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  1. I say it again: yes, please.

    1. Speederino


      I had a few small doubts from the early trailers, but so far everything about this looks *perfect*.

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      For off-of-the-wall statement spewing toons, they sure made a few lucky guesses (1:26, 1:32).

      Also the Black Panther ref both stings and brings great pleasure.

    3. Speederino


      ^ Why couldn't it have been the wacky time-traveling cop car, instead?

    4. Speederino


      Ohhhhhhhhh god I just got the "Iron Man" joke at 1:51. That took me a bit.

    5. PaulyBFromDa303


      "The writers are writing this in 2018. So what happened the last two years?"

      If this is true, then THEIR PREDICTION WASN'T THAT FAR OFF . . .

  2. Yes, please.

    1. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      RIP Slappy Squirrel, they really do seem to have axed the old cast.

      Ah well, still love it.

    2. Speederino


      Slappy and Chicken Boo. Just give them roles at some point, I can honestly do without the rest. But come on, imagine Chicken Boo posing as Trump. We *need* that!

    3. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      I honestly thought they'd omit the third verse entirely and just call it good, but they really went all-out. Honestly, I'm surprised at how much they retained from the original intro, both lyrics and animation-wise. And the updated lyrics are great.

    4. Strickerx5


      Fuck, that got a few good chuckles out of me. Good stuff, excited to start watching.

  3. Is it just me or is nobody talking about the Miles Morales game? When the first one came out it dominated social media for like two weeks but I'm hardly hearing a peep this time around.

    1. Polkadi~☆


      Not everyone has a PS5. Even though we can get it on PS4 too.

    2. Speederino


      That's just it though, how many people are actually holding out for the PS5 version?

    3. Rabid-Coot


      More things came out next to it and its probably less impressive the second time around

    4. Strickerx5


      I know I’m waiting on a 5 for this one.

      But real talk, that’s sort of been the case for a lot of games this year. Outside of Animal Crossing and LoU2, not too many AAAs were really talked about at length this year. It’s really been more random choices like Among Us that received most of the attention.

      Though for MM, yeah I really do think that there are a fair bit of people who are just holding off till they can get a PS5 to enjoy it.

    5. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      I like to think that everyone is playing it right now to talk about it

  4. Crash 4 is great to simply play through but man I just don't know if I care about getting 100% this time. Maybe if I take my time with it.

    1. Wraith


      I grind like, a level or two per day and it's not that bad at that pace. Still wish the game wasn't like this though.

    2. Jango


      It's really overwhelming, definitely. But my main problem with 100%-ing the game isn't the difficulty per se, as I found it to be just right and not that "torture porn" I see people bringing up in some places, but the fucking loading screens. That kills it to me. At least I'm seeing that the PS5 and Series X load the level in 6 seconds, but still... It could load once and every restart should be instantaneous, like when you're doing time trials.

      What I hope for the future is more levels like Cortex Castle (actually hard, but delicious to master) and less repeating the same levels with filters and shit, because my God, I can't wait for the same level to load 10 times. Also, I really dislike some of those filters, especially the one in the snow world.

    3. Speederino


      I do think some sections a bit too hard for their own good, especially when you factor in the 3 life gems and perfect relics. But what would go a long way is if they didn’t count any lives lost before the first checkpoint *like the old games did*. Removing that just forces the player to reload constantly and it suuuuuucks.

    4. Kuzu


      It says something when I can only do one or two levels per session. Game is fucking rough man. 

  5. I just realized it's Friday the 13th. This hasn't been a good day (or week) at all so no wonder :U

  6. FUCK YES FREAKAZOID IS RETURNIIIIiiiiing in an episode of Teen Titans Go. Hm. Well...ok. I guess it makes sense, honestly.

    1. Teoskaven


      Monkey's paw.

    2. Plumbers_Helper


      Freakazoid is one of my favorite shows of all time so I'm looking forward to it even though I don't care for Teen Titans Go. So happy to hear Paul Rugg helped write the script.

  7. I have a sudden, strong craving for peanut butter. But I am at work, and have no access to peanut butter. I can't even snag a Reeses from the vending machine because I don't have change.

    This fucking sucks.

  8. I like Crash 4 a lot but man they really did go too far in some places. And I'm not just talking about the collectables, there are some truly absurd difficulty spikes here and there.

  9. Well, at least one good thing came out of 2020.

  10. I’m at Rings of Power in Crash 3, the level that, as a kid, I just could *not* get the gold relic for. I tried and tried and tried, and eventually just gave up. So I never got to see Crash 3’s true ending. Well here we are, 20 years later. LET’S DO THI- I got it on the second try. What the fuck, child me?

    Did I...did I not know you could boost through the rings by barrel rolling? But if not, then how did I get the level gem? I...huh?

    1. Harkofthewaa


      The rings give you enough boost on their own to get you the gem. The thing is that, at least in the original the only hing you got to barrel roll into the rings was that the first one has the tornado symbol on it.

    2. Speederino


      N Sane has that too, but I didn't really understand what it was telling me right away. I kinda figured it out through sheer luck.

  11. Playing Crash 2 off the N. Sane Trilogy. I haven't played this game since I was a kid; holy fuck this is a nostalgia trip. I used to know it so well I'd 100% it in a single sitting XD

  12. Also, if there was ever going to be a Halloween where witching hour actually happens and a bunch of crazy monsters and shit come out, it’s going to be 2020’s. Watch your backs tonight, folks.

  13. If you won’t vote for democracy’s sake, then do it to end the 300,000 daily political texts and phone calls I mean holy FUCK how is this legal??? Half of these don’t even get my name right :U

    1. McGroose



      This shit is really starting to annoy me, I'm getting at least 2 a day

    2. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Meanwhile, here I am having not gotten a single one.

  14. Since everyone is starting their own streaming service I, Speederino, am announcing that I too am releasing a new streaming service. You can look forward to watching the following shows whenever you want, on demand:

    - The Bubsy cartoon

    That's it those are all the shows. Just $9.99 a month for the basic version with six-minute long ad breaks after every three sentences of dialogue. Or $200 a month for the version with no ads. Please pick the second option. Ok thanks bye


    1. Speederino


      (Side note: holy fuck I can't believe they actually put this in there. I mean I CAN but)

    2. Nix


      they have Bill Clinton playing the sax in the opening lmao

    3. Plumbers_Helper
  16. *is playing a Mario game*

    *My Dad sees it, sees the red cap*

    "Looks like a Trump campaign rally."

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how Super Mario was forever ruined for me.

    1. Speederino



      Make the Mushroom Kingdom great again


    2. TheOcelot



    3. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      That's nothing. According to a NSFW book by Stormy Daniel's...


      Trump's ████ looks like Toad from Mario Kart on Wii


    4. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      Koopalings, stand back and stand by.

    5. Shadow Chaos Control

      Shadow Chaos Control

      Mario donned the red cap long before Trump made it a slogan cap. 

      Besides Mario’s cap is vastly different in design. 

    6. Polkadi~☆


      video games are getting so political smh

    7. KHCast
    8. Shadow Chaos Control

      Shadow Chaos Control

      @KHCast Did you mean to say ok in DK’s voice, because that’s what Iheard. 

  17. I really don't like how this ended 😧

  18. Hmmmm to respond to a semi-rude Reddit comment directed at you or not? Gratification vs. wasting time potentially getting in an endless back and forth over something stupid.


    *hits downvote button*

    1. Shadow Chaos Control

      Shadow Chaos Control

      My advice: Ignore it, trolls and sadists online want attention. 

  19. Remember the mayor's office in Majora's Mask? One guy argues with a screaming blowhard over a very looming, ominous threat and how this isn't the time for big, crowded festivities?

    Fucking sucks that anything from that game could mirror reality.

  20. It's kinda surreal seeing Animaniacs and Beavis and Butt-head coming back at the exact same time. I'm half expecting for someone to announce a new season of Seinfeld at this point.

  21. Already seeing people complaining that the Animaniacs reboot looks "too political". Did they not watch the old one? Did they miss that there was always a Bill Clinton joke *right in the theme song*? XD

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Well, that was only the first season, but yeah the point still stands

    2. Emperor Robrainiac

      Emperor Robrainiac

      I don't know whether or not to be surprised that people are acting like this. I remember Pinky and the Brain being especially political, with a lot of political figures being parodied regularly.

    3. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      "Too political" Translation: How dare you remind me of things that I'm horribly uncomfortable about thinking about because I don't want to consider that my politics might suck ass (especially if I'm a Trumper)!? My cartoons should be free of any outside influence even if the ones I have nostalgia for had it as well but I was too young and/or stupid to notice or understand, or just chose to ignore if it contradicted my beliefs, which is especially hypocritical given political views are inherently a part of any artistic medium, including cartoons even if they aren't always extremely overt in their messaging!

      EDIT: For the record, I DO get that sometimes politics can be tiring and that you need somewhere to recharge, maybe cartoons that aren't overtly political or anything.

  22. That Monster Hunter movie is a Youtube parody, right? There's no way it's a real thing. Right? Right?



    Oh no

    1. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Expect the worst with Paul W.S. Anderson on board.

  23. image.png.a5c7c3aac0e9cd3092e564bff8f1bcd4.png


    Your secret is safe with me.

    1. Celestia


      This is fake!! I don't even remember any of the characters' names, like Duke or whoever it was

    2. Zaysho


      Damn. This is a lot to take in.

      Didn't know I was friends with a NERD

    3. Speederino


      Don't worry man, there's no need to fret. You can trust me and all the other people who read this to keep your secret.

    4. Sean


      I bet their favorite one is Episode III: Remember Seth?

    5. KHCast



    6. Polkadi~☆



  24. Now I'm free, now I'm movin', come on Batman let's get groovin'!

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