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  1. RIP X...even if his name soundedike a fanfiction account

  2. Holy shit, that makes a great deal of painful sense. God man...just looking at the game now...
  3. Hey I just had the thought...wat if 06 was just suppose to be a reboot of Modern Sonic, rather than the entire Sonic series in general. IE; replacing Sonic Adventure.

    1. Ashwalking Bat

      Ashwalking Bat

      As disturbing as that thought is. It honestly makes a lot of sense, considering all that is involved.

      It did seem that there was a new world being developed in the game and this version of the Earth could of been what they went off of, if it went over well with fans. However. Time constraints, along with whatever other fuckery, caused a release of not even complete game full of glitches and weird shit that was not explained properly.

      I am still of the firm belief that the game would of probably been hated regardless of how complete it was, due to some very glaring and hard to ignore things in the game. Glitches aside.

  4. Have you ever heard about the African Sonic fanbase? 

    1. SupahBerry


      Practically non-existstent since VRChat had made a laughing stock out of one their regions.

    2. WakanoBaka


      HEY...Sonic is an African Pim Hedgehog...so...watever...you dont know da wei

    3. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Sonic's a hedgehog, not a specific kind of hedgehog. It also doesn't eliminate the fact that quite a few Ugandans spoke about how unhappy they were with the meme. 

    4. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      Nope but I do imagine that there are fans in South Africa, Northern Africa (the Arabic regions and Egypt), possibly Kenya and Nigeria with a push.

      As for the rest of Africa, probably lucky to even play on a game period nevermind knowing who Sonic is.

      (I know the status update is a joke one)

    5. WakanoBaka


      @King Koopone Honestly, I would really like to know. I've been to places like Mexico and Belize, they hold Sonic in high regard just for gameplay alone. 

  5. Hmm...Sonic Battle is pretty good

  6. Holy shit, I feel weird just reading this! Man now I wanna know about the Japanese, Korean, European,and Mexican fanbases. lol
  7. Been on 4chan yesterday...I reminded myself of why I havn't gone there in a while

  8. I'm referring to the somewhat monotonousness of Sonic 1's overall tone if you aren't looking at it from a basic stand point. Beginning point is the start of conflict, end point is good guys lose...or win(then again, using that logic it's your A-typical hero story) All the context in between(added with usual 06 mockery and/or ppl trying to oversimplify S1) might as well be fodder and up to you to decide if you'd follow or not. You literally just listed half legit(3 and 4), half nitpick(1and 2) points You literally just listed half legit(3 and 4), half nitpick(1and 2) points
  9. Wait....NOW ppl are saying Sonic Colors is overated?! I've seen saying that since forever!

    1. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      internet discussion of sonic games was a mistake

    2. WakanoBaka


      @Chili Dawg  That is the truth if I've ever seen one....

    3. Wraith


      Everyone has been saying it since 2013

    4. Nix


      Next up is "Sonic Generations was never good", maybe we'll get to "Sonic Mania was never good" in about 8 years!

    5. TheOcelot


      Regardless of whether it's overrated, it's still a lot better than some of the games we've gotten in the last 10 years.

    6. WakanoBaka


      I mean, dont get it twisted, the game is fine. But I can literally only enjoy the 3D bits

    7. JosepHenry


      every game that gets at least one praise is overrated. That's the law of the internet.

    8. Bobnik


      I always thought Colors was overrated as a 3D Sonic game. You can't really call it a 3D game when it's mostly a 2D game with 3D bits being pretty much straight lines with one or 2 deviations.

      Also if I'll start seeing "Generations was never good", I'm gonna judge people who say that (mostly joking, but I'll be looking at you funny).

    9. WakanoBaka


      If ppl start saying Generations was never good....maaaannnnnn fuck dem new dudes for real.

      Story is basic as fuck, but ten again so was Sonic 1's.

      Gameplay was great end of story

      Mania was good too, yes it is nostalgia, but it was technically made by fans thou. 

  10. I'd have to kindly disagree with you on that, purely because(from a writers stand point) I find Blaze's crush on Sonic a lot more hilarious and fitting than the clingy fan girl that wanted Sonic's approval...and then when she got it, decided to go into full 'I wanna ACTUALLY marry him now' mode. That and I have fascination with pyrokinesis abilities in general so I'm a bit bias...
  11. Is it weird that 06 never really seemed that serious to me? I mean...I look at Tomb Raider and a whole lot of games that have T ratings and aren't like some great drama or soap opera. 06 was a high stakes game that I really don't see a whole lot of difference between it and a game like Sonic 1(since it's the most basic of Sonic games) I never felt a problem with Sonic having one game that Sonic didn't crack a joke or something. Because when you think about it, Solaris/Memphilis/Iblis are probably the most dangerous villains in the Sonic series to date...imo A literal creature the was gonna return the world to nothingness. Now if you wanna talk gameplay...NO. I'll leave that for my homie with the Unity remake.
  12. Shit, sorry I haven't been able to reply lately,work ya know

  13. Whoa Jesus Cramity! This is why people rant on this fandom, anyone with a level head will instantly know, as soon as the homie made this topic, that this was a never ending debate. For some reason, we have it as; "it must be this or that" no compromise. Everyone misreads everybody's comment, everyone has some sorta comeback. And you know what Sega's doing, trying to listen to one side or the other. The Sonic series is(and I can see this as a fact) Ying and Yang These are what we know as facts, you can't deny these things. So the number one question is, why the hell do we wanna split up Ying and Yang, causing unbalance?
  14. People on this island are the most kindest xenophobes I'll ever met...and so blissfully ignorant. My good Jesus.

  15. I wouldn't call it 'awful' just not that good...
  16. That might just be the fact that he's probably TOTALLY devoted to the mission. In short...acting like a robot...kinda I'm the same tbh
  17. Yep, I'm not the only one who notice ppl using classic to undermine the modern in terms of themes and settings. Friggin Food Levels with no apparent reason for being there, shit like that annoys me. And you can see that Forces tries to get the usual equal balance, they even made an excuse to have C.Sonic there by allowing Mania to tie into it's plot. I could go on about this for days, and even bring Sonic Dissected into this. That's why I support any and all ideas to remake 06. I miss the high stakes battles that spanned from the first game all the way to the last Sonic game with an actual story;Sonic and The Black Knight. Basically...just give us Shounen anime/manga Sonic back, rather than going for the total Americanize cartoon animal root.
  18. Street Fighter III Third Strike's Soundtrack is complete OLD FIRE

  19. ONly time I can see Shadow getting another games is if he's along side Sonic, kinda like 06 or Forces' Episode Shadow. Shadow always had a straight to the point personality, no matter what era. I thought it was rather fitting.
  20. Webtoons are a gift from South Korea


    However, NK memes are a blessing from Best Korea(north)

  21. Just a pic I did...any thought? DdxLGcSVAAAWy-A.jpg

  22. Ur local Super Ninja for hire. This lil 'crow' over here is Liy. A my older sister's oc from long ago that she gave to me recently-yay. Anyways, this is her in her 16 year old form as she appears in my bro and I's manga; UNReal.
  23. No the fact that the 6 emerald 'disappeared' at the end of the game It's more of the point that through trials and tribulations, Sonic can still hold his smile even after stuff like Shadow's 'death', Chip leaving, the Sonic Storybook Series. Hell even in Sonic the OVA and The American outlets, Sonic holds his smile after tragedy and conflict to show that it's made him stronger THIS ALL THE WAY, in total agreement yo! Honestly I think the fans and anti-fans who use the "Sonic games is about a cutesy hedgehog who's blue and a hedgehog" are missing one important fact; Never judge a book by it's cover.
  24. Everybody put ya hands in the air, give energy to Goku's spirit bomb like ya just don't care...but obviously you do since Buu's gonna kills us again~

  25. Well since the topic at hand has derailed(probably for the right reasons), allow me to throw it off the friggin tracks... On the subject of Chaos Control, has anyone notice that shit first happened on Sonic 1?
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