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  1. Honestly, SEGA is just going to pull the plug on archie if they have to strep in. From SEGA's perspective there is no reason in letting this drag on any futher when IDW is just a phone call away. Transformers Goldzilla TMNT They have done wonders for these licenses and I'm positive Sonic would get the same treatment. Take THEIR license and let Penders and Archie duke it out without the extra negative publicity on Sonic.
  2. I bet SEGA's new game announcement will be that "Retro Collection" that was leaked at merchandise show. Calling it now

  3. New DBZ RPG that focuses on a Fusion of Goku and Brolly!? Im in!

    1. Wraith
    2. RappedinBlacX


      Project Fusion DBZ RPG for 3DS announced

      Would post link but cant do it on ps4

    3. Marcello
    4. TCB
    5. RappedinBlacX


      I know, its outta nowhere but at least they're doing something other just play though DBZ series for the 100th time. We should have the  freiza arc memorized word for word by now.

    6. Komodin


      Well, this game could prove to be quite interesting. At the very least, I'm looking forward to seeing fusions like Gobroly/Broku.

  4. I swear, TMNT is a western world icon, but its always at its best when powered by a Japanese developer. Very very very excited for this.
  5. I found the demo to be..Meh. Presentation technically and artistically boring.
  6. How do you embed videos? If its suppose to automatic I cant get it to work for me.

    1. Tara


      Use the share URL (youtu.be/videourl) and press enter.

      Sometimes it just doesn't work though.

    2. RappedinBlacX


      Take share url and copy it in link tab right? Not working

    3. Tara


      No, just paste the URL into the actual post and press enter.

    4. RappedinBlacX


      Your wonderful 

    5. Tara


      You're welcome!

    6. goku262002


      Has that bug been reported yet tara? I found out last night via my status that its certain browsers that are bugging up with the embed.

    7. Tara


      We're aware of the issue, but it's largely a problem within IPB itself.  Not much we can do about it.

      IPB's slogan ought to be "Sometimes we work, sometimes we don't."  Because that's pretty much about all I can say on the matter lol

    8. goku262002


      Fuck I know that if I update my browser it most likely will work but I'll lose support for most of my plugins that aren't supported by FF version 40.0, it sucks.

      Wish IPB would get their shit together or just leaves things as they are.

  7. I forgot! In Sonic OVA they love groping that girl.
  8. Yea, I was implying that by the being more animal statement and the athro umbrella. Even then, it doesn't make the Elise thing any less weirder. Funny enough I knew somebody was going to bring aliens up. Aliens/human end up more natural just because it feels they belo. Sonic still hasn't meshed well with humans well at all since attempting it leading to that being an extra hurdle that Sonic Team would have to climb over before even getting love. That's best I give for that. I guess Im saying something needs to be established within the series to walk viewers like me into it. Sonic world has made issues like this clear. Sonic and pals can breath in space. The lore establishes that, so even though it makes no I dont question it because Sonic's world says how it works.
  9. No implying that, just pointing out to where it reaches creepyness. Can a man love a dog and dog alove his owner? Absolutely. Can a man or woman love another woman or man not his/her husband? yes. Can Sonic loves Tails like a little Brother? Yessir. Maria and Shadow having a brother sister love? Cool. Elise liking Sonic romantically?! Weird.
  10. I will also vouch for no Romance, but I want to go deeper. Sonic liking Blaze is the step before Sonic liking Elise. Its gross. Biologically speaking, characters should not have any attraction to any characters not of their species or a relative species (Tigers/Lions). Sonic and Sally and the fact they had kids creeps me the hell out. Obviously, Sonic characters are more human then animal and I guess we could umbrella them under "Anthro" the same way we umbrella different ethic groups under Human, but its just weird. Hell, even Shadow and Maria is slightly ehh? Then there is Sonic standing for freedom and Adventure. Naaaw, no romance.
  11. I see this alot and I think alot of people are confused? The past that Shadow was searching for was not his SA2 past, but the past that led to his creation and Maria being killed something that never had any depth put into it in SA2, so none of the characters including Rouge would know that.
  12. What if Knuckles drowned in Angel Island Zone shortly after taking the Chaos Emeralds?
  13. I'd do anything for a juicy Sonic leak... 

  14. I never understood why fans want Sonic the Hedgehog to be a springboard for "mature themes". Where does it come from? The best plot for a Sonic game was Sonic Battle and Chronicles and to be frank, they're the only great plots. Every other Sonic stories have never been great or even good, just entertaining on the likes of Dragonball Z. No body watched DBZ for stories, but fun over the top cheesyness. Thats exactly how I feel about Sonic. Sonic Adventure 2 plot was fun as hell not because it was great but how over the top it got. I remember seeing the preview to the Last stary chapter, and I was like, "What fuck was that? Am I still playing Sonic?"
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