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  1. Be a goldmine if Mark Millar wrote STREETS OF RAGE again
  2. Thanks The KKM ive been re-reading the comics recently, I miss them so much, Id really love it if Egmont made a new rebooted version of it. But make it a more serious take on it.
  3. have there been rumours that a new one was being created? the lew stringer one i mean?????
  4. @Gouku262002 I think they did dude, in a interview with S.T.C Online Nigel Kitching said he did get some info months before the games camem out to work with, and remember jazwares keeping hush hush about classic sonic figures and then boom! big reveal at toyfair. But lets keep an eye on Sonic's fb page
  5. @Emerald Chaos I agree with you dude, as some who has every FLEETWAY issue the Fleetway Knuckles always seemed to me to be the closest to the game/ standalone guardian who always liked being on their own, and didnt like intruders, of course all that changed in SONIC ADVENTURE when he seemed to liek getting in on the action. However I do like the Archie Knuckles as well iam being honest i loved both universes (Fleetway and Archie). I recall Zonic saying thers loads of different Mobiuses it'd be awesome if one day in the Archie issues if they meet the Fleetway batch imagine Sonic's face when he sees SHORTFUSE THE CYBERNIK in action, or knew the Fleetway Sonic had another rival in TURBO sigh i wish the Fleetway issues didnt die, but at least the awesome dudes at S.T.C.Online are continuing the saga though
  6. me to. As soon as this final judgement has passed itll be a sign of relief.
  7. Exactley and considering the now delayed 'Archie Sonic Encyclopedia' as SEGA themselves were said to be extremely impressed and I think willl be available to buy nearer the 20th anniversary. So if there are 100's of characters in it, ,and has the backing of SEGA you can pretty much count that its all SEGA's for e.g look at the STAR WARS universe! even though Lucas doesnt have any say on what happens in the books he will still own all chracters in the universe ( one character even appeared in the PHANTOM MENACE in the pod race scene breifly. So to put this to an end SEGA and ARCHIE own all characters nuff said.
  8. I always thought a sequel with todays tech would be awesome, Id mix it with like FUR FIGHTERS with the fact ud play as all the characters in 1 level and that you'd need all the teams skill to pass the level, can you imagine an ESPIO segment using stealth like SOLID SNAKE creepin around corners in Robotniks factory, or Digging undeer the ground as KNUCKLES, Using brute strength as MIGHTY swimming underwater as VECTOR, flying around as CHARMY and maybe use RAY as a mechanical expert. In a massive 3D world as well, it might be awesome. Have the games story like at the beginning you play as SONIC for 1 level and the boss fight then when he thinks EGGMAN is defeated all the heroes come in to celebrate and then EGGMAN captures them all but KNUCKLES and so KNUCKLES must call on his former friends to assist him to rescue SONIC and friends and stop EGGMAN's new Project. METAL KNUCKLES!. I dunno but it could be cool, Throw in NACK as a sub boss and its gold.
  9. I dont believe this the international subs are up again i wasa subscriber for universe for like 3 months then it cancelled tso basically i bout 3 issues for nigh on £12 each! WHAT THE DUECE!
  10. This could very well be 'THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK' of the comic. I do believe Robotnik will win in the end, or at least turn out to be a 'REVENGE OF THE SITH' situation. Which would kick ass.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  12. Yea nuts to what people think, if you want the comics you get them, dont ever let anyone tell ya different. iam 27 next wed and iam still gettin the comics/gaes/toys/statues etc. P.s #225 cover = awesome so cant wait. Also reminds me that as of March/April the comic will be 223. That mean Archie will on level with the Original Fleetway comics (not inc the online issues)So well done Archie. Sigh I miss the Fleetway comics I just imagine that in one of those different versions of Mobius that Zonic patrols is actually the Fleetway mobius, Be nice one day to have a 3-4 part story of Archie Sonic meeting Fleetway sonic in his world, id like to see the chemistry of the two. I always saw the Fleetway Sonic as the Han Solo of the two while the Archie Sonic reminds me of Indiana Jones mixed with Spider-man (his cockyness sometimes mixed with Indy scrapes) And i'd love to see Archie Sonic's face when he sees Shortfuse the Cybernik in action for the first time, but also see Archie Robotnik interact with Fleetway Robotnik (with Fleetway's Robotnik having the immortal line of watching an episode of EL DORADO thrown in for amusement ) But hey we can all dream right .
  13. Ha love this game always wondered before it came out if the flaming head logo was a chracter . Also does anyone here remember the whole Japanese version controversy of Rouge the Bat especially this bit of Dialouge Rouge: Eggman! That Bastard! Haha I remember the fourums were all like DUDE! lmao Ha love this game always wondered before it came out if the flaming head logo was a chracter . Also does anyone here remember the whole Japanese version controversy of Rouge the Bat especially this bit of Dialouge Rouge: Eggman! That Bastard! Haha I remember the fourums were all like DUDE! lmao
  14. I am suprised as HEROES never got a sequel considering if you think about in terms of sales when it was released originally in 2003/04 it stayed in the top 10 for well over a year in the U.K and most of europe, and on all consoles going all the way to its Platinum/classic/cheaper prices, and yes fan reaction was kinda love/hate but in terms of sales and money , it made a bomb. If it were a film studiou there'd be a planned trilogy coming lmao.
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