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  1. 22 hours ago, Diogenes said:

    Really? You really don't see much difference between a game where a time-travelling embodiment of darkness convinces a naive idiot to go back in time and kill the hero, ostensibly because it would prevent the release of a fire demon that caused the apocalypse, but in actuality he wants to make the princess cry to release the fire demon so he can fuse with it, become a god, and destroy all of space and time...and a game where a mad scientist captures some animals and turns them into robot animals and the coolest animal has to go bop his robots to save them? 

    I'm referring to the somewhat monotonousness of Sonic 1's overall tone if you aren't looking at it from a basic stand point.

    Beginning point is the start of conflict, end point is good guys lose...or win(then again, using that logic it's your A-typical hero story)

    All the context in between(added with usual 06 mockery and/or ppl trying to oversimplify S1) might as well be fodder and up to you to decide if you'd follow or not.

    16 hours ago, Almar said:

    Sonic 06:

    >Human princess is shilled as Sonic's Most Important Girl. Not even a cartoony one.

    >Ow the Edge in villain form with a ridiculously unneeded plan

    >Whole game looks like Final Fantasy aping

    >Sonic and Eggman play second fiddle to Shadow, Future Trunks, and Lord Edgelord

    Are you for real?

    You literally just listed half legit(3 and 4), half nitpick(1and 2) points

    16 hours ago, Almar said:

    Sonic 06:

    >Human princess is shilled as Sonic's Most Important Girl. Not even a cartoony one.

    >Ow the Edge in villain form with a ridiculously unneeded plan

    >Whole game looks like Final Fantasy aping

    >Sonic and Eggman play second fiddle to Shadow, Future Trunks, and Lord Edgelord

    Are you for real?

    You literally just listed half legit(3 and 4), half nitpick(1and 2) points

  2. 6 minutes ago, Jack the Maniac said:

    This is gonna sound unpopular, but you know, it's a post made by me, so of course it is XD

    I'm kinda annoyed by the fact that Blaze seems to be more popular than Amy, in my humble opinion it's the fact that Blaze is a kickass, but I believe Amy is even more of a kickass than Blaze. Blaze is supposed to be badass because of her superpowers, and she is put in a role and a situation where she's the hero like Sonic and guardian like Knuckles, plus she has an interesting shy personality so she's really top and OP, a bit like Shadow, a complicated hero with superpowers, and I don't mean to say she is like Shadow, but there is a similarity.


    I'd have to kindly disagree with you on that, purely because(from a writers stand point) I find Blaze's crush on Sonic a lot more hilarious and fitting than the clingy fan girl that wanted Sonic's approval...and then when she got it, decided to go into full 'I wanna ACTUALLY marry him now' mode.


    That and I have fascination with pyrokinesis abilities in general so I'm a bit bias...

  3. Is it weird that 06 never really seemed that serious to me? I mean...I look at Tomb Raider and a whole lot of games that have T ratings and aren't like some great drama or soap opera.

    06 was a high stakes game that I really don't see a whole lot of difference between it and a game like Sonic 1(since it's the most basic of Sonic games)

    I never felt a problem with Sonic having one game that Sonic didn't crack a joke or something. Because when you think about it, Solaris/Memphilis/Iblis are probably the most dangerous villains in the Sonic series to date...imo A literal creature the was gonna return the world to nothingness.


    Now if you wanna talk gameplay...NO. I'll leave that for my homie with the Unity remake.

  4. Whoa Jesus Cramity! This is why people rant on this fandom, anyone with a level head will instantly know, as soon as the homie made this topic, that this was a never ending debate.

    For some reason, we have it as; "it must be this or that" no compromise. Everyone misreads  everybody's comment, everyone has some sorta comeback. And you know what Sega's doing, trying to listen to one side or the other.

    The Sonic series  is(and I can see this as a fact) Ying and Yang



    Ying: Sonic's a cute wilderness animal living in bright beautiful islands

    Yang:He has an attitude, cocks as all living shit, he has a mouth on him.

    Yang:Some crazy mofo named Eggbotnik is trying to enslave shit and kill nature for his own goal of ruling the world

    Ying:Eggbotnik is hopelessly a doofus, he's goofy, he screws up and his robots got a mouth on them too


    These are what we know as facts, you can't deny these things.


    So the number one question is, why the hell do we wanna split up Ying and Yang, causing unbalance?

  5. 7 hours ago, JosepHenry said:

    And I kinda agree with @Tarnish about Shadow's more emotive pepersonality being kinda forgotten after Heroes, because Heroes actually had my favorite portrayal of Shadow, yes he has the amnensia drama and he tries to kill Sonic when they first meet after the events of SA2, but he knows how the be snarky, sarcastic, have fun, and even smile by just hearing his voice. Props the David Humphrey by doing a great job with that. '06 Shadow is alright but he never changes expression on his voice, that hurts him a bit for me.

    That might just be the fact that he's probably TOTALLY devoted to the mission. In short...acting like a robot...kinda

    40 minutes ago, Shadowlax said:

    Shadow wears all his emotions on his damn sleeve, he just has a hell of a pokerface. These people exist in real life, I'm that person. If you ask me what's up i'll tell you. But I kind look angry a lot. 

    I'm the same tbh

  6. Yep, I'm not the only one who notice ppl using classic to undermine the modern in terms of themes and settings. Friggin Food Levels with no apparent reason for being there, shit like that annoys me. And you can see that Forces tries to get the usual equal balance, they even made an excuse to have C.Sonic there by allowing Mania to tie into it's plot.
    I could go on about this for days, and even bring Sonic Dissected into this. That's why I support any and all ideas to remake 06. I miss the high stakes battles that spanned from the first game all the way to the last Sonic game with an actual story;Sonic and The Black Knight.


    Basically...just give us Shounen anime/manga Sonic back, rather than going for the total Americanize cartoon animal root.

  7. ONly time I can see Shadow getting another games is if he's along side Sonic, kinda like 06 or Forces' Episode Shadow.

    On 5/22/2018 at 1:12 AM, Tarnish said:

    And the scene I'm referring to is after the first stage in Shadow's story in Sonic 2006. After walking silently together, Rouge asks Shadow "Don't you want to know what this is?" (referring to the Sceptre of Darkness or whatever it was), to which Shadow replies "My assignment was to rescue you, nothing more!" as if talking to her was too much of a request suddenly, even tho he was much more willing to strike a conversation with her in previous games.

    Shadow always had a straight to the point personality, no matter what era. I thought it was rather fitting.

  8. On 5/19/2018 at 9:54 PM, BaronGrackle said:

    The... flowers?

    No the fact that the 6 emerald 'disappeared' at the end of the game

    On 5/20/2018 at 6:03 PM, Almar said:

    He was already a cheerful happy mascot.

    It's more of the point that through trials and tribulations, Sonic can still hold his smile even after stuff like Shadow's 'death', Chip leaving, the Sonic Storybook Series. Hell even in Sonic the OVA and The American outlets, Sonic holds his smile after tragedy and conflict to show that it's made him stronger

    On 5/20/2018 at 6:22 AM, Marco9966 said:

    I just found these pictures and it speaks better than a thousand words. 


    (montages by foxheadtails and theswordlegion)


    (fanarts by Nathalie Fourdraine for Green Hill Zine)

    This is how I remember Classic Sonic back in the day before all the outrage over Sonic 4.

    It was epic, mysterious stories. Don't remember the master emerald? Angel Island? The threatening Mecha Sonic? The last battle of Death Egg? Sonic CD with its bad alternate future and legendary animation? This is epic stuff! Not so different from Chaos in SA1 or Metal Sonic in Heroes, or Shadow and Biolizard in SA2, or Blaze in Sonic Rush. It's similar themes of mystery and adventure and fantasy!! Stuff that that I love about Sonic.

    (Hence why I hate that people subdivide the franchise while before 2011 and Sonic Generations mistake, it was all one great series, with an inconsistent timeline sometimes of course, but with consistent effort to do captivating stories, not only gameplay)

    That's how I remember Classic Sonic, not Green Hill zone all the time or Tom & Jerry comedy! (Not all the time at least, it was just in AosTH and that's just how the style and purpose of the TV show was, like Boom...).

    THIS ALL THE WAY, in total agreement yo!


    Honestly I think the fans and anti-fans who use the "Sonic games is about a cutesy hedgehog who's blue and a hedgehog" are missing one important fact; Never judge a book by it's cover.

  9. 14 minutes ago, VEDJ-F said:

    The same deal was likely in place for Charmy, although he wasn't used in the games until much later. 

    I see, well that was an interesting note. People often forget Ohshima's involvement in the series.


    Fun fact, he also has a twitter account


    3 hours ago, BaronGrackle said:

    Naka's just bullshitting.

    Eh? I'm pretty sure he's referring to developers and fans viewing as cute. Overall character appearance was left up to him so ofc none appeared cute.

    Those SMC images are perfect examples of someone else handling the image of Big Blue...IMO

  10. 30 minutes ago, StaticMania said:

    They are designed cute, then they are such...

    I'm pretty sure they were designed 'cartoony' rather than cute. Since it's obvious that Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse had a role in Sonic's influence, I'm pretty sure those guys were just designed to be cartoon animals, not directly CUTE cartoon animals. But whatever may be, Sonic's image is in the eyes of the beholder.


    2 minutes ago, Fire-N-Space said:

    Amy has all the cuteness the games will ever need anyway but its to bad he quit after Sonic 1 he's the one who made Amy, Sonic, and Eggman after all.   

    Amy actually came from some Sonic manga.

  11. Really? Even though I never saw Mickey as cute imo, I really don't quite get the reason some ppl would. I get that they are woodland creatures and such, but I try to imagine them as if they are real. Yes...a 4 foot hedgehog that is blue and has fine toned legs.

    But as the homie said

    2 hours ago, Natie said:

    Sonic being cute and serious is what makes his character and design so interesting. Classic sonic's personality always came off like he was trying to reject his cute appearance, like, on an island full of adorable cartoon animals he's the rebellious, aloof, punk-y one that wants to be a hero. Contradiction is a great way to make characters feel more human.

    I guess it's in an ironic sense.

    But if you ask me, characters like Tails and classic Amy are aimed more in the cute direction.

  12. 44 minutes ago, Zaysho said:

    I gotta be real with you, man, the self-deprecating thread title? It's not a good look for a showcase. You might think you're being funny or humble, but it makes you look like you're just fishing for compliments and hoping to deflect criticism. It's actually a really annoying defense mechanism that will actively put most people off of your work. In fact, when I first read the thread title my literal reaction was "Alright, I won't." I speak from experience, too, because I did this a lot, and it annoyed people and they wouldn't bother talking to me at all.

    It's perfectly okay to be self-critical of your own work (most people are), but you should still present your work with some pride (and obviously welcome feedback). To be honest, your stuff isn't even bad--your designs are pretty cool and I could see any of them being further developed. I like the red-haried girl with the katana near the end.

    So with that said, I'm going to edit your thread title. And from here on out, I'll probably be doing that with other showcase threads that are titled in such a way when I have time. This is by no means rulebreaking or anything, but it's something we've seen enough of recently that it's very frustrating. People who want to be artists or want to show off what they're making and get feedback from the community should, at the minimum, present their work with some respect.

    Holy shit, are you for real?! Whoa, damn, that indeed would be very unexpected results. Geez. But yeah, thanks yo. I'll think of another title mean time.

  13. Yes y'all. I'm posting my NEW art thread here. This is the art I've recently and unrecently done on tablet recently...unrecently.

    Animu Self-Portraits






    'E-Girls' That I know on Twitter


    I only know two so Idek why I'm talking like I get e-girls thou...



    Literally just mostly pictures of Millard...she's so strangely easy to draw.



    Fan Art of stuff that's not Sonic cus I suck at drawing Sonic



    Popful Mail




    Street Fighter



    God of Highschool






    Original Projects



    Good Mornin'





    Dear Boy



    Notorious Bastards







    So tell me what you think, and if you're interested, there's more to come yo...if you wanna see em ofc...



  14. Interesting.

    This reminds me of one of my problems with SA1 was that when it came to the exploration part of levels, they were almost useless because the game had only one Point A and one Point B so you would either have a half-assed thrill of a pseudo exploration that technically did nothing for the game that( for the Sonic and Tails part) was just entering one sandbox, getting to the next via speedy linear section.  Which, IMO wasn't all that bad, but I'mma bring it up since we're talking about.

    Honestly SA2's Green Hill Level nailed it kinda IMO, not worrying to much about the level borders

    On 5/1/2018 at 4:55 PM, Iko said:


    Sorry for posting my own videos, you don't have to watch them if you don't want to, though, that's a project I did for a game (custom track for Re-Volt); the project is still unreleased and while it's almost finished, I always stop working on it for real life reasons, but sometimes I'll eventually finish it.



    Not only do I agree with what you are saying, but holy shit, those race tracks have similar level design to Sonic Robo Blast 2 and Sonic R, the latter I consider a good idea of how Sonic levels are viewed in 3D.


    On 5/3/2018 at 9:03 PM, A person, that exists said:

    Because, who doesn't want to feel Sonic's speed by zooming through a large, open field?

    I promise you, someone out there doesn't want it.

  15. 4 hours ago, Jango said:

    Sonic Team should be kept away from Team Mania, and focus in getting their shit together instead of making stupid tie-ins.

    I want a great Modern Sonic game as much as I want a Mania sequel, but the truth is, after so many years, Sonic Team already lost me, I don't believe they will ever achieve this, sadly, they don't understand Sonic anymore. I give zero fucks about their next game,

    That's kinda a painful way of stating it. But I'm not saying I fully disagree...


    4 hours ago, Jango said:

    a fresh new team nailed the Sonic essence with their very first official/original game, so what's the point in still believing in Sonic Team anyways? No one should be so naive, unless you're new to this franchise.

    Yeah, but lets take into account that's a 2D game that already has a formula to base off of. The 3D games never had a standard, b'cus often times Sonic is put in an oen 3D environment of some sorts, he screws some shit up anyways. From 3D blast to present, the idea of Sonic in 3D has been pushed, but never perfected. There was always something to bitch about; controls, camera , etc like that. When one game fixed it, it added another problem; too fast, non tight controls, etc. So on so forth. 

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