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  1. Forget your damn Nyan cat segments that have an end... BEHOLD, NON STOP NYAN CAT.

    1. Unionhack


      http://nyan.cat/ Lol, forgot to add the link.
  2. Duuuude. Where are you? :P

  3. -Random Status Update to show signs of life-

  4. Happy birthday!

  5. needs another rush of Sonic Fandom. I miss Entherial Online -.-

  6. What did Kenshiro say to the flour? You are already bread.

    1. Ekaje
    2. Sean


      Okay, I laughed.

    3. Blacklightning


      Gee, Hokouto No Ken sure is a popular subject all of a sudden.

    4. Noir


      ... Goddamn you.

    5. The Weeb with No Name

      The Weeb with No Name

      Well played, Union.

      Well played.

    6. DJ FLiGHTS
    7. SHAX Hedgefox

      SHAX Hedgefox

      I lol'd.

      Also, Fist of the North Star ftw

  7. Life is, like, busy gaize.

  8. Is taking a crash course in forum design. Rough stuff.

  9. Is now the proud owner of his own Sonic forum. :3

    1. Vemus


      Really, what's it called?

    2. Unionhack



      Can't put it in my sig, the forum won't let me for some reason.

    3. Meemz


      SonicFamily? My account got deleted there the other day because apparently I was inactive. :I

    4. Ferno


      Mine got deleted as well. :I :I

    5. Unionhack


      Nah. Original mod shut the original place down.

    6. Vemus


      huh, looks interesting. it also has the same background as ssmb lol. the only thing that bugs me is the direct different colored text on the plain blue background, kinda hurts the eyes

    7. Unionhack


      Does it? I always found it was fine, but I was planning on setting it to black or a dark gray.

    8. Unionhack


      Fixed. Black background looks very nice.

  10. Is now the proud owner of his own Sonic forum. :3

  11. Yo man, check your PM's. It's important.

  12. Trying to get a decent amount of members from a dying forum I mod on to sign on here. They're good people :P So yea, you're welcome XD

  13. I've only been gone for two days Union. Other than that I'm always on. The holidays just happen to keep me busy.

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