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  1. what in the This almost feels like a someone parodying Ken's approach to everything. Except, knowing it's Scott Fulop, he's probably being completely serious here. I just... What. ...Oh wow: Check the SHOP page. There are seriously fake ADD TO CART buttons for a non-existent Mammoth Mogul comic, trading cards, and animated series DVD. Okay, now I want to believe this actually is parody. It has to be. ...Right? The only other explanation I can think of is that he had to make something for the sake of his court filings so it looked like the character was still in use, so he threw something together to pretend he's actively using Mogul for new work. Nothing else makes sense at this point unless he's seriously lost his grip on reality.
  2. Yeah, uh, even completely disregarding the art this time, the dialogue here is a complete mess. The word balloons are arranged in a way that makes it difficult to tell at first glance what order everything's being spoken in, and even aside from that, this is not how people naturally speak to each other. This is what Ken is proud enough of to show as an example of his progress so far. A decade of work, everybody.
  3. I can at least grant that the bottom half looks less bad than it did in the previews last week. (Though the completely ridiculous perspective issues with the stone pattern on the floor makes it look like the room's curving down off into the abyss.) Julie-Su, however, somehow looks worse than she did originally. And she was already the worst part to begin with.
  4. Yeah, uh, wow. Until comparing them directly, I thought the only difference from the preview the other day (apart from the titles being added) was the floor looking more unfinished. He could at least try to put some effort in.
  5. And he's going after Ian again. The whole "Ian stole my ideas" claim is nothing new (though it's kind of amazing he's still bitter enough to keep blaming him instead of the editor even when Ian's already said the higher-ups told him what they wanted him to do in the first follow-up story), but going after him because "the characters were never aged an additional five years"? Does... does he realize people don't age a whole ton over 5 years compared to 25? Or that half of the cast in the original M25YL barely looked aged at all to begin with? Heck, Sonic was literally just himself with a crown on. Also, Ken, maybe you don't realize this, but Ian was the writer, not the artist. But wait, there's more: Oh good, this again. Ken's right that Geoffrey was never 27, but he certainly wasn't 20; We've already talked about how the birthdates he wrote himself show that when they were dating, Sally was 15 while Geoffrey was 22. And hey, Ken, you're technically right that an age gap in couples don't necessarily matter. Except that we can assume your parents got married when they were both adults. According to your own dates, Sally was not. Even in your own incorrect argument, she still only would have been 16 or 17. Stop trying to justify it, Ken. You were wrong to begin with, and even when trying to stretch things to their limit you're still wrong. Just take the L and walk away.
  6. Well, there has been some indication of what he's doing with this. In the previews for The Storm, we can see changes happening to the world because of what happened at the end of M25YL. The implication seems to be that Sonic messing with the timestream is causing reality to alter, and that it's creating a new timeline where some things are different, and that the original timeline(s) still exist somewhere. Of course, he's explaining it really poorly, and it definitely doesn't help that Sonic going back in time and changing things shouldn't even remotely affect things like Athair being replaced. I think the problem is that Ken's seeing it as Sonic going back in time 25 years somehow alters ALL of history like the Genesis Wave, but he doesn't understand that everyone else is looking at it with actual time travel logic instead of Genesis Wave logic. He's basically drinking Pepsi from a Coke can and wondering why everyone else is assuming he's drinking Coke.
  7. Hedgefox is known for posting links to pirated scans of the Archie comics. So, does this mean Ken is using pirated scans for Beginnings? Because that'd actually be kind of hilarious. EDIT: It looks like he's deleted the tweet. For future reference, in case the text doesn't stick around, he said "youre welcome for the digital scans btw ^^" in response to Ken's tweet the other day about Beginnings.
  8. Not even that; He was 21. Geoffrey's 6 and a half years older than Sally. Early 3214 and mid 3220.
  9. If those are the values you want to promote, then maybe don't use the characters you have portraying those values to also glorify statutory rape.
  10. I'll always be grateful to The Republic THE REPUBLIC for giving us Pete, a character who somehow manages to go from believable teen not caring about class to the most "How do you do, fellow kids?" line of dialogue in less than 10 seconds. The preview episode is worth it for 6:30 to 6:40 alone. That, and the truly masterful computer screen effects in the scene at 9:20. I kind of hope they aren't actually changed at all in the final product; They're just so perfectly awful.
  11. This reminds me of the time where he legitimately claimed that the concept of alternate timelines did not exist in the Sonic franchise before he featured alternate timelines in his stories. Sonic CD predated any of his work on the comic.
  12. The Mystery of Xero may well be the single most silly and clichéd title he could have possibly chosen for any of these volumes.
  13. Wow, yeah, I completely forgot that too. So much for almost giving him credit for new work. (If Paul's link isn't working for anyone, copy/paste this instead of clicking: https://web.archive.org/web/20130715220914/http://www.kenpenders.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=2549 Stadium's always been weird with letting links to Ken's forum work right for some reason.) Well, at least there's a few changes, like it moving forward a few pages, and... Actually, that's about it. Apart from one piece of scene direction grammar being fixed (something that won't even be seen in the finished product), the latter half of this is completely identical to the old version, unless I'm overlooking something. Honestly, the dialogue in the new first half of this scene actually feels more rough and stilted than the old dialogue, especially in the exchange with Cobar. And the "REALLY?! That's not what I call a plan." Also, why did she swear excitedly from being surprised by an explosion?
  14. Pretty sure he's just referring to The Storm here. This probably isn't even anything new.
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