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  1. The Trix rabbit’s existence is just cruel. Imagine your sole purpose-your one and only goal and reason for living- is to have a bowl of cereal. And you aren’t allowed to ever have it because of some jack-ass kids. #JusticeForTheRabbit

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      General Mills held a campain in the 70s where kids voted to give the Rabbit his Trix because they felt it was sending the wrong message to kids. And than they put him back on the leash anyway.


      I mean, rabbits ain't allowed to eat cereal, so it's honestly for his own good.

    2. Speederino


      That’s the problem right there: who says rabbits can’t have cereal? Society? FUCK society! Better for him to finally accomplish his life’s goal and maybe die from it rather than live an endless, miserable existence where he never gets to be happy.

      I mean at the very least let him have a bite of that shitty yogurt like come ON

    3. Teoskaven


      People these days really have too much free time.

    4. Speederino


      Right? Why spend so much time and effort in preventing a silly rabbit from accomplishing his dreams?

    5. Teoskaven


      Maybe if brands didn't wasted time in creating stuff like that to promote their products to begin with there wouldn't be a problem in the first place.

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