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  1. Video game movies tend to fail because whichever concept they're based on doesn't compress well into a third-person feature-length movie.
  2. And you'd be calling them out if they tried to pretend it never happened in the first place not even six months after its release.
  3. Do you think Sonic Team maybe want to try and sell the product that they actually made and that they're actually proud of regardless of what we say or something?
  4. Apparently, it's absolutely nothing to do with FNAF and is just part of a major rebrand to make it more parent-accessible, since they want to be less of a party venue with food and more of a restaurant with distractions for children.
  5. They're removing all the animatronics from Chuck E Cheese's, actually. They've even been straight-up destroying the robots. Somebody caught it on film; two staff members taking a sledgehammer to Chuck's head.
  6. You mean it sold what a normal bad 3D Sonic game does? While Mania sold what a good Sonic game does? Stop the freaking presses.
  7. I like the innocence in this statement. The kerfuffle over stage reuse doesn't really count as 'many' people or even 'some' people. In any case, although I certainly would never and should never be allowed a Classic Sonic game development cycle, being the idiot that I am, I'd still really like more than five original zones. Actually I'd have preferred the game be all-original zones. Mania's only really halfway to a good strong identity the way it ended up being, and it'd be interesting to feel like we're actually moving in a positive direction after stepping back instead of just edging along within our comfort zone. Not that it isn't obviously highly profitable to stay inside that comfort zone, of course.
  8. …Anyway, on review of this thread, I guess I'm putting some kind of riff on Scourge in my this-but-done-better series concept.
  9. Is he supposed to be a white bird in a green outfit? I thought that was supposed to be an eggshell. On the other hand, the closest thing Speedy actually looks like more than anything is ol' Pinhead here.
  10. Nah, he's not the 'real-life' version of that, because that'd imply he's not responsible for this mess. It's not the fictional characters' fault that their creators are only qualified to let people down. The Penders version of that is Lara-Su, nothing more or less.
  11. Known family: [entire cast list] Okay, look, if nearly everybody is related, you don't put that section on the character sheet. You make a separate tree and figure out a reference. …Anyway, I don't have much of a problem with him copy-pasting a rough pencil for layouts, but knowing that he's copy-pasted final lines and colours before in his professional work does make one wary even if they ignore the photo backgrounds.
  12. Why is everybody acting like soft continuity is a thing that's restricted to Sonic?
  13. important advice for new sonic fans brought on by sonic mania:

    unless mania gets a sequel, there's no point being a franchise fan for only one game, especially when the rest of the franchise is absolutely nothing like it.

    you've already seen forces. that's the normal state of things in this series, not mania. unless mania gets a sequel it is a lucky blip. it's the most profitable, well-reviewed blip they've ever had, and doing anything other than a sequel to mania has already proven to be critical/financial suicide (for the eightieth time), but until it's actually followed up it's still only a blip. it's not worth calling yourself a fan of something you don't actually like more than 2% of, no matter how 'true sonic' you want to paint it.

    tl;dr: if you're a fan of sonic mania, you're not a fan of sonic. you just like the one time it was good again.

    don't get your hopes up.

    1. Bobnik


      >for the 80th time

      What an exaggeration lmao. That's like saying all of the games outside of Mania were received poorly(and I mean "less than 60 on metacritic" poorly, not "less than 80 on metacritic" poorly, cuz thinking anything less than 86 is "garbage" is just dumb).

      To new people that only played Mania - try out other games. If you like them - great! If you don't - great! Have your own opinion, don't be dictated by others saying "this game is garbage" or "this game is the only good game". Then you can ask yourself if you are a fan or not.

    2. kirby1up



      especially when the rest of the franchise is absolutely nothing like it.

      soo sonic 1,2,cd,3 ,& knuckles don't exist then?

    3. Wraith


      oh lighten the fuck up

    4. Stasis


      They're only 16-bit lol

    5. Celestia


      You don't have to like literally everything about a series to be a fan of it.

    6. DoubleXXCross


      when the gap between them is 20+ years and 60-something other completely different games it's hardly exaggerating to say the majority of sonic the hedgehog as a franchise has nothing to do with the original classic sonic trilogy. in fact I'm pretty sure that's why sonic died in the public eye up until mania's release when suddenly everybody was acting like it hadn't even existed since then

      meanwhile, we have no evidence that sega's actually going to arrange a mania 2. we know it would be smart (we know it would be the smartest decision they've ever made) but we also know sonic team have legitimately no idea what the fuck they're doing so we have no actual assurance that mania 2 can actually be a thing.

      so basically nobody should be jumping the gun on the sudden revival of the 'real' sonic or anything

    7. Celestia
    8. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      So, people who only like classic-styled games aren't "real" Sonic fans just because they don't like a large enough percentage of the series? Really? That's not how being a fan of a series works. Where's the rule written anywhere that you need to like a certain percentage of a series in order to be a fan of it?

      This and previous experience with your posts and statuses tells me that you have a VERY distorted and unhealthy view of what it means to be a fan of something. You need to chill, seriously.

    9. Bobnik


      Your statement was "something that's not a follow-up to Mania is a critical/financial suicide (for the 80th time)", not "other games between Mania and other classics are completely different and are not "real" sonic", whatever the fuck that means. Which is why "for the 80th time" is an exaggeration.

      Also yeah, agree with the statement above.

    10. DoubleXXCross


      what would it actually benefit you to say you like something as a whole if you can't even like most of it because that most of it is legitimately objectionable to you?

    11. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      Because you really like the parts of it you like???

      What else are you going to say? Do you expect people to go around saying "I'm a Sonic 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic Adventure, and Sonic Generations fan" if those are the only games they like, instead of just saying "I'm a Sonic fan"? Seems like it would get tedious instantly. That also ignores the fact that people might like the fundamental concepts behind Sonic notwithstanding the fact that the execution is hit or miss.

    12. DoubleXXCross



      Your statement was "something that's not a follow-up to Mania is a critical/financial suicide (for the 80th time)"

      my statement is that the thing that actually did follow up mania that was intended to be the actual tie-in/sequel to mania, that was the thing that sega actually made and that the man running the series actually put his faith behind, is indeed a critical/financial failure.

      and it is. forces is a critical/financial failure.

      I mean obviously "for the 80th time" is an exaggeration because sonic team haven't screwed up the series 80 times but they've screwed it up more than once and once is unacceptable as is.

  14. A good chunk of the cast of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is live-action and the part that mostly isn't has animated backgrounds instead, plus since that film was entirely hand-animated and not CG, it didn't fit in with what he was saying.
  15. Aww, my more on-voice version of the Sticks comic isn't in there. In serious news I'm happy official English versions might be happening. They're super-cute.
  16. Does he actually know how many films actually equate to what he's doing though? Like, he's probably thinking live-action films that use animation for effects, but… The actual equivalent to what he's doing is something like Dinosaur, where all the characters and effects are animated and only the backgrounds are actual film. Which, incidentally, was an experiment in the realism of the CG animation that it could be convincingly meshed with film without subbing in either animated backgrounds or live-action puppetry at any point. And in regard to that experiment, CG has come forward in terms of environmental animation potential so much since 2000 that it's basically standard now to do the opposite. Basically, it was an attempt to push the art as far as it could be pushed, that's now obsolete because the art's been pushed further than that. Which doesn't line up to the way he draws or colours characters.
  17. (Australia is indeed a high-quality island with a big sacred rock on it.) I would say, do whatever because it's Sonic, but avoid main-cast species unless you're either looking for a direct link or comparison, or are capable of differentiating the character enough. For example, all the hedgehogs that aren't Sonic are hedgehogs to draw deliberate comparison to Sonic, while Big and Blaze have no reason to both be purple cats with B-names, but also have no resemblance whatsoever. Cream and Bunnie are both yellow and orange rabbits, but they too have nothing in common. Meanwhile, you have issues with Jet and Bean, or Marine and Sticks, where their visuals and enough of their personality match too tightly even if they are different species. You also have things like Knuckles being an echidna because they have the same general shape as a hedgehog, not to mention very similar names in Japanese (needlemouse, needlemole). The Archie comics also did this sort of thing post Super Genesis Wave, with Gold the Tenrec and Spike, Sonar and Trevor (a porcupine, a fennec fox and a mole), and even Boom has Swifty the Shrew (a species from the same Order as hedgehogs, echidnas and tenrecs). But other than that, you're mostly looking for something that sounds cool that you can simplify for the purpose of the design.
  18. the combination of sonic forces and sonic mania is proof that we cannot have nice things because they don't want us to have nice things

    1. Dizcrybe


      Is Sonic Mania not a nice thing?

  19. weegee should not have lied about what he was doing on his refund report, but he was doing the right thing

    now if only he didn't post the 'autistic screeching' meme

    1. Clewis


      Weegee was an idiot for bragging about refunding the game in the first place. If he had just kept it to himself, nobody would have known otherwise and he wouldn't have ended up looking like such a scummy moron in the process.

    2. DoubleXXCross


      it's very hard to make a legitimate point if you literally tell nobody about it

    3. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      What's this all pertaining to?

    4. Clewis


      @DoubleXXCross He wasn't making any point that many people didn't already share. I don't even care about him refunding the game, but the fact that that he used Forces to make easy money by streaming the game, refunded it after beating it, bragged about refunding it when his refund went through, and then got upset when people called him out for it just makes him look like a dope in my eyes.

      I mean, what exactly did he expect to happen?

    5. DoubleXXCross


      so this dude called weegee bought sonic forces, streamed it to story completion, and then returned it

      only, he returned it on steam, on the stream, and on the comment submission he said that he'd bought the wrong game by accident

      dude on twitter called him out on lying, aaron picked it up and also called him out on lying on the slip with the tweet he'd posted before streaming as evidence that he meant to buy forces the whole time

      now he's the subject of a kotaku article

      meanwhile he donated all the proceeds from his stream to charity and repurchased the game

  20. update on self: my attempt to avoid sonic things resulted in drawing shadow the hedgehog and watching sonic boom

    in retrospect, that's exactly what avoiding actual sonic looks like

    1. DoubleXXCross


      also my friend made the cutest ocs on forces and another friend sang highly enough of it for me to forgive them so there's my anti-sonic agenda right there


  21. I mean, the more I think about it, the more it hits me.

    This is an actual abuse cycle.

    Constantly returning and trying to see the best in it all despite not having a reason why is the trait of an abuse victim.

    If we started tweeting in the #WhyIStayed hashtag we wouldn't even be very far off-base.

    1. Clewis


      It's just a videogame.

    2. Dr. Mechano

      Dr. Mechano

      Just do what I did and stop buying bad games.

      Shadow the Hedgehog broke my consistent buying streak over a decade ago. Since then, I've only bought occasional Sonic games that actually looked good to me (such as Mania) rather than throwing my money away for every single bad-to-mediocre piece of trash that Sega releases.

      The first time is the hardest. Once you skip one bad game, it'll be easier to skip the next.

    3. Strickerx5


      Not that I don't see where you may be coming from... but this is a video game about a blue hedgehog.

      The cause that hashtag is meant for is incredibly night and day in actual importance. Even comparing the two is overly dramatic to flat out insulting at best.

    4. DoubleXXCross


      I don't even buy them anymore. It's more.

      How do I make myself stop drawing?

      How do I make myself stop playing?

      How do I make myself stop liking?

    5. Dr. Mechano

      Dr. Mechano

      I mean, that doesn't hurt anything.

      I'm not invested in the franchise as it stands anymore, but I don't think it's unhealthy to still like the good parts.

      Just treat Sonic as a fun hobby and not as an obligation and you'll be fine. When Sonic does release a stinker, have fun with it. Watch from the sidelines and enjoy the trainwreck like I do, or just ignore it and focus on the games you like if you'd rather not fixate on the series' bad parts.

      Either way, there's nothing wrong with continuing to like the series even if you've largely abandoned it from a commercial support standpoint.

    6. DoubleXXCross


      There is if the stuff I like in it is specifically the stuff that has no actual merit whatsoever.

    7. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      This is extremely overdramatic and rather demeaning to those in...you know, actual abuse situations. Bad video games are not abuse and the idea of thinking that comparison is the teeniest bit accurate in any way, shape or form is ridiculous and offensive. If you just made a quick off-hand comment making this analogy, it's possible it might not be easier to overlook depending on the circumstances, but calling it an "actual abuse cycle" and referencing the #WhyIStayed hashtag?? If you're trying to be funny, it's not working. You really need to adjust your perspective if you think this makes sense.

    8. Kiah


      @Monkey Destruction Switch hit the nail on the head but learn some tact and don’t be so insensitive and inconsiderate for goodness sake.

    9. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      Unless you was involved in the game whether it was PR or development and got abused by staff/people or playing an online multiplayer game with text/voice chat, it isn't an abuse situation at all. It is a gaming series, a fictional product that depending on how you obtained it could have a physical form. Nearly every series whether it is a game, a cartoon, a TV show, movie or anime all have their ups and downs, just some show it more than others. All you have to do is ask people who are fans of mismanaged series such as Mega Man and chances are that they still like the series despite what Capcom have done. Most of the time, Sonic doesn't have parts to get offensive about and he is safe enough for anyone to enjoy from kids to parents. Besides that hashtag are for real life situations, Sonic is not a real life situation.

      You can still be a fan of the series despite not playing the recent games, reading the comics or watching the newer cartoons. You don't have to be involved too much with the blue hedgehog to be a fan. I mean after Sonic Heroes and the disappointment that caused me, I was very careful with my purchases of the games. Buying ones that I'll know that I'll like and skipping those that I don't, it worked very well. I can choose what parts to like for Sonic and considering so many variations of the character, both design and media there is plenty of choice.

    10. Vertical Snoop [D.K.]

      Vertical Snoop [D.K.]

      I'm going to assume from your radio-silence and lack of a reply that you got all that "i can't stop paying attention to this series" stuff sorted out.


  22. I mentioned it actual months ago. He's not done anything since. Presumably busy still plotting background information for a comic he hasn't written past Issue 0 (that being, of course, a comic whose last page he's simply replaced).
  23. They're not erasing "Classic" Sonic by making him a different character to "Modern" Sonic; they're really more creating it. Without marking a distinction, both were just Sonic. From Generations onwards they're now officially addressed and treated as characters with different looks, gameplay and value. Also… Congrats for picking the only shot in that entire animation where they look remotely the same height…which they don't! It's purely because they're leaning forward and their feet are cut off by the bottom of the frame, thus their heads are actually aligned, but even then you can tell Classic is smaller than Modern. In any case I think it's pretty obvious that Classic was supposed to 'grow' into Modern simply because the game is about time-travelling through the history of the Sonic franchise. It was never meant to be visually literal, and Classic Sonic is not meant to be a child version of Modern (any more than Modern Sonic is himself a child); but Classic being Modern's actual past self in Generations is not just logical but the only conclusion one can draw from: Sonic: Is it me, or is that place we were just in awfully familiar? Tails: This Chemical Plant feels familiar. I'd never forget a smell like this! And that pink water makes me really nervous for some reason. Sonic: You're right Tails, this place is giving me deja vu all over again! Amy: Thank you, Sonic. Wow, you look younger every day! What's your secret? Modern Tails: Places and enemies from our past... Both Tails: We're travelling through time and space! Classic Tails: When that thing goes through time— Modern Tails: When the Sonics accelerate through time— Classic Eggman: If you would be so kind as to explain, gentleman genius Dr. Eggman From The Future. Classic Eggman: Oh, you are too kind, my dear future self! Modern Sonic: Hey Sonic! Enjoy your future. It's gonna be great! Oh, right, and the enemy is called the Time Eater and appears during an event (Sonic's birthday/Sonic's anniversary) that explicitly marks the passage of time. Let's not forget that.
  24. But as you say, it "gave the implication". If they actually said anything specific to that effect, it's false advertising (though probably not illegally so), but if they didn't, it's entirely on you. (Besides, I imagine the purpose of improving it was to make the background events run smoother. That's a lot of extra polygons, animation and lighting calculation on screen for what amounts to no practical reason beyond being interesting.)
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