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  1. why can't i access that post-education topic

    1. JezMM


      You need a certain number of posts before you can access the personal discussion forum, somewhere between 20 or 30 I forget.

    2. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      It was posted in the Personal discussion topic, which is only unlocked after a user posts 50 posts in their lifetime.


      Just realized that this means SSMB has "unlockables" in a way then. Huh.

      Wonder if there are other sub-forums that us mere casuals have yet to find? : P

    3. Siobhan


      thanks also fuck that

    4. JezMM


      The harmonised sobbing of a thousand nerdy Sonic fans with perpetual anxiety issues is the worst unlockable I have ever heard of

    5. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Well we don't really want a bunch of loser n00bs rooting around in our personal lives now do we? :U

      Also the Marketplace subforum is unlocked after that as well.

  2. memes

    1. TCB
    2. Siobhan


      i thought i told you not to bring this blasphemy here

  3. your banner :o

    haha :D

    1. Siobhan


      yeah the sonic x ova was weird

  4. On second thought, I'd imagine it is intentional as I don't recall her hair splitting like that at all before she lost her limb enhancers. It's inconsistent, but it's there.
  5. nice theory but the hair thing is not at all consistent, even on the model sheet it's just a random aesthetic thing, like how lauren zuke gives amethyst crazy bed hair
  6. Rebecca's 15-year-old cartoon fangirl is showing by making the leaders of the alien race just taller than everybody else
  7. It's distinct for sure but it's not like most of the characters look at all like the animals they're supposed to be, the species is usually completely arbitrary to the design/character besides maybe providing an initial source of thematic inspiration. The characters tend to share the same basic body/face construction anyways. That being said maybe a dolphin could be cute
  8. Dude the intent of Sonic Boom has always been less to create a series of games and wholly to create a new successful multimedia franchise aimed squarely at young kids ala Ninja Turtles 2K12/Ninjago/whatever. They just attempted to cover it up when doing PR for Rise of Lyric with claims of catering to older fans for the sake of not losing that periphery older part of the fanbase entirely. I agree that Sega doesn't know what they're doing though; I think Nintendo would do a better job of keeping the franchise in an consistently successful direction ala all of their active franchises; Sonic Team could even stay as the developers. They just wouldn't have higher ups telling them to jump ship on a gameplay style/direction every time a game reviewer spergs out about how much he remembers playing his Genesis as a kid. Actually in that case maybe we should just drop Iizuka and be done with it
  9. Welcome to SSMB broheim ^__^ 

    1. Siobhan


      thanks familia

  10. Sonic Team if they could decide on anything related to the franchise for more than a game. But ideally I'd just throw it at Nintendo, or Arcane Kids (Dreams Collection aside.) Arcane has the Dreamcast/Saturn presentation/aesthetic down and they made Zineth, which was essentially Jet Set Adventure 2 pushed to it's logical extreme with it's momentum and skating mechanics; and speedy physics-based games being something the team excels at. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCr5twS6xc8 I can't imagine they'd ever take on such a straight-forward commercialized project based on a property who's internet community they roasted the shit out of, but it is a pretty perfect match, at the very least in terms of programming the core gameplay. Edit: aw jeez does this place not embed videos
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