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  1. In his defense, he noted earlier that the audio is just a placeholder while the app is still a work-in-progress. (Heck, this tweet even says new sound effects will be added later.) This isn't like the trailer for The Lost Ones where he used stolen music as part of a finished trailer to sell his film to studios. Honestly, I'm more concerned with Knuckles' Knox's horrifying facial expression near the end of the first one.
  2. Not to mention the truly brilliant plot where Robotnik concocts a plan to frame Sonic for murder, which involves inventing a Sonic suit that makes anyone wearing it see people as Snively, teaming up with a Mobian despite his hatred of them, trusting that Mobian to convince his girlfriend to wear the suit and kill "Snively" so Sonic would be hailed as a hero, and hope that the person wearing the suit never happened to look at anyone other than Sally while wearing it. All while he could've just, you know, put a Sonic suit on a Metal Sonic instead.
  3. In Issue 22, it was made extremely clear by Ken that the Robo-Robotnik in that issue was different from the one in Issue 19. In Issue 75, when Robo-Robotnik returned, he stated he was the same one from both issues, which created a plothole. This Robo-Robotnik then became Eggman.
  4. Ken, the reason Ian stated that the Robo-Robotniks in #19 and #22 were different wasn't to "cover up for Archie"; It was to fix a plothole you and Karl created, because unlike you guys, Ian actually cared about creating a consistent world. Heck, his logic that it's to cover up for Archie doesn't even make sense to begin with, since both Robo-Robotniks were created by Ken, so it wouldn't change who created what. Ken seriously can't even remember what he actually did in the series. Also, good to see Ken is still trying to claim ownership over literally Dr. Eggman.
  5. I know this is arguably a bit off-topic, and the mods can remove this if they feel it shouldn't be here, but I just want to warn everyone that Ken posted some Avengers: Endgame spoilers on his Twitter, so if you've been watching his posts for more silly statements but want to avoid Endgame spoilers, you should stay away from there for the time being.
  6. Thank you, Ken, for finally catching up to the rest of us on figuring out your own intentions regarding how both Ian's stories and M25YL can be canon. This isn't exactly the first time that he's realized this.
  7. Given that the birthdate in very same data file showed Geoffrey to be two years older than Ken's been insisting all week, I'm not surprised.
  8. Ken: "I've moved on from Sonic the Hedgehog. TL-SC has nothing to do with it anymore." Also Ken: "I want to make it very clear that it's part of Geoffrey's official TL-SC backstory that he had sex with a Sonic the Hedgehog character."
  9. Ken, the reason this knowledge hasn't been previously revealed is because you just made it up today as an excuse to get out of the massive hole you dug yourself into. And...really? "16 is 32 in squirrel years" is your argument? Really? EDIT: Okay, apparently refreshing the thread didn't actually show me that everyone was already talking about this. Whoops.
  10. Actually, another conversation elsewhere reminded me of something: We saw Sonic's 16th birthday in Issue #68. And from Sonic's Data File, we know he's a few weeks older than Sally. Which means Sally was only 15 around the time of Endgame. So, uh, yeah. 22 year old Geoffrey and 15 year old Sally. More than a bit worse than 20 and 16.
  11. And now he's decided he wants there to be absolutely no ambiguity or confusion on the subject; He believes sex between a 16 year old and a 20 year old is perfectly fine. Of course, even as awful as that statement is, it's irrelevant since Geoffrey was actually 22. The comics (as written by Ken) said the events around Endgame were set in 3236. Sally's Data File said she was born in 3220 (making her 16), while Geoffrey's Data File that Ken recently released himself for TLSC says he was born in 3214 (making him 22). I shouldn't be surprised that Ken can't even remember information he recently released himself.
  12. Just as a reminder, based on ages Ken himself gave during the book's run, Sally would have been 16, while Geoffrey would have been 22.
  13. Speaking of 90s-era edge... The CyberDark Colony. Wow. And complete with capitalizing Dark despite CyberDark being a single word. It's like I've stepped into a time rift and landed right into a pile of #0 issues and foil cards.
  14. You know, he's not wrong. Also, can we all take a moment to soak in the fact that this tweet essentially says that he thinks the design is a mistake and would fit in with TLSC (without even a hint of reflecting on what that says for TLSC's designs), and that he says the only reason he wouldn't put movie Sonic in TLSC is because people would get mad. Because apparently that's a bigger factor than it being, you know, illegal.
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