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  1. There was so much Sonic talk today... and I couldn't participate in any of it cause I don't know a thing about the freedom fighters lol

    1. dbzfan7


      Better if ya don't. 

  2. gotta listen to some heat to celebrate the anniversary


  3. A list of good Sonic & Knuckles levels:


    -Mushroom Hill zone

    1. Diogenes


      flying battery

    2. TheOcelot


      Lets see:

      Mushroom Valley

      Flying Battery

      Sandopolis act 2

      Sky Santuary

      Lava Reef

      Death Egg


      ...all have good design.

  4. I feel so betrayed when Im playing as Joker in Mementos and one of the Phantom Thieves cheer when I die

  5. Fly in the Freedom is such a good track... How did it take me this long to appreciate it

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I used to love it, until one day I noticed the guy singing the backup vocals and he just sounds creepy as fuck and ruins the entire track.

    2. Menace2Society


      Someone should make a version without that guy, then.

      ... Don’t look at me. I don’t know shit about audio editing. 

    3. Dr Egg-Gin

      Dr Egg-Gin

      Really? I've noticed him there the entire time, I think it makes a decent counter-melody. 

    4. Petrifying Panda

      Petrifying Panda

      There’s a guy singing backing vocals...?

  6. KHPnT5Wl.png

    Chubby Pikachu is back

  7. I wonder if we can expect whatever SEGA's next Sonic game is to be revealed at SXSW next year.

    At the last one they announced that they've begun development on a game so I feel like by the next one they'd be ready to reveal it. But apparently it's not gonna be out till 2021 so idk

    1. TheOcelot


      It's possible. Or maybe the new game will be announced around Sonic's anniversary in June next year.

    2. I Have Berry!

      I Have Berry!

      Anything on the new game there could act as damage control once the Sonic movie drops.

      No matter how little it actually improves on past games, I betchya many'll still be happy with it.

  8. Sonic needs to collab with Uniqlo asap

    1. Polkadi~☆


      He already did :V


      ...if you count SEGA x Uniqlo, anyways.

    2. Adamabba


      Do it again. Imma need some modern sonic shirts this time

  9. sonic_adventure_pose_3d_remake_variant_2

    I can't get over how good this looks. 

    I really hope they go in a new direction similar to this with the models eventually. I've not been fond of the Modern Sonic models they've used ever since Unleashed tbh

    1. Adamabba
    2. Ferno


      Tbh even if they do get more expressive with the models, we won't be seeing this because they moved on from the noodly Adventure era aesthetics long ago, even Uekawa's style itself is more structured and rigid now by comparison. Heck the few times Sega actually tried this in the past it was kinda cool, but kinda hit & miss other times...



  10. I think the new remix is alright, but if they are remaking the game I wouldn't want them to use the track for Station Square. I don't think it fits

  11. Saw the first episode of Cowboy Bebop. It is very good

  12. *Shield exclusive.


    1. Petrifying Panda

      Petrifying Panda

      Huh. Looks like I’m getting Shield after all.

    2. Pumpkin Spice Ultima

      Pumpkin Spice Ultima

      I was hoping it would be a fairy type tbh

  13. the biggest highlight of the Hero Engine for me are those smooth af animations. that's one thing i don't believe i've seen any other engine match the quality of

    1. Celestia


      I agree mostly. Islands' animations are just as good imo just in a different way, they're simpler but really charming.

  14. I've been slacking on watching my anime lately. Need to finish MHA S3 and AOT S3. Then I need to find something new to watch. Cowboy Bebop maybe

    1. Polkadi~☆


      FLCL, Gurren Lagann and Kill La Kill are my top recommendations, if you’re looking for things to watch.

    2. Zaysho


      Bebop is a must.

    3. Wraith


      you should watch bebop before you watch those other shows

    4. TCB


      Watch cowboy bebop

      then outlaw star

  15. Now that Mew2King is back to competing at Melee Im not tryna watch Ultimate lol

    1. Adamabba



  16. Copped my tickets to see One Piece Stampede on the 24th.  Im excited to see One Piece on the big screen, and it should also be cool seeing so many One Piece fans in the same room. I've probably met <20 in my life time lol

    1. Ferno


      I might need to see it twice. On the 24th because that's day one, but also on the 25th because thats one of the dub screening days. Though tbh if the dub was available on the 24th then I would've just went on that day

    2. TCB


      I'm still upset it's not in my immediate area

  17. I've started to become a coffee drinker since my brother got a coffee machine a few weeks ago. It's definitely helping me focus on college work

    1. Ryannumber1Scarer


      I don’t drink coffee, but the hot chocolate you can get for certain models are absolutely gorgeous 

    2. Adamabba


      ooh I'll have to try that sometime

  18. So House of the Dead is getting a remake too.


    ...come on Sonic, im waiting for your turn

    1. I Have Berry!

      I Have Berry!

      Give the guy who overshadowed all these franchises for years a fair chance?


  19. MCU Spidey is back in business baby!




  20. I remember it blowing my mind when I saw Sonic actually using his spines to attack in SSBB

    1. Diogenes


      honestly you can almost forget his spikes are supposed to be spikes, especially with modern sonic. i feel like he's become so divorced from his original concept, like he feels less like a cartoon hedgehog and more like a weird little nonspecific creature with floppy blue hair and super speed.

    2. Strickerx5


      Eh, I'd sort of argue that the none-specific roles his spikes maintain and the various ways they can be animated up is what makes him more of a cartoon character. They're situational, to be used when the actual artist wants to. They have to be there but their actual functionality is as loose as the idea that three large triangles are supposed to be representing hedgehog spikes.

      Plus, that train of thought about him not being a straight-up hedgehog has floated with the series since the classics. His modern design might've strengthened it, but it was definitely there with classic as well. Really, that's just par for the course with stylized cartoon animals for the most part.

  21. Im liking the advertising work SOA has been doing recently


    1. I Have Berry!

      I Have Berry!

      Missed opportunity not having a reference to Iwata staring at bananas

  22. KH3 spoilers


    I do agree that overall KH3's ending was not good but Sora's "death" genuinely shocked me and made me feel down so I can appreciate that they did something that really caught me off guard.


    the way they did it with everything looking fine at first then Kairi shedding a tear for seemingly no reason then him disappearing and Kairi slowly lowering her head with the credits rolling right after was dope and I don't want to hear otherwise!!!


    1. Petrifying Panda

      Petrifying Panda

      To be totally honest

      I couldn’t even tell at first whether that actually happened or if it was just some weird symbolism.

    2. Adamabba



      I thought it was something that we wouldn't get an explanation for till the next game but it turned out the answer why it happened was there, it's just something most people wouldn't catch on a first playthrough


    3. Wraith


      The actual visual language of the scene is so strong that it would be completely understandable and even moving without context. Nomura and his team have always been good at that, but from a cinematic standpoint it might be one of the series strongest moments. 

      It's the writing and context behind it that let it down. It didn't move me as much as KH1 or 2's endings because of that. 

  23. *Looks up who Nick Offerman's wife is after watching all of Parks and Rec.


  24. When you're playing a level in Endless mode in Mario Maker and see that the level title isn't punctuated you might as well skip it immediately because there's a 90% chance that it's trash

    1. Petrifying Panda

      Petrifying Panda

      Well that’s not very fair. You don’t have to be good at English to be good at level design.

  25. I totally forgot about Indivisible for the longest time and now it's almost out. I don't buy actually buy a lot of indie games but Im pretty interested in this one

    1. Menace2Society


      Game reminds me of Valkyrie Profile... which I never played.


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