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  1. It is interesting that according to this, Team Hooligan has sort of always been an idea floating about in the background, even for Sega. Makes the recent idea of them as a group in Mania feel less like just a comics idea now.
  2. Honestly, with all of this, part of me can't help but keep wondering if Iizuka is pulling this out because the recent overshadowing of Forces by Mania has him on the defensive to the point of "Well that's not the REAL Sonic in Mania, so it doesn't count anyways".Pride is a sticky thing after all.
  3. This just goes to show that no franchise is totally free of the Multiverse concept. Sonic just seems to have gone more 'whole hog' than most. On the topic of special stage lore, wasn't there that tidbit about Fang supposedly being from there? Not sure how accurate that is as it was translated from an old site blurb or something like that, but I always found that concept interesting. As for my favorite world? Anti Mobius (or Moebius) would rank up there, if only because Scourge is still among my favorite characters, as well as just having a soft spot for twisted parallel universes in fiction in general.
  4. Well that does it then. Funny though...SSMB was supposed to be the "cool and friendly" Sonic message board. Guess that was just a big ball of bull. I look at the title of this topic...where the HELL does it say anything about whether 06 was good or bad? It asks simply who else ENJOYED it. ENJOYED, not their opinion on the game's ability to be good or bad. Yet we have several supposed "smart" members of the community, spending their free time trying to force their views down others' throats. What kind of "friendly" atmosphere is THAT? This post will probably get me banned but damnit I can't stomach my outrage any longer. Yes I'm a large fan of Sonic 2006. Did it do alot of things wrong? Yes that much is obvious to anyone who plays. Does that mean I'm not allowed to enjoy it? Hell no! As a paying gamer, I have every inaliable RIGHT to enjoy what games I wish, without having to cower to popular opinion. I understand 06 is hated by a large portion. Their opinion on why they dislike 06 is just as valid as my reasons for liking it. That does NOT give them the right to bully and strongarm others into believing their side of things. People come onto this board because SSMB claims it's a place for people of ALL kinds of opinions to enjoy talking about Sonic freely. To my horror I see that this is just a big fat lie. There's no freedom of expression and opinion, just the same self rightous feeling of entitlement I see everywhere else. To those few who tried to be civil and let both sides have their say, I'm sorry about this rant, but I felt I needed to say what had to be said. The very idea of what some posters are attempting to do to others here is sickening, and because of that I don't believe I'll be visiting this message board any longer. If I wanted to be belittled and told what to think and do, I'd go off and become a slave. As long as I'm allowed the freedom to think and act as my own heart decides, I will continue to do so, and now fall to the mass structure. Good day and goodbye.
  5. Well from what I can make out it sounds to be Takeshi Kusao, reprising the role from SegaSonic the Hedgehog. I can only assume he was also the voice of Sonic in patrol Car. Something to think about.
  6. As a Sonic fan who has been here since the beginning, I've in time become a fan of all Sonic's various continuities. In doing so, I like to think it's given me a wider outlook on things. That being said, in regards to the naming argument, I accept both...depending on the situation. I like to take the naming scheme on a continuity-by-continuity basis. For example, in the games he has the family name Robotnik, but he's primarily refered to as Eggman, so I call him as such unless the topic of the family comes up. On the other hand, take SatAM, where the Eggman name has never been used, so I refer to the villain as Robotnik, except the few instances where his original name, Julien, is reffered to. The same goes with the name of the planet. Games, Sonic X...these I refer to as earth, whereas SatAM, Archie, Fleetway..these would be Mobius. So to sum it up, neither is right or wrong..they're simply correct to their own universes. I just find this not only feels more correct, but is also just alot easier to deal with in the greater scheme of things, as when you know the continuity you speak of, using it's naming conventions seems only natural. That's just my 2 cents on the matter. No flames I hope...unless it's for a BBQ
  7. Well I can't speak for anyone else, but coming from a fan who enjoys every version of Sonic, I just get sad when I see fighting amoungst the fanbase. We may disagree on things, but at the end of the day, we're all fans of a speedy blue do gooder hedgehog, and that has to count for something doesn't it? If I could point out anything, it's that I do wish fans would stop focusing so much on what they dislike, and focus more on what they enjoy, then maybe they'd be happier peoples. I want to see Sonic fans smile again, and I've seen small glances in recent days. So my advice? Instead of laughing at that Archie Sonic fan for liking a comic exclusive character, or ripping into a fan of Sonic X for it's Japanese roots, step back and think about how diversity makes this fandom stronger, not weaker. To end this note, everyone just have fun and be happy. It works for Sonic :3
  8. Sorry for feeling blue (and not the spiny kind ) Just hit me on the wrong kind of day you know? I'm gonna try and see the bright side of all this. Once the fans are done we'll have alot of new goodies to play with.
  9. I can handle the time limit, however saddening. I can handle only getting one half of the experience. What grates me is because I don't have the money at this moment to have Gold Membership to Xbox Live, I only get to have HALF the time with the demo everyone else does? Oh very smooth move Sega. Celebrate Sonic's birthday by punishing his fans for not having tons of cash. Some birthday celebration. Here I was actually excited for this blasted demo. That'll teach me.
  10. http://tinyurl.com/3lv8fam Eggman fans enjoy
    1. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush


    2. 7cit


      wut about Sonic? o.o (btw hai Twinbee me didnt know your here too :3)

  11. I hope it's ok to ask but may I have a PM too? Since I have to rely on newsstand, it'll feel like ages waiting for the issue, and I can't hold out that long lol. Thanks much in advance <3
  12. Honestly, I'm sure I'm abit of a minority on the matter, but having just recently purchased and played 06 and Unleashed together, I'm finally allowed to say what I think. In the case of 06, either i was VERY lucky, or others have blown things out of proportion, because I encountered no glitches whatsoever in this game. Was it challenging? Yes. I also enjoyed that challenge more then I'd had in a sonic game in years. My only complaint (if I had to make one) is that some characters could have used some tweaking in their gameplay (amigos were abit guilty here). Other then that, the game was mostly just hard (in the good way). As for Unleashed? I'll admit some of the Werehog stuff is alittle fun...but to be honest I'm not a fan of Unleashed. Outside some hunting/exploring, Werehog isn't that great, but he's leaps and bounds over the dreadfully unfun day stages. I've not had this little fun with controlling Sonic since Secret Rings. So I can outright say it..I loved 06 and didn't have much fun with Unleashed. I may get torn apart for this opinion, but I'd rather be honest then join the bandwagon.
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