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  1. An hour glass represents life almost perfectly. We are all grains off sand, siting there. No matter how much, or how well you do something, the end result is the bottom of the glass. But I'd be damned if I meet the bottom without nothing to show for it.


  2. I just made some fancy ass pasta dinner for the fam....I'd show a picture if I didn't fear trends.

  3. My head hurts my leg aches, this is why I only leave the apt for work and taking baby girl to the park....my younger brother does the shopping.

  4. Anyone else notice how Nintendo is always behind on hardware yet still ahead in the gaming industry ?

    WII U- out dated when compared to the other consoles

    WII- Outdated in it's time, PS2 like hardware

    GameCube-Above the Dreamcast but below everyother console

    N64- WAY outdated when compared to others

    SNES- The only 16 bit console from Nintendo that was superior to others at the time.

    1. KHCast


      How was the Wii U ahead of the PS4/Xbone?

    2. WakanoBaka


      That's my point, it's hardware is sorta dated when compared to PS4 and Xbone(lel bone)

    3. KHCast


      Yeah, but you said Nintendo consoles are ahead of the gaming industry despite the hardware. How did the Wii U do this?

    4. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      @KHCast I think he meant they were ahead as a whole in the gaming industry like game quality, not being total pricks in terms of pushing questionable practices like the others and so forth, not in hardware.

    5. WakanoBaka


      Because Nintendo is the most profitable in the gaming industry. It almost owns it. Nintenneverfails.

    6. w00tkins


      Gamecube was more powerful than the PS2

    7. Tornado


      And the N64 was more powerful than the PSX.

    8. WakanoBaka


      Wait? N64 was more powerful than the PSX? No way, can't be.


      Fuck, you're right, I judge based graphics,textures, and overall set up alone(the use of cartage instead of disk).


      "If I remember right the n64 while twice as powerful didnt do 3d objects or was it 3d environments well with out a whole lot of effort pumped into it. While the ps1 by comparison was much easier to work with and I know the saturn had major issues cuz it had a weird configuration with dual processors or was it video cards that made even doing a port hard because it was so different"

    9. Tornado


      The N64 manhandled the PSX. Native anti-aliasing, native texture filtering and higher poly count. The problem was it was limited by the (intentionally) atrocious developer tools and the texture restrictions required by the screwy way it handled VRAM and the cartridge format.

    10. KHCast


      Imagining something like FF7 or MGS1 on the N64 still seems hard in my mind despite it being the stronger system lol

    11. WakanoBaka


      Texture memory was the one area where it truly sucked even compared to the PS1. Ports were the usual ones with blurry textures, exclusives for the N64 however had much less blurry texture. Cause they knew the limitations.


      Then there's the case of it's texture memory for 2D since N64 had no dedicated 2D hardware. Sure PSX also lacked 2D hardware , but thanks to the CD storage and more texture memory it at least did a better job with 2D. It could be argued that none of them were really all that good with 2D, considering Sega Saturn ruled when it came to 2D.

    12. Milo


      ^ Saturn was specifically designed to be a 2D console and not a 3D one, which is why it was able to do 2D in a better fashion than the other games. Unfortunately for the Saturn, 2D wasn't what the market clamored for, especially when the PSX entered the fray. The Saturn's approach was then overhauled and its hardware had additional processors crammed in to try and compete in the 3D arena...which backfired with the 3D effects still falling flat compared to PSX and N64, and making the console harder to develop for.

    13. WakanoBaka


      Which gets me question why they didn't just make a Sonic 4 for Saturn....

  5. I CAN'T STAND THE discrimination against white people on the internet! Why is the human race so stupid! "white privileged cis" Bullshit! *sigh* I understand a lot of white people have done some shit, but this is stupid... Just because rich globalist bankers are white, that means any white in middle class is privileged?...wtf When did racism get allowed, as long as the person is white, straight, "cis"?

    1. Diogenes


      as a white guy i can say with confidence that i don't feel discriminated against by the internet

    2. WakanoBaka


      Well stay away from the part of the internet that does....cause they will rain shit storm on you......

  6. I absolutely HATE to see women cry knowing there is something I could do to help.

  7. Real lesson of life, don't live to people's expectation, be who you are ..and you'll achieve greatness ...I am that I am ....wise words from great man R I P

  8. Not every man can claim he brought a site to it's knees THREE TIMES with a couple meaningless words. If I was still a troll, I'd be enjoying myself....but I'm not.....all I can do is smfh and facepalm

    1. Sean


      Who are you again

    2. FriendBot


      Clearly, you don't know me. I brought this forum to its knees several times.

    3. WakanoBaka


      You asking me? I'm trying to figure that out myself.

      @TDS Amazing, how do you still go on coming back?

      @TDS Amazing, how do you still go on coming back?

  9. You know how when you say there are no bad ice cream flavors, but you personally dislike mint?

    Does that mean you contradict yourself?

    1. Diogenes


      if you dislike mint that means you are simply wrong

    2. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      objective quality and subjective preference are separate things

    3. Alex2Beta



      >Personally dislikes Mint.

      How. Why. Is this reality? :U

    4. WakanoBaka


      I DON'T HATE MINT, I was just giving an example...

      I say this because...

      I say IMO there are no bad Sonic games, but I personally dislike Sonic Colors?

      Does that mean I contradict myself?

    5. Alex2Beta


      Sorry about that, I may have misunderstood the question there.

    6. WakanoBaka


      It's alright, I just wanna know.

      If I say IMO, there are no bad Sonic games, but I personally dislike Sonic Colors?

      Does that mean I contradict myself?

    7. Alex2Beta


      I'd say Indigo Rush kinda worded it best.

      Both statements are irrelevant to each other.

    8. WakanoBaka
  10. What a nice surprise! Like a live cobra in your cake, how nice.

    1. RosaRosaRosalina


      how do i express regrets of a horrific past

    2. WakanoBaka


      I ask myself that everyday...

  12. My theme song composed by my brother :P


  13. High-Heel Shoes by my brother.....

  14. Got the BADDEST Fist of Fury the world ever say. Defeat WHOLE karate schools and mutha fuckas wit claws. How can you talk some shit with my fist in yo JAW? Don't need words to serve you, I can just say "WA-CHA"!

  15. I don't exactly know the details, but apparently when I was born I gave my mother a tumor, ofc she was warned about this prior but she still had me anyways. My father did everything he could to make sure my mother was taken care of. Then one day she went in for surgery ....

    Don't worry it was a happy ending...

    The thing is, she could have aborted me any time to save her life...

    My father wouldn't have spent all that money....

    My mother wouldn't have to fear for her life...

    But she kept me anyways...

    And I have the balls to consider my life a waste. Heh.


  16. I know the Star Wars movie done past, but I just gotta ask...

    A billionaire told you "You want me to open peace in all world or you choose a lightsaber"
    the question is... which color your lightsaber will be ?




    But I don't HATE it, music,graphics, and levels are great....just not level designs...or story....or gameplay...or voice acting......

    Someone port/mod the Colors levels to Generations but with 3D level design....

    1. jordy-pordy


      I have never seen anyone say they dislike Sonic Colors! It's personally one of my favorites in the series, but to each their own! 

    2. Nepenthe


      You're in for quite the experience heer Jordy. There's been quite a bit of backlash against Colors in recent years.

    3. jordy-pordy


      What?? Why??? I thought it was widely considered one of the best Sonic games in recent years? I guess I am in for quite the experience then...

    4. Nepenthe


      The argument is that while it doesn't do anything wrong, it also doesn't do anything that's outstanding enough to warrant it being considered the best Sonic game in years or be competitive with other platformers of the time like Rayman Origins or Donkey Kong Country Returns. Without the context of following games that were more divisive, it's a pretty bog-standard, okay-ish platformer.

    5. jordy-pordy


      I guess I can see that. And while Rayman Origins is defs one of my favorite platformers in a longe time (I didn't like DKCR) in my personal opinion Colors is still a pretty great platformer in its own right. Maybe I'm just easily impressed, but I'd go back to Colors before a lot of other Sonic games, both modern and classic. But I guess what can be classified as a "great" game is subjective.

    6. WakanoBaka


      Well If you enjoy Colors, congrats dude, you got something I really don't have, what that is I don't know.

      Oh and please don't say it does nothing wrong, I don't mind the hardly any 3D sections, and platformer 2D sections. IT THAT IT IS JUST DONE WRONG IT'S JUST BLOCK PLATFORMING, every level feels like Scrap Brain, no speed, just wisp, only 2D sections I liked was Game Land because they were just replicating the ol Genesis.

    7. jordy-pordy


      I mean I admit that Colors isn't perfect (the lack of 3D actually bothers me! I prefer 3D gameplay to 2D when it comes to Sonic games) but I personally thought the Wisps were neat and implemented well (which was sadly ruined by Lost World). The lack of speed in certain sections is a good complaint but I feel the platforming and level design is good enough to make up for it.


      Again, if you don't like it that's fine! I dislike a lot of really popular Sonic games (to this day the only Classic Sonic game I get any sort of enjoyment out of is Sonic CD) and people are bound to come across people with differing opinions on a forum for a series as divisive as the Sonic franchise. 

    8. WakanoBaka


      The Wisp sorta a pain, at first, you use them, but as the game progresses, they seem forced. Yeah I liked the Drill Wisp(on WII not the DS Drill wisp...cause the DS drill wisp is clunky) I really liked the Void wisp. I felt Lost World did a better job with them cause they weren't needed to progress the game. The platforming was WELL thought of with the wisp, but it just didn't feel like it fit within a Sonic game, or rather, an ENTIRE Sonic game.


      Yes, and I thank you for understanding.  Although I love Sonic CD to know end(it was my third Sonic game), I found it the most boring out of the 4 classics mainly cause the level design and the fact the game feels kinda empty. But I love the game, it is my #1 fav classic Sonic game.



    9. Toa Axis

      Toa Axis

      I honestly could get past all of the block platforming if Sonic wasn't so fiddly in the game. A lot of the levels have good amounts of precision platforming, but Sonic just doesn't handle well enough to really have it be satisfying.

  18. So what's this drama/rumor?


    Good old Valentines Day.

    When St.Valentine of Roman/Greece got his heart carved out the hearts by the general and ate it, because of his teachings to the soldiers that were in love.

    Why did he do that?

    Because St.Valentine encourage the soldiers to focus on getting some ass instead of the war, and that pissed

    ol' general-chan off. So he killed, and ate the hearts as an example to the others. Hence

    why on this day, we give our love ones, HEART shape boxes of candy to EAT.

    Oh? Don't believe me? Hehe, read up on ya history.

    1. Emperor Robrainiac

      Emperor Robrainiac

      I believe it.

      Growing up in a strict religion, they try to dig up any kind of dark history behind holidays so they can use them as an excuse not to celebrate them.

    2. WakanoBaka


      Exactly, sadly even birthdays has a dark history.

      I'm glad I grew up with the father I have. Cause it was he who told me this, and caused me to do research.

    3. Ferno


      its actually the day cupid saved earth from the swamp people

      cupid saved our butts, and to show our gratitude we offered him sweets shaped like our butts which he saved

      over time that started sounding weird, so we called the butt shapes hearts, but the shape stuck, despite looking nothing like a functioning human heart


    4. WakanoBaka
  20. Roy Mustang, dead sexy, mini skirt!

  21. Ofc I don't vote or even give a shit about politricks, but who EXACTLY the fuck is Donald Trump and what's so bad about him? Cause for some fucking reason, this one annoying person from the UK feels the need to criticize both ME and the COUNTRY I live in(You know, a country she has never lived in ONCE) because some fucker named, Donald Trump. Now I don't know this Donald Trump, but I'm sure he's a nice guy I'd get some coffee with. But....who is he and what did he do, cause this one as she calls it, TRANSMALE(despite her page saying "female") from the UK made it sound like he did 9/11 and was responsible for the holocaust...

    1. Speederino


      Uh, no, he's not a nice guy. At all. He's a loudmouthed, racist idiot whose key demographic is the ultra-conservative rednecks.

    2. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      He's a nasty piece of work, that's for sure. 

    3. WakanoBaka


      Ehhhh, racist? Well, I asked what did he do?

    4. Speederino


      He wants to build a giant wall to keep out the Mexicans and kick out all the Muslims.

    5. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      He wants to make muslims wear armbands and symbols to make sure they can be easily marked out in public. 

    6. Rey Skywalker-Ren
    7. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      The first major question is how do you not know who trump is?

    8. TCB


      This status caused me to laugh

    9. Nepenthe


      He's what happens to a racist country when the racist party keeps losing presidential elections and general favorability. It is national embarrassment that he's gotten that far.

    10. WakanoBaka


      Build a giant wall? With tax payer money? Muslims wear armbands? I kinda fail to see how that's different from having to walk with an ID, but, he really can't force them.


      @Tails spin , Again, I don't really watch tv nor care about politricks. 


      I notice y'all pointing out bad stuff about him, it'd be crazy if there were no good things about him...right? They wouldn't even allow him to run if he didn't had any good qualities......right?

    11. Nepenthe


      The GOP is a shit party inside and out so yes they would allow him to run.

    12. WakanoBaka



    13. Milo


      It's worth noting that a significant reason of why Trump is popular is that he says in public what his supports would only say to each other in private at their dinner tables...


  22. So yeah, I've been VERY sick recently, so if I'm not on, I most likely passed out.

    1. Failinhearts


      Hope you get better soon. :(

  23. "Cool" is a social construct used to separate man even further.

    Yes, I'm anti-sjw, but it has nothing to do with being "cool", has everything to do with understanding the situation and try to render it.

  24. Just here watching Dragon Ball Z: World's Strongest.

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