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    leemours got a reaction from Mistle in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    Yea nuts to what people think, if you want the comics you get them, dont ever let anyone tell ya different. iam 27 next wed and iam still gettin the comics/gaes/toys/statues etc.
    P.s #225 cover = awesome so cant wait.
    Also reminds me that as of March/April the comic will be 223. That mean Archie will on level with the Original Fleetway comics (not inc the online issues)So well done Archie.
    Sigh I miss the Fleetway comics I just imagine that in one of those different versions of Mobius that Zonic patrols is actually the Fleetway mobius, Be nice one day to have a 3-4 part story of Archie Sonic meeting Fleetway sonic in his world, id like to see the chemistry of the two. I always saw the Fleetway Sonic as the Han Solo of the two while the Archie Sonic reminds me of Indiana Jones mixed with Spider-man (his cockyness sometimes mixed with Indy scrapes) And i'd love to see Archie Sonic's face when he sees Shortfuse the Cybernik in action for the first time, but also see Archie Robotnik interact with Fleetway Robotnik (with Fleetway's Robotnik having the immortal line of watching an episode of EL DORADO thrown in for amusement )
    But hey we can all dream right .
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