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  1. Hi everyone - wanted to jump in and comment here too. As you've probably all seen by now, yes, you can collect well over 100 rings in a level, as long as you're not on the easier difficulty. (If you're a longtime Sonic fan, just pick the hardest difficulty you see, and you'll be set!) This has always been a part of the game design. I alluded to it in the post referenced, but there's also even more being updated as we get to the launch of the game. We've kept a number of things in the game hidden as we don't want to spoil you on all of it, but after seeing people getting confused on the limit, we wanted to make sure people understood the 100 rings cap wasn't a thing on the harder difficulty.
  2. We felt that Shadow wasn't really an "Evil" character through and through, so Chaotic Neutral made more sense for this post.
  3. I think SEGA should make a survey specifically for Sonic.

    If we have one, SEGA could figure out what to do for Sonic.

    You'd first have a list of Sonic games, and you'd click on all the games you've played.

    You'd then have to list the good and the bad of each game, and in full detail what you'd like to see in a Sonic game. Would you like something to return? Would you like something new?  Do you want a serious story, or a comedic story?

    You will then be asked if you're fine with delays, or waiting longer than a year for the games.

    I think you should tell SEGA about my ideas. It'd make alot of fans happy to pretty much be able to tell SEGA directly about what they want.

  4. Hope you guys enjoy it! The team behind it put in a huge amount of work over the last few months, and kept it secret the entire time. (Well, as secret as could be for a fake-game-turned-real that we'd been joking about for years.) All credit and many thanks to all the people out there who worked on this behind-the-scenes. You know who you are - thank you.
  5. I almost forgot how much I loved that video. Thanks for making Monday a lot better.
  6. I think the quote was "If Aaron would just stop posting memes and get to work on the new Sonic Game..." and I pretty much died right around there.
  7. No confirmation just yet. Hoping to have a concrete answer one way or the other soon though! Ryan, y u do dis. But for real, I think that Cream bufflowercatch, or whatever that's supposed to be, could probably inspire a full length, 60-hour RPG. I'd play it! Appreciate it. Thanks, Naldush! We got on the topic of art books, and the hosts mentioned they would really love to see one. Since I sit next to the licensing group, I promised I'd share the idea and see if we could get something going. It's not a confirmation, and these things can take a lot of time, but for my part, I will see what we can do! Ah! Someone spotted it. Your data is correct. Thanks for the Birthday wishes!
  8. Yep, no problem Chaos! I e-mail the guys at SEGA of Japan / Sonic Team on a daily basis, and talk to them pretty regularly. Granted, I'm just one person, and sometimes we do have different opinions on things, but I think it would be the same anywhere and with any team of people. Often those varying opinions can be good - the early 90's and Sonic's changes at the time speak to that well.
  9. It's a good question, but you'd have to get that one straight from the source, I think! Personally, I think it's a little bit like trying to force logic into something that doesn't really need that logic or heavy scrutiny involved with it. But, because we often like to try to connect the dots and build in our own minds this bigger world (and I'm the same, actually), we often find ourselves looking for these patterns and connections. I think that what matters more is whether we enjoy the particular game or the story that that game is telling, as it relates to the world in which the story is set. Sometimes having a bigger connection and an over-arching world can add to that, and offers you chances to do fun things with continuity and storytelling. From the Genesis era to the Dreamcast to beyond, quite a few games have had storylines that don't make sense if you try to place them in a timeline or a world with all the rest. The same can often be said about a number of other games and franchises - and, of course, also applies to any Jurassic Park movie after the first one*. (*With Jurassic World as a potential exception, depending on what you thought of it! )
  10. Don't ever let anyone else tell you what to like or how to feel. Enjoy the things that you enjoy, and don't ever be ashamed for that. Being true to yourself will make a bigger difference in your life than you may realize!
  11. Hey there Sonic Stadium! I wouldn't worry too much about trying to force together the pieces in the Sonic storylines from various games. Trust me - I've tried, and it makes your brain hurt sometimes. That said, I totally get that there will always be some question or answer that people want to read more into or analyze... that's what we do as fans! I hope you guys enjoyed the interview, but if there are any parts that make you ask questions or that you're more interested in, let me know and I'll see if I can comment in more detail! Forever yours until the release of the upcoming fictional Big the Cat game, Ruby
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