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  1. Happy Birthday dude!

  2. Happy Birthdaaaaaay!

  3. Want to know what my main problem with SRB2 is? The devs, and there insistance on not fixing the fucking gameplay so Sonic isn't broken in every single goddamn mode. This also extends to my main gripe with the gameplay, that being that unless you're PERFECTLY FUCKING PRECISE with your jumps, it is impossible to go fast in most of the stages, due to both the shitty camera and hugely oversensitive momentum-based gameplay. It's the main reason I always play as Tails the times I actually try playing the game, because his flight I can actually somewhat control and his slower speed gives me a much larger margin for error, although for the longest time he was too damn slow. The hilarious part is, the devs (or at least Mystic) hate the modern games primarily because of the camera, yet I've never had a camera issue in the modern games while their camera is near impossible to manually control. When it's fixed behind your character, it's not as bad, but turning quickly (especially at any speed past snail) is still a massive problem. And yes, before you ask, I have tinkered with the camera sensitivity settings, and it still didn't help except in first-person mode, but with that the main problem is less "the camera is shit" and more "I CAN'T FUCKING HIT THE SONIC PLAYERS BECAUSE OF THE FUCKING THOK". 'course, if you mention me at all on the forums or IRC you'll be told I'm a flamer (used to be, I'll admit, but I've grown out of that), complainer, and moron who can't play the game properly, because clearly it isn't the responsibility of the devs to actually make a good game that isn't broken up the ass. And to think, when I first got into SRB2, I actually liked it and even downloaded Mystic's level pack. Ah, the silliness (read: stupidity) of youth... But, back on topic, I like turning just the way it is, thank you very much.
  4. Except SRB2 is a complete shitstain, and I would prefer that SEGA and Sonic Team not take cues from shitty fangames. Plus, that whole "move where the camera is pointed AT ALL TIMES" makes actually GOING FAST a goddamned nightmare.
  5. You are now forever banned from having an opinion on video games.
  6. >Manic and Sonia showing up with the video game characters <beats with a broom> OUT, HEATHEN.
  7. ... I liked Rogue Agent... Well, every level save the last one, where I ended up dying every two seconds from some fucker with an OMEN XR...
  8. Here's a thought: What the Hell name is going to have? Super Smash Bros. Fighting? Wrestling? Something entirely foreign? Nintendo All-Stars?
  9. You get a year (I think, don't have a 360 but my friend does) of free Gold membership with a new console anyway.
  10. Ninty could always go the Sonic Rob-blarghblfuckthisgame Sorry, I keep choking. What I meant was, Nintendo can always go the route of that fangame and "paint" Sonic different colours for his alts, leaving his shoes and gloves the same across the board. Or, alternatively, make as many of them different as possible, at least colour-wise. Classic Sonic, Darkspine, Silver, Shadow, SA2B Jumpsuit, Jet... Metal Sonic. Also, am I the only one who wants Sonic to have Black Knight-inspired attacks, at least for picking up weapons like the not-lightsaber?
  11. Likely balanced by limited ammo, no zoom, and no lock-on capability. Possibly also a charge time ala Spartan Laser, and possibly a weight increase that limits the full use of Armor Abilities, in particular Sprint/Combat Roll and Jetpack.
  12. Because as we all know, only bronies care about horses. After all, that's why Red Dead Redemption and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim featured horses.
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