lie this blatantly nonsensical? Just say "Yes, they're in the app, but I'm not charging money for it," and move on. Don't dig yourself into yet another hole for no reason. Also, Ken plans to reprint the entire Knuckles comic. For free like the M25YL reprint, I assume, because a paid version would be gigantic trademark infringement. ...Actually, why exactly do you want to reprint the Knuckles comic, again? Didn't you say you're only reprinting M25YL to give readers a jumping-on point? And didn't you just insist Knuckles has "nothing" to do with TLSC? Just focus on finishing your freaking story already. And, surprising no one, the promise to have something ready for release by the end of 2017 seems to be dead, unless he pops up with something unrelated to claim he kept his promise.
  5. And much like CGI in live-action films, if the stock photos don't blend in well with the art, it ends up looking incredibly cheap and distracting.
  6. Archie Comic Subscriptions please read.

    A bit late with this, but I have a bit of an update for anyone still waiting on a refund. I sent Archie yet another email about it last week, since I'd been waiting for 12 weeks on the "6 week" refund, and they finally got back to me the other day with this:
  7. Archie Comic Subscriptions please read.

    Ugh, thanks for the reminder to contact them, because I've been a bit less lucky on that front. Back in August, Archie agreed to mail out a refund to me in "4 to 6 weeks". Well, the 9 week mark passed last Monday, so I sent Archie another email asking what was up. It's 9 days later, and still no reply. Looks like I'll have to try emailing them yet again.
  8. Basically just confirms what he strongly implied the other day, that Fulop contacted him about being a witness or the like in his case. So, nothing really surprising, but worth noting anyway.
  9. Ken now insists that the reports of the judge dismissing Fulop's claims, and the reports of Archie counter-suing him, are incorrect. So, wait, is he trying to say they're "incorrect" because Fulop only had most of the case against him dismissed, but not all of it? Or is he trying to say the whole report is wrong? Because these seem like pretty clear, verifiable facts that Ken's denying. Heck, we have the court docket for the case, and it pretty clearly states that, just as the reports said, a chunk of Fulop's case was dismissed, Archie's countersuit was upheld, and Sega was removed as a defendant. Unless the docket is missing vital information, Ken appears to be incorrect here. Quoting the docket in the spoiler for future reference, since this is bound to come up again:
  10. Okay, so, something of note came up when digging for anything I could find to link IDW to publishing the Star Trek reprints. I stumbled on a set of reviews from a site called Trek Core, for the first three installments of the Collectiion. These reviews have a bit of conflicting information, namely that while the text still only mentions IDW by saying it's Eaglemoss reprinting their work (plus a comment on #2 complaining that Eaglemoss cut some of IDW's content), the reviews each have photos of the back of the books. And on them, the copyright information says they're "Published in the US by IDW Publishing ... for the Eaglemoss Edition". Granted, they're IDW's books that Eaglemoss is reprinting, but it's the only thing I could find in hours of searching that might point to IDW publishing them. And even then I don't know if it just refers to IDW being the original publisher, or IDW co-publishing these, since the person who put the photos up doesn't even seem to think IDW co-published the Collection. If it turns out that I was wrong, then I'm sorry, because I don't want to push false information myself, either. But it's definitely not for a lack of trying to find the truth here, because everything else says it isn't IDW. So now I really don't know.
  11. They're currently publishing the Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection, which is reprinting a bunch of past Star Trek comics. A huge chunk of this is from current license holder IDW, particularly the first few volumes. Over the past few months, Ken has taken this to mean that IDW is actually publishing the collection, even though every bit of evidence available online just points to Eaglemoss reprinting IDW's work. If Ken's right, and IDW is actually co-publishing the entire series (rather than just being credited for their stuff), then every single press release and publication posting (along with the Star Trek wiki) would have to have somehow missed that detail. (Which isn't impossible, just really unlikely.)
  12. Heh, appreciated. Getting into a debate's the main reason why I don't bother engaging with him, since I don't want to clutter my Twitter. (Pretty much the one rule I set for myself when I signed up over there.) And hey, look, he responded already. You know, I'm completely and utterly unsurprised that of all the responses he could have made, he decided to go the pedantic route. Ken, IDW was "involved" in that they're among the companies that Eaglemoss reprinted from. They're not the actual publishers. ...Wait a second. Ken, if you're so against these reprints being made, then why do you have copies of them? Pretty much. He just doesn't get that there are way less complicated ways for them to earn money here, and that his work really isn't as important as he thinks. And if IDW was desperate to reprint Archie stuff anyway, they'd go for the very-legally-uncomplicated post-reboot material, especially since I doubt they'd need to pay royalties there. Path of least resistance for a company that's looking to make a profit. Someone already did. Ken's response was basically a "yeah no".
  13. Ken announced today that Fulop is gearing up for another legal battle with Archie: I assume the "friend" here is either Fulop telling Ken himself, or Fulop asking Ken to sign an affidavit or the like regarding contracts. I also assume that it wasn't exactly Fulop's intent for Ken to just casually reveal his hand in public like that, but that's Ken for you. Also, I'm not really sure why Ken felt the need to add that cocky remark at the end there. He does remember that the last time Fulop went up against Archie, the judge ruled against him, right? (That, of course, doesn't mean Fulop couldn't win this time, but it also means Archie really doesn't feel any need to immediately give up, so...) One other thing that he tweeted a little after that: He's brought this up before, but there's something that bugged me about this claim. Namely that it's highly misleading. Although I assume he simply didn't care because it didn't feature any of his work, Archie released Sonic: The Beginning in 2003, which is definitely before he left the company, not "years" later. Heck, even if he meant the main reprints, Archie started them full-time with the Archives series just a few months he left. (Ken announced he was leaving in December 2005, and Archives #1 was announced in August 2006.) There could certainly be a link there, but saying it was "years" later is outright false. (Also, even if he asked about royalties when Firsts was originally released as a graphic novel, there apparently wasn't a problem when they later re-reprinted it as part of the Super Special series.) Misleading information like that just really bugs me, because there will always be people who inevitably assume it's true, and spread it further. (Speaking of which, can he please stop spreading the claim that IDW is responsible for the Star Trek reprint collection that Eaglemoss is doing? If he wants to complain about IDW for the TSR reprints, sure, but the Star Trek collection isn't them.)
  14. I really can't tell if he means he found old notes saying that Kragok sexually assaulted his wife, and had completely forgotten this was his original plan (which wouldn't surprise me considering he forgot Remington was Kragok's son), or if he suddenly realized there was that space for Remington on the family tree, and had to come up with something on the spot for his replacement's backstory, and considers this "discovering" their history. Also, Ken, maybe just release this info with the Data File itself instead of continuing to shout things out for the sake of pre-release attention.