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  1. Welp, see u guys in a year, no joke. I got a house to build on a remote island with less than average internet service. Been packing and settling paper work, that's why I haven't been on in a long while.

  2. You can make yourself happy or miserable - it's the same amount of effort.

  3. The General American Politics Thread

    Bigger percentage =/= Automatically a good thing That's a rather warped view of it. I'm talking shit like opening doors and putting coats down, you are talk some systematic type deal of oppression. Okay, I almost got angry here. But I have calmed down and will counter rationally and not let emotions get in the way. Honestly I have a head ache now, must be from regulating what I'm trying to say without getting angry Okay I'm gonna put this plainly...or as compacted as I can, if you want to refute it, not my concern. Sacrifice is something that has played a very important part in my life, I was raised on the mobsters mentality of; "give it all for the family, don't give jack to the people you can't see". Now yes, ask anyone, I preach morality in the society that often ignores such ideals and refuses to promote them any longer. But I find it down right silly some talk about human body being theirs until they end up in some sorta trouble, then it's everybody elses. Yes, morality. But it isn't exactly right in itself. Helping a mother? You can't be a mother till you have a child, getting an abortion further proves this fact. You are pulling up the argument that there is someone struggling, so I shouldn't complain. But I'm actually sure that is a logical fallacy. You are telling me to do it for that small percentage. Now I feel like I'm incoherently rambling. I must be really upset. I'll try to calm down more. Also, I don't have a wife. Once heard conspiracy theory saying; Trump is only running to make Hilary look good. But Either that plan fucked up, or it was just wrong. What... Are you saying the news interview was staged? Or Are you saying that it's unlikely that anybody is taking advantage of welfare.
  4. The General American Politics Thread

    Uhhh, that was what I meant though...I was asking them if they are basically telling me to suck it up.
  5. The General American Politics Thread

    I just found out people are actually hoping, praying, wishing Trump gets assassinated. Holy Fuck are they that bitter? Jesus, that is literally uncalled for. Hope JC closing his request box, it's filled with spam.
  6. The General American Politics Thread

    IE;Assuming. Hypocritical society it is. Punishing motherhood and sexually-active women , yet promoting sex everywhere. Yes, an abortion often times not paid for by the sperm donor or the woman's parents Not a 'champion of women'. Just basic chivalry that died along time ago, I'm just the only one who holds on too it, just barely. . Are you asking me; who am I to say where my money goes? Cause that's what you are asking. Join the club Life is what you make it. Life is about me, life is about you, life is about whoever is living it. You think it's because I don't like it? Sure, it might also be because I have a family to take care of myself. But who gives a fuck about an already born child? But it sounds like you are saying I as a citizen don't have the right to care for me and my family when someone else is probably struggling. You are literally telling me to shut up and keep paying these fees. Life isn't about them just as much as it isn't about me. Equality after all! Right? But just in case I'm misunderstanding you. What you are saying, to sum it up; buckle down and take one for the team...right?
  7. The General American Politics Thread

    Are you literally complaining about this type of backtracking?
  8. The General American Politics Thread

    That would be an incorrect reach, and a baseless assumption of my POV. Taxs to fix roads and fix stuff that's getting old and broken is a-okay. Taxes that go to that one lazy surfer jock who is living off welfare, but could clearly get a job but doesn't wanna is a problem. Lets not forget. Our government gives away more money to foreign countries like Japan, Germany and Israel than any of us could ever repay. Also I don't have a stance on Universal Healthcare. http://www.universalhealthcareprosandcons.com/ http://www.latimes.com/la-oe-tanner5apr05-story.html You misunderstood what I said was subjective. I don't remember saying women in general, nice assumption. But are you denying this? www.johnstonsarchive.net/polic… www.operationrescue.org/about-… www.abortionfacts.com/books/wh… www.nytimes.com/1989/10/13/us/… www.womenscenter.com/abortion_… www.eiunewman.org/eiu_students… www.abort73.com/abortion_facts… www.rainn.org/get-information/… www.chessatwork.com/board/show… www.guttmacher.org/pubs/fb_ind… www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrh… www.mccl.org/us-abortion-stats… www.whyprolife.com/abortion-fa… I'm just considering the fact that the most abortions tend to be "oops casual fucking gone wrong". And instead of actually doing something, people get free pass. You can bring morality into this, but in all honesty, there isn't a woman I wouldn't help. But you see, life doesn't work like that, everybody has got their own issues that require every penny.
  9. The General American Politics Thread

    Am I literally the only one who hears something wrong with this phrase? Why are you trying to tell me that money that is being forcefully taken from me isn't necessarily a bad thing? Poorer parents need jobs ffs, but they can't get any because there are hardly any! That is subjective, to deny it is would be ignorance. Legit quoting those two things don't make sense in whatever you are trying to say
  10. The General American Politics Thread

    'you don't always' and 'you never know ' Are phrases and possibilities that could also very well work against me. I as a male in America don't need such benefits. By the time my kid grows up I'll be dead. So you are saying rape and stuff like that?
  11. The General American Politics Thread

    My point seems to be going over your head by lightyears. Tax payer money. That's the point.
  12. The General American Politics Thread

    Seem to be forgetting that tax payers pay for the roads, the vacations we know Trump is gonna take, and all other crap. Last thing I'd like to pay for is somebodies fuck up. End of story. I'd rather give that two cents to my kid so she can go to college. Not 3% I'm willing to pay. And the 97% might just at least be half of stuff I also don't want to pay for. I'm getting fucked over by the amount of women who treat abortions like birth control, pop one every night.
  13. The General American Politics Thread

    By fucking over someone else? Tell me how tricking a person to help another not immoral?
  14. The General American Politics Thread

    Already know this, but now, apparently it can't be changed because Obama is a selfish ass. I would protest...but I'm black and would more than likely get shot...if shit turns violent
  15. The General American Politics Thread

    Wait what?! Who's fucking tax payer money is paying for this shit? Not mines bitch, I've got a literal kid to take care of, I can't being paying to get rid of one! No this uncouth ass mother fucker did not just do that!

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