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  1. Maybe I like CoM more than BBS after all. It has less BS bosses, a less crappy story, and I can land more than 2 hit combos more than 25% of the time

  2. So upset my Smash copy got delayed. I was so looking forward to playing it all day... oh well

    1. Ferno


      Every switch contains a copy of Smash, Every gamer is out having a blast-

      From the distance screams the voices of fans, Taunting rivals who will all catch these hands-

      Colors weave on through the spectrum of time, Hues gone past are hinted as wind through chimes- 

      Painting pictures of my game that's delayed, Search your warehouse Amazon I just want it to plaaaay

    2. Adamabba




  3. will never fail to make me laugh


  4. Gah can't play Smash until my final is done in about 12 hours. The wait is killing me

    1. Kiah


      At least you have your priorities right amid such a huge temptation via Smash. I hope your final goes well. 

  5. oh and btw


    1. Zaysho


      handing out L's

    2. SupahBerry


      Mr. Sakurai, I don't feel so good


    3. Kiah


      That’s not how you say “zero”...

  6. This is why Im saying Sora can make it in. They aren't worried about making sense over at Nintendo

    1. Bobnik


      I also remember the time when Shadow was supposed to be a given.

      good times

      But on a serious note, I still feel like Sora being in Smash is less on Nintendo and more on Square + maybe Disney. If they allow it like they did with Cloud, then that'd be great, but I don't hold high hopes for this.

      hell, not holding high hopes for this kind of game is beneficial, since you then get pleasantly surprised by announcements.

  7. Shonen Jump is making a big announcement tomorrow. So many people think it's gonna be Bleach related so sure, Imma just go ahead and jump on the hype train just to be disappointed later

  8. Finna be the best Toon Link/Young Link player in the world LETS GOOO

  9. For a good time type in "sonic" in the ssmb search bar, select status replies and limit the number of replies to 50

  10. 310549380_Screenshot2018-12-06at12_17_46PM.thumb.png.8750d97abc3206c2261492f619530bf1.png

    1. KHCast


      Tonight for me hehe

  11. there's this anime movie Im watching called steam boy on tv right now and its frickin beautiful. I love 2D animation it will always be better than 3D are u kidding me

  12. Got my copy of KH 2.8. still need to finish BBS before I can get to it

    1. Sean


      I jumped into 0.2 in the middle of my KH1 playthrough so that was 'fun'

    2. Ernest-Panda


      @Sean literally all of Aqua’s stuff is happening parallel to KH1, so it kinda works!

  13. 550241618_Screenshot2018-12-05at12_14_31PM.thumb.png.a84af016faf1b8db9bda89fbbfdd43bf.png

    1. MarioAmigosYT


      That Yoshi in the background tho, he could've learned his lesson on doing Tax Fraud by being dead.

    2. SupahBerry
  14. Still not entirely sure if the Kaptain K. Rool and K. Roolenstein are supposed to be the same dude as King K. Rool

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Have you ever seen them all in the same room? :?

  15. Kirby dlc spoilers:


    It seemed like going in to battle with the 3 mages without a power up is the best shot you got. And I felt like an absolute badass doing it.



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