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    Oh nice, Star Wars Episode 1 Racer just surprise dropped on Switch. That's neat, it's just that these Aspyr-led Star Wars Switch ports have left a lot to be desired. Still, I might dip if it's not overpriced.

    Also do some good KotOR ports pls.

    Edit: Not a surprise drop, I just didn't know this was a thing until this exact moment lol

    1. Solister


      I knew it was coming but wasn't expecting it was that near.

      I never played the game and almost bought it on the May 4th sale for PC, but then went with the Jedi Academy series (Which honestly, I'm almost sure it wasn't such great deal).

      But yeah... the games sounds interesting. The PodRace level on LEGO was a nightmare. The game reminds a lot of the WipeOut series and honestly, I don't think such scene deserved the amount of promo it received.

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