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  1. I honestly think this is one of the worst 3D Sonic games (in a world where we pretend 06 doesn't exist). It's slow, boring, and has some of the most dull level design I've seen in a flagship game, and even lamer bosses. It feels like a movie licensed platformer, one of those "we really don't have to bother" games. This is what people on here have been asking for all along, "make Sonic slow, herp!", "no boost, derp!", but you can see just how pointless Sonic is when he's reduced to just another platform series. There are tonnes of better platform series' out there, only Sonic has the speed and exhilaration which has now been thrown out of the window thanks to our complaining. Sonic has now gone from 'It can be a bit awkward, but it's amazingly exciting in a way no other platform series is' to 'It's awkward'.
  2. Honestly I think all these reviews are justified, the game is pretty poor, I've been playing it since it came out here on Friday and I can't find much good to say about it =/ "Slowing down is a good thing" I guess, I can see why people would say this, and I know a lot of people here want it, but there are other franchises that do slow platforming a hell of a lot better and it sucks that this one pretty much throws out the one thing which makes Sonic stand out. Everything about Sonic but the speed has been done better elsewhere and with the speed removed this shows just how little there is to 3D Sonic without it. In a way it's helped me appreciate "boostboostboost" as its own gameplay style and its own type of challenge which sets Sonic aside from Ratchet, Mario and so on. It does a really poor job of Mimmicking Mario Galaxy, so for those type of levels a person is better off getting the two Mario Galaxy games, it does a pretty crappy job of doing the 'platformer with a story' so a person is better off getting Ratchet & Clank if they're after that, the parkour is messy, you'd do better to play an Uncharted game or Tomb Raider... This was always the case, but Sonic had the intense speed and white-knuckle exhilaration which none of the competitors ever even tried, but it's completely absent here leaving pretty much an empty husk. It's not that unusual for a preview to be good and that same person's review to be bad. When you preview something you really don't get much of a chance to get a feel for the level design, especially when your previews are often the tutorial levels or even levels that are used specifically for previews. Yep, I guess slowing Sonic down was necessary for more complex platforming, but this game doesn't really do a very good job of the complex platforming, which leaves it with nothing. I honestly think a return to boostboostboost is what Sonic needs now. Sidescrolling platforming and boost 3D worked and offered something no competitors do. For me, Lost World has been the lowest point in the series since '06, mayyybe a little better than Black Knight (at least Black Knight kept it dumb and simple...).
  3. The quiet dialogue in cut scenes was a problem with the original game too, not just this HD port. There were parts where they were barely audible, particularly in the pyramid. Somehow the sound mixers really screwed up, I think it's because they really wanted to hammer home that massive and expensive soundtrack to help sell CDs. The same issue was present in parts of SA1, though not to the point where dialogue was inaudible like it is here, it was just a little muffled in comparison to the BGM. The Gamecube versions fixed it up a little if I remember rightly, but here SA2 has the issue again.
  4. It hasn't stood up as well as I thought it would, but that's only because Unleashed, Colours and Generations have surpassed it so far now. It was still an important iteration. When this first came out the speed and excitement was unheard of.
  5. I can't see any problems here that weren't on the dreamcast or gamecube... All seems good, and it looks great in HD! Same with Nights, and it's cool that Nights contains a nostalgia mode for the original graphics too. Man it hasn't aged well though (I haven't played it since the gamecube), the voice acting is just dire... XD
  6. Anyone having trouble can purchase them from the xbox website, I did with both SA2 and Nights and then downloaded them to the system.
  7. http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Product/Sonic-Adventure-2/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d80258411202 Looks like you can get it here, even though it doesn't show up on the console for some reason (AGAIN!)
  8. Yes and no. A camel is a horse designed by committee. I think the trick is to filter what is and isn't important... Sonic 4 Episode 2 is exactly what the fandom has been asking for, but it also pushed out the exhilaration and such makes the series popular with non-fanboys; people didn't like it and it sold sod all. Truth is, generally us forum users are a vocal minority - we make ourselves heard but we don't necessarily represent a cross section of people - people who genuinely enjoy stuff are content with it and don't feel compelled to get online and discuss it. See, while we all go "SEGA can't control themselves with extra characters and too much speed! We better ensure they keep things to a minimum!", the 'offline' players whose money counts the most looked at episode 2 and went "Where's Blaze? Why is it still only Sonic and Tails? Why does it seem so slow and keep going underwater?" If John Carpenter's "The THING" had been released in the internet age, we would all have seen the previews and said "Oh god damnit, it's not supposed to be gory like this, The Thing was about a man stalking people and a haunting atmosphere, John Carpenter has fucked it up!", but if John Carpenter hadn't taken that risk, we wouldn't have one of the all time greatest monster films. Remember how we reacted to Wind Waker? Nintendo don't listen and they often give us what we never knew we wanted, and that's a great thing. Twilight Princess was the one time they tried to give people exactly what they were asking for, and although I love the game it's looked back on as quite average by a lot of fans. It's the critical vs. the casual really. Take film fans - A fifth Resident Evil movie is coming out soon. Online, I find it hard to find a single positive comment about the series, whilst in real life I've heard nothing but praise for it. I think the internet encourages us to try to be 'armchair media consultants' rather than media consumers. We sit and try and say what SEGA, Nintendo, or Michael Bay should do and then grade their creations like a teacher grading homework, when we should just take what we're given and then decide if we enjoyed it or not. "Recapturing the magic" isn't something that can happen when we have this attitude. If we have a set idea of how something should be, try to affect it ourselves, and then 'judge' it when it arrives, there will never be a feeling of "magic", the magic and wonder of an amazing game or film only comes when we get what we never realised we wanted, and that's never going to happen with Sonic if we keep waving a finger at SEGA and saying "Sssstop it!" every time they so much as add a new ability.
  9. Will be great to play this again, even if it does have crappy borders and stuff, I really don't mind, I miss this game a lot.
  10. DistantJ

    Rayman 3 HD

    Is the PC version a re-release alongside the XBLA/PSN one? Or are you trying to run the original PC release on Windows 7? Cause I know my old PC disk of it won't run for shit on Win7...
  11. My favourite sidekick is Chip! I think he's fantastic, and I find him way more entertaining and less annoying than Tails. He adds a handful of nice little optional sidequest mechanics and serves to help tell the story without altering up the gameplay. He's funny and cute but never obnoxiously so, and he even helps to keep Unleashed's feet on the ground when the story starts to get too epic by bringing the camp value, the lack of which sent a few Sonic stories to laughable territory. What's more, he was invented for the game, his character developed throughout, his arc concluded nicely and he didn't reappear in every game since. I absolutely love Chip and it's a shame that Sonic Heroes made people decide Sonic should never have new characters again, because Chip was a great example about how they can work so well. It's not about the supporting characters, it's about the fact that they kept every character, even ones who had DIED, for every subsequent game, and continued to add more. Let's see one new character per canon game, only bring them back for cameos and multiplayer spinoffs (In Generations, why wasn't Chip the character for Spagonia, and Yacker for Planet Wisp, huh?!); nobody complained about Mario Galaxy having Rosalina, because she didn't outstay her welcome into every damn sequel, just popped up in Mario Kart.
  12. "MANOS is an homage to all of the cheesy games you remember from your childhood! Remember how every film and cartoon had it’s own platform game adaptation? How concepts in the film were made completely nonsensical for the case of gameplay? When every man, woman, child, animal and inanimate object were out to kill Marty McFly, Freddie Krueger filled the streets with bats, ghosts and frankenstein monsters and Darth Vader would casually transform into a scorpion? MANOS will take you back to the fantastically absurd movie adaptations of the past!" "MANOS takes influence from, and pays homage to, video games and pop culture including: CastleVania, Zelda II, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Angry Video Game Nerd, Mystery Science Theater 3000 and many more! The game’s graphics are all drawn using only the colours and sounds of the NES console, and we have (mostly) stuck within that console’s limits for an authentic retro feel." More: http://freakzonegames.tumblr.com/
  13. I like Sonic 4 Episode 1 better than Episode 2, because it's got speed and flow and isn't packed with frustrations... Though that opinion could be considered unpopular on here, outside of the fandom actually it's quite common so maybe I should think of another one... I absolutely love Sonic Unleashed, including the Werehog, it might even be my favourite in the series (I just wish the Werehog levels were shorter).
  14. DistantJ

    Rayman 3 HD

    So glad to be playing Rayman 3 again. One of my favourite games ever made! And it looks even more gorgeous in 3D. My only gripe in this version is a little thing - Globox doesn't say his random catchphrases when you punch him anymore! ... XD
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