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About Me

Sup ,I'm Waka Daemon(often styled as "Daimon"). My long ass full name would be


"Kweli Mungu Mwana Msomi Wakanabe Ise La Tu Tu Pili"


They used to tell me it's an 'African name'.



a game designer, manga artist, music artist and a writer with an IQ of 180.


I have loved Sonic games since I was 2 years of age playing Sonic 2. I'm possible the only fan of Sonic(not "Sonic fan") that likes EVERY game, even 06(my first 3D game) and Boom. I use to be a troll on the web back in the past...but that was the past, I'm a good guy now.....anti-hero(lel)


I'm also a fan of alot of other games to.


I love anime and manga my current fav manga is "God of Highschool"


The way I work is an unorthodox, like the great fighter, Bruce Lee, if I can not finish it in 3 minutes, there is clearly a flaw. If I can't not complete what I am doing in 3 minutes, I quit cause clearly it is not my day. I work fast...and with full burst. My methods are short, sweet, and POWERFUL. But laziness and forgetfulness is my biggest problem. 

Likes:My kid, religion, my work, anime/manga/webtoons, knowledge, a good story, video games, writing(in terms of typing, cause my hand writing sucks ass), reading, jokes, satire, food, Philosophy, Psychology, Physics. My PC, technology, free thinkers, sleeping, water, coffee, lazing around(yet I hate laziness), his family(fucking bitches, but I love them so much), stable arguments, long showers, when I'm proven wrong/when someone wins an argument against me(0 and counting), mental labor, martial arts, old moves, indie hip hop. 
Dislikes:SJWs, radical feminism
, real sick people, laziness(yet I like lazing around), his family(fucking bitches, but I love them so much), unstable arguments, extremists, politics, the concept of gravity but not gravity itself(a force that no matter what, has you in it's grasp), physical labor, seeing a woman cry, the idea of a woman unhappy knowing I could help, being short compared to Tobi, Sonic fanbase, winter. 
Hobbies:Programming, brainstorming, drawing, writing, chilling.

Catch Phrases~

"Wakawelcome" I really mean: Waka has Welcome you.

"Indeed" I really mean: ....indeed

"Smashing" I really mean: Great...to an extent.

"N***a" I really mean: ...n***a

"Fuckingshit","fuckingfuckingshit","fuckingdammit" and "fuckdammit" I really mean: ...take a guess...

"Interesting Concept" I really mean: Most of the time it just means the concept is interesting, but oddly enough I use it to say, "what the fuck/hell/crap" or "The bitch got the drop on us, backs against the wall,THIS IS NOT A DRILL....N***A"





My current work are the indie games called "Unreal" and "D"


My catchphrases include: fuckdammit, fuckingfuckdammit, fuckingshit

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