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  1. ^My sentiments exactly. It looks like SEGA/Sumo went right for the guest characters and forgot all about their own history.
  2. Yesterday when I checked the website, I saw 11/18/2012. Now, it says 01/01/1900.
  3. Only the really awkward side of the SEGA fandom. Most hardcore SEGA fans would rather have a variety expanding all the way from Astal to Greendog the Beached Surfer Dude.
  4. I have yet to read any sort of positivity towards these character choices.
  5. So is this the roster that we know of so far? Dude. use spoiler tags. -remz.
  6. Are you in Canada? That could explain why it's even being advertised, because not a single Walmart I went to today had that signage.
  7. So the "fanservice" character is essentially this? Super lame.
  8. Thursday releases for unimportant games don't exist. Odds are, it actually says November 18, 2012, like what's on the website.
  9. Will it be free like everything else on iTunes and Android app stores?
  10. The problem is, the non-Platinum Hits release makes no mention that Microsoft published it-
  11. It seems like that was outdated information that didn't stay true for what the final deal ended up being, and nobody bothered to get a clarification because they stuck with the original information. Still, the situation with Bayonetta 2 is dissimilar to what Microsoft secured with Ninja Gaiden II.
  12. People keep spreading that Ninja Gaiden II was published by Microsoft with absolutely no proof. I can provide proof of the contrary, that Tecmo published it- http://www.gamefaqs....-gaiden-ii/data http://marketplace.x...15-d802544307d5 (^Overview page 2/2) All Microsoft did was pay for a timed-exclusive. They did not fund or publish the game.
  13. No, because that was leftover stock they were trying to relinquish. SEGA's sales numbers to their games are determined by what the retailers buy from them, not the point of sale with the customer.
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