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  1. Hi everyone - wanted to jump in and comment here too. As you've probably all seen by now, yes, you can collect well over 100 rings in a level, as long as you're not on the easier difficulty. (If you're a longtime Sonic fan, just pick the hardest difficulty you see, and you'll be set!) This has always been a part of the game design. I alluded to it in the post referenced, but there's also even more being updated as we get to the launch of the game. We've kept a number of things in the game hidden as we don't want to spoil you on all of it, but after seeing people getting confused on the limit, we wanted to make sure people understood the 100 rings cap wasn't a thing on the harder difficulty.
  2. Shut up Donnie. Just kidding Donnie, you're cool. You can do it!
  3. Yep! There were other hints as well, but we didn't want to make it too obvious.
  4. We felt that Shadow wasn't really an "Evil" character through and through, so Chaotic Neutral made more sense for this post.
  5. This series was my jam for the longest time. (Even though I only bought PSO for the SA2 Demo, originally!) Played Dreamcast, GC, and Blue Burst for so many years, but had a great time through and through. I got to work on PS: Zero on my first tour of duty at SEGA, and really enjoyed watching them make a spiritual successor to PSO. (They still hadn't revealed PSO2 at this time.) Also have to agree with the music comments - I still listen to the soundtrack and my friends and I get together every year to play offline multi-player challenge mode together.
  6. I can shed some light on this. The opening 3D Blast theme was done by Hyper Potions. When we came up with the trailer concept, we felt this was an important easter egg, because the more dedicated fans would recognize it pretty quickly. In particular, we chose the ending credits from Sonic 3D Blast as, following the timeline of Sonic games on the Genesis/MD, that would have been one of the last songs a player heard before moving on to the SEGA Saturn. And so, we open with that song, and then lead right into the new evolution of that classic formula following that timeline. It was a little touch, but I thought it was important, and hopefully those of you who spotted it appreciated it!
  7. Hi guys! Quick update for you all on the party. We are down to the last 100-200 tickets, which is amazing! It's already selling more tickets than any of our previous Sonic parties, and we're working hard each day to make it an unforgettable experience. The tickets are now limited to just 1,000 (+Press/Industry VIP), as we've expanded our footprint in the venue. I've been working closely with our team here at SEGA and Sonic Team as we finish design of the Sonic 25th Anniversary Collector Coins, which you'll be able to get exclusively at special events like the 25th Anniversary Party and (in limited supply) via Summer of Sonic's kickstarter campaign. We're making some changes to our first set of samples to make it the best looking coin we've ever created, and I can't wait to share pictures with you soon when the next version comes in. The 10th Anniversary Coin was a bit of our inspiration here, but we intend to blow that one out of the water this time. We're also working with TOMY to see if we can sell some early samples of their all new Classic Sonic Plush line that's coming out this year for the 25th Anniversary. I can't promise this just yet, but know that if you can attend, we might have an area set up where you can buy the Classic Sonic/Tails/Knuckles/Eggman plush long before they release at retail. Probably a highly limited quantity - will keep you posted! And of course, we're hard at work on streaming options for those of you who can't make it to San Diego! If this goes as planned, it'll be an even bigger offering than previous streams, and we might be able to get some interviews on-stream, field questions from the chat, etc. Still TBD, but we have big dreams for it. Between the exclusive merchandise, the soon-to-be-announced Special Guests and the Announcements to be made, please trust me when I say you won't want to miss this one. Absolutely be there in person, if you can.
  8. I think SEGA should make a survey specifically for Sonic.

    If we have one, SEGA could figure out what to do for Sonic.

    You'd first have a list of Sonic games, and you'd click on all the games you've played.

    You'd then have to list the good and the bad of each game, and in full detail what you'd like to see in a Sonic game. Would you like something to return? Would you like something new?  Do you want a serious story, or a comedic story?

    You will then be asked if you're fine with delays, or waiting longer than a year for the games.

    I think you should tell SEGA about my ideas. It'd make alot of fans happy to pretty much be able to tell SEGA directly about what they want.

  9. Hope you guys enjoy it! The team behind it put in a huge amount of work over the last few months, and kept it secret the entire time. (Well, as secret as could be for a fake-game-turned-real that we'd been joking about for years.) All credit and many thanks to all the people out there who worked on this behind-the-scenes. You know who you are - thank you.
  10. I almost forgot how much I loved that video. Thanks for making Monday a lot better.
  11. Appreciate the kinder comments in the first part of your post! With regard to history, I've actually hosted a number of panels at conventions across the US over the last few years. Definitely not my first rodeo. There's nothing to learn about pressing time limits, as this is almost always the case! A good panel runs right up to the end, but doesn't go over - and we took the Q&A and let people do that after the panel, along with the signings. The challenge is that they'll give you a set amount of time (in this case: "You only get 45 minutes") and an approved topic ("Cover the history of Sonic!") and then it's all about trying to keep your audience entertained and having a good time, while still offering them something new. Now take your special guests and try to work them in, ensuring they all get time, too - even if some may not have been as involved in all the parts of the history you're covering. Now factor in that you're going to lose even more time to translation... the list goes on! If that sounds easy - it's totally not! Now imagine that you're going to have a few hundred live people watching. and maybe 5,000 or more online... (I think we ended up with over 11k online viewers, combining Twitch + YouTube)... and this is where you pray that you don't get nervous or any bit of stage fright. TL;dr: Panels are tough to host, and even tougher to host while keeping entertaining. I'm really thankful that our live audience was so awesome, because they made the entire thing so much better. By diversity and representation, do you mean in regard to the Sonic fanbase? Guessing so, but just want to be sure! Shhh. He's totally not here. He's a ninja.
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