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  1. Like everyone else, I’ve been sinking my teeth into Smash Ultimate for the last few days and I have some thoughts I need to get off my chest. I think I better preface this though: in terms of the fighting mechanics, the roster, the stage selection, the customization and sheer variety of multiplayer modes, this is definitely indeed the ultimate Smash game and I’ll be playing it for years to come.

    But, as much as I want to, I just can’t call it my favorite of the bunch.

    You see, I’m what you might call a…casual Smash player (bum bum BUUUUUUUM). I don’t care about or even pay much attention to the competitive scene, nor do I really have a group of gaming pals to play this with locally. So most of my time is spent either in the single player modes or playing against the CPU, with only the occasional online match here and there. And when it comes to Ultimate’s single player offerings, I am simultaneously having a blast yet am also somehow very underwhelmed.

    Classic mode is an absolute joy and is by far and away the best version of it in any Smash game. World of Light is neat, if a bajillion hours longer than it needs to be. But…that’s basically all there is, apart from the typical training and Multi-Man Smash modes. Even All-Star has been heavily neutered and lumped in with the other Multi-Man modes, with the only difference being you’re fighting actual characters instead of Miis. There’s no little coin-related mini-game for collecting trophies/spirits (more on THAT in a second), no homerun contest, no target smashing variant, no special orders. What few single player modes exist are all variations of basic vs. matches (sure, that's obviously Smash's bread and butter but that doesn't mean it can't do anything else). I appreciate that World of Light is trying to fill in for both Adventure mode and Event Matches, but it's obvious it was intended to be *the* reason to play single player and, I'm sorry, in my opinion it's just not compelling enough to carry the entire single player portion on its own.

    And then there’s the spirits. When it comes to functionality, I really like them. It’s cool that they all have different stats and abilities, can be leveled up, made into teams, etc. In spirit battles I love how they found a variety of creative ways to represent characters who aren’t actually in the game, it’s fantastic stuff. But the spirits just aren’t a good replacement for trophies, plain and simple. While the art is generally nice they lack the visual flair that makes me want to look at them in a gallery and, here’s the kicker: they don’t have descriptions. None. Zilch. Nada. The view gallery is nothing more than a collection of 2D images that say the character’s name and their respective series. This kills my excitement towards collecting them. Yeah, it’s still worth it to get new spirit abilities and all but this means I care more about what they can do for me rather than the actual character, which is a real shame.

    Ultimate brings a ton of good mechanics and clever ideas to the table, but it does it at the expense of some long-time series staples. None of this is to say Ultimate isn’t an excellent game or that there’s no fun to be had in single-player (far from it), I just can’t help but feel a little disappointed considering this is supposed to be *the* Smash game to end all Smash games.

    also I'm one of the maybe five people who are sad to see custom movesets go but it's no big loss

  2. Yeah I'm really bummed about this. Being 95, I knew it had to happen soon but I always hoped we could get at least a few more years with him. And I would have loved to have met him just once. It wouldn't have been hard, he was a regular at local cons all over the nation. Just to briefly shake his hand and thank him, because his works have helped shape me in more ways than I can describe. From my tastes in entertainment, to my love in comics, even to who I am as a person. No line in all of fiction has ever resonated with me more than "With great power there must also come great responsibility". That single sentence carries a lot of weight and wisdom, and I only wish certain world leaders today could take this message to heart.

    Stan was never just content with writing simple, by the numbers superhero stories. To him, a story without a message was pointless, and the messages he championed were ones of tolerance, self-esteem, acceptance, responsibility, and so much more. He proved comics could contain much more than simple fisti-cuffs, he proved that even the simplest stories could resonate and be remembered for generations to come. Stan didn't just help to create a multi-billion dollar franchise, he didn't just set a bar for entertainment, he helped to change people's perceptions and therefore the world.

    I posted this in the statuses earlier, but in honor of both Stan Lee and Steve Ditko (who also passed this year), I fiddled around in Spider-Man PS4 to re-create my favorite panel from them.




    May you rest in piece, you fine, fine men. Excelsior!



  3. merlin_140894862_0189d153-9592-44f7-add7



    Steve Ditko was a legend, responsible for creating one of my all-time favorite characters as well as many iconic visuals and stories that inspire me to this day. He was also something of a mystery figure in recent years, as he was notoriously reclusive and silent. To me, this just made him all the more intriguing; a living legend that avoided the spotlight. I'm sad to see him go.

  4. Great, so the photo collection quest in Wind Waker HD is going back to being impossiblely tedious and time-consuming, eh? That's a shame. Miiverse made it actually feel possible and even kinda fun.

    And yeah, I find "You can still use social media" to be a flimsy excuse and missing the point. Sure I can post my screenshots to Twitter, but the appeal of Miiverse was that you could find separate communities for just about every game you could think of, and all you had to do was bring up the home menu and tap an icon. Sure, you can still find such communities on sites like Reddit, Facebook (which I don't want to use for such purposes anyways), or I guess even Google +, but it's nowhere near as convenient and there's no guarantee their communities will even be active.

  5. Meh. Natsume's attempts at making their own Harvest Moon games have been lazy at best. Unless I start hearing glowing praise, I don't think I'll ever be interested in what they're peddling.

    Besides, with Stardew Valley available on all these platforms (or soon to be, in Switch's case), I see no reason to pick this up.

  6. I'm a little confused on the backer rewards. I pledged the $55/£35 tier, and I selected the Switch version. But since this also includes "all previous rewards", does this mean I'm also getting the Steam version? I would think so, but there are some things that make me believe otherwise.

    I'm only curious because I'm pretty hyped for the game, but I worry it might be a while before the Switch version comes along. I still want it, but it would be kinda nice if I could play the game on release without having to spend more cash :P 

  7. I actually had no idea you could kill the guards with a single sneak attack as I never even tried. I did get a little annoyed at how far back you're dumped after you die, but otherwise I kinda enjoyed the stealth section. Plus you get a legit good boss fight at the end, so that made it worth it for me.

    I normally hate these sorts of out of nowhere, unfitting stealth sections in games but for some reason it's never really gotten on my nerves in Zelda. I think it helps that they usually include some kind of actual stealth mechanic, like the barrels in Wind Waker or the noise meter in here.

  8. 38 minutes ago, JaidynReiman said:

    I know that many people just heard Twilight and were like "oh, its child timeline," and left it at that, but its far, far more vague than that, and other evidence contradicts each other as well.

    What else could it be referencing, though? The only other game that seems like a sorta-possibility to me is Link Between Worlds, whose alternate world has kind of a twilight-ish feel to it. But that just seperates it from Wind Waker even further.

    Btw just curious, what is Zelda's Wind Waker reference? I'm assuming you're talking about the same cutscene where she references Twilight Princess, which I need to watch again.

  9. Alright, now that I've finished the game, it's time for the most important discussion ever: BotW's placement in the Zelda timeline. I know, I know, you're all super excited for this. Now, the one thing that seems certain is that this game takes place at the tail-end of one of the split timelines, in the distant, distant future.

    As I said in a status, I at first thought it was the "Hero is defeated" timeline since Ganon (and Ganon specifically, not "Ganondorf") is an ancient evil that keeps terrorizing the world. But then the game went and made that blatant Twilight Princess reference, so that seemed rather definitive (although I personally find it strange that the Hero of Time's story from the "adult" timeline is public knowledge outside of the royal family. Like, the sages are all remembered for doing things that they never technically accomplished in the child timeline).

    BUT...is it just me, or is there a blatant reference to a character from Wind Waker? You know how all the Divine Beasts are named after historic figures from each race? Naboris = Nabooru, Ruta = Ruto, Rudania = Darunia. That just leaves the Rito's divine beast: Medoh. Unlike the others, this is never really properly hinted at, but the only possible correlation in my mind is Medli from Wind Waker (plus it's the only other game that has Rito, so). And if that's the case, trying to place this game on the timeline is now next to impossible.

    For now I'm just going to assume it's after TP until I hear otherwise, but there's enough evidence for all three timelines here. I feel like Nintendo is toying with us. XD.  Incidentally, I've heard a theory that this takes place is some kind of unified/reconverged timeline that ties all three together. I kinda like that idea, although I have no idea how it's physically possible unless Hyrule Warriors is suddenly canon.

  10. Yep, I'm done too. I didn't care about the whole "retarded" controversy a couple years back. I mean yeah, he behaved like a child, but I wasn't exactly impressed by the other side either so, for me, the two sides cancelled each other out and I quickly forgot about it. The weird feminism/SJW rant from a few weeks back? My philosophy was (and generally speaking still is) I didn't care about a creator I like having differing political opinions so long as they kept it out of their videos. So I was still willing to watch, but I did unfollow his Twitter because eugh. This? Nope. Even if he actually makes another video in 8 months and it's HILARIOUS, it will be completely and utterly tainted. And something tells me I won't even be able to view his older stuff (not even the Game Grumps stuff) without this overshadowing it.

    But you know what really kills me? I think back to about five or six years ago when Noah Antwiller (aka SpoonyOne) had his big Twitter meltdown (which, incidentally, seems to have all but killed his career in hindsight) and I remember him directly telling Jontron to fuck off on Twitter. At the time, Jon was the new, up-and-coming wacky guy we all loved, and he always cited Spoony as a massive inspiration. There was something genuinely heartbreaking about seeing such a likeable guy get slapped by one of his idols.

    And now? Jon has managed to surpass Spoony in the art of douche-ness. I don't know how we reached this point, but here we are. Imagine if a time traveler from the future appeared and said, in five years, PeanutButterGamer is going to be literally defending Hitler. It sounds impossible to believe, and yet, well, that's basically what's happened here.

    Just fuck, man.

  11. What I don't get is, if these reports of Trump hating this job are true, why on earth he'd WANT to run for a second term. A small comfort I've been taking lately is that, for all the stress and worry we've gone through in the last few weeks, his own life must be absolute hell right now.

  12. If at first you don't succeed, even when the action was deemed unconstitutional by literal courts, just do it again. And again. And again. I mean it has to work eventually, right?

    In all seriousness, I doubt it will be literally the same thing. Maybe there will be less restrictions or some kind of caveat for permanent U.S citizens, but even so I just find it hilarious that he's seriously considering doing it again so soon after the first dismal failure. I mean it's scary, duh, but his gross incompetence does give me a good laugh.

  13. 2 minutes ago, Josh said:

    Apparently this judge was going to be removed naturally in a few days anyway and replaced with Trump's appointment, but he fired her to wave his dick around. 


    This just keeps the Muslim ban in the news though so, uh...I don't get what the plan is here. Spite?

    Plan? I don't think Trump is capable of making a plan. He only knows how to act impulsively. The closest thing he had to a plan was "When I'm President, people have to do what I tell them." Except he doesn't know the difference between the Presidency and a monarchy, so the result has just been incompetence.

  14. 1 minute ago, Meta77 said:

    If other people's lives mean that much why not give more of your paycheck to them?

    I don't think money is what the people being detained at the border gates are wanting right now.

    You know, honestly, not a single one of Trump's policies has done anything to affect me personally (so far). I too go about my day by going to class and working and all that jazz. But that doesn't mean I can bring myself to just throw out my empathy and ignore the world around me.

  15. The original Tomb Raider, definitely. It was definitely a noteworthy, definitive game for the early 3D era, I'm not denying that. But it also reeks of the early 3D era. Tank controls, shoulder-button cameras, huge levels that are mostly empty and easy to get lost in, puzzles are vague and usually require to scour every inch of the big empty caverns to find some easy-to-miss key or switch or whatever, and then of course I could easily harp on the graphics, but that wouldn't be particularly fair.

    Thankfully Tomb Raider Anniversary exists.

  16. I just replayed Layton vs. Wright. When I first played it a few years ago, I wasn't as familiar with Layton as I am now, so this felt like a slightly different experience. On the positive side, the ending/major plot revelations don't feel as out of place anymore; the story is simply borrowing more from Layton's style than Ace Attorney's. And that's fine.


    Although the 'falling asleep at the sound of silver' thing is still really contrived and nonsensical, even by Layton standards.

    But on the not-so-good side: man, these puzzles were LAME. I almost never felt any need to use a hint coin or even use the memo function. Why do I need these things when so many puzzles are either super simple or literally impossible to fail? In a regular Layton game, a puzzle worth fifty or more picarats is a good sign that you'll need to decipher some clever trick before spending ten minutes scribbling down notes in order to solve it. Here? Eh, maybe you'll need to solve a maze that will take you slightly longer than normal. Maybe. Either way, you can't fail it, so no worries.

    And yet, the Ace Attorney gameplay is fine. Hell, great even. Having multiple witnesses shakes things up nicely, and a lot of the contradictions were noticeable harder to deduce than usual (sometimes they were a little too obtuse though), and I loved how hint coins and picarats were implemented. Why couldn't the Layton-side of the game get such cool twists? Why not have more puzzles that use contradictions? I get not wanting to have super-hard puzzles in a crossover game with a potentially different audience, but I feel like there could have at least been more variety to them. I mean hell, I don't think I ever once saw a sliding puzzle. Isn't a Layton game without sliding puzzles a sign of the apocalypse?

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