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  1. For at least the tenth time now, Ken has announced a new release date for TLSC: I'd really thought that he'd finally learned to not announce any dates until he's completely certain, but apparently not.
  2. Okay, so, I know this isn't strictly on-topic, but there's a response to one of Ken's tweets that I wanted to quickly bring attention to: If you ever see anyone saying stuff like this, please report them. Regardless of whether they're being serious or not, threatening to kill someone is not acceptable here or anywhere.
  3. You know, when I started reading Ken's response there, I actually thought for a second that the first part about misunderstanding nuance on the internet was going to be in regards to himself, and that he was about to mildly apologize for misunderstanding what Nitro was trying to say. Then I read the rest of the tweet and just...oh. I don't know why I expected any better out of Ken. Even a simple, obvious "I misunderstood what he meant" was too much for him, apparently.
  4. Ken has finally released the first page of TLSC. And, once again, we're back to using photo backgrounds. You'd think that seven years of production time thus far would mean he'd be able to devote a bit of effort into the opening page, but I guess not. It kind of works in the upper right panel (which I guess is why he just directly copy/pasted that frame in the bottom middle panel), but the bottom left one just looks like a sticker was pasted over the photo. It barely even tries to blend in. Speaking of the bottom left, we get our first look at Lara-Su's tattoo there. And suddenly I have to wonder if this is a Sonic spinoff or an MLP spinoff, because even as someone who doesn't watch the show, I know that's exactly where they have their marks. Also, there's a smudge in the right-hand margins. May want to clean that up before finalizing it.
  5. Ken, there's more than a little difference between a small, lightweight decoration on the forehead and a whole freaking stone stuck just below someone's neck, especially when considering that the forehead is a vastly more stable location to stick something. Hence why bindi go on the forehead and not the neck. It also certainly doesn't help that in previous images, the gem was located above Lara-Su's clothing, leading anyone using the slightest bit of logic to assume it wasn't attached to her skin. But no, apparently not making the ridiculous assumption that the gem was glued to Lara-Su's neck in reference to something that isn't even affixed to the neck in real life makes someone "astoundingly ignorant" to Ken.
  6. While there's a lot of, uh, interesting art to unpack in this image, I'd like to direct everyone's attention to Geoffrey's face in particular. Enjoy your nightmares. (I also like how it's not even remotely consistent with how Geoffrey looked in the last picture of him Ken released only a few days ago. But I'm sure Ken would just try and say that's intentional.)
  7. Yes: While I get the feeling he was trying to say something about how the story was changed to accommodate her not being portrayed by an Asian actress, he did a terrible job of wording himself there.
  8. Oh, okay. So Ken views actually acknowledging Karl's work as a slip-up on his part. That explains it. Seriously, wow. Also, arguably a slight bit off-topic, but a separate part of that argument (regarding the background of the Soultouch in the comic) that I couldn't help but be astounded by: Boy, it sure is good to know Ken thinks that someone's sexual orientation is a choice. Glad to see he's just as in tune with LGBT folks as he's always claimed. :| But a bit more on-topic: That response (and the thread in general) definitely was enlightening on why he created the Soultouch to begin with, but I don't think it reflects as well on it as he seems to think it does. It's just... Really, Ken?
  9. And in case anyone still needed more proof that Ken did not care about Karl's work: As a reminder, Lupe (who was roboticized in SSS11, not killed) had her free will restored under Karl's pen in #100, five whole years before Ken left the book. But, of course, it can't end there. Because, as he apparently forgot, Ken himself used Lupe again in #152. Truly a man with deep respect for the series' continuity.
  10. Yeah. It was a Bollers story (Return to Angel Island) that showed that a ton of the Echidnas were stuffed in the Egg Grapes and had most of their life force drained. All Ian did was re-confirm what Bollers already showed us.
  11. Ironically enough, one could actually argue that about Sega's restrictions on Sonic and co. back in the Archie books.
  12. Yeah, whether intended or not, that came off as a weird way of trying to clamor for attention, since there was really no reason to just say "oh yeah by the way i came up with a totally original character today". Ken, please: Stop putting out fake progress posts that you're passing off as actual work. Most people don't feel the compulsive need to tweet every time they have a new idea. They keep that idea private and work with it until it's something nice, rather than use it as a shiny trinket to wave around for attention. Sure, it'd be one thing if someone had asked "Hey, have you had any cool ideas recently?", but this was just Ken shouting from the rooftops for no reason.
  13. What has been with Ken this week and posting pictures of characters with awful looking fish-lipped mouths? This would actually be pretty decent by Ken standards if not for that. Actually, can someone photoshop this picture and the Lara-Su picture to turn the fishlips with a more normal looking mouth? I'd love to see if that actually improves things
  14. Ken: "I've put the past behind me and am not trying to dictate the direction of the Sonic franchise." Also Ken: "The coloring on this convention variant cover isn't bright and poppy enough. It needs to be changed to be more in line with my vision of Sonic."
  15. Or, translated out of PR-speak: Elsewhere is where Ken will place any content that could potentially infringe on Sega's trademarks, so that he can use the excuse that it's only in a completely free app rather than the paid main app.

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