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  1. It's a blanket, bro; not a cloak of invisibility.

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      you may say

      i'm a dreamer

      but i'm not the only one

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  2. Hawkz

    That Sound

    I first thought that as well but the fact that Sonic 1 and 2 don't have this sound made me reconsider it. But I don't know that much about how the soundchip in the genesis works, so I'll take your word for it. Thanks for the input Yeah I agree I have created a connection between the sound and my memories spending countless hours in my youth right through to now replaying the S3&K game across multiple platforms. I thought it might be more to it though. I thought, perhaps in some rose-tinted fashion, that it was a noise created specifically for those games like a moniker or tag, sort of like how certain locales in movies have little motifs in the musical score whenever they are on screen. Probably romanticised the music a little too much by thinking that, but hey, one can always dream. Thanks for the advice, I will look into that when I get home this evening. Cheers!
  3. Hi everyone, Got a few questions for you all. So basically, I was listening to the OCRemix Temporal Duality release last night and after finishing it, I decided to listen to Project Chaos because I was in the nostalgia zone. Hard. Apart from having, in my opinion, the most varied and diverse remix, Project Chaos has another thing going for it. It has one of the most iconic OSTs to base itself off. And after that convoluted intro, I get to the main point of my topic. So S3&K has a baller of a soundtrack, no one is going to deny. But there is one particular part of it that appeals mainly to me and I was wondering if anyone musically inclined or familiar with the process of the games production would be able to point out or identify the attraction that I cannot quite explain that well. The part or theme of the OST is what I sloppily refer to as "Angel Island Twang". Now I'll let that settle in while I post a few links that will outline what I mean. Now it's mostly (VERY) prevalent in Sonic and Knuckles, but it rears it's head in Sonic 3 a few times and once (to my knowledge) in Chaotix, I'll try and post the ones that stick out. Sonic 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=df3X_yJs24E - Endless Mine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Qw10LYqye4 - Marble Garden Sonic and Knuckles http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YF99oeiaznk - Mushroom Hill http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_T7hdIh-gtw - Flying Battery http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7R3i6yEwRE - Sandopolis http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wo_4R17gYSY - Lava Reef http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noxyx2_Wew4 - Hidden Palace Knuckles Chaotix http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sk_5LyHvVfo - Isolated Island You get the idea. So as in the above examples, there is a MIDI sample somewhere in there that carries across as almost a universal theme/chord, to me, that best exemplifies Angel Island. You can identify the music from that era/storyline/game more so from the MIDI style rather than acknowledging: "Oh, that's Mushroom Hill Zone from Sonic and Knuckles". You can hear the MIDI style is exceptionally, for lack of better words in my very limited Australian vocabulary; sloppy, twangy, boppy etc. Anyway, is someone here able to explain to me the process or style that was employed in this era that contributed to "That Sound". The twang is very mysterious to me and it instantly nostalgia bombs my brain the moment I hear it, be it in the original OST, remixes or in general music. It's sort of sentimental as well because it recalls a period in my life that was heavily Sonic focussed and has some great memories attached to it. Any help anyone can provide would be fantastic. Thanks in advance.
  4. Happy Birthday, TSS. 13 years young and still sitting pretty. Here's to many more years of Blue fans gathering and sharing the love.
  5. Glorious jubilations in regards to your twenty-sixth self-existential anniversary, chap.

  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. I'd expect the next game to be on the Wii U due to Sonic Team saying that Sonic is a perfect fit for it. A development kit for the Wii U has been out longer than those for the rumored Xbox and Playstation successors, so unless Sonic Team were blowing hot air I'd say that's the next one to come out. It would make sense as well if you look at their "major" game releases of doing a HD game then a Nintendo exclusive (mind you this is pure conjecture based on drawing connections of releases on consoles): Sonic 06 - Playstation, Xbox -> Sonic and the Secret Rings - Wii -> Sonic Unleashed - Xbox, Playstation, Wii (exception to the rule) -> Sonic and the Black Knight - Wii -> Sonic Colours - Wii -> Sonic Generations - Xbox, Playstation. There is a rotation of HD -> Nintendo -> HD -> Nintendo etc. and since we got our HD game last year in Generations, I don't think it would be a stretch to assume that the new game is coming on the Wii U. Again, this is an assumption but it's based on a pattern of releases. As for Tails being added into a more prominent role, I feel he is a good fit where he is at the moment if Sonic Team wants to keep their current game play format. Tails chugging along at Sonic speeds in games like Colours or Generations would be sort of universe breaking in both game play and story. Being a story crutch as he was in both mentioned games is his most natural role since the late genesis days. Whilst having game play in most major releases, all attempts at Tails game play felt unnecessary and rather... boring. As a character whose main trait is to act as a game play extension by adding a new element to the Sonic platforming formula (flight), it felt almost broken to be playing as Tails where flight didn't matter or enhance the overall game with exploration, a role delegated more to Knuckles as time went on which made more sense due to his Treasure Hunter status. I'm personally excited with the future of Sonic as a character given the right tone and treatment of Colours and Generations. Both games felt more like the team respected Sonic more so by not forcing a faux skater boy personality on him. Instead of being forcefully whored (for lack of a better word at my disposal) with said personality to try and be cool, Sonic felt more naturally... focused/calm in his personality instead of having a spastic demeanor. It felt less 90s and more Mickey Mouse. I understand this is not the best way to describe but that's how I felt. The whole experience felt a lot more focused and calculated than before with it's shotgun spray approach to appeal. As for game play, well, the last few years speak for themselves. It's been a recovery. Not a full one, but progress is progress.
  8. Sonic's personality and attitude as depicted in the games, cartoons, comics and books pretty much sums up the argument for giving him a voice. He's a hero who is so in love with himself he can't help but point that out and the easist way to go about it is to give him the power of speech. It's been well established/heavily hinted that Sonic has always had a voice. As has been mentioned, hardware limitations at the time simply meant he couldn't have one. If we can count the comics, cartoons and book released at the time of the genesis games as remotely canon in some form, you can come to the conclusion he was always meant to speak because except for the games, at that time, he sure as hell was a blabber mouth. As for C Sonic in Generations, I honestly don't care if he is mute or not. Whatever enhances the story or the game (if they seem hell-bent on having an over arcing canon, that is). It doesn't bother me. It could go either way. I wouldn't be suprised if by the close of the game he utters words of some kind, however.
  9. Diz

    Heya, happy birthday!

  10. Hawkz


    I fucking hate storms too, especially this kind: Worst storm there ever was!
  11. I bought this recently at the DVD jobber of Australia, JB HiFi about a fortnight ago after hearing what the series was about. Truth be told, I'd be waiting for something similar to Gantz to come around. I love the idea that every once in a while, Japan finally lives up to the stereotype of hyper violent sex laden cartoons. And it only happens once in a blue moon now days haha. So with all this in mind and reading reviews of rin on www.aintitcool.com and www.animenewsnetwork.com I found out Siren Visial (a small distributor in Australia. They do shit like Ichi The KIller etc) had licensed the product. I waited until the release date and ran to get it from JB before I hit the gym that day. Came home ready to watch it, and the Mrs tells me to wait because she wants to watch it with me..... WAT So now I am in a massive conundrum. She knows what to expect, but, at the same time, it's definatly going to be uncomfortable to watch together. I'm still looking forward to it though. Shit will be so cash. In other news, any NSW piggies coming to Supernova this year in Sydney?
  12. JB HIFI! My local one released Sonic themed Wii Yogo Matts the other day. Shame I don't have a Wii.
  13. Yeah, my assumption was it wasn't TSS but since I didn't have any other windows open I wanted to be sure of it and see if anyone else had gotten it *shrug* Keeping my B-Boy informed
  14. Hi everyone, I recently got the following malware message this evening while browsing TSS: I was wondering if anyone else had been getting the same message. In case anyone was wondering, the 2nd IE window is the actual virus message. I went to TSS, read the news article, then walked away for a bit, maybe few minutes, came back and this little bastard was there. Please be aware that even though you click "No" a new window will popup and still attempt to do something. IMMEDITATLY close this window and run a full virus scan on your PC. According to Security Essentials I am clean, but I dunno how long that will last. Anyways, anyone else been getting this shit? Admins or Mods know of any furschizzle? Cheers.
  15. I celebrated by running through the streets naked covered in blood and whoring myself to everything that had more than 1 leg. It was truly a wonderful moment.
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