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  1. I honestly think this is one of the worst 3D Sonic games (in a world where we pretend 06 doesn't exist). It's slow, boring, and has some of the most dull level design I've seen in a flagship game, and even lamer bosses. It feels like a movie licensed platformer, one of those "we really don't have to bother" games. This is what people on here have been asking for all along, "make Sonic slow, herp!", "no boost, derp!", but you can see just how pointless Sonic is when he's reduced to just another platform series. There are tonnes of better platform series' out there, only Sonic has the speed and exhilaration which has now been thrown out of the window thanks to our complaining. Sonic has now gone from 'It can be a bit awkward, but it's amazingly exciting in a way no other platform series is' to 'It's awkward'.
  2. Honestly I think all these reviews are justified, the game is pretty poor, I've been playing it since it came out here on Friday and I can't find much good to say about it =/ "Slowing down is a good thing" I guess, I can see why people would say this, and I know a lot of people here want it, but there are other franchises that do slow platforming a hell of a lot better and it sucks that this one pretty much throws out the one thing which makes Sonic stand out. Everything about Sonic but the speed has been done better elsewhere and with the speed removed this shows just how little there is to 3D Sonic without it. In a way it's helped me appreciate "boostboostboost" as its own gameplay style and its own type of challenge which sets Sonic aside from Ratchet, Mario and so on. It does a really poor job of Mimmicking Mario Galaxy, so for those type of levels a person is better off getting the two Mario Galaxy games, it does a pretty crappy job of doing the 'platformer with a story' so a person is better off getting Ratchet & Clank if they're after that, the parkour is messy, you'd do better to play an Uncharted game or Tomb Raider... This was always the case, but Sonic had the intense speed and white-knuckle exhilaration which none of the competitors ever even tried, but it's completely absent here leaving pretty much an empty husk. It's not that unusual for a preview to be good and that same person's review to be bad. When you preview something you really don't get much of a chance to get a feel for the level design, especially when your previews are often the tutorial levels or even levels that are used specifically for previews. Yep, I guess slowing Sonic down was necessary for more complex platforming, but this game doesn't really do a very good job of the complex platforming, which leaves it with nothing. I honestly think a return to boostboostboost is what Sonic needs now. Sidescrolling platforming and boost 3D worked and offered something no competitors do. For me, Lost World has been the lowest point in the series since '06, mayyybe a little better than Black Knight (at least Black Knight kept it dumb and simple...).
  3. The quiet dialogue in cut scenes was a problem with the original game too, not just this HD port. There were parts where they were barely audible, particularly in the pyramid. Somehow the sound mixers really screwed up, I think it's because they really wanted to hammer home that massive and expensive soundtrack to help sell CDs. The same issue was present in parts of SA1, though not to the point where dialogue was inaudible like it is here, it was just a little muffled in comparison to the BGM. The Gamecube versions fixed it up a little if I remember rightly, but here SA2 has the issue again.
  4. It hasn't stood up as well as I thought it would, but that's only because Unleashed, Colours and Generations have surpassed it so far now. It was still an important iteration. When this first came out the speed and excitement was unheard of.
  5. I can't see any problems here that weren't on the dreamcast or gamecube... All seems good, and it looks great in HD! Same with Nights, and it's cool that Nights contains a nostalgia mode for the original graphics too. Man it hasn't aged well though (I haven't played it since the gamecube), the voice acting is just dire... XD
  6. Anyone having trouble can purchase them from the xbox website, I did with both SA2 and Nights and then downloaded them to the system.
  7. http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Product/Sonic-Adventure-2/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d80258411202 Looks like you can get it here, even though it doesn't show up on the console for some reason (AGAIN!)
  8. Will be great to play this again, even if it does have crappy borders and stuff, I really don't mind, I miss this game a lot.
  9. DistantJ

    Rayman 3 HD

    Is the PC version a re-release alongside the XBLA/PSN one? Or are you trying to run the original PC release on Windows 7? Cause I know my old PC disk of it won't run for shit on Win7...
  10. I like Sonic 4 Episode 1 better than Episode 2, because it's got speed and flow and isn't packed with frustrations... Though that opinion could be considered unpopular on here, outside of the fandom actually it's quite common so maybe I should think of another one... I absolutely love Sonic Unleashed, including the Werehog, it might even be my favourite in the series (I just wish the Werehog levels were shorter).
  11. DistantJ

    Rayman 3 HD

    So glad to be playing Rayman 3 again. One of my favourite games ever made! And it looks even more gorgeous in 3D. My only gripe in this version is a little thing - Globox doesn't say his random catchphrases when you punch him anymore! ... XD
  12. Didn't they always say (from Adventure onwards) that Sonic's home was 'wherever his feet would carry him'? I mean in most of his 3D games he starts off some place he's just found whilst running. "This is happenin'" he gawks (how kitsch) as if he just found the place. Similarly he ends up in Soleanna just from running around, when they undo time he just zips past because without Robotnik's attack there was nothing to stop for. In SA2 he was captured while zipping around some kind of 'mobian' San Francisco. I know that some cartoons and comics had 'Mobius' as like a sort of 'future/parallel earth' where animals had become sentient etc., perhaps a little too in-depth for these silly characters but fun nonetheless, and some had Sonic and friends having come FROM another place TO Earth, which kind of makes the most sense since the playable characters seem to be the only anthropomorphic animals around (I never did understand that bit), but the games don't really indicate that these guys ever 'moved' from one place to another, just that he always happens to be running around wherever Eggman decides to attack next, heh... Hell, remember even Sonic 1 goes to construction sites, aztec temples etc. between the crazy chequered worlds, it just seems a lot weirder now when the cities are populated with human beings who don't ever wonder how they're supposed to drive their cars around that upside-down speedway, heheh...
  13. Hey guys! Popping in for a while as I always do when a game comes out... Wanted to give my opinon on the S4e2 reviews... I think, hmm... I find Ep 1 vs. 2 to be swings and roundabouts. The physics really weren't the issue some people made them out to be and they just needed to man up and learn the new play style, it would have been nice for it to play with more momentum like the original games but to those who haven't played the originals repeatedly for over 20 years the Megaman-like rigid controls weren't a huge issue. The issues in Ep 2 are arguably less bothersome for fans since the game looks and plays a lot like the 4th Mega Drive game we never had (vs. Ep 1 being more of a 'greatest hits cover album') but it doesn't really do any more than that, so a lot of the modern-day exhilaration and stylishness people expect from Sonic and other games alike is gone. It's an all round slower, quieter and more modest platform game, which is what long-time fans wanted from Sonic 4 but is less than what people have come to expect from Sonic as a series in 2012. I'd say Ep 2 is the most solid Sonic game in years, but also the least exciting and interesting. With no less than 5 partially underwater levels, including the first 3 levels of the game, a nauseating topsy-turvy spinning camera in the final level, a forced co-op mechanic and a Colours-like reliance on self-playing speed sections between straight-up platforming, I can completely understand the less favourable reviews. As a long-time Sonic fan, I joygasmed at most of Episode 2 for basically being the manifestation of that phantom game which lived in my imagination since the last days of the Mega Drive, but as a modern platform game it just doesn't stand up like Ep 1 did. So I'm not angry at the reviews at all... Not like I was with Unleashed.
  14. AWESOME Land Gameplay: http://youtu.be/kKbPamd12-Q

    1. Komodin


      Hm, I haven't seen such a blatant ripoff since the Great Giana Sisters...

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