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  1. Top 10 Numbers in a Top 10 List:

    10. 6. Like who the fuck even cares about the #6 spot?

    9. 7. #7 is an asshole for what it did to 9.

    8. 8. Just not much to say about the #8 spot.

    7. 5. Like oh boy we're ramping up now.

    6. 4. I guess. Who cares?

    5. 9. RIP #9. You will be missed. Fuck you, #7. Fuck. You.

    4. 3. Like oh shit son, things are getting exciting now

    3. 1. Tends to be contentious but is too important to not give props to.

    2. 10. First impressions are everything. If the #10 pick is SHIT, who cares?

    1. 2. The #2 spot deserves to be top pick because reasons.

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Honorable Mentions: All Of The Above

    2. Marcello
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