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  1. Even Ken managed to put out the occasional good story in the immediate pre-Flynn era. As much of an utter mess Mobius 25 Years Later was, the "Father's Day" flashback/flashforward story near the end of it was actually pretty decent. If nothing else, it was the only time Ken ever had Locke admit he was a really, really shitty father.
  2. No, he wrote for her in Worlds Collide, immediately before Pirate Plunder Panic. Also, her reason for being in the pre-reboot arc you mentioned was because she was trying to retrieve the Sol Emerald that was being fought over.
  3. Ian didn't write Pirate Plunder Panic. That was Tracy Yardley.
  4. "...and eat their young depending on circumstances." Did you really need to declare that canon, Ken? Really?
  5. If anyone needed further proof that Ken does not know what he's talking about when it comes to post-2006 Archie Sonic, here's him seeing the "Pending Licensor Approval" notice on a solicit cover for the first time ever. Apparently this phrase is further evidence of the comic being cancelled, despite it being used in solicits since at least 2012.
  6. The Cartoon Network schedule for this week just went up, and it looks like Lion 4 has been delayed again. No new episode this week.
  7. No, it's just that Dan Parent is much more well known than either Ian or Aleah. It just makes more sense to push promotion of the guy people know and associate with Archie in general (particularly for creating Kevin Keller) over people who work mainly on Archie's licensed books.
  8. Yeah. Lion 4: Alternate Ending. And considering the subtitles of the last two weren't just there for show (We had the Dogcopter movie in Lion 2: The Movie, and we got the videotape in Lion 3: Direct to Video), I'm really curious to see what "Alternate Ending" will end up meaning.
  9. Right. It's currently scheduled for next Thursday, because apparently someone at Cartoon Network decided that having just three shows take up literally 98% of this week's daytime schedule was a brilliant idea with no flaws in it whatsoever. https://cnschedulearchive.tumblr.com/post/158317213595/okay-here-we-go-this-is-the-cartoon-network Seriously, look at this nonsense.
  10. In fairness, what he's making isn't a 20 page comic. (Well, The Storm might be, but that's beside the point, since he said that's just a promotional prequel thing.) Shattered Tomorrows, according to Ken, is set to be a full graphic novel, which presumably means it'd be 100+ pages long.